Camping with My Girlfriend and Family

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It was the kind of dark where you couldn’t tell if your eyes were open or not. Turn off the light, go into a closet and close the door – that’s the kind of darkness I mean. The clouds had covered the moon and night sky, making our camp site in the Adirondacks pitch black.

I awoke with a start, got up on my hands and looked around. I couldn’t see anything! I felt like I had been struck blind.

I’m not much of a camper, as you can probably tell. My family and some of the people from church had decided this was a good idea for the weekend. I figured on staying home until I heard Cindy, my girlfriend, was going.

We hadn’t even napped together, so this was a great time to sleep under the same tent. Mom had reluctantly allowed Cindy and I to put our air mattresses together but she and Dad were in the same tent so, I guess we weren’t going to get too far.

I layed back down where I had been sleeping and inhaled the scent of my girlfriend’s hair. I draped my arm around her and slid the other under her neck. She made a happy noise when I pulled her tightly against me.

When we had first laid down to sleep, everyone had been noisy talking and laughing around our tent. Cindy and I talked in low voices about the fun we had had that day while Mom, Dad and my sister Chrissy talked and settled down near us. While we talked, I had pulled our sleeping bag up over us and put my arm on Cindy’s belly.

As we talked, I rubbed around her tummy wanting to get my hand under her shirt but knowing it would take some sneakiness. As we talked, I rubbed in circles and went down her leg closest to me and as I came back up, she turned away from me and I spooned into her with my hand on her stomach.

I continued to rub around in circles and went higher than normal (sneaky, I know) and felt the bottom of her bra. Oh man, that’s cool. We continued talking as if nothing had happened but I could feel myself getting excited in my pants.

Since she hadn’t said anything or done anything to stop me, I felt braver. I made a lower move with my circle and felt her shorts and the bottom of her shirt. I tried to capture her shirt with my pinky finger but wasn’t successful. I tried again on my next rub down and caught it. I slowly made a gap in the front of her shirt and then released it and kept rubbing with my hand as if the entire thing had been an accident.

I knew the next time my hand went down, I would feel her flesh. She continued to whisper about our day of camping but I had a hard time following. I went wide with my hand and then low, leaving the gap in the shirt, hopefully, wide open for my hand to hit on the way back up.

I felt her pj bottoms and no shirt and knew this was it. I circled back up, rubbing lightly and felt her warm soft skin on my hand. I continued up her belly and closed my eyes, relishing the feel of her in my hand. I knew if I continued up, I would feel her bra but then I felt pressure on my hand.

“Tristen” she whispered and rolled a bit with her hand over mine.

She had continued whispering to me but had put her hand on top of mine, stopping me from rubbing her bare skin. That is how we had fallen asleep, with my hand up her shirt and her hand holding mine from moving any more. I had been crestfallen but eventually just happy that I had my hand up her shirt.

Now as I lay here remembering what it had been like I slowly moved my hand down her body, looking intently at where her face would be if it weren’t so black in here. I let my hand drift lower down her tone belly, knowing that she had left me do this while she was awake, she would be ok with it now but for some reason, it felt different.

I looked down at where my hand would be, if I could see anything, and imagined what my hand would look like going down her smooth body. I felt her pj bottoms and the bottom of her shirt. I lightly touched her, moving my hand back Hatay Escort upwards, catching the bottom of her shirt as I went.

I caught it easily and watched in my imagination as I used more force this time to create a gap in her shirt with my pinky. I moved my hand gingerly up her body and hit her bra with my index finger. I was so surprised that I lifted my hand completely and felt her boob touch the back side of my hand.

I was hard, immediately.

“Oh my gosh.” I whispered to no one.

And no one stirred as I lay there with my hand in the air, looking into the blackness. My hardness throbbed as I waited to be struck down. If she were awake, she would feel that throbbing on her leg or against her butt. I realized I was breathing really hard and got control of myself.

I moved my hand in the air, down her body until I was reasonably sure that I would land somewhere near the gap I had created in her top. I didn’t want to disturb her so I lowered my hand very slowly in the blackness. I felt the fluffy flannel pj bottoms and moved my hand upwards. I felt my hand slide under her shirt and then felt the warmth of her skin. Oh ya!

I moved my hand upward, feeling small hairs along the way. The softness and warmth was amazing. I spread my fingers wide and felt the softness across my entire palm. I knew if I kept going upwards, I would soon feel her undergarments. I wasn’t ready for that.

