Calabasas Moms Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 (of three): Brenda could have or do anything she wanted

Brenda had a hysterectomy as a result of complications from the birth of her daughter who she named Sydney. Fortunately for her, she got the house in the hills in the divorce plus one million dollars in cash. Her ex husband Charles also had to pay four thousand per month until Sydney was eighteen. While the child support payment stopped this year, Brenda was able to get along quite nicely accounting to the fact that her clothing accessories business started doing very well about five years ago. She turned over day-to-day management to Shelly and Brenda goes into the mart only once per week now. She is comfortable.

What she has not been able to attain was a good relationship with a guy. Charles swept her off her feet with his fancy clothes and great car. They had a good thing going and travelled often to Hawaii and Europe. Charles inherited an incredible fortune when his father died and maintained it well. So many people in that position squander it.

There were many people for her to associate with at the club and through her involvement at Sydney’s schools. Brenda was always on a committee for something or driving the kids around to cheer camp or to football games and dances before Sydney was able to drive.

One of her friends, Monica, would often suggest men for Brenda. There were plenty of divorced men who were dads of Sydney’s friends or guys at the club who were wealthy enough to have time for golf a few times per week.

“Brenda, how about Allan, Abigail’s father. He is doctor.”

“Brenda, I know you met Jake, Steven’s father, when we were at the freshman class picnic.”

Brenda could have a lot of men, if she wanted. She had just turned forty, was in is great physical condition due to her rigorous workout schedule and regimented diet. She was 5’7″, 112 lbs, had long auburn hair that she wore in a pony tail and nice 32B breasts. Yes, she could have anyone.

“I do remember meeting Jake and I know Allen from the club as well but they are not my type.”

“Not your type. They are well put together and have movie star good looks. What more do you want?”

“I told you that I went on a few dates with Kurt, Angie’s dad, a few times. He wanted a wife and I just could not see myself in his house and living his lifestyle.” Kurt was active in his church and a member of the city council. “He is just so public and I want privacy.”

“Yes, but Kurt did ring your bell a few times, right? What’s that worth?


Angie’s phone rang and it went to voice mail. “Angie, call me immediately.” That was a phone call Sydney made to Angie last month. Sydney’s phone rang a couple of hours later. The number on the ringer ID was that of Angie. “Girl, you should have picked up when I called earlier.”

“Earlier…I saw that call was made at 7:10 am. Who is awake at 7:10 am on a Sunday? What was the emergency?”

“Well, I wanted you to guess who was leaving my house at 7:10 am…your father.”


“I heard someone walking down the stairs, got concerned, jumped up and cracked my door. It was your dad for sure. No one else has a red beard like that around here.”

“Oh, my God. That must… oh my God.” The girls giggled and kibitzed for the next hour.

Brenda had told Monica about her relationship with Kurt, in detail. On that particular morning, Kurt did leave Brenda’s room at 7:10 am. He had a flight to Japan later that evening. The night before, he and Brenda had one of their early dates which included dinner at the club with a table overlooking the first tee and drinks afterward with a few other people.

When Kurt pulled into the driveway of Brenda’s house overlooking the San Fernando Valley, he turned off the engine Kuşadası Escort and leaned over to the passenger side. They shared a long loving kiss that made Brenda warm. “May I come inside?”

“Absolutely. If we run into Sydney, just act nonchalant.”

They went into the house, entering the large entry way that had high arched windows above the door. “Would you like a drink?”

“I don’t need anything else. Come here.” They kissed again. Kurt rubbed Brenda’s back and inched his hands down to her firm ass.

When they took a breath, Brenda asked, “Is there anything I can get you?”

“Do you want the gentle, romantic answer or do you want the crass locker room answer?”

“Mmmm, I didn’t know you had a crass locker room side.”

“Boys will be boys.”

“OK what would ‘one of the boys’ say?”

“A frat boy would be extremely crass and a guy coming out of the shower ribbing his bud would give an embarrassed, youthful answer. Which do you want?” Kurt did not get elected to the city council over and over again at the age of 42 without a biting sense of humor and a quick wit. Kurt also had to maintain his church-leader persona. What he wanted was to get a sense of Brenda’s mood since this was his first invitation into her home after a date.

