Buying A Car

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Natalie was feeling irritated. Actually, she was feeling just a bit more than irritated. What she really wanted to do right then was to castrate a certain salesman with a blunt knife. The blunter the better, as far as she was concerned. She was stalking down the street in this mood of high dudgeon, not really looking where she was going when she walked straight into someone who was standing on the sidewalk watching her. In her current mood apologies were out of the question, and with a snarled “watch out” she brushed past the obstruction, continuing on her way.

She sensed the obstruction turn and walk alongside her, only then seeing it was an old sparring partner and friend. “Sorry, Graeme,” she muttered, “I’m in a bad mood.”

“I hadn’t noticed,” laughed Graeme, “It seems like the one you usually use around me. What’s got your knickers in a knot this time.”

Natalie glared at him and then shrugged. He could serve as a sympathetic ear while she sounded off about her grievances. Or in his case, an unsympathetic ear, but one that would listen and advise her no matter how badly she might hate his advice.

“You know that I’ve had my license for almost a year now?” At Graeme’s nod she continued. “Well, I’ve been saving for my own car even before I had my license. Mum & Dad have helped a bit and I’ve finally got enough to get a decent car. There’s a car I’ve had my eye on in Sammy’s Caryard. It’s just the sort of thing that I’m looking for, so I went over there this morning to see what it would cost. The advertised price is a bit more than I’ve got but I thought they’d come down a bit.

The first thing that happened was I couldn’t get anyone to serve me. Then when I finally trapped a salesman he was condescending and suggested I come back when I grow up. I had to prove I was over 18 and show that I had a current license. I told him what car I was interested in and he simply said I couldn’t afford it and tried to sell me some old banger I wouldn’t be caught dead driving. I told him several times which car I wanted and he did everything but show it to me. He said that if I was going for a car in that price range I’d probably need a loan, which he could arrange, and then he tried to sell me some other cars I didn’t want.

Eventually I got him to admit that the car I wanted was for sale and to give me a price. It was over-priced, even I could see that and I started to negotiate the price downwards. At first he wouldn’t admit that the price could be lowered but I was insistent. You know how determined I can be.”

Graeme nodded. He knew and at this stage all his sympathy was for the salesman. “I know,” he murmured. “Go on.”

“Well, he eventually came down a little and I came up a little, but at the end of the back and forth bit he stuck on a price of $150 more than I’ve got. I tried to get him to lower that last little bit, but he could see I wanted the car and figured I’d be able to come up with the money. He said I should ask my Dad for the extra or buy the car via a loan, but I wasn’t interested in either of those options.”

“It all seems straightforward to me at this point. Maybe you should just have had your dad come down and do the negotiating for you. Nothing to lose your cool over.”

“That’s what came next. When the salesman realised I wasn’t budging he said that as I’m 19, he’d do a special deal for me. He’d knock the extra $150 off if I came into one of the back rooms with him and fucked him. I told him that was harassment and I’d report him to the manager and he just laughed. He said the manager wouldn’t believe me because women are always trying the sexual harassment crap to try to get a better deal. He said $150 or sex – end of story. I tried to speak to another salesman but he just came over and told the other bloke that I was trying the sexual harassment routine, and the other salesman didn’t want to know me.

What are you looking at me like that for?”

“Sorry,” said Graeme. “I was just thinking that the salesman has good taste. I’d also be willing to pay a $150 to take you to bed.”


“Oops. Sorry again.” Graeme tried to recover. “I didn’t mean that I want to take you to bed.”

“Thank you,” came a very icy retort from Natalie. “So good to know your friends don’t find you attractive.”

“I didn’t say that,” said Graeme. “Um. I think I’d better shut up before I bite my foot right off.”

They continued on their way in silence for a while, and then Natalie asked, “What do you think I should do about the car?”

“Your best bet would be to have your dad or a friend go to the caryard and see if they could get a better price. They’d have a better chance than you would of getting a reasonable price. I’d be prepared to bet you didn’t even check the blue book to see what the car’s actually worth.”

More silence, then, “What’s the blue book?”

Graeme laughed. “Thought so. It’s a book that lists the value of used cars, their buying and selling price for both car yards and private sellers. It would have told you what the car you want is really worth and given you ammunition to beat the kartal otele gelen escort price down if it’s over-inflated.