I closed my eyes, not that it mattered, and circled back down to her pj bottoms. A thought occurred to me as my hand felt her belly button gap. I used my pinky to trace along her pjs and push down, just a little, all along her waistline, giving me more warm flesh to feel. I felt along her body, pushing her pj down a bit until I hit the air mattress and moved my hand up her side, knowing I was going to keep going until I felt her bra.

My breath caught in my throat when my fingers touched that hard fabric and my knuckles felt the cups with her breasts inside. I traced along the bottom of it, feeling the warmth seeping onto my knuckles. I raised my palm a little to increase the gentle pressure until I was all the way over to my chest. I traced my fingers down her side, along my body until I came into contact with her pj bottoms again. I used my fingers to gently push the fabric down a little, while moving along the waistline all the way down to the mattress.

I moved my hand upwards, along the mattress, up her body until I came in contact with her bra again. I felt her warm breast in the cup of the bra again against my knuckles. I raised my palm up slightly to ‘accidently’ let the back of my hand glide along the cup of her breast filled bra.

“Mmmmmm” she whispered.

My eyes flew open and stared at her face. What do I do?!

My knuckles were still touching her breast and my fingertips were still on her skin when I felt pressure on the back of my hand. Oh no, she was stopping me again…

I could feel her hand on the back of mine, even though her hand was on the outside of her shirt and mine was on the inside.. With her thumb on my pinky and her pinky on my thumb, she picked up my hand and squeezed it gently. She raised our hands together, pulling her shirt tight and brought my hand back down on top of her right breast.

Oh… my.. Gosh.

She released my hand and I felt her hand disappear between us, to wherever it had been before.

My hand was on her breast. I could feel her hard little nipple in the palm of my hand under the fabric of her bra. I gently gave a trial squeeze, thinking hell may still open up and swallow us both but the hardness in my pants pushed me onwards.

Her breast wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It squished under my hand. I released and squeezed lower this time.

“Mmmmmm” she whispered.

I released and felt around the cup of her bra. I went high and felt Hatay Escort Bayan her skin. I went low and felt the hard ridge on the bottom. I traced around to her side and then the middle. I found her nipple in the middle, poking up and pinched it gently.

“Oh!” She whispered, surprised.

I spread my hand out again and squeezed her entire breast in my hand, feeling the hard little nipple in my palm. I traced around the sides and then felt her hand on mine.

She’s going to stop me now!? Now for Pete’s sake?!

She leaned forward, away from me and I felt her do something with her other hand. There was a slight snapping sounds and the fabric under my hand suddenly loosened.

She pulled my hand away from her body, released me, did something and then leaned back into me, finding my hand in the darkness with her’s once again.

She pulled my hand towards her body until it made contact on her bare skin. She had taken off her bra!!

“Oh god” I whispered.

“Mmmmm” she whispered and released my hand again.

My hand was filled with her right breast. My eyes bugged out as I tried to look down and see in the darkness.

My hardness throbbed into her backside. I thrust into her, uncontrollably with a handful of her goodies.

“Oh! Yes.” She whispered, pushing back into me.

I squeezed her breast, feeling the nipple in my palm. I was surprised. I had thought it would feel like a softball. It was about that size, maybe a little bigger and much squishier. It filled my hand with her warm soft skin. I released it and traced around it with my finger tips, feeling the tightness on top, as we lay on our sides, and along the side and down.

I could feel the places where her bra had cut into her skin. Her breast enveloped my hand while I traced along the bottom and other side. I filled my hand and squeezed again before tracing it again and again with all of my fingers. I found her nipple and pinched it gently, pulling slightly away from her body, feeling her flesh follow my pulling.

“Mmmmm” She whispered, encouraging me.

I cupped her breast with my hand and used my index finger and thumb to milk her nipple with small pulling motions.

“Ohhh yes.” She breathed out in a low voice.

She pushed her butt into my crotch and wiggled it back and forth.

“Ohhh” I whispered into her neck.

“Mmmmm” she whispered.

I kissed along her neck and found her ear, breathing hotly into it, I slowly pulled her nipple traced my fingertips along the flesh of her breast.

“I love feeling you.” I whispered with a hot breath into her ear.

“Ohhh god” she said, a little too loud.

I felt her hand on my butt, pulling me into her.

I thrust, uncontrollably into her, again and again. I couldn’t help it, my hormones were doing it all by themselves.