“I hate to admit it, but I have been to the Hustler store in Hollywood looking for a particular item, a bottle of pussy juice. I told the clerk that I so love the taste of pussy that I was hoping to find a bottle I could sniff and smear on my face. Alas, there is no such item. So I realized I needed to find a natural source. That is what I really want. Do you know where I can get any?”

Brenda was no prude but that answer shocked her. Such a dirty mouth on such a respectable upstanding citizen. Brenda’s knees went weak and she pressed herself into him for another long kiss. She had not been sucked off by a man in a long time. If she did hook up with a guy he went down on her long enough to get her wet enough for penetration. Brenda did have a few girlfriend hook-ups with the divorced mothers in the neighborhood. Those that were sexually experienced were good enough to get her off. “Let’s head upstairs before Sydney interrupts us.”

Brenda’s bedroom was immaculately appointed. Her king bed was framed by two nice nightstands. The chandelier was nice and there was a reading lamp above her head, nice furniture and a couple of lithographs. She did not just want to jump into bed. That would have seemed so pedestrian. She wanted some romance so she put her palms on his chest, pushed her hands up to his shoulders and pulled him down. They kissed and she used her right hand to feel his cock. After all, she was a woman in need of being ridden. She found his bulge and he reached his right hand up to caress her left breast. This was getting hot for both of them. He then reached down to touch her ass and he started pulling up her dress. He felt that she was wearing tight silk panties. “I am the guest, so I should be able to eat first. Is that OK?”

He began to nibble her neck. She moaned and turned around. “Please take down the zipper.” He slowly unzipped her dress and nibbled her neck and shoulder. She was already very turned on. This was very nice. He pulled the dress off of each shoulder and she pulled the arms through.

“Let me unhook you.” She would not put up a fight. He unhooked her bra and tossed it on the floor. He continued to nibble her neck and shoulders while cupping her nice B cups. He loved them and massaged them nicely. Brenda knew that her small chest made some men disinclined to want to date her. This was LA after all, Hollywood. A few of her divorced friends got breast enhancement surgery so they would be more alluring to men. Brenda wanted to be ‘real’ Kuşadası Escort Bayan and hated everything fake. Since her favorite past time was working out, including training for and running in two or three half marathons each year, she did not see herself getting bigger boobs just to have them flop around for three hours in front of thousands of people. It just didn’t make sense.

Kurt loved Brenda’s breasts. But he was really an ass man. And really, he loved the taste of pussy so he did not need big tits to get turned on. He ran his hands down the back of her panties. Her ass felt good. That made his cock swell. He put his left hand on her left butt check and ran his hand into the front of her panties. He felt a nice bush and a wet crack. He fingered her for a few minutes which made her moan and rotate her hips. “Is this Ok?” he asked. “Wonderful. You can do this as long as you want with a few exceptions. I still owe you some pussy juice… And I can use a cock filling me up tonight.”

“Then please accept my apologies but I need a tiny taste now.” With that he withdrew is finger and placed it in his mouth. “Mmmmm. Delicious. I want seconds and thirds. I am very hungry.”

She turned around. “So am I” and she unbuckled his pants. He wiggled out of them and his briefs. He sat her down on the bed and knelt at her feet. Her legs were only slightly apart now and he massaged them and bent down to kiss them as he spread them apart. She had a nice bush, expertly trimmed to show a two inch wide landing pad. “Were you expecting someone tonight?”

“I did have high hopes. Do you like it?”

“Like it. Darling, I plan on worshipping it.” He softly pushed her so she was lying down and he pulled her legs up and put his face to her mound.

He must really like the taste of pussy she thought, for he ran his nose through her bush for a long time. It felt very good. She had very thin pussy lips, almost nonexistent. As her legs spread wider, he saw liquid pooling in her crack. That made his cock stir even more. He nibbled her thighs for a long time. She liked it a lot but he was teasing her and she wanted to feel his tongue on her most sensitive spots. Still, it was a surprise to be with a man who was not in a hurry.

He finally got to her outer lips and licked them up and down, which made Brenda moan. This was taking too long, Brenda thought. Does he even know what he is doing? That question was answered because he ran his tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top. When he got to the top he lingered there and pressed his tongue unto her clit. “Funkkkkk ahhh.” He did that a few more times. During some of those licks, he tried to scoop the juices out of her vagina. She had never been eaten like this. Even her girlfriend lovers were not this good, so firm, so gentle, so hungry.

