Call Me Rachel Ch. 01

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“Mom, where are you?” Dillan Marks called out to his mother. His very hot mother. He had just gotten home from school and he was in the mood to see his mother.

Dillan was 18 and built like a linebacker, big arms and a six pack that all the girls wanted to wrap her arms around. His blue eyes were clear and alluring while his dark hair flopped into his face.

“In here honey.” His mom’s melodic voice lured him into the kitchen. Dillan stood at six feet even and his mother a petite 5’7″. She had wispy blonde hair and full pouty, pink lips. Her eyes were a mossy green and soft. She had porcelain skin that was void of blemishes. She had huge tits and a tight little ass that made her son hard.

She didn’t know that of course. Dillan worshipped his mom and swore his dad to the fiery pits of hell when he left her.

“Hey mom.” Dillan wrapped his mom in a warm and tight embrace while resisting the urge to dry humps her.

“Eck. I like mom sometimes but can’t you call me Rachel, it makes your mum feel old.” Dillan smiled and nodded.

“Okay Rachel.”

“Thank you darling. How was your day at school?”

“It is Friday so it was fun because I knew I had a whole weekend to spend with you.” Dillan picked up his mom and swung her around happily. She giggled and swatted his arm as he put her down.

“Don’t you have somewhere to go with your friends or something, you really don’t have to stay home with me, you know.” She turned back to her cooking while chiding him lightly.

“But I want to stay home with you.” He wrapped his arms around her torso from behind and pushed his hips into her ass and he heard an intake of breath.

“Well you don’t have to. Anyway I think I’ll head to bed, I’m a bit tired. The corn’ll be ready in a minute. Then I’m hitting the hay.” Dillan sighed, he knew she felt his cock against her ass, she just didn’t want him. That thought made him cringe.


Dillan woke bright and early on Saturday morning and yawned before stretching his huge arms above his head. He hadn’t slept well having to wake up several times in order to take a cold shower. The ideas of his mother being his cockslut were invading all his thoughts. He didn’t know what he’d do if he didn’t fuck her. And soon.

Dillan loped out of his room to be met with his mother exiting her bedroom with only lacey pink underwear on. She squealed when she saw him and Anadolu Yakası Escort bolted back into her bedroom. Dillan let out a deep chuckle and continued to the staircase.

The Marks’ house was beautifully decorated and large. They had a spacious pool in their backyard, 3 bedrooms, a wide screen Plasma television and comfortable, expensive furniture.

Dillan’s cell phone rang and it was Sandy, a girl he had been seeing for a while but their relationship never went past her giving him a monthly blowjob. She was a whore and probably loved girls more than him but that never bothered Dillan.

“What’s up Sandy?” He answered.

“I’m coming over to hang out with you, and I’m not giving you a chance to say no. Bye!” The phone clicked. Dillan’s plan to be alone with his mom the whole weekend was now thwarted. Thanks Sandy, Dillan though, venomously.

Fifteen minutes later the doorbell rang. Dillan opened it to be met with Sandy Marchetta a tall brunette with ice blue eyes and a nice body. She was definitely pretty but Dillan was more inclined to blondes. Blondes like his mother.

She gave him a hug and a quick kiss before dancing past him and lying down on his plush couch. Dillan snorted but a smile crossed his face when he heard his mother’s dainty footsteps come down the stairs.

“Dillan, who was at the doo-? Oh hi, sweetheart.” Sandy’s eyes widened slightly and she immediately sat up straight and gazed at Dillan’s mother happily.

“Hi Mrs. Marks. You have a lovely home.” Dillan’s jaw dropped. Sandy was never polite to anyone. No one. Was she flirting with his mother? Dillan felt his stomach drop to the floor.

“Why thank you. But call me Rachel.”

“Okay Rachel. My names Sandy.”

“Nice to meet you Sandy.”

“Pleasures all mine.” Dillan was bewildered by Sandy’s sweet behavior and saw his girlfriend’s eyes appraise his mother’s body. Jealousy ran through him and he saw red but sat silently fuming at their exchange.

“Anyway, Dillan did you wash your clothes? And no offense Sandy but I didn’t know you and Dillan had a date today.”

“Oh that’s okay Mrs. Marks. Dillan has to meet up with Craig anyway, I could stay here and keep you company.” Craig had been Dillan’s best friend since preschool.

“What?” I didn’t have anything planned with Craig.

“Yeah you did, remember that game he invited Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan you to.” Shit! Dillan thought, he remembered saying no to that.

“But I said no.”

“That’s not what he told me.”

