Can You Look At My…Laptop?

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Frank sat back in his chair satisfied with his job he had done on the script he was writing on his computer. Part of his job as a technical support specialist involves proactively finding solutions to users’ problems and this script should save him and users quite some time and frustration in accessing the company’s resources in the coming months. Just as he was admiring his handwork a knock at his office door surprises him, as he does not often get visitors, something which he thinks is probably due to his office being located well out of the way at the end of a long set of winding corridors at the rear of the building, but in reality could have more to do with Frank’s imposing physical stature, being a large black, 6’5″ tall and 300lbs man that has managed to maintain the muscular physique he attained playing college football.

“Come in”, he shouts over the din of the large rack of computer servers in the adjoining room and then remembers to shut the glass door separating the rooms which magically blocks the noise and returns his office to its normal level of quiet. The door opens and he is stunned to see Mandy walk in, smiling at him warmly. Mandy is a temp secretary who recently joined the company, and although Frank has exchanged pleasantries with her in passing one another in the hallways, he has never actually had the opportunity to carry on a conversation with her or get to know her any better.

“I hope I’m not disturbing you. Can I come around your desk?” she asks as she strides into the room and walks around the large desk covered with computer monitors and all manner of other peripherals that he uses to manage the company’s IT systems. “Sure” he says as he scoots his chair backwards to make room for her as she half sits on his desk, something which strikes Frank as pleasantly personal and somehow slightly sensual and much more intimate than sitting in one of the guest chairs he has in front of his desk. “I need a favor. I want to buy a laptop and I need some advice on what to look for”. Glad for the human interaction and a chance to talk technology with someone, Frank begins to discuss what laptops he has seen come onto the market recently with her and she listens attentively asking questions ever so often about the meaning of the computer jargon he uses or other things she doesn’t understand.

They talk for some time, Mandy jotting down notes as they do. When she pauses to write Frank takes in her full appearance for the first time. He sneaks a look at her body and realizes that Mandy is actually quite well built; although not very tall, she look to have a very athletic body, slender waist and very well proportioned breasts under the business skirt suit she is wearing. After Mandy is satisfied she has all the information she needs, she thanks Frank and leaves. He glances at her as she walk out noticing her very round, apple shaped butt as she slips out the door smiling at him as she goes. After thinking a few very lewd thoughts about bending her over his desk, Frank goes back to work and thinks nothing more of her or the visit.

A week later, Frank is again surprised by a visit from Mandy; this time she is carrying the laptop she bought based on his advice and ask if he wants to see what she ended up getting. Accepting the offer, Frank clears some space on his desk and Mandy again comes around the desk so that he has to move his chair to make room for her. This time, Frank notices her perfume and the way in which her outfit fits her curves snugly as she backs him to remove the new laptop from its bag. She hands him the laptop and he opens it, places it on his desk and turns it on. Frank whistles, impressed with the features of the laptop as he explores its capabilities while she watches over his shoulder pointing out things he may have missed. Eager to show him a certain feature, she leans over him and Frank freezes, suddenly uneasy with the closeness of her body, as he pretends to be engrossed with what she is showing him and tries not to display the unexpected arousal as he begins to think rude thoughts again.

Admonishing himself for acting like a hormone crazed school boy instead of the consummate professional he likes to think of himself as, he pushes aside the thoughts and gives Mandy his full attention. After congratulating her finding such a good deal on what is a very nice laptop, she thanks him for his help and packs it away, telling him “Thanks again for your help; I owe you one” as she leaves his office. Frank spends the next few minutes dreamily thinking about Mandy’s visit and wondering why a seemingly innocent interaction with a temp secretary was affecting him like that, but still starts to revert to thinking rude thoughts again, like thinking about what Mandy would look like sitting on his desk with her skirt bunched up around her waist. Feeling himself begin to get aroused he shakes himself out of it and returns to working on his latest project.

