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Geoff backed the trailer into the spot carefully. It was only their second trip and he was struggling with the motions necessary to get the camper in place. His wife and kids watched closely as the camper came to a halt.

“Good” his wife, Jill, announced.

Geoff turned off the Jeep and set the brake. His mind raced with the procedures to set up the pop-up tent and prepare the campsite. They were off to a later start, he had worked while Jill and the kids went to the mountains and staked out a spot.

Jill and Geoff worked silently as a well oiled team while the kids scouted out the territory. It really was a pretty spot, right next to a stream in the middle of a forest about 7500 feet in elevation. The smell of pine filled the air as the sounds of birds and the stream started to unwind the tensions he felt between them.

Jill was ticked that he worked so late that there was barely enough time to set up before bed time. He had gone to work at 4AM to be able to keep the day full enough to leave early. Somehow that did not work. The code he had been writing crashed the server and it took everyone several hours to find the problem. It all seemed back on track but he had his pager just in case. He also snuck his laptop in with the gear, maybe he could finish up just that one little piece.

He snapped out of his revery as he realized that Jill was already unloading the Jeep and setting up camp. He hurried to catch up and they worked together in silence. Soon the camp was set up and it was time for supper.

They ate and busied themselves with cleanup and preparations for bedtime in relative silence. It was a nice and relaxing time and soon the tensions dissipated as they continued to ease into their surroundings.

It was a beautiful evening with a bright full moon. They told stories by the campfire and sipped gin and tonics. It seemed son incongruous that only a few hours earlier Geoff had been moving at a million miles an hour doing three things at once to set up the client web site for preview on Monday. And now this, soft breezes fanned the fire, birds chirped, the kids laughed and his wife snuggled closer to keep warm. All was well, the world was spinning on greased grooves.

He looked around and marveled that they were in this beautiful place and no other campers were in site. He saw a brief movement out of the corner of his eye and turned to see what it was. He could not make out anything in the growing shadows but his dog was looking in the same place as he was, so it had to be something. He waited. Nothing appeared, “must have been a bird or a squirrel”, he thought as he settled back down onto the log.

As if by some unspoken agreement, they began to prepare for bed. The kids played with marshmallows and throwing sticks on the fire while Jill and Geoff cleaned up and got everything ready. Soon they were settling into their respective beds. Jill went about her usual chores and checked the kids etc. before getting undressed for bed.

Finally, the lights were out and they snuggled together in the sleeping bag like spoons. Geoff began his ritual, slowly rubbing Jill’s shoulders down her back squeezing her wonderful ass and rubbing her thighs. Then back up his hands went. Each pass he got more excited, his erection began to press into her butt and he felt her relax.

He stroked her back and thighs spending more time on her but and thighs and less time on her shoulders. She seemed willing, “maybe tonight?”, he thought. He slowly pulled on the back of her panties.

“Honey, not tonight, the kids will hear” she whispered.

“We can be quiet and careful” he manisa escort whispered back.

“No”, she said and that was that.

She moved a little away from him but he knew from experience that it might as well have been a mile. The fun was over. Unfortunately, he was passed the point of return. His cock throbbed in anticipation and already dripped pre-cum. He would have to take care of it or there would be no sleep tonight.

He waited until her breathing deepened then slipped out of the bed. He put on his sandals and went outside of the camper dressed only in his shorts and sandals. It was night but the full moon made it as bright as day. Suddenly he was no longer tired but still very aroused. He decided to go for a quick walk and beat it in the wide open air. He rummaged through the camping supplies until he found the oil for the eggs, “That’ll do” he thought as a brief flash of how that oil was used before kids crept into his mind.

