Camping Fun with Kim and Candy

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So far the weekend camping trip to the lake had been a fun filled and enjoyable weekend. The two couples had a great time at the beachfront swimming, tanning and people watching. Having enjoyed some great steaks off the grill earlier, everyone was on their way to feeling pretty good after finishing several drinks as they watched the campfire burn down. Jim and Kim had been married many years and were happy to host at their campsite tonight since it was slightly larger than Candy and Johnny’s camper. Johnny had made the most trips to the cooler and it was no surprise when he almost fell into his chair on his latest trip. Just as he finished his last drink, and was starting to get that “glazed over” look in his eyes, it started to sprinkle. He slowly got up and announced his retreat. Candy started escorting Johnny back to his camp and as she headed out, Kim told her to feel free to come back and watch some movies with her and Jim if she felt up to it.

After stowing the chairs, Kim and Jim retired to the comfort of the camper, popped some popcorn and settled on the couch under a blanket to watch a movie. It wasn’t porn but was a very provocative thriller with quite a few scenes of mild nudity. Jim was starting to feel frisky when Candy knocked on the door. Somewhat disappointed, he got up quickly to let her in, out of the pouring rain. As she stepped in, Jim couldn’t help but notice her erect nipples through the thin t-shirt and bra, and felt the erection in his pants harden even further. Kim offered her a towel but instead, Candy asked if she could borrow a dry shirt. Kim agreed. Not waiting for Kim to dig out a dry shirt, Candy pulled her shirt over her head right there in front of them. Before Jim could turn away, she dropped her bra to the floor and slipped the dry shirt on over her body. Jim was able to catch a glimpse of a set of perfect pert tits and erect nipples before being covered by the thin fabric.

Candy giggled a little, saying, “Sorry, I was FREEZING and I hate to be wet and cold.” Jim replied, “I didn’t mind a bit.” Kim shot him a dirty look and scolded, “I’m sure you didn’t!”

Kim then offered Candy a seat on the king-size fold-out sofa bed in their pop-up camper. She snuggled up next to Kim under the blanket as Jim turned down the lights and took his place on the other side of Kim. Kim restarted the movie and brought Candy up to speed on the plot as they finished off the first bag of popcorn. After a short while, Kim paused the movie so Jim could get more drinks for everyone and Kim could make more popcorn. Candy assisted Jim on the cooler run outside and they dug out some more Redd’s Apple Ale, beer and grabbed the Kamikaze mix they had made up earlier in the evening but didn’t get a chance to sample. As he turned to head back inside, Candy grabbed him by the arm and said, “How about we get Kim really drunk tonight? I’ve never seen her even the least bit tipsy in all our times out drinking!” Of course Jim was up for that plan and replied, “Sure. We’ll just double-team her…on the drinks, I mean.”

Candy giggled and winked at him, saying, “I’m sure that’s what you meant,” She headed in the door first. Jim followed behind her, taking note of her trim little ass as she stepped into the camper.

They all snuggled back under the oversized sleeping bag and got into the movie as the action and sex ramped up. Jim and Candy’s plan was in full swing, purposely finishing their drinks at different times but refilling Kim’s each time they got a refill. Soon Kim was starting to get real quiet and blinking slow, which Jim knew meant she was well on her way to getting drunk. He thought he’d take a chance and started rubbing her leg, slowly moving his hand up to her inner thigh. To his surprise, she didn’t object at all. They had never shared their sex lives with anyone so he was VERY surprised at this silent consent. Candy must have noticed the undercover action and apparently wanted to join in the action. She started to rub Kim’s other leg, and at first was met with a quiet pull away and odd look from Kim, but with a gentle nod from Jim continued gentle strokes from Candy, she acquiesced and simply closed her eyes in the pleasure of the two person massage.