Frank doesn’t see Mandy for a week almanbahis after that encounter and has almost forgotten all about it when she comes into his office late one evening as he is preparing to leave. “I hope you are not leaving now”, she says, sounding almost in tears. “I’m having a real issue with my new laptop”. Resting his briefcase back down, Franks agrees to have a look at the problem for her, trying to hide his delight at getting a chance to see her again in the close confines of his office. Mandy quickly opens the laptop and begins to show Frank the problem she is having, but, lost in his own impromptu fantasies, he doesn’t hear a word she is saying. Looking back at him after a pause when she asks him a question that he doesn’t answer, she catches Frank staring and the backs of her bare knees which are now exposed as she bends over the desk to reach the laptop’s keyboard.

“Frank!” she says again, half shocked and incredulous to see him openly leering at her so blatantly, especially given that she always got the impression that he was very straight-laced, and half aroused suddenly aware of this scenario that she was now in: i.e. alone in the office of a large, well built man, after hours with most of the other employees already left for the day, bent over his desk with him clearly lasciviously admiring her legs. “Are you quite finished now” she says trying to sound annoyed, but only succeeding in sounding amused with a smirk now appearing on her lips. Frank, on the other hand is mortified at being caught acting so inappropriately and is just as surprised as Mandy at his actions and apologizes profusely. Mandy assures him that it is quite alright and admits she is somewhat flattered, but say she still needs help with her problem, and turns again to the laptop.

This time Frank, already embarrassed, looks with her at the laptop screen and start to help her resolve her issue. Having listened to the symptoms she is describing and showing him, Frank suspect he knows what the problem is and starts to try to fix it by going into the registry and searching for the offending values that may be causing the malfunctions and he leans over the laptop screen now engrossed in the challenge of correcting the problem. Mandy, now relieved that Frank seems to know how to fix her laptop stands up to give him room to work. For the first time she notices Frank’s muscularity which is now clearly visible as he is hunched over, his shirt and pants now clinging to his back and thighs. A little flustered by her own actions of checking out Frank, it’s her turn to be inappropriate by giving Frank a good once overtaking in all of his physical attributes that she never noticed before, namely his large muscular build, large strong hands and his round, well shaped butt, etc.

Thinking now about catching Frank looking at her legs, she begins to look at him in a very different light, and bends over, pretending to look over his shoulder, but really trying to get a better look at his body and smell his cologne. Mandy is now completely taken aback by the effect Frank is having on her, being so close to him and realizing, from gossip she has heard in passing around the office about the women who have called repeatedly and visited, clearly enamored by Frank, that she is alone with a seemingly virile black man who was just moments ago was checking her out too. Almost without debating it internally she comes to a decision about Frank, surprised at how daring it is and how fast her decision was made: she is going to seduce Frank, right here and now.

Soon, Frank declares victory at having solved the issue, turns to show Mandy and comes face to face with her staring at him with a very mischievous look on her face. Stammering, now visibly uneasy about her change in demeanor, Frank tries to explain to her what he did to resolve the issue, but she interrupts him. “Frank, why were you looking at my legs just now?” she asks reveling in his unease.

“I’m really sorry about that, my mind just wandered…” Frank tries to explain, but again Mandy interrupts.

“No, you misunderstand, Frank. I’m not admonishing you, I’m now actually quite interested in what you were thinking about”.

Frank is now speechless as his mind is reeling trying to see where this is going and whether he has stepped over some boundary in acceptable office behavior that will ultimately get him fired for sexual harassment. Mandy continues “You see, Frank, I’m all of a sudden finding myself very much attracted to you. I think seeing you oogle me has peaked my curiosity.” Physically relieved that it doesn’t seem as if his job is in jeopardy, Frank sighs in relief, but then immediately realizes what this means…Mandy is coming onto him. Straight away he looks at her again in fresh surprise, this time in expectation of what might happen next remembering they are now probably all alone in the entire office.

“Ah, …curious about what?”, he ventures cautiously, sweat now beginning almanbahis giriş to form on his forehead. , Mandy folds her arms under her breast, a move which comes from an entire arsenal of disarming tactics all women are born with the knowledge of, which is designed to distract and confuse their male opponents.

“Well, for one thing I’m now curious about what you were thinking a moment ago when you were staring at me like that” she says with smirk.

