Camp of Blessing Ch. 09

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“How could this have happened?” Mother Grace practically spit as she paced around in her office. Jeana, the black security guard from last night just stood looking down at the floor, he hands behind her back like a dog who had misbehaved. “Who could have known about the mine?” The nun continued to question. The guard had already given her all the information, but it was clear Mother Grace was having some trouble processing it.

This situation began to reveal that the first impressions from Mother Grace might have been misguided. At first she seemed like she was an elder. Her posture, the way she walked and presented herself with contained, slow gestures, almost submissive. But right now that facade seemed completely gone. She moved freely through her office, standing tall and gesturing energetically. As if the disguise had been lifted by her anger. She was in fact not much older than Sister Beth, being at her early forties.

Tired of pacing the nun sat on her imposing chair, elbows on the desk, hands on her own forehead. A few seconds of silence and deep breathing before she finally leaned back looking Jeana in the eye. “You said there were multiple men?” Jeana nodded, repeating her report. “Yes, Mother Superior. The entire room was covered in their… you know… they made a mess in there, then let Rebecca go.” The nun frowned and let out a sigh of frustration. “The sick bastards must have taken my poor dear for themselves. They are probably having their way with her right now. This is not right, I am the only one who can properly educate her!”

Jeana didn’t know what to do in the face of Grace’s rage. Her mind searched for something smart to say, the exercise reminded her of some relevant information. “Uuhmm, actually Mother Grace, Rebecca was seen going into her room by one of the guards this morning… I think.” And once again, Jeana ruined her moment to shine by injecting doubt in her statement while scratching her head in confusion. At this point she was used to it. Mother Grace replied stunned. “What do you mean “I think”? You haven’t checked?” The black security guard simply shook her head, she just wanted to sink into the floor and disappear in fear of how bad she would be scolded. But Mother Grace had already spent too much energy on this matter this morning, she needed to exercise discipline and self control. With a deep breath she spoke calmly. “Then, for the sake of all that’s holy. Have Rebecca, brought to my office. Then go back to the mines and grab the tape.”

Jeana lingered in place, afraid to ask the next question, but knowing that if she didn’t the result would be worse. “W-what tape, Mother Superior?” All the efforts to stay calm were in vain, as Mother Grace practically shouted. “The surveillance tape, you ignoramus! It’s in the office, you will need the key.” The nun opened a drawer and grabbed a big iron key, handing it to Jeana. “Now go, do what I said and be quick. I will set up the VHS while you’re gone.”

About twenty minutes later Mother Grace stared apprehensively at the twenty inches TV set, one of those still with “a tail”. No doubt a relic to any of the students in school. If they saw it they would say something like “Why is this TV so fat?” Nevertheless, it was functional. Enough for the nun to see the black and white image of the mines. It was a night vision camera, clearly showing the secret entrance to the dungeon. She fumbled with the black remote controller pressing Fast Forward, keeping a close eye at the time stamp at the corner of the screen.

She saw herself and Jeana coming in the dungeon with Rebecca early in the evening. She fast forwarded again, and saw someone else approaching the entrance. A student, the uniform was very clear even in black and white. This was also a particularly big student. As she approached the entrance the nun mumbled to herself. “Is that the new student we got a few weeks ago? Kris… something. Grab her file, Jeana.” She continued to fast forward it, pausing the moment she saw a second shadow behind her on the hallway. But she couldn’t tell who it was, the shadow never approached the door. “Who in the Lord’s name is that one?”

Jeana was now fumbling through the students archive on the other side of the office, casually commenting. “Don’t you have a camera inside the room?” Mother Grace just rolled her eyes, with clear sarcasm in her voice. “Oh sure I do. It is a great idea to record all we do in there with a clear picture of our faces and leave it lying around as evidence!” Jeana began to answer in the same casual tone. “Then I can get the tape f…” The guard could almost feel Grace’s heavy stare on her back. She slowly turn realizing what was going on “Ah… sarcasm… stupid me.”