At the risk of insulting you, why didn’t you take him up on his offer of sex? A lot of girls would and it’s not as though you’re still a virgin.”

“Why should I feel insulted just because you suggest I prostitute myself?” Natalie asked quietly. “In the first place, how would you know if I’m a virgin or not? In the second place, I wouldn’t have sex with that greasy fat chauvinist for ten times the offer.

At the risk of offending you, if I’d taken up your offer to sleep with me for a $150, where on earth would you find the money? You’re perpetually broke.

And why do you think I’m not a virgin, anyway?”

“Old man Parker managed to infect all the PC’s in his office yesterday. I charged him $200 to go over there and sort them all out. He was frantic and even paid me in advance.

Regarding your virginity, Charley boasts. I won’t go into details but he was pretty explicit that he slept with you.”

“Charley is a pig. That’s why he became my ex. All men are pigs.”

More walking, more silence. Natalie was curious.

“Would you really pay $150 to sleep with me?” she suddenly asked.

Graeme felt cornered. Whatever he said could be taken the wrong way. When in doubt, tell the truth, he decided.

“Would I like to have sex with you? Yes, definitely. Would I pay for the privilege? Again I’d have to say, yes, I would. I would have thought you’d realised by now that I find you attractive.”

“Oh.” Natalie fell silent again considering this. “What,” she wondered, “would it be like to have sex with Graeme? Would it hurt?”

They walked on. “We’re nearly at my place,” observed Graeme. “Do we say goodbye here or are you going to come in for a while?”

“Why would I come in?” queried Natalie. “I’m almost home.”

“You can come in for coffee, to talk more, to discuss how to get your car or discuss your sex life,” said Graeme, tongue in cheek. “There are lots of reasons. Coming?”

Natalie didn’t answer but when they came to the corner where they’d normally part she continued on, walking next to him.

Drinking coffee with Graeme, Natalie once again broached the subject if her desired car purchase. “I had really wanted to get it myself without Dad’s help,” she said. “I need to do things like this myself without always leaning on him.”

“Maybe,” said Graeme, “but it’s not like you’re asking him for money or anything. You’ve already picked out the car and you effectively have the money, so all you need him to do is argue the salesman down to a fairer price.”

“But still,” lamented Natalie, “it’s my car I need to get it myself. I don’t suppose you were serious about letting me have $150 to sleep with me, were you?”

“You wouldn’t have to go that far and you know it,” said Graeme resignedly. “I’ll lend you the money if you really insist on doing it all yourself. I know you’ll pay me back when you can.”

‘No. That wouldn’t be fair to you. You know I’d put paying you back as a very low priority. You’d just never see your money again.

I was thinking maybe if we… You know… um,” Natalie broke off, blushing.

Graeme leaned back in his chair, regarding Natalie. “You’re serious?” He asked quietly. “You might hate me afterwards for taking advantage of you.”

Natalie shook her head. “No, I wouldn’t. I like you a lot or I wouldn’t even consider this. I just want to do something for you instead of just taking the money. And you said you’d like to.”

Graeme slowly nodded. “OK. You’re on. But if you chicken out at any stage you have to ask your Dad to see about getting the price down.”

Natalie nodded, suddenly feeling a lot more nervous. “I can’t do this.” The thought flashed through her mind, followed by a mental stiffening as her pride rose. “I’m not backing down in front of Graeme.”

“Wh-what do we do now?” she asked hesitantly. “I’m not very experienced in this you know.”

“Hmm.” Graeme rubbed his chin, then spoke. “We can approach this from two different ways. First way, I just pull down your panties and take you leaning against the table right now.” Grinning at the look on her face he added, “Second, we can just go to my room and I’ll kiss you for a bit and we’ll see what develops.”

“Ah, I think I’d like to go to your room and kiss first,” said Natalie uncomfortably. “And I think you’re having too much fun about the whole situation.”

“No. How can you say such a thing. I’m just having the right amount of fun,” laughed Graeme, touching her arm to direct her out of the kitchen.

Moving into the bedroom, Graeme turned Natalie to face him and kissed her. Starting slowly, letting her adjust to his kisses, getting the responses he wanted. He could feel both tenseness and wanting in her, could sense that she was slightly aroused but nervous about where they were going. That was alright by him. She was going to be feeling a lot more than that in a few moments.