“I… I…”, Frank stammers, his mind now unable to form something, anything he can bullshit her with to get himself off the spot. She looks at him with raised eyebrows as if to say “yes?” and finally, he resigns himself to the truth.

“Honestly”, he begins, “I had a brief lapse of judgment and I was fantasizing about your legs” he admits.

“Really? And why is that Frank? I mean I’ve been working here for weeks and after all this time, why would you now start oogling me? I haven’t dressed any differently today …” she trails off smiling at Frank.

“I really don’t know. You have to believe that I’m not the type of person to ‘put the moves’ on women or anything like that” Frank protests. “It’s just…”

“Yes” she prompts.

“They….look so delicious”, Frank says quietly after a moment.

Mandy is taken aback by his response and she touches her throat subconsciously, half out of shock and half out of the arousal she is now feeling at the thought of Frank grabbing her legs with his big strong hands and pressing his mouth to them. “Is that right” she says after a moment of silence. “Well, I don’t know, Frank” she says seductively now stepping towards him, “that sounds like some very damning talk. If I went to the ethics committee with it you might loose your job over talk like that, Frank”. She stops inches in front of him craning her neck to look up into his eyes. “I think there is only one solution to this…”

“Which is?” Frank asks quietly, now smiling back at her.

“If you actually found out for yourself if my legs are, as you say, ‘delicious’, then it’s just a fact you are telling me. It couldn’t be misconstrued as you prepositioning me. You’d just be giving me your opinion. No harm in that, right?” As she says this she reaches out and takes Frank’s hand and places it on her hip.

“That is one solution I guess”, Frank beams and raises his other hand to her hip and slowly draws her towards him so that they are now standing closely, touching slightly. She immediately feels his erection on her belly and her smile is now gone and is replaced by a look of pure wanton lust. Frank dips his head and moves as if to plant an open-mouthed kiss on her neck with agonizingly slowness, pausing a nanometer away from her so that she feels his warm breath first before he does, and then finally tastes her skin.

Mandy moans at the feel of his big soft lips on her neck and her legs momentarily become weak as she leans into him, now pressing her breasts into his chest. Encouraged by the feel of Mandy’s nipples rubbing on him, Frank lets escape a moan of his own and his soft kiss turns into the rough devouring of Mandy’s neck. He now grasps her round butt with both hands and grinds himself into her, making sure she can feel his now rock hard dick pressing against her mons.

Mandy responds almost frantically by grabbing Frank’s head and firmly encouraging him lower to her breasts, trying desperately to undo the buttons of her blouse with one hand at the same time as she also tries to tip toe to simultaneously position Frank’s seemingly enormous erection right on her pussy so she can dry hump him. After some frustrated grunts and some frantic jostling, Frank’s mouth eventually latches onto Mandy’s mouth and inhales her large, firm breast, sucking hard on her nipple. Mandy screams at the incredible sensations, being someone who could be brought to orgasm just by breasts-play alone, and digs her nails into Frank’s back, convulsing from extreme ecstasy and gyrating her hips and rubbing her now sopping wet cunt hard against Frank’s bulging cock.

Frank’s fingers scrunches Mandy’s skirt up so that it is bunched under his grasp, giving him access to her bare flesh underneath and he shoves his hand inside the seat of her panties, his fingers seeking out her hot, dripping wet pussy. Mandy rewards his efforts by managing somehow to spread her legs while still tip toeing and grinding herself against him, and allowing him to plunge his middle and ring fingers into snatch. Mandy screams “Yes!” at this welcomed violations and reaches between them, and fumbling with his belt and pants zip, her other hand still holding his head against her breast, not wanting to sacrifice the pleasure of any of the sensations she is now feeling.

Frank, now possessed by primal lust, dips his fingers in and out of Mandy’s seeping cunt hole and smears pussy juice up her ass crack, lubing her clenching asshole. Without warning he jams his big oversized thumb into almanbahis yeni giriş Mandy’s ass and then resumes finger fucking her at the same time with two of his massive digits. At this time Mandy has at last won the battle with Frank’s pants and is able to free his rigidly pulsing ten inch phallus and is almost completely beside herself with bliss and lust. She strokes it roughly and then reaches down and cups and fondles Frank’s massive balls, cooing at the sheer size of them, momentarily slowing her bucking and writhing on Frank’s fingers.

