Bye, Felicia – The Finale

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If I thought that things with Pippa, Karen, Tory, and Felicia were nice and hot, they just plain got steamy with Stephanie. She didn’t hesitate to make full use of the Viagra to get me to bottom out inside her luscious twat from behind. I felt my heart race and thought a few times that it was going to jump out of my chest, I was so aroused and so excited by the action. My body heat certainly got me all sweaty and she didn’t help there at all…her own sweat came down in many beads, adding to her sex appeal with the scent of her wonderful skin. Her pussy juices just plain made things even better, soaking my dick in her fluids and her warmth. Her swarthy, earthy flesh was irresistible, a true Latin beauty and sensuality that were undeniable.

“OH, GOD DAMN IT!” I grunted as Stephanie tightened up on me for yet another stroke, trying my best not to cum just yet.

“Don’t hold back, papi! I’m squeezin’ for a reason, okay?” Stephanie winked back at me and licked her lips, punctuating her point by become even tighter than she already was.

“AHHHHHH!” I came at last inside Stephanie, while she creamed herself on my dick, much to my relief…I feared that she might not get that last release while I came at last…but she definitely did.

“Why…why were you so damn intent on make me cum right then?” I was curious, making Stephanie giggle and kiss me harder.

“Because I formed a pregnancy pact with your other ladies this morning via text. Essentially, we’re all to try to get knocked up by you as quickly as we can. I stopped the Pill today and I’m going to do my level best to become pregnant by you as fast as I can. The five of us…not counting Maryam, who might well get involved in this, too. I wouldn’t be shocked if she did,” Stephanie licked her lips before kissing me again, even more passionately than before.

“Five of you?” I shook my head in shock, “including Felicia?”

“Yep, including me. Hell’s bells, honey…I want at least one souvenir of our relationship, and being in porn will give me plenty of time between filmings to be there for him or her. After that, who knows, but I want at least that much of a parting gift from you, babe. Please!” Felicia begged me for my seed as if it were the biggest favor in the world, which in this case, I suppose that it was.

“Plus, you want to do preggo porn, don’t you?” I teased her, but nodded, “sure, why not? A normal, sensible man would raise a stepchild, anyway, so for a cuckold hubby, it should be a no-brainer. I wouldn’t be shocked if he ended up raising many kids by other men, in fact. He’d be lucky to have any of his own spawn inside your womb, by the time that the whole thing is done. Since he won’t be using your womb, I might as well use it, at least this once.”

“See, that’s smart thinkin’…I’m going to so fucking enjoy carrying your baby, too, and, yes, I’ll make you famous as the father of a porn star’s unborn child…how does that thought grab you?” Felicia flirted me rather boldly, even as I played with Pippa’s ass in front of her.

“It grabs me just fine, of course. What else do you have in mind this week, Miss Up and Coming Porn Starlet?” I teased Felicia a little more now while fondling Karen’s butt now.

“Um…that’s kinda up to you, dear. Remember, I’m your slave this week, right? I have to do as I’m told. Sorry if I topped from the bottom a bit there. I’ll try not to do that too much this week, honey. Anyway, pregnancy aside, I fully intend to serve you at your beck and call this week. I’m at your disposal, your soon-to-be ex-girlfriend, after all. I’ll do whatever you wish. You name it, it’s yours. I won’t hesitate to do it. There’s no telling what can happen next, if you only wish it, Master,” Felicia encouraged my fantasies of owning and using her as I wished.

“Yes, well, for starters, you’re to be naked whenever inside. No clothes at all, except when we go out. I’m going to make you service me and my other ladies to our heart’s content, and I will probably bring guests over to enjoy your body as well. And since you like Giresun Escort being filmed during sex, we’ll film pretty much all of what we do. Maybe you can sell the tape to your bosses and release it for sale. Just a thought,” I laughed as I smelled how wet this seemed to make Felicia.

“She’s turned-on by the thought of being your captive! All week long, serving us…it excites and arouses her sexually!” Tory remarked as she sank her fingers into Felicia’s eager twat.

“Yes, well, she’ll get plenty and to spare for her fantasies, won’t she?” I declared as I now groped Stephanie.

“Oh…damn…more, please! I want to watch you fuck your wife now, please…let’s see you and Pippa together again!” Felicia begged me, hungry to watch me in action with my bride.

I didn’t hesitate at all, naturally, unable to stop myself from taking Pippa from behind in front of everyone. Far from resisting me, my lovely British wife put her back into it, thrusting with her hips as she welcomed my cock into her warm, soaked cunt. Foreplay was usually a good idea, but right then, both of us wanted to fuck, and hard, mostly for our own pleasure, but also to tease and excite our mutual lovers. My bride couldn’t help herself. She was a natural at taking it rough. She craved it, even, at times, though not always. Sometimes, she clearly wanted to have gentle lovemaking, too, but this was a moment for rough sex instead.

