CA Blossoms in the Spring

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Cherylann, I call her CA, is a neighbor of mine for about a year now. My name is Stan and we cross each other’s path occasionally; getting our mail, the newspaper, or coming/going to work. We had exchanged names and pleasantries but never spoke more than a few words at a time, since she was very shy and reserved. Her attire was demure also; much like you’d expect a Librarian to dress. Her hair was always put up and she wore those small black glasses. All that being said, she had a gorgeous physique; about 5′ 5″, strawberry-blonde hair, around 125 lbs., and my guess a 34 C rack.

We live in an adjoining Duplex, which I have been for a few years; and she, only a year now. When she moved in, she had a man with her (never caught his name) but I haven’t seen since almost the beginning. I’ve tried, on more than one occasion, to get to know her better, but her demeanor always made it a short conversation. I’ve even gone over to borrow sugar or something, but she would never invite me in; but, always provided me with my request and I was on my way without saying more than a few words.

It was Spring now and time to catch some rays. I would lay outside on the weekends always fantasizing that she would join me. Much to my regret, I laid alone. Then one Saturday, while sunning myself, wearing sunglasses, listening to some classic rock, having a cold one, I caught her peeking out her window. My heart started to race and I felt a growth between my legs. Should I roll over and hide my excitement or let her get a good look at my erection. Well, of course, not being modest, I got the hose nearby and watered myself down to keep cool. I laid down on my back and proceeded to get a raging hard on; the bulge through my wet trunks being quite obvious to anyone looking. Being a mere 7 inches, I didn’t have the largest cock in the world, but it seemed to get the job done. Anyway, because of my sunglasses, I knew she couldn’t tell that I was watching her but I swear she was smiling and licking her lips. Then she was gone.

My heart dropped and the hard-on quickly vanished. I laid there for a few more minutes and proceeded into the house for a shower. Now, having connecting places, it wasn’t hard to hear into the other side of the duplex if you tried. I went into my bathroom and proceeded to take my shower when I could tell her shower was going. I sat there for a few moments just thinking of that luscious woman, just inches away on the other side of the wall, soaping that body of hers, lathering every inch of her torso, squeezing her globes, fingering her lips and; well, u get the idea. I was getting izmit escort bayan horny and my cock was stiff as a nail. I found myself with my ear next to the wall trying to catch any sound that would emanate from her shower.

My greatest hopes were quickly rewarded because I could swear she was moaning in a rhythmatic way. For some reason the shower water grew quieter but I knew the water was still running. I could barely make it out but she was also saying something, as I strained to listen. As I sat there on the tub edge, naked as a Blue Jay, ear to wall, and of course rubbing my cock, I thought I heard her say my name. The side of my face was now plastered against the cold shower tile, aching to hear more. Her moans were growing louder and as I suspected, she was whispering “OH!, OH!, Stan your cock feels so good”. Well, hearing that, I shot my wad all over the tub and wall. I leaned back with my mind racing now. It didn’t take but a few seconds and I convinced myself I must go over there. I quickly grabbed some shorts and feebly tried to put them on, tripping on myself and comically crashing to the floor. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself and was at her back door within seconds.

Much to my surprise, her back door was open and the screen unlocked. I slipped through and made my way to her bedroom. The décor was simple but neat, with a large King Size bed that looked like a zoo. Stuffed animals were completely engulfing the bed and I found it hard to believe she could even sleep in it. I later found out that she rarely sleeps in her bed and usually falls asleep on the sofa. I crept to the bathroom and the door was ajar enough for me to peek in. Stealthily popping my head through the door crack, I could now clearly see my fantasy woman in the shower. She had a shower with sliding glass doors that had a few murals on them, but not enough to obstruct a wonderful view of her nakedness.

As I watched her, again with an erection that was hurting so good, I could make out that she had a hand-held shower head which she was using between her legs. Her hip movements were fluent with her hand action and I couldn’t help but pull my cock out and meet her meter with my own. By now I was lost in the moment and found myself fully inside her bathroom in plain view, whacking off to her gyrations. I was lost in another world, because she noticed me and I didn’t even know, until she screamed, “What the hell are u doing in here. Leave or I’m calling the Police”. She quickly grabbed a towel, got out of the shower, and proceeded to find something to hit escort kızları me with. I stood there stupefied, cock in hand, with my jaw gaping. I was frozen, my heart pounding, and uttering something totally stupid and senseless. She must have gotten turned on by the moment, because instead of threatening me anymore, she stood there, dripping wet in her towel (which accentuated her body), looking at my limpified cock in hand, snickering. Once I came to my senses, realizing the situation, I to began to chuckle, and we both broke out in laughter.