Unable to contain herself anymore, Mandy plants her feet, shoves Frank back onto his desk so he is now half sitting, half standing and, after hitching up her skirt even further so it is bunched around her waist, Mandy raises a leg in one swift movement, and plant her foot on the desk next to Frank as if trying to stomp to death a stapler sized bug in one move. For the first time, Frank has a close up view of exactly how spectacular Mandy’s legs really are. Seeing her bare legs all the way up, feet still in their stiletto heels, and the sight of Mandy’s engorged pussy lips and pudgy protruding clit seemingly drives him to complete abandon and he grabs Mandy’s panties and rips them off in on angry movement.

Mandy has already scooted herself close enough that she is standing, one leg planted wide on the floor and the other planted firmly on the desk, straddling him. She grabs Frank’s ready dick and rubs it slowly up and down the entire length of her fuck slit, making sure the head is well coated with her pussy juice and then quickly guides it into herself, not waiting to savor that delicious feeling as she normally does, but instead sinking immediately onto it, wanting to be completely filled by Frank’s enormous fuck-rod as soon as possible.

Frank is even more anxious than Mandy to be buried deep inside her and grabs her waist and promptly start pumping his dick in and out of Mandy in long purposeful strokes. Mandy and Frank are now both grunting and moaning loudly, not caring if anyone is in fact still in the office. They both look down staring at Frank’s huge tool disappearing into her cunt and pistoning in and out like some perverse runaway engine. Mandy soon begins to feel that old familiar building sensation and throws back her head, eyes closed and begins to match Frank stroke for stroke, gyrating on him like a deranged belly dancer, while Frank, face now bathed in sweat, quickens his pace, also feeling his cum rising, grunting and moaning and spewing assorted expletives in time with his thrusts.

Soon both Frank and Mandy are coming at the same time, her head now lolling, mouth open, squealing in delight and him, eyes rolled into the back of his head, pumping her like his life depended on it, his dick starts spewing what seems to him like gallons of hot jism into her. Mandy’s own cum now floods her pussy as she climaxes and the combination of his and her ejaculates are now seeping out between thrust and dripping down their legs in thick rivulets.

Frank cums so hard, he imagines the top of his head has lifted off and for a moment he is convinced he can see down on their two rutting bodies, while Mandy’s orgasm peaks with her trying somehow to milk every last sensation with her body, her legs shuddering every so often, her eyes fluttering as she abandons herself to it and lets it wash over her and then subside like a pleasure tide. As they both come back to earth they first look into each others’ eyes and then erupt in huge, goofy grins that threaten to cause both of their heads to drop off and then, quite ridiculously start to look around, as if there was any real chance in hell that anyone who was still there didn’t actually hear them just fucking like crazy moments before.

“Wow, that was….ummm”, Frank finally says smiling at Mandy with the most silly grin on his face.

“Yeah”, she finishes, “really…uummm”, and they both begin giggling like school girls.

“I didn’t even think you were the type to do something like that, Frank”, Mandy chuckles warmly.

“Trust me, neither did I” Frank says, now making an attempt to withdraw his now softening, well spent phallus from Mandy tactfully. The both stand, Mandy almost spilling onto the floor and she lowers her leg, which sends then into another gale of giggles. Nervously, they straighten themselves, now avoiding each other’s glances, not quite ready to deal with the reality of what just happened and what it might mean for their working relationship from now on.

With their cloths fixed as best they can, Frank finally say “I don’t know about you, but that was incredible. It may have just been the best sex of my life. I know it was stupid and irresponsible and dangerous if we got caught and I know they say that you should never get involved sexually with coworkers, and all of that, but…”

“Yes?” Mandy intones.

“That was just too fucking amazing to just do once. I say continue this outside the office and let’s see where this goes.” He finishes, hesitantly.

“You know, Frank.” Mandy says, slowly. “I think I’d like that. I think we just shortcutted the entire dating process. Why not!”

To be continued…

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