“Jesus! I need you” she whispered.

I squeezed her breast around the base of it and pulled upward, letting my hand go upward and her flesh squeezing out until I caught her nipple and pulled.

“Ohh god!” She said.

She leaned forward, away from me. I felt her hand move to my waist and pull down. I lifted my hips and felt my pj bottoms and boxers slip down to my knees easily.

I felt her hand grip around my hardness.

“Oh my god” I said in a high voice, sucking in my breath.

I felt her leaning back into me and the head of my penis felt something hot and wet touch it.

As an active 18 year old, I’ve jerked off many, many times in my life and figured my first time would last a long, long time with all that practice.

“Fuck me Daniel!” She whispered.

“Daniel?!” I said.

“Tristen?!” She squeaked.

“Mom?!” I agonized as my hormones once again thrust and buried my squirting, cumming cock deep inside my mom’s hot wet cunt.

“Oh god!” She groaned, pulling me into her Escort Hatay and shaking.

We lay there in the blackness, panting.

I was still buried inside her, my pj bottoms around my knees and her right breast filling my hand with her hard nipple between my index finger and thumb.

My dick continued emptying my virgin seed into her, jerking inside of her, buried.

I kissed her neck, almost involuntarily.

“What are you doing?!” She whispered angrily up to me, but not moving.

I released her breast and slid my hand down her tone, sweaty, body. I felt the bump of the skin where he pj bottoms had been and her hip bone. My hand continued downward, wanting to feel, needing to feel.

I felt her pubic hair fill my hand. I continued going down and felt her spread her legs slightly for me, raising her foot up onto my leg. I felt her wet slit on my middle finger and then felt our union. I closed my fingers, catching her thick pubic hair between my fingers and pulled upwards, pulling the hair with me.

“What are you doing?!” She whispered up to my face again.

I pushed my hand back down, feeling how wet I had made her. I felt my hardness and our union again and felt myself twitch inside of her. I pulled my waist away from her, feeling my organ pulling out. I pulled her pubic area towards me and pushed my waist towards her, feeling the wetness envelop my hard organ.

“Ahhhhh gawd” one, or possibly both, of us said.

I kissed her neck again, found her earlobe and bit it gently.

I pulled out, even more and pushed back into her harder. I felt her push back into me, grinding into me when I bottomed out. I pulled on her ear with my mouth and pulled her body into me, using her small pubic area as a hand hold.

I pulled her pubic hair out, away from me, drawing myself out of her until just the tip of my penis was inside her. I twitched inside her and stopped pulling her pubic hair. She started to move her butt towards me but I still held her pubic hair in my hand. She pulled it tight, trying to get me deeper into her but I held her there by her hair with just the tip of me inside her warmth.

I twitched again, inside her and she tried to push back into me but I held her there. I heard her whine and felt some hairs coming out of her. I pushed and released. We slapped together, hard.

“Ohh gawd!” We said and I rolled on top of her with her face buried in a pillow.

It’s a damn good thing my body knew what to do, because I hadn’t a clue. I lay on her back and lifted my ass up and slammed down into her. She spread her legs and I got onto my knees and fucked her as hard and fast as my body would let me. Her ass cheeks slammed into my pubic bone. My cock buried into her over and over. My balls slapping into her clit.

I felt it coming up my feet and down my neck. I had never felt anything like it before. I grabbed her hips and slammed her harder and faster, not knowing or caring how loud we were. I felt hands grabbing my wrists and squeezing as she squealed.

I felt it enter my back and guts and my muscles tightened as the orgasm centered my world into my mom’s pussy. I came and came, slamming wetly into her again and again. I could hear her gasping and squealing. She pulled herself into me, holding my wrists on her waist.

“Gaaawwwd” I cried, my cum gushing out of me in waves while my back, hips and legs convulsed into her again and again.

I felt her release my wrists and fall heavily into the air mattress. My hips continued to heave back and forth even though she wasn’t there.

I didn’t know if my eyes were open or not when I felt her fingertips feel my hips. My hands were still up where her hips had been and I was still thrusting though I was barely moving now.

I felt her fingers go to the base of my semi hard penis and pull me with it. I looked down into the blackness and felt a warm wetness swallow me. My hands immediately went down. I felt her hair and pulled her head into me. My hips still thrusting. I felt her hands go around to pull my butt into her. She sucked me hard, making my head tilt back in pleasure and my hips finally stop moving.

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