Before I knew it, I was babbling apologies, telling her I had been fantasizing about her for a long time, got lost in the moment and found myself in her bathroom. Well, she must have been flattered or something because she began to smile widely at me, beaming those pearly whites and looking compassionately at me. I put myself away, meekly asked her forgiveness again, pledged I would never bother her again, and began to leave. She must have been taken in by the moment because she stopped me and commanded that I owe her now and that she was gonna call in the debt. I told her I would do anything to make up for my intrusion and she told me, with a sinister sneer on her lips, that I was going to make myself useful. Must have been the aura in the room, because I was quickly hardening again and my heart thumping.

I asked her what my punishment was and she said in no uncertain terms, that she needed to finish her shower and I would be required to wash her back for her. If that was my punishment, I thought in my mind, that I would want to be punished always by her. Looking me square in the eye, she let her towel drop to the floor, turned and stepped back into the shower. Again, I was in a stupor, just standing there with a dumb look of awe on my face. She peered out the shower stall and asked if I was coming, and all I could say was I already did; at which, she just chuckled and said she was waiting. I came to somewhat of my senses, lost my shorts, and entered the shower.

She was more than gorgeous; as I thought, a 34-36 C rack with her areolas about the size of quarters, and her nipples hard and protruding about 3/4 inch. Her figure was that of an hour-glass, perfectly shaped, with lean muscular legs that fit her body well. Long beautiful hair that just touched the top of her breasts, and her ass was full and tight. As I suspected, she was a natural blonde; her pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a triangle and as blonde as blonde can be. She glanced down at my boner and then into my eyes, with a sense of gebze escort bayan anticipation. I was handed the bar of soap as she turned the water back on. As I fantasized earlier, now I was the one lathering her body, from head to toe, ensuring that her breasts were amply soaped. I made my way down her body and massaged her ass cheeks, which provided me with a low moan response.

Standing behind her, I ran my finger alone her ass crack, tickling her anal opening, and continuing between her legs up to her clitoris. Uncontrollingly, she widened her legs to give me free access. I turned her around and knelt for a better view. As I tickled her clit, her labia blossomed like a flower in full bloom. Her clit protruded, obviously in excitement; every time I would touch it, she would twitch. I moved her back against the wall, placed on leg on the tub edge, and began to flick my tongue along her lips and clit. First one, then another, I inserted my fingers into her hot, wet, love canal. I found her G-Spot and delicately stroked it until without any warning, she tensed up rigidly and my face was splattered with her love juices. She screamed out my name, along with a few profanities, as I lapped up her essence. Stream after stream gushed out as I scurried to catch it all. I couldn’t believe her response to this erotic situation. I’d never been with a woman so full and ecstatic. After 3 to 5 minutes of orgasms, she finally subsided. I rose to my feet and held her tight until our hearts and breaths normalized. We then kissed for the first time, exploring each other’s mouth’s and lip’s for what seems an eternity. She seemed intent on tasting herself.

Not to corrupt the moment with self-indulgence, we rinsed off, dried and got dressed, and sat outside sipping a cold one. In our talk, I found out that she was separated from her husband, which is why I hadn’t seen him anymore. She said it was over and the divorce would be final any day now. That their sex life, although exciting at first, was never very good. And to my amazement, what happened in the shower was the first orgasm she had ever experienced. As my chest stuck out a bit further after hearing that, I told her I hope we can be closer neighbors now. She responded with a sexy smile and sipped her Corona.

I told her I was hosting a poker party later that night and she was very much invited. Although it would be all men, I was sure she’d enjoy herself. She said she didn’t know how to play poker but would think about it. I responded in a conciliatory tone, saying she could just watch and maybe fetch beers and munchies when needed. And, after watching for awhile, jump in anytime she would want. Well, after a few minutes of silence, she gave me that sly sexy look again and said it sounded like just what the doctor had ordered and agreed. As I began to harden again, I could only imagine what she was thinking. So, stay tuned to Chapter 2, CA Learns Poke Her!

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