Forwarding the recording, Mother Grace saw as the door closed, she remembered the moment when she did that. “She was right there when I closed the door! Little devil!” Right after the door closed, Kristanna and her mysterious friend left the cave. Not too long after Mother Grace and Jeana were out of the mines. The timestamp showed Anadolu Yakası Escort around 21:30. Mere minutes after Kristanna was back, this time alone. She opened the secret door and went in. Mother Grace kept fast forwarding, hoping to see a horde of men come inside at some point. Or at least other students with buckets and materials to play some kind of prank. Two hours passed and nothing, she kept fast forwarding. Finally four hours later she saw the door open once more and Kristanna walked out, looking a bit messy. About two hours later, Rebecca walked out. She seemed to be smuggling something under her habit, as it was clearly distended at the torso area.

“Only one student? Not possible, we must be missing footage.” At this point the giant guard was standing behind Mother Grace holding a folder. Easily watching the TV over her head, the usual blank stare in her eyes. The nun went through the footage again, she didn’t see any men. The time stamps were accurate, there was no cut. Only Kristanna had entered the room and only she and Rebecca had walked out.

Noticing the towering figure behind her, Mother Grace turned. She quickly grabbed the folder from Jeana’s big hands and sat at her desk, putting on her glasses and licking her finger to flip open the file with care. There was a “grace” to her movements, an erotic air even. She saw the picture of the redhead on the first page, and all of her personal information reading out loud. “Kristanna Smith. She got here this Semester, parents claim she displayed “deviant behavior” with her younger sister, Sarah Smith.” The nun continued to read while Jeana simply waited, her mind drifting off as it usually did. She knew better than to comment anything at this point. She remembered how nice it had been that Mother Grace let her whip Rebecca last night. “Maybe one day I will be such a good mistress as Mother Grace.” The guard thought, spacing out as she heard the nun’s voice in the background.

They were interrupted by a knock on the door. Jeana opened it and saw a fellow guard, next to her was a novice, Rebecca. The redhead walked in the office and the other guard returned to their post. Mother Grace saw the novice come inside and leaned back on her chair, which looked more like a throne really. The Mother Superior closed the file in her hands, removed her glasses and pointed at the chair opposite of her. “Sit down, my child.”

Rebecca looked shy, even sacred. She sat carefully at the chair, Jeana stood between the girl and the door, her arms crossed. It didn’t seem like anyone was getting out of this room unless through her. Mother Grace began with a simple question. “What happened last night, my dear? Who let you out?” The novice dare not look up to Mother Grace’s eyes. “I don’t know, Mother Superior. I was blindfolded, as you left me.”

Mother Grace nodded placing the tips of her fingers together. “I understand that. But still you must have heard something about what happened. You must have felt it, right?” Rebecca nodded, she was in the brink of crying. “I did, Mother Superior.” Now this was progress, Grace smiled as she rather impatiently asked. “And?” Rebecca still hesitated, something clearly bothering her. Until she found in herself to just say it. “It was the devil, Mother Superior! You were right, I’ve sinned and gone against your will, so the devil punished me personally last night! I was raped, violated. And the worst is… she made me like it!”

Jeana and Mother Grace exchanged confused glances. A rare moment, as normally Jeana was the confused one. But even if it sounded completely honest, Rebecca’s answer had puzzled Mother Grace too. “The devil? You know better than to play with these words, it is no joke young lady! How did you come to that conclusion?” The redhead was now sobbing under pressure, but she was too far to back down and kept answering anyway. “The things she did to me, the things she made me feel! It was the temptation incarnate! It changed me, Mother Grace! She put her evil seed inside me, evil thoughts! So much… darkness! I was drowning in it! I could taste it’s sweetness, the delightful sin!” Rebecca shivered, even though she was protesting she really seemed to have enjoyed it.

But to the Mother Superior her novice wasn’t making any sense. She kept referring to the devils as “she”, could it be Kristanna? Mother Grace just shook her head lightly. “If you are lying to me, Rebecca, I swear…” The nun slapped her desk in frustration, letting out a sigh. “Alright, my dear. Let’s move on from that. Tell me what you smuggled out of the dungeon.” The redhead widened her eyes, she shook her head in denial. “I would never steal from you, Mother Grace!” Grabbing the remote, Grace moved the footage back slightly to the moment when Rebecca was leaving the dungeon and showed her clearly holding on to something big under her habit. “And what is that, child?”