Jim’s cock was about to burst out of his pants at the thought of another woman’s hands on his wife’s body. He couldn’t keep the action innocent any longer and slid his hand up to Kim’s crotch. He hoped to feel her hot moistness through the thin nylon shorts Kim was wearing and audibly gasped when he felt Candy’s hand already on Kim’s crotch. He gaziantep bayan escort looked across at Candy and she grinned from ear to ear and winked as he felt her slide a finger into his wife’s wet pussy. Kim responded with a sigh and Jim decided her pussy was being properly taken care of, so he stuck he head under the blanket as he lifted her shirt and bra up. He started to lick and suck on her now rock hard nipples.

He felt his wife slide her hand down his shorts and start massaging his aroused cock. This continued for several minutes and Jim felt himself getting close to an explosion and knew he needed a change-up to delay things for a while so he could enjoy this unbelievable night even longer. He slid his tongue down to his wife’s crotch and was startled to find Candy’s fingers pinching a very swollen clit. Jim flicked his tongue over the clit as Candy held it between her fingers. Kim starting moaning loudly and this surprised Jim. She had always been a nearly silent partner in bed. Just as Kim got used to this sensation and quieted down, Jim felt Candy’s fingers slide down to enter his wife.

He continued his gentle, then hard approach to massaging her clit, then decided to feel with his tongue exactly what Candy was doing with his wife’s pussy. He was surprised to find she had all four of her fingers buried in Kim’s pussy. Jim started to lick the juices that were freely flowing out of Kim’s pussy from Candy’s fingers, causing Candy to do a little moaning of her own. Jim thought it sounded muffled and was astounded to see Candy’s full lips sucking gently on one of his wife’s plump nipples.

Kim was really starting to get into things now and, had she not been so drunk, would have jumped on top of Jim to pump the cum right out of his dick. Instead, she grabbed his head and pulled his face up to hers, looked him in the eye and said, “Fuck me hard…now!”

That was all he needed to hear and easily guided his cock into her wet, waiting pussy. Candy whispered in Jim’s ear, “Fuck your wife hard for me but I want you to watch me masturbate for you while you do it.” Candy moved to the corner and spread her legs to show both Kim and Jim her completely shaved pussy which accentuated her fully swollen clit. Candy quickly started flicking her hard clit with one hand and fed herself a nipple with the other. Jim knew he wouldn’t last long watching her but really didn’t care. His wife’s tight pussy was gripping his cock and coaxing his load out of him. Kim apparently had abandoned her previous reservations about swinging and had opened her eyes to watch Candy stroke her pussy.

As Candy continued to stroke her own clit, Kim tentatively reached out and slowly stuck two fingers into her cunt. It met with great approval by Candy who let out a loud, “YES!” when Kim’s fingers slid as far as they could inside the bald pussy. Jim wished he had a record button on his eyes to save this site for future masturbation. He didn’t linger on this thought long due to the familiar tingling in his balls growing which meant he was very close to letting loose inside his wife.

Candy must have noticed the increased pace and blurted out, “Let me watch you cum in your wife! I want to see it while I cum too.” Her fingers became a blur as they rubbed over her clit. Seeing this, Kim slid her other two fingers in Candy’s pussy and started to pump her hand in and out very forcefully, driving Candy to the first orgasm of the night. She let out a loud, “Oh God… oh God!” Her pussy squirted clear fluid all over Kim’s wrist and arm and onto the blanket. Seeing his first in-person squirter, Jim let out a loud grunt as his cum pumped deep in Kim’s tight pussy. Feeling his load fill her cunt, Kim smiled and when Candy leaned over and lip locked her nipple Kim had no choice but to scream a loud, “YES!” as she finished off the trio of orgasms.

They all collapsed and took some much-needed deep breaths. They were almost asleep when Candy asked Kim to crawl up onto the bunk end of the camper directly behind the couch. Somehow Kim was able to slowly crawl onto the bunk but Candy stopped her before she got too far in. She gently rolled Kim onto her back and placed her legs over her shoulders so Kim’s swollen wet pussy was mere inches from her face. Kim opened her mouth to protest but the words turned into an, “Ooh!” as Candy stuck her tongue deep in her pussy and started to suck on the mixture of cum and pussy juice.