Backing up slightly, Graeme istanbul kartal escort felt the bed behind him and sat, drawing Natalie closer to him. He looked up at her and smiled, getting a tentative smile in return, and before Natalie fully understood what was happening jerked her forwards and over his knee.

Graeme swiftly flicked Natalie’s dress up and out the road and in almost the same motion pulled her panties down to her knees and proceeded to lay half a dozen hard spanks on her exposed bottom. Standing her back up in front of him and releasing her he gave her a hard stare.

Natalie was stunned. “What was that for?” she screamed. “That hurt. Why’d you do that?”

“How about because you’re an idiot and deserved it?” asked Graeme in a voice that sent nervous shivers down her spine. “Did you really think that I or anyone else would believe the sort of garbage that Charley said about you?”

Holding Natalie’s eyes with his Graeme reached forward, placed a hand on the inside of her leg and then ran it up until he cupped her mound. “I’d be prepared to swear that you’re a virgin and that mine is the first hand to ever touch you like this,” he said, knowing from the shocked look on her face that he was right. “Would you care to explain just what you’re playing at?”

Natalie’s face was scarlet and shocked, partly from what Graeme had said and partly from the way he continued to hold her. She tried to speak, but found that she had nothing to say and could only look at him helplessly.

“Lift your dress up. I want to look at you,” said Graeme, finally moving his hand away but continuing to hold her eyes. He could sense Natalie struggling with excitement and rebellion, wanting to show herself off but not wanting to give him the satisfaction. He waited, and Natalie, breathing hard, slowly hitched her skirt up to her waist, showing him what he wanted to see. Graeme deliberately lowered his eyes to inspect her and then looked back up at her.

“You may still be a virgin,” he murmured, “but you’re just one zip movement from being an ex-virgin. I’m going to give you a choice. You can hitch up your panties and we’ll go back to the kitchen and we’ll forget this. Or you can finish taking off your panties and come here.”

Natalie stood there, not moving. Not even realising that she was still holding her dress up, exposing herself to him. She was simultaneously furious and excited. “Who does he think he is?” she fumed to herself. “I’m not going to do anything he suggests.”

Graeme waited quietly, sensing the struggle of defiance and rebellion in her. He smiled at her, and finally reached across and took hold of her panties and pushed them down to the floor, lifting one foot and then the other as he slipped them off, together with her sandals.

“What are you doing now?” asked Natalie, defiance forgotten at this unexpected turn of events.

“You can’t seem to decide, so I’m deciding for you,” said Graeme. “Hands up,” he added as he took the hem of her dress out of her hands and started lifting. Natalie lifted her arms automatically as her dress rose, letting Graeme lift it up and over her head, leaving her standing clad only in her bra. Graeme stroked her breasts through the bra. “Take this off” he quietly commanded, watching pleased as Natalie reached behind herself to unhook it and let it drop down off her breasts.

Standing nude before Graeme, Natalie watched him strip off his shirt and then took a step back as he stood, and watched as he quickly shed his trousers. Natalie took one look at him and then, scarlet cheeked, she stared at his face. Graeme reached out and placed a hand on her back, drawing her towards him again as he sat back down. He ran his hand down, clasping the curve of her bottom while his other hand again cupped her mound, this time squeezing it slightly, feeling the heat within.

Drawing Natalie towards him Graeme guided her forward until she was straddling his legs, then slid his hands down to the back of her knees and tugged softly, coaxing her to sit on his lap facing him. Lifting her legs he moved them up onto the bed, then placing his hands around her waist drew her even closer to him.

Natalie found herself astride Graeme, legs closing around him while her pussy was suddenly pressing against his erection. Her skin felt super sensitive, her lips were telling her that they liked this object that was pressing against them, running along her slit and pressing up against her tummy. She didn’t dare look down, half afraid of what she might see.

Graeme’s hands came up, one moving to the back of her head to urge her forward into his kiss while the other sought and found a pert breast, cupping and squeezing it. Graeme ran the tip of his tongue lightly over Natalie’s lips, teasing them, before leaning forward and taking them with his mouth.

Natalie found herself leaning into Graeme’s kisses, returning them with enthusiasm, while feeling his hands capturing both her breasts, teasing them and playing with her nipples. And all the while, she was vividly conscious kartal rus escort of his essential being pressed magnificently against her lower body, warning her of things yet to come. Her earlier anticipation was now a live thing, a fire that was starting to burn low and deep inside her, threatening at any moment to burst into full flame.