“Wow, hotter even than normal for you, babe!” I praised Pippa in front of the ladies.

“Are you joshing me, love? There’s not a second that the idea of being fucked and taken by you has failed to excite and delight me. I am and always shall be your personal fuckmeat for life and I make no bones about it! Getting fucked hard like this…arggggghhhh!” Pippa started getting breathless, as I slammed into her yet again, taking her good and hard.

“Alright, wife, you asked for it, you got it!” I teased Pippa as I yanked her lovely blonde hair and rammed her even harder, driving deep inside her lovely British twat.

“Oh…God…yessss!” Pippa exclaimed, her pussy so slick now from my cock inside her that she could put out a fire with her juices alone…and then I eased a finger into her butt.

It was like creating a brand new geyser, Pippa both squirted and peed on me, but the latter wasn’t her fault. She just couldn’t control her body right then. She had no ability to stop herself at all. She was under my command and she knew it…knew it and loved it! When Felicia started licking the piss and lady juices off my dick between strokes, things just got better, as they did when Tory spread my cheeks to begin rimming me and Stephanie did the same thing to Pippa. Karen wasn’t one to stay out of the fun, so she put her lips around my balls and got busy sucking them.

That was when the phone rang, and Karen rushed off to answer it for just a bit, licking the ball sweat off her lips as she did so with a wink for me. She mouthed, “Mom and Dad,” licking her lips again afterward. She also played with her clit and pussy a bit while on the phone with them, her mind clearly in a very hot and heavy place. She did her best not to be too obvious to my parents, but it was blatant what was on her mind.

“Yes, thank you. That means a lot, you guys. Seriously. Love you, too, Mom, and yes, tell Dad that, yes I forgive him again, and, yes, I love him and I understand things a little better now. This means so much, for reasons that we can discuss more later. Thanks, guys! And Armie sends his love, too,” Karen told them as she hung up.

“They’re keeping the kids for a while longer, apparently wanting to keep them out of Dick’s grasp in case he gets ideas, plus they want us to have a chance to bond…you and me and Pippa, among others. Not that you and I don’t already have a strong bond, but I dare say that it’s getting stronger…given that I’ve just been sucking your balls and I’m about to again,” Karen told me as she resumed her oral services and I kept plowing Pippa from behind.

“Any more of Giresun Escort Bayan this and I’ll…,” I tried to say burst, but then Pippa tightened up on me, just as Stephanie had earlier, and burst I did, shooting my seed far inside her and making her cream herself as well.

“And you’ll what, love? You’ll burst? Too late to stop that, I should think,” Pippa told me as I slipped out of her and she rose to give me the wettest, sloppiest, open-mouthed kiss that she could, “I wanted you to burst, inside me, of course, and you did. Thank you for that, darling.”

“More of the pregnancy pact, I gather?” I teased Pippa some more.

“Oh, yes, by Jove! You have a week with five horny women at your disposal, and none of them are on the Pill. There’s a better than decent chance that you’ll have all five of us preggers before you know it, bun in the oven pregnant as we should be for you! And that’s not even counting if Maryam or any others join us,” Pippa exclaimed as she made out with me a bit more.

“I can’t wait to see the look on Dick’s face when I’m carrying a baby that’s not his! That was his fantasy, after all, or one of them, I think. It will happen, in a manner of speaking, just not between him and me, that is. I’m gonna fucking love having your love child, bro! I should have been with you all along, if you ask me, but then I wouldn’t have my kids, and I wouldn’t trade them for nothin’, so I guess that’s something to be said for Dick. Anyway, they’re going to have a half-brother or half-sister, and they’re just gonna have to like it or lump it, and I hope to have a lot more than just the one,” Karen told me with a heated kiss of her own.

“Oh, God, now I have to see that again! Please…please, darling, fuck your sister in front of us once more! For her…for me, for us!” Pippa urged me, just as the Viagra allowed another round and the thought of incest aroused me yet again.

To say that Karen was ready for me was to understate things considerably, as she bent over, spread her thighs a bit, and did her best to guide me into her luscious pussy once more. I had to admit to myself that I couldn’t understand Dick at all…sure, I get sharing her, but wanting her to deny me at all…in any way deprive me of possession and constant access to this twat? That was just crazy talk! The more I plunged into Karen’s delightful cunt, the more that I wanted to pound it some more.

My sister was a live wire and I was definitely electrified by being inside her snatch, probing deeper with every stroke. Sure, this was rougher sex than I would give her in more tender moments, but there was a time and place for gentle, romantic sex, and there was a time for hard and fast fucking. This was certainly the latter, and judging from Karen’s response, she fully agreed with me there. Of course, I also had better control now, having fucked Stephanie, Tory, and Pippa since I awoke, and that wasn’t even counting what I did while asleep. I was certainly going to milk this experience for all that I could, though I got the impression that Karen would be milking me, too, for her part.