“I usually can’t stand to have Jim go anywhere near my pussy after I get off, but you know exactly how to give it that light touch.” Kim said. Candy giggled again, pausing only long enough to say, “I’ve ALWAYS wanted to suck a man’s cum out of a woman’s pussy. Thanks for letting that fantasy come true.”

She quickly returned to giving Kim’s pussy a thorough cleaning with her tongue and even started to shove a few fingers deep in Kim’s hole. Kim started to squirm again at the attention her crotch was getting. Jim was happily surprised by this turn of events and at seeing another woman giving his wife oral sex, his cock returned slowly to its previous hard-and-ready state. He started to stroke it harder and faster, thinking he would be able to squirt his load on or in his wife again, but was happily surprised when she lifted her head up and asked him, “You gonna put that thing to use on Candy or not?”

Candy simply mumbled her agreement into Kim’s pussy when she heard this and raised herself up on her knees. This presented perfect access to the bald, still-wet pussy Jim had watched squirt just minutes earlier. He quickly grabbed his cock and guided it between her large labia, pumping it in her slow and steady, enjoying the friction that the large lips provided on his cock as he slid it deep inside her. Each time Jim shoved his cock deep inside Candy, her tongue would slide up onto Kim’s clit, eliciting a little squeal from Kim because her clit was still overly sensitive. This lasted several strokes until Candy stuck one of her fingers gently into Kim’s tight asshole, making made her instantly forget her clit and concentrate on the pleasure that was coming from having both her holes filled with fingers while having her clit licked.

Candy was the first to make a command and it was simply, “Faster!” to Jim. He was more than happy to oblige her command. He slammed his dick deep inside her, making a wet slapping sound as their bodies met. This forcefulness was paid forward as she stuck out her tongue and let Jim’s motion slide her face up and down on Kim’s clit. Kim was now in full blown ecstasy and getting more vocal than she had ever been. Hearing her moans get louder, Jim knew she only needed a bit more action to cum yet again, so he sped up the hard pumping on Candy’s wet pussy, driving her to moan as well. It was these vibrations that drove Kim to a very powerful orgasm onto Candy’s face. Feeling the pulsations flow through her friend’s pussy drove Candy over the edge. She began to cum again and pushed backwards into Jim to get his entire length into her pussy. Just as she was starting to scream, Jim exploded deep in her pussy and made her yell out loud in pleasure, “Oh yes…that’s it!” The three of them somehow managed to clean up a little bit and crawl under the cover for a good night’s rest.

Jim awoke the next morning with a tremendous hard-on, having relived the night’s amorous activities numerous times in his dreams. He gently pressed his naked dick into Kim’s ass, who quickly responded with a “You have GOT to be kidding!? My head is killing me after last night.” He started to roll back over when he felt a warm hand on his dick. Candy was smiling her usually devilish grin and asked Kim, “Mind if I put that morning wood to good use?”

“Sure, why not. As long as you two leave me out of it this morning.” Kim replied.

“I think we can manage that” Jim replied. Jim climbed across Kim, giving her a peck on the cheek and said, “Thanks hun! I owe you one!”

“More than one after all this!” she replied.

Candy had spread her legs wide and Jim gently worked his hard cock into her pussy as it got wetter and wetter in anticipation of a good fucking. He sat back so he could take in her hot body and bald pussy. Her hand slipped down to her clit and started to give it the attention it was begging for at this point. Her other hand had cupped her small B-cup tit, and started to pinch her nipple to get that familiar pain with pleasure sensation. Jim started to pump hard and felt himself getting close to orgasm so he suggested a change of position. Candy approved and when he laid down, she quickly mounted him cowboy style and started to bounce up and down on his hard cock. Kim opened her eyes at this point and apparently found the sight enjoyable, sliding her hand down to her crotch while she watched Kim’s tits bounce up and down as she fucked her husband. A very short while later she asked, “Why don’t we just make Jim’s fantasy complete and give him the position he’s always wanted to try?”

“What position is that?” Candy asked.

“He wants one of us straddling his cock while the other one sits with their pussy on his face.”