Graeme lowered his head, sliding his lips down to Natalie’s breasts, tasting and suckling on them, lightly biting her nipple, planting harsh kisses that would mark her, mark her as his. His hand dropped to clasp her bottom, pulling her more tightly against his erection, rubbing her lips against his engorged cock.

Natalie found herself gasping now at the sensations flooding her. Never had she been so aware of her body, her breasts and her pussy clamouring for her attention. She gasped again as Graeme twisted under her, feeling herself falling, and then she was lying on the bed, Graeme next to her. Even as she mourned the loss of contact with that hard ridge that had been pressed against her lower lips, she felt his hands taking its place, sending their own type of torment through her, teasing her, probing her, sliding between her swollen lips and stoking her sensitive inner flesh.

Natalie lay there panting, relishing the feelings that Graeme was unleashing within her. She felt his lips moving away from her breasts, now trailing kisses down and across her tummy, which curled inwardly at his touch. “What are you doing?” she gasped as she felt his mouth now moving across her lips. “What are you doing?” she screamed as she felt his tongue slip between her lips and rasp softly against her clitoris.

Graeme dipped his tongue between Natalie’s nether lips, tasting her sweetness and teasing her further. He heard her scream as he lashed her clitoris with his tongue, treating it roughly and feeling her jerk beneath him. Then abandoning her for a moment he let her lie there, seeing her trying to gather her sense together. As she stared at him, her eyes wide with shock, he managed to ask her “Are you on the pill, or do I need to use a condom?”

Natalie stared at him confused. “What was he saying? Something about the pill. Oh! Contraception,” her dazed mind finally told her. “Yes,” she gasped. “Do you know any girls who aren’t these days?” she added with a laugh.

Graeme smiled at her as he edged her legs further apart, moving between them. As Natalie watched Graeme edged her lips apart and then moved forward until he was leaning over her, the tip of his penis resting between her lips. She stared fascinated as she saw her lips close over the head of that shaft, feeling it intruding inside her she while watched the rest of the shaft start to sink into her.

Natalie lay there wanting to panic, but even more wanting that cock to fully penetrate her. She felt a twinge of pain as it brushed past her hymen, breaking it and continuing on its journey. She felt small and helpless, unable to prevent her possession by this man, not wanting to prevent it but unsure of her ability to accept what he was driving into her. Deeper it plunged, filling her, making her conscious of only one thing; this man taking her. “I can’t take much more,” she thought, “but I have to. He’s still not right in.”

Taking his time, giving Natalie time to adjust, Graeme plumbed her depths. He could see she was watching his cock as it entered her body, fascinated by the possession she was undergoing. She was twisting slightly, side to side, encouraging his entry, eager to take him but still unable to keep her nerves from showing on her face. Graeme reached out and pulled her legs up and around his waist, positioning her to allow that last final thrust, hearing her gasp and cling to him as he finally embedded himself within her.

Natalie clung to him, holding tight, feeling him deep within her while his body crushed her to the bed. He was hard and strong while she was soft and yielding. He was her conqueror, but she was a willing victim. He held her, nailed to the bed by his rigid pole while she looked at him, not moving but accepting whatever he wanted to do. She felt lost, her only grasp of reality the eyes that stared back at hers and that cock that filled her.

Graeme stared down at Natalie, holding her eyes with his as he slowly withdrew, held himself poised above her for a moment, and then equally slowly returned. Again the slow withdrawal, pause and slow return. And again, watching her blink as he started the downward thrust, hearing the ragged edge to her breathing. And yet again, but this time feeling Natalie rising to the occasion, pushing up to welcome her visitor, inviting him in deeper.

Moving slowly, seeing the desire rising in her face, teasing her with his cock, laughing gently at her as she started to twist beneath him, desperate for him to hurry. Increasing the pace slowly, feeling Natalie meeting his thrusts with her own urgent ones, not knowing what she wanted but wanting it now.

Natalie could feel the fires burning brightly within her. Every slow thrust was fanning the blaze, stoking it from a blaze to an inferno. If only he would move faster her body pleaded, and her eyes carried the message to him. Moving faster she thrust her body happily up to meet him, unable to get enough of him, desperate for him to bring her to her culmination. Now she was no longer able to see him as her eyes closed, her mind shutting out all distractions, desperate to just feel.

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