He had poured too much and she was covered and glistening in the moonlight as he rubbed her back and legs. Straddling her he slowly entered her as he rubbed her shoulders, she sighed and lifted to accommodate him. Soon they were engaged in the act. She grabbed the pillow as he braced his hands on either side of her. Each thrust bottoming out as she rose her oil covered ass to meet him. She shuddered and gasped as she was gripped in orgasm. Her spasms were too much and he came to filling her with his cum as spasms forced him to lay lightly on top of her barely supporting his weight.

He stirred from his revelry, now he was even more turned on. Remembering life before children was always like that. Now he was lucky to get a hand job twice a month. Oh well, he thought. He still had Rosie.

He saw the trail to the stream and walked down it in the moonlight carrying his bottle of cooking oil and humming the Jackson Browne tune “Rosie”. The stream was running swiftly over the rocks, the smell was so fresh he felt invigorated. He looked around for a place to sit and to see if there was anyone in site. He saw a fallen tree with about three feet of sod beside the river.

“Perfect” he said to himself and went over to it. He pulled his shorts off and stood there for a moment in sandals and nothing else. He looked around once more but no one was within miles. He could see the trail to the campground and would know if someone came by.

He sat down on the grass and leaned against the tree. His cock still rock hard throbbed in the open air. He reached for the bottle of oil and saw hiking boots with red laces. In an instant his eyes ran up, wool socks, long muscled but definitely female legs, canvas shorts with rolled up hems, bare midriff, thin black t-shirt covering huge breasts, thin neck oval face, beautiful lips smiling, dark hair. His heart leapt in surprise/fear/embarrassment.

“Whatcha doin?” she asked with a grin.

He said the first thing that came to his mind. “Fishing” he replied as his face began to grow red.

She laughed and said “Quite a pole you got there, but where is the line?”

His mind raced for a witty response but his predicament made him fairly dull. “Guess I forgot it” was all he said.

She laughed again, “Guess I’ll let you off the hook then” she said as she winked at him. “I planned on skinny dipping, want to join me?” She asked as she bent over to take off her boots.

He looked at her as she bent over and saw her cleavage fully. He could see her nipples were hard and he longed to see all of her. Still she looked somewhat familiar. He tried to place it when it dawned on him. She looked just like Laura Croft from that video game. Then he remembered that she had asked a question and was again looking at him waiting for an answer.

“Sure”, he said “but won’t the water be friggen cold?”

“You’d be surprised, she said and began finished unlacing her boots.

She slowly stood up and lifted a leg to take first one sock off then the other. He movements were the most erotic thing he had ever seen. She was extremely flexible and simply lifted each foot to her waist to take the sock off, giving him a great view up her very short shorts. In spite of the fear and embarrassment he felt himself begin to get hard again. She saw it move and really poured on the tease.

She ran her hands up the full length of her long tanned legs and briefly caressed her thighs before working on her belt. She slowly undid it and pulled it out of her shorts. As she did so, a knife holder fell from her waist. Without thinking, he reached out and caught it before it hit the ground. On second glance it was not a knife, it looked more like a holder for mace, round leather with something snapped inside it. She reached her buttons and he looked back at her. His eyes riveted to the tease she was giving.

She unbuttoned her shorts and slid them slowly down he hips, revealing her neatly trimmed bush. “Commando” he thought briefly as the tease continued. He found he could do nothing but stare as she peeled the shorts down her incredible legs. As she stepped out of the shorts his gaze returned up her now naked lower half to the top. She slowly crossed her arms in front of her and pulled the t-shirt off revealing the perfect breasts. He was now sure they were perfect. Brown areola’s the size of a coaster surrounded nipples as hard and thick as a thumb.

“Wow” he said in spite of himself.

“Thanks” she replied with a wink, “I guess I don’t have to ask if you enjoyed the show as she looked down at his once again rock hard throbbing cock.

She reached her hand down to help him up. He stood and realized he still held her container. He looked down at it and realized it was not mace but not a flashlight. “What is it?” he wondered as she handed it back to her. “I might want that” she said as she opened the top and pulled out a shiny black vibrator. She turned the base and her could hear the buzzing as he laughed in spite of himself.