Jim was completely speechless at this fortunate turn of events and could only manage an “Mmmhmmm” when his wife started to climb on top of him. She positioned her pussy above his tongue and faced Candy. As she sat down on his mouth, his cock got harder than it had been since his teens. Candy commented on this increased girth to Kim, who replied with a “You’re welcome…now fuck him until you squirt again! I want to see that pussy squirt all over my hubby’s big dick.”

“Gladly!” Candy replied and started bouncing up and down violently on his cock. The pumping had the right effect on Jim but wasn’t quite the stimulation she needed to squirt. Not knowing how to ask Kim for help, Candy gently grabbed her long hair and guided her head down to her clit. Kim didn’t know how to react and resisted at first and Candy was about to let go when she felt Kim’s tongue reach out and touch her hard clit. Candy reacted with a short squeal of pleasure. Similar to Kim, she had never had the pleasure of another woman’s touch and this was far more than she had ever thought possible.

Kim instinctively knew how to pleasure Candy’s clit and continued her flicking action until she could tell Candy was right at her climax. She pulled her face away just in time to watch Candy’s pussy explode in a watery explosion all over her husband’s dick. At this moment, Jim couldn’t hold out any longer and pumped an amazingly large load into his wife’s friend as she slowly sank down onto his dick, taking its full length into her bald pussy. As Jim started to withdraw, Candy leaned back toward his feet and asked Kim, “Would you like to taste what I did last night? You won’t regret it!”

“I don’t think so, I’m not a lesbian.” Kim replied.

“You don’t have to be a lesbian to enjoy your husband’s cum! PLEASE suck my cunt. I want to share this entire experience with you and that’s the only thing we haven’t both done this weekend.” Candy almost begged as she reached down and spread her large labia so Kim could get a full view. A drip of Jim’s cum started to slide down her pussy and this was all that it took to make Kim forget her reservations and stick her tongue out. She caught the drop of cum trying to escape. Jim slid out from underneath them and watched as his wife started to lick and suck this beautiful woman’s cunt. Although sore and well-spent, his cock started to stir at this amazing sight. Just as it got hard enough to do so, he slid his cock into his wife’s tight pussy and Kim wiggled her ass to show her approval as he started his pumping into her familiar tight hole. Knowing how good it felt to be on the receiving end, Kim slid her tongue out and let Jim’s pumping move her tongue up and down on Candy’s clit.

Candy was starting to recover from her orgasm and as she came down she wanted more stimulation. She quietly asked Kim, “Please stick your fingers in me like I did to you last night?” Not wanting to seem eager to do so, Kim slowly moved her hand into position and slipped two fingers in Candy’s pussy and one finger in her ass. Jim was taking this all in and with each increase in Kim’s hand action with the other woman, he got more excited. When he saw Candy’s nipple harden as she neared another climax, his dick became rock solid in preparation for a final amazing orgasm He pumped his hard dick deep into his wife and grabbed the back of her hair to give her that little bit of pain that pushed her over the top. As she moaned during her orgasm, she lifted her face off of Candy’s clit one last time to see just a small amount of pussy juice squirt around the fingers that were now buried to the knuckles into Candy’s pussy. Seeing his wife fingering a woman to orgasm drove Jim to blast his final load into his wife.

“Holy shit! That was AWESOME you two!” Jim commented as he pulled his soft cock out of his wife’s cum soaked pussy.

“I agree,” replied Candy.

“I can’t believe what I just did!” Kim said almost in regret. A moment of awkward silence followed and was finally broken when Kim continued, “But I don’t think I would mind doing it again soon!”

They all busted out laughing and worked together to get cleaned up and showered off before Johnny came slowly out of the other camper, nursing a tremendous handover. Candy looked over her shoulder and said, “That was a GREAT movie, hope we can rent another real soon!” and winked at Kim as she walked over and kissed her husband. Kim and Jim shared a hug and kiss, and went back inside the camper. They agreed that it was certainly one wild and fun night, and that it MIGHT be worth trying again sometime in the future.

THE END….maybe….

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