Rebecca blushed, she didn’t know how to explain that it was her swollen belly. She just stared at the floor, the image of her misshapen body Bostancı Escort triggering the memories of what she went through. The pleasure she felt made her feel guilty, dirty. Her desire for more conflicted with that and she couldn’t handle the emotions, breaking in tears. Mother Grace let out a sigh. “I see you are clearly distressed. I will find out what you took sooner or later. If there is one thing I have here in this school is time. No one is going anywhere. Go back to your room, pray three rosaries and say the Lord’s Prayer a few times to regain your composure. We will talk later about your punishment.” Rebecca nodded, wiping some of the tears off of her cheeks and taking the chance to leave before other questions came at her.

As Rebecca left the office and Jeana closed the door behind her, Mother Grace was left with less information than what she had before. The more she looked into the episode, the less sense she made out of it. “Well Jeana, I believe this has left us with one option only.” Jeana nodded vigorously, even closing her eyes as if to show her understanding of the situation. But Grace knew that the guard had no clue what she was talking about, she just continued. “It’s Kristanna Smith.” The black juggernaut began to nod more vigorously and started walking out of the room. “Yes, of course.” But the Mother Superior stopped her. “Hold on, Jeana. Don’t go get her yet. Just watch her for now, report to me her activities. I want to know what she has been up to in this school. Who her friends are, what does she do and how did she pull off this prank.” Jeana almost bowed this time. “I will take care of it, Mother Superior.”

As Rebecca came out of Mother Grace’s office, she walked as fast as possible without running, not wanting to draw too much attention in the corridors of the school. She was just glad that her belly hadn’t been noticed now and she was able to evade the question about it in the video. The novice habit was now enough to conceal the pouch on her stomach, which made it seem like she was five or six months pregnant. It was much bigger earlier today, somehow reducing over time. Even though the novice had not taken steps to remove the cum from inside her. When cleaning herself, Rebecca had the natural impulse to try and get all of the thick goo out of her body. But for some reason she changed her mind, opting to to hold it all inside. A task that proved itself hard, causing her pussy and asshole to slowly leak, occasional beads sliding down her thighs, being scrubbed away as she walked.

The novice rushed straight to the main chapel. It was practically empty at this time, all students were in class and most of the nuns were busy with their morning shores. Rebecca walked into the confessionary, the only one that was open. She knelt and clasped her hands together seeing only the silhouette of the Sister at the other side. “Sister, forgive me for I have sinned.” The desperation was clear in her voice, calling the attention of the nun on the other side of the screen. A voice quickly responded. “What troubles you this day, my dear?”

Rebecca didn’t know how to explain, she hadn’t even really seen what happened yesterday, merely felt it. “I… I am being tempted by the devil, sister.” The voice on the other side responded respectfully. “We all are, my dear. This is why we dedicate our lives in submission to the Lord’s will.” Rebecca nodded at the response, but it seemed like the Sister was not fully grasping the situation, how could she? She had to be more specific. “I know sister. But… he came to me, last night. The devil came to me, tempted me… and I gave in… I gave my everything! I let him turn me inside out, ravage me, consume me… and… and the worst thing is that I enjoyed every second of it!” Rebecca broke in crying now, unable to contain her guilt.

There was silence for several seconds, then the response came calm and direct. “I assume you are talking about the pleasures of the flesh, my dear?” Rebecca didn’t want to even say it, she just nodded, and even through the screen of the confessionary her gesture was visible. The sister continued. “You are young and healthy, it is normal. Not all of the pleasures in this world are a sin. Sometimes your feelings can be influenced by the Lord.” Rebecca was surprised to hear that, she didn’t expect understanding, she came here to confess and get her penitence. “I am confused, Sister. You are saying this could be a good thing?”

On the other side of the confessionary, Sister Beth already began to caress her own member over the habit, the cock throbbed strapped to her inner thigh. She could almost visualize, the young student touching herself in her room, giving in to the temptations of the flesh. The image was dominating the forefront of her mind and she just wanted it to be realized. “You should not be confused, my child. It is just your body, and from personal experience I know that sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways. If He gave you these feelings, maybe you should… explore them? After all, the Erenköy Escort best way to make the thirst go away is to satisfy it.”