Kurt started focusing on her clit. He licked and sucked her clit for a long time. She was beginning to make higher and higher pitched noises. Moans and sighs and lots of other sounds. Kurt kept her on an edge. She wanted it so badly, she loved what he was doing but she was aching for an orgasm. Kurt licked his finger and pushed it deeply into her. She was hot. And she was getting close. He decided to back her off which made her upset until during a downward lick he nibbled her anus. This got a scream of delight. He continued on her anus and she continued to scream. “Are you OK? Am I hurting your?” She just pulled his ears and pressed his face into her.

She had had enough. “Suck me off, babe, suck me off now.”

Kurt’s face was wet now. He could feel liquid dripping from his chin. He was happy. He hoped that his next move would make her happier. With a shot he darted upwards and sucked her clit into his mouth. She moaned and moaned, the sounds getting Escort Kuşadası higher and higher, until… One grunt that seemed to shake the house. He started licking her clit one more time and she pushed him away.

She brought her legs to her chest and rolled into a fetal position, softly grunting for a minute or two more. Kurt massaged her ass.

“Well, that was outstanding. Let me catch my breath.” She rolled onto her stomach, looked over her right shoulder and flashed him the most sensual smile he had ever gotten, which he got before she shook her hair and buried her face in the bedspread.

Kurt bounced up on the bed and kneaded her ass. “I have a condom.”

“Just slide into me. I am pretty sure I can come again.” With that, Kurt parted her cheeks and found her dark pink vagina. Her juices were pooled in her hole and her lips were soaked with his saliva and her natural juices. He pointed his cock down against her ass crack. “Are you sure?” “Yes, now.” His cock was at the entrance to her vagina and he pushed. He slid in deeply with the first push. She was soaked.

Besides the feeling of wet liquid pleasure, her hole was burning hot. He felt the soft, wet lips of vagina squeezing him. He pumped her as he held on to her back and her shoulders. He could see her hands gripping and squeezing the bed spread and they tensed with each thrust. He was deep inside her now. His cock was touching and massaging places she did not know existed. The pleasure was exquisite and she started feeling that she would come.

He wanted to go fast but he also needed to maintain control. It was difficult maintaining control with a hot, tight, slippery vagina squeezing his rock hard pole. He knew he was harder than he had been in a long time. She moaned with each pump. He had his hands hooked under her shoulders and was using them as leverage for his thrusting. He started going a little faster and she moaned louder. “Unggghh, Unggghh.” He laid on her back and cajoled her legs to spread wider. He crawled between her legs. He could feel calves and feet extending outward and upward toward the sky. He nibbled her neck. “Unggghh, Unggghh.” “Faster, please.” He knew he would not last very long if he went faster.

“I may not be able to control myself if I go faster,” he whispered into her right ear.

“Faster.” He went faster and, just as he thought, he felt his orgasm. “I’m going to come,” she grunted and he went even faster. She screamed again. Her second orgasm was not just a jolt but a rolling sense of release that lasted about twenty seconds. He slowed down to a light rolling action. She seemed to relax under him. She was surprised but he had great control. After only about two more minutes he felt that her pussy was in control of him. He gave his final measure of strength in holding on. The first wave turned into the second and into the third, fourth and finally the fifth. His lungs pushed a huge amount of confined air through his teeth with a loud, “Ahhhhhhhh.” Uncontrollably, he used his legs to push her head into the headboard. She winced. He went limp.

They repositioned on the bed, still lying on top of the bedspread. He was behind her in the spooning position. They were laying on their right sides looking out the window into the dark night. “So, did you get enough pussy juice?”

“I can never get enough. Your pussy tastes especially clean and fresh.” Brenda was very pleased to hear this as most women are very self conscious of their genital areas. “I would definitely like more where that came from.” When he said that he nibbled her left shoulder and gently squeezed her left breast. They lay there for four or five minutes when Brenda said that nature was calling. She came back and Kurt was asleep under the covers. She did not have the heart to wake him. She had not actually had very many men actually sleep in her bed in a long time and she wanted that feeling again of comfort and safety. She turned off the lights and slipped under the covers. He stirred, “Brenda, I am so sorry I think I fell asleep. Shall I go?”

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