“Oh, fuck, bro…if I had only known, I’d have granted Dick his cuckold fantasy and made YOU the Bull! Oh…God, Pippa, Felicia…Tory…Stephanie, this is the greatest cock in the world! The greatest lover, too!” Karen declared, much to my embarrassment, as I didn’t really think of myself quite that way…this kind of talk could easily go to a man’s head.

“You really like this, don’t ya, sis?” I teased Karen as I pumped her fine pussy, taking her every way that I could.

“That’s a fucking understatement! Oh…God…!” Karen reacted, making me wonder if she was faking for a bit, but her juicy twat gave the lie to that.

“Trust me, honey, she’s not faking it. I never had to with you…not once. I know when a girl’s faking it. It’s my JOB to fucking fake it at times, okay, babe? Your sister’s not faking it with you, not at all. She’s loving every fucking second of your cock inside her!” Felicia reassured me, fondling and Escort Giresun kissing my buns as I drove deeper into my sister’s cunt.

“So…you had to fake it with famous porn hunks, but not with me?” I blushed a little as I thrust further inside Karen and felt her shudder.

“Ohhhhh…Godddd!” Karen groaned and grunted as we fucked more, her juices flowing and soaking my cock with each stroke inside her wonderful pussy.

“Face it, love…your sister’s in love with your dick, if not with you! I don’t blame her…and I wouldn’t be shocked if the latter followed the former in short order,” Pippa told me as she stroked my balls and Felicia continued rubbing my ass.

“And, yes, that’s exactly what I meant…I enjoyed it with them, sure, but much of that was the power of my femininity and sex appeal, and knowing that various men watched me. And I did come from time to time…but not always and certainly not just having those jumbo cocks shoved inside me. You’d be surprised sometimes who really got me off…and sometimes I came thinking of you while they were inside me,” Felicia whispered in my ear as she stuck her tongue inside it.

“He’s sooooo…fuckkkkkinngggg goooodddd!” Karen hissed as she took me as deep as possible, as my cock probed further than Dick ever had and stretched her more than she even anticipated.

“Cum inside her, love. Show mercy on that poor girl. She wants your seed. Give it to her. She wants you to spill it inside her. She wants your spawn. She wants to bear you children…lots of children. Just as I want to give you, darling. Just as Tory wants to give you. Just as Stephanie wants to give you. Just as Felicia wants to give you, and hell, maybe even Sabrina wants to give you. Just as Maryam wants to give you…Just imagine it…Imagine putting your seed inside her and knocking her up. Imagine all of us walking around with baby strollers in the supermarket, with babies inside them while our bellies are swollen with more on the way!” Pippa taunted me, and I just couldn’t hold back anymore.

I shot my load deeper inside sweet Karen than I ever imagined, and each of my ladies, especially my sister, gave me French kisses that would have put Emmanuelle to shame. When Felicia started sucking me clean of Karen’s juices, I was shocked to discover that I could stay even semi-hard. Still, I was sore, hungry after burning so many calories, and definitely sated for now. I was in a very good mood, even one to make me generous with my cheating, bitchy girlfriend, who had, to credit, agreed to be my slave for the week.

Just how much she planned to keep her word was shown when Felicia declared, “okay, that’s enough for now, I guess. We don’t want to break our favorite toy, do we, ladies?”

“You got that right, love! Are you sure that you really want to break up with my husband? Maybe we can arrange a reconciliation,” Pippa half-seriously encouraged Felicia.

“Oh…maybe…we’ll think about it. But I’m not sure how well that would work. Me being a Domme and all that. If, in fact, I am a Domme, that is. I have a lot of soul-searching to do, don’t I? In the meantime, I’m definitely loathe to part with that cock of his for too long. I’m not sure how much I will enjoy submitting, but I know that I’ll be happy as a clam if he keeps fucking us all like this!

“And to that end, how about we have some lunch? I’m gonna make some Reubens that make you all able, ready, and willing to sell your souls for another taste. That’s the perfect way to recover some calories to burn some more in bed, don’t you agree? Something about corned beef, sauerkraut, marbled rye, and Russian dressing that just make me eager to fuck some more! I guess that I should have mentioned that before, lover, but now you know!” Felicia told me with a devilish wink, even as Steph and Tory planted more kisses on me.

As it turned out, she wasn’t joking at all. But that’s another story, coming soon. Let’s just say that I lost count of just how much I fucked each of the five ladies before it was done. It’s a wonder at times that my heart didn’t quit on me, as I was no spring chicken, and it’s also a wonder that my cock didn’t fall off from exhaustion. Then again, plenty of hearty food, lots of booze, and five of the sexiest women alive, all determined to have my babies, didn’t hurt my cause, now, did they?

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