She turned and walked down the path. He followed. They walked a short distance beside the river until they reached the base of a waterfall. The water had a mist rising up about two feet above it. She went to the edge and stepped into the pool. Bracing himself for the cold, he followed. The first two feet were icy cold but then the water had a warm spot. “There is an underground thermal here” she said, “a natural hot tub”. He quickly joined her in the middle as the warm water surrounded him. She began to swim toward the water fall and then straight into it. He watched in surprise as she disappeared.

He really had no choice. He followed her into a cave. It was dark out of the moonlight and smelled faintly of sulfur. The water was much warmer here but bearable. She was sitting on the edge unrolling a blanket that had been stashed in the corner. She broke a plastic stick and was bathed in the soft glow of greenish yellow light. See beckoned him to sit beside her.

As he sat down he realized how much this was turning him on. He had now had two or three full erections without coming and was sitting in a natural cave hot tub next to an incredibly beautiful woman. He felt himself grow even harder as his cock began to pulse in anticipation.

She smiled at him and said “Let’s help with that fishing you started” She slipped back into the water and came up between his legs. Her head found his cock and she sucked it entirely into her mouth before he could think. It took only an instant before he felt himself cumming into her throat as she swallowed his load. She stood up and moved beside him before he fully realized what had happened.

Disappointment spread across his face as he began to think it was already over. She smiled at him and said “Now you can concentrate on the main event. I’m feeling a little urgent myself though, would you mind?” She asked as she began to run her hands up her thighs to her glistening lips. Needing no further urging, he slid into the water and was between her legs in an instant. His lips followed the trail up her thighs that her hands had taken. She moaned softly and since she said it was urgent he dove straight for her lips. He sucked her gorgeous lips into his mouth full and went for her clit. She grabbed his hair pulled his head roughly against him and came quickly as his tongue found its mark. She shuddered and let go of his head as he moved away.

“Thanks” she said, “I needed that”.

“No problem, I needed it also” he replied.

He looked at her as she leaned back on her elbows. He body was the absolute picture of perfection in his minds eye. She practically glowed with sensuality. She began to hum softly. The song itself seemed to arouse him, he had never heard the tune but it was so hot he felt his cock throbbing to life with its rhythm. As she began to sing it out loud he knew he had to have her again, now. His arms and legs began to feel weak as he started towards her. She pushed him over and jumped on top of him. He could not even rise to meet her as she lowered herself fully on him. The song swam in his head as her heat engulfed him.

He felt the buzzing against his ass and felt it slip inside him almost as a second thought. She began to sing loudly as she rocked on top of him. His ass was buzzing with the vibrator and his mind was unable to do anything to help or stop it. Then it began. He felt the heat inside of him starting from his very core. His mind swam with the intensity of it the orgasm was so strong in its building that it scared him a little. The fear charged it even more as it built stronger with each note closer each time her pelvis slammed down on his. He felt hands holding his ankles and stoking his thighs while she held his shoulders and fucked him with an animalistic intensity.

He could feel the vibrator being used by strange hands to fuck him now as she rode him slamming down with near painful intensity on his cock. The intensity built inside him until he could feel it now nearing the top building inside his balls fighting its way out. Urged on by the stroking and the singing until in a flash of light he came. He screamed at the intensity. His screams joining her song in a macabre duet. His body convulsed and he thrashed wildly coming inside her over and over.

He passed out with the intensity.

When he awoke hours later he was laying against the tree as she had found him. His now flaccid member in his hands. He looked around and she was gone. As he pulled on his shorts he wondered if it was a dream. Until he rubbed against his tender ass and knew it was not. In the moonlight on the water he saw her face looking at him, laughing then disappear in a ripple as if a stone was thrown in the water.

“Mental note to self, find out everything you can about aiads.” he committed this to memory as he crept back into the trailer and into their bed.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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