Rebecca could barely believe what she was hearing, but maybe the nun was right. Whatever happened last night had clearly not been a regular occurrence. The way that woman… no, that being had used Rebecca’s body for hours on end. The obscene size pushing her organs apart and the sheer volume of sperm that was deposited inside her, left churning in her belly even now. Was this some sort of divine sign? She certainly wanted to believe so. Perhaps if she gave in only once these feelings would go away forever, nothing needed to be permanent, right? Still the novice questioned. “I don’t know sister… it’s not just normal temptation. What I am going through goes beyond this world and anything I’ve ever felt! M-my body seems to be… changing somehow.”

Sister Beth widened her eyes, the word “changing” caught her ear. Could this girl be really changing as Beth once did? Maybe she had an encounter with Kristanna last night, or a similar being. “If your body is changing, you should embrace it! Remember we are all made in the image of the Lord. Can you tell me how it is changing?” Rebecca was once again taken by surprise at the acceptance of the Sister on the other side as well as her curiosity for specifics. She expected judgement and penitence, not this. Rebecca went in the confessionary confused, with a crazy story, expecting to be dismissed as insane or simply have her mind influenced by the devil. But instead she was getting actual council. “I… I don’t know. It’s embarrassing… I’m scared of what you will think of me.”

If there was one thing Sister Beth knew how to do was calm people down. Her mere voice tone was comforting. Years of practice, kindness and a life of service to others had turned her into a master manipulator. “I understand. When I was your age I went through some drastic changes myself. I am not here to judge you, dear. There is no need to be afraid. I honestly don’t know who you are, you can open yourself to me and I am bound by the sacrament of confession to keep your secret.” It was a lie, she could see enough through the confessionary wall to recognize Rebecca. But she simply had to know what was really going on.

There was silence, Rebecca was thinking. Finally she spoke up very quickly, almost whispering as the words seemed to not even want to leave her lips. “I… I grew a penis! It’s big, and I want to touch it all the time!” Sister Beth had a raging erection at this point, she bit her lower lip hearing those words, containing herself not to moan. It was clear now that Rebecca was changing too. Either due to Kristanna’s influence or some other miracle. “That… that could certainly be a sign of the Lord, my dear. Give your body a chance, hear it’s calling. And if you feel that you need better guidance, you could always come back to me. It’s Sister Beth here, I am available any time of the evening at my room.”

Rebecca looked down and nodded, she felt somewhat calmer, but still confused. It wasn’t just the penis, her guts seemed to be shifting inside her all morning. She was so tired, drained even, but she couldn’t sleep because she was too aroused. It was an exhausting combination, and the temptation to touch herself to get relief only grew. “Thank you, Sister.” Rebecca said with a trembling voice, blessing herself and leaving the confessionary without waiting for an answer. Her steps echoed through the chapel as she ran out. Sister Beth opened the door of the confessionary and stepped outside in time to see the girl disappear from her view. The dark veins around the nun’s eyes were just slowly retreating as her arousal subsided, but her tumescent cock was so hard it hurt under the habit. She whispered to herself. “You will come to me, in time.”

Panting and sweating, Rebecca closed the door of her room behind her. The simple cell was the same to all novices under Mother Grace. A wooden bed, a dresser for clothes, a cross on the wall. No mirrors, nothing on the dresser besides a jar of water, a glass and a candle. It was comfortable but basic. Rebecca disrobed and looked down, she clenched her fist tight around her rosary, asking for strength. Past her belly bump she saw the newly developed member, hard as a rock, throbbing wildly. It was at least ten inches long, very thick and full of bulging veins. Underneath it a duo of apple sized testicles hung heavily in her sack. Rebecca felt like crying again, what had happened to her body?

A sudden shifting happened in her belly, an audible churning noise and her stomach bulge diminished slightly. Just seconds later she saw her dick throb and pulse, swelling thicker. Her ballsack shifted as well growing heavier. She could no longer contain herself, the words of Sister Beth just looping in her mind. “Give your body a chance.” She placed the rosary on her bed, sat down spreading her thighs as much as she could before hesitantly moving both delicate hands towards her dick. When her fingers wrapped around the girth of that member it immediately responded with a throb. She instinctively began to stroke it, peeling the skin back and exposing the glans. A transparent liquid began to ooze out of the tip, and Rebecca just kept stroking, speeding up each second.

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