“Dillan Marks, don’t tell me you broke a date with your best friend to sit around with me?” Dillan looked sheepish and nodded a yes. That was all it took. He was herded quickly out of the door.

Authors Note: From now on it will no longer be only Dillan’s Point of View. It will switch to Sandy’s now.*

Sandy Marchetta was never attracted to older anything and when she met Mrs. Marks, Rachel, all that went out the window. The woman was so sexy and delicious; Sandy’s pussy was wet already. Finally they were alone.

“So Rachel where’s the man of the house?” Rachel’s face clouded over and Sandy immediately felt bad she had mentioned it.

“He left when Dillan was twelve.”

“I am so sorry.”

“Don’t be he had a small cock anyway.” Rachel chuckled and Sandy’s nipples strained against her shirt at Dillan’s Moms’ language.

“I guess you weren’t at a loss then, huh?” Sandy asked, gulping slightly. Rachel was sitting close to the 18 year-old and Sandy could smell her warm perfume.

“Guess not.”

“Plus, you could get any guy you wanted. I mean look at your assets.” Sandy waved in the direction of Mrs. Mark’s chest and blushed lightly.

“Why thank you my darling. Hey! I’ve got an idea, how about you being young and beautiful asses me the old one? And we’ll see who’s got the better assets.”

“That’s a good idea. I’ll just take off my clothes first.” Sandy pulled her pink shirt over her head and pulled down her pants. She stood bare in sapphire lace underwear. She pulled her thong down her legs slowly and let open her bra. She stood there, naked for Rachel to admire.

“Wow, you’ve got a great body, darling.”

“Thank you.” Sandy felt her pussy get wetter at the thought of Mrs. Marks taking off her clothes next. Sure enough, the older woman took off her shirt and pulled down her yoga pants. She pulled down her lacey boy shorts and unhooked her push-up bra.

Sandy felt her warm cum slide down her leg and she was sure Rachel could see it. Dillan’s mom was the hottest thing on the planet in Sandy’s eyes. Her blonde hair fell over her shoulders and brushed the top of her luscious tits. Escort Anadolu Yakası So full and soft-looking Sandy wanted to taste her own boyfriend’s mother! Her pussy was shaven and a healthy pink while her legs went on forever.

Sandy couldn’t help herself; she leaned forward and stroked Rachel’s tits. Her nipples came erect immediately at Sandy’s touch. Rachel moaned softly and coaxed Sandy to do more. Sandy held Rachel close to here and pushed her onto the sofa before kissing her soft lips tenderly.

“Mmm…I knew there was something about you Sandy.” Rachel murmured before trailing her hands down Sandy’s ass and squeezing it slightly. Sandy nodded but kept kissing the older woman’s soft mouth. She felt Rachel’s finger enter her asshole and pump her finger in and out. The sensation was so delicious Sandy could feel her stomach tighten and she almost came right there.

“Oh Rachel. That feels so good.” Sandy squirmed on top of the woman and whimpered in pleasure.

“I’m glad doll; I’ve got something else I want to try though too.” Rachel moved from under Sandy and disappearing upstairs leaving Sandy to think. What if Dillan found out? Anyone could tell that Dillan felt less than family feelings towards his mother and who wouldn’t?

His mother was sexy as hell and had a body to die for. Sandy knew he would be pissed off but at the moment she didn’t give a shit she was having too much fun and pleasure to stop now. Rachel appeared again with a long thick, pink strap-on in her hand.

Rachel strapped it on real quick and moved on top of Sandy. Sandy was suddenly unsure on whether she wanted that huge thing in her.

“Um…I don’t know about this. I’ve never been stretched this far…” She was cut off by a warm hand cupping her breast and a slow tantalizing kiss. While the two were kissing Sandy felt the thing enter her slowly. It felt so good but it stretched her very far. Her cunt was slick so the entrance didn’t hurt too badly.

“Faster.” She gasped. Rachel pounded one into her slowly but gradually picked up speed. Sandy’s tits moved as Rachel fucked her hard and deep. Just as she was about to cum Rachel pulled out. She shuddered.

“Why did you stop?” Sandy gasped. She got her answer when Rachel flipped her on her stomach and pounded her doggy-style.

“Oh god. Yes Yes! Fuck me!” Sandy screamed loudly. She came hard and sighed loudly when she felt herself release.

She collapsed and felt Rachel fall on top of her.

“OH god, Mrs. Marks. That felt so fucking good.” Sandy moaned.

“I told you to call me Rachel.”

*I hope you enjoyed it. The next chapter will be in the incest category with DillanXHis mom. This story is in the lesbian category. Obviously.*

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