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Margie had her girlfriends over once a week to play cards and perhaps more importantly, gossip about what was going on around town. There were six total in the group. They always made an evening of it with dinner and drinks. Everyone in the group worked, they were all in their 50’s and all were divorced. Unless one of them had a date or some other pressing engagement, they were all there almost every single week.

Margie had two children. Her daughter Marcia was married and lived in town with her husband and baby daughter. Rick, Margie’s son, was home for winter break from college. He had decided to stay in on card night because he really had no desire to see another movie this week. Rick was a handsome young man who had no trouble with the ladies. He was 5’10, weighed 175 lbs., and was a great shape from his regular regiment of exercise and weight training. But Rick’s real secret with the ladies was the size of his cock. About 6 months ago, he responded to one of those adds promising to add inches to your penis and sustain longer erections with stronger ejaculations. To Rick’s surprise, the ad proved true. He added 4 inches to his member and was definitely able to sustain an erection longer. Rick often masturbated just so he could see his now 10-inch cock and look at it with great appreciation. Contrary to popular opinion, some girls did kiss and tell. This gossip led to a number of girls hitting on Rick so that they could receive the same satisfaction as their friends.

Margie decided that tonight’s drink would be pina coladas. The ladies were enjoying them, perhaps a bit too much, and were feeling very giddy from all the alcohol. “Did you hear that Mary Thomas is getting a face lift,” announced Jean. “It should go well with her boob job!”

“Well, they’ll never be as nice as mine,” touted Candy as she stuck her chest out. Candy really did have a big chest. They were 42ee and as she always joked, beat her to any destination by 5 minutes. She grabbed onto them and gave them a shake for all the ladies. “Oh Candy,” laughed Joyce, “stop showing off.”

As the ladies bantered back and forth, Rick overheard part of the conversation while on his way downstairs to his bedroom in almanbahis the basement from the kitchen. “But if I don’t get a nice cock soon, I don’t know what I’ll do,” said Candy as she pretended to pout. All the ladies cackled and sarcastically sang, “poooor Candy.” What they didn’t know was that Candy was being honest. It had been months since she had sex and was badly in need of satisfaction.

As all the laughing was going on and the ladies got louder, Rick was in his bedroom surfing the Internet for porn. Soon he heard, “Oh shit, it’s cold and all over my shirt and pants.” It was Candy. She must have spilled her drink. “Don’t worry,” he heard Margie say. “Just go in the basement. I have some sweats down there you can put on while you throw your clothes in the wash.”

So Candy made her way downstairs. The laundry room was right next to Rick’s bedroom. He had a number of pictures of himself with friends on vacation at the beach and skiing hanging onthe wall outside his room. Candy peeled off her clothes, including her bra and panties which were also cold and wet from her drink. Rick had heard her come down and peered through the crack in his door. Candy was looking around for the sweats when she noticed the photos. Not knowing anyone was around, she started taking a look while in the nude. Rick couldn’t believe his eyes. Candy started to rub her huge tits as she looked at the photos. “Oooohhhh. Mmmmmmmm. What nice cocks those young boys must have. I wish I could have one now.” Candy took her huge nipple and began sucking on it. Rick in the meantime was getting harder by the second. He was slowly stroking his cock and watching it grow inch by inch as he watched this incredibly sexy 50 year-old please herself. Candy continued to play with her tits, squeezing them together and flicking her nipples with her tongue. After several minutes of this, Candy began to stroke her vagina. She slowly slid her finger up and down along the slit and then gently inserted her finger. Candy took in a deep breath. “Oooooh yeah, that’s it.”She moved her finger in and out, gyrating her hips as the pleasure increased. She took her finger out and licked it as she cupped he muff with her other hand. almanbahis giriş She then quickly spun around and leaned over the dryer and slipped her finger back in as she moaned in ecstasy. Her imagination was running wild. “Oh that’s it, a nice young cock for Candy. Give it all to me. Fuck my pussy with that hard cock.”

Rick didn’t know what to do next. His cock was throbbing. He was stroking faster and faster, but it seemed a shame to not help out! He took a chance. He came out of his room, cock in hand, and walked straight for Candy. She was bent over and he just came from behind and just slid his cock into her wet, gaping cunt. Candy gasped. “Whhhaaaaa…Oh my god. Uuuhhhhh. What, who, is that?” Candy turned around in astonishment as Rick continued to pump. “Oh baby, I can’t believe this. Were you, aahhhhh, watching me you naughty boy?” Rick just grunted and pushed harder as Candy grabbed onto the dryer for balance. “I’m gonna tell your mother….uuuhhhhh..what a..aaahhhhh…….great fuck you are. Give it to me lover, give…it…to….me.” As she rocked back and forth, her huge tits bounced and slapped against the dryer. She took one in her hand and began sucking her nipple again as her pussy continued to be stratched by Rick’s monster tool.

The two were working up a sweat. Candy had never felt so full. He pussy was dripping wet and Rick’s huge cock was easily sliding in and out of her. Candy could feel her knees begin to tremble. Rick wasn’t slowing down. His balls slapped her ass as he pushed harder and harder into Candy’s love tunnel. It was all Candy could take. She let out one last moan as an orgasm shook her body. She was trembling all overwith pleasure as Rick continued to fuck her. She leaned back and kissed Rick as he reached around and squeezed the biggest tits he had ever seen. “That’s is some cock you have lover. It’s soooo big. I don’t think I’ve ever had something so large.”

As Rick continued to slide in and out of her pussy, he fumbled around in a basket on the dryer. It contained some baby ointment that his mother had around for changing diapers, but he used to sometimes lube his cock while he masturbated. “If you thought that was good, just wait almanbahis yeni giriş until you can see what my cock can do for your ass.” He squeezed some ointment on his finger and then had Candy lean back down on the dryer again. As she lay there, legs spread wide with a cock in her cunt, Rick slowly worked his finger into her anus. “Oooww,” was all Candy could manage. “Relax,” said Rick. “Just loosen up and take it in. You won’t be sorry.” Candy had read about and seen plenty of pictures featuring anal intercourse, but she had never tried it. She tried to relax her sphincter muscles and let Rick’s finger invade her. Soon she was breathing heavy and enjoying this new wicked sensation. Next she heard a pop as Rick pulled his cock out of her well-satisfied pussy. There was a sudden feeling of emptiness, but Rick soon found her clit and was rubbing it to stimulate her even further. Then, Candy soon felt the tip of Rick’s love muscle at the entrance to her ass. She tensed for only a second, and then remembered to relax. Her well-lubed hole accepted Rick’s cock willingly. “Oh that’s it, fuck my ass,” cried Candy. “I need it so badly.” She was holding on for dear life. It was like no sensation she had ever experienced before. Rick was grunting like an animal. He had had his share of women, but he had never been with anyone like Candy. He was going to have to meet mature women. His cock slid in and out of her ass as he continued to rub her clit. His hand was becoming soaked with Candy’s pussy juice. He licked some off and then gave his fingers to Candy so she could have a tast of herself. “Mmmmm, I sure do taste sweet,” she laughed.

Rick had been going for sometime and he could feel the pressure building. He tried to keep from coming as long as possible in order to intensify his orgasm. He held it just long enough for Candy to cum one more time. He legs felt like jello and she wasn’t sure how much more she could take. Just as that happened, she felt a flood of warm sticky cum enter her body. “Oh god,” came from Rick’s mouth. “Wow, that was intense. You are some woman.” Candy just smiled knowing that this was not the last time she would have Rick. Then her faced really brightened as she looked behind them to see all the ladies behind them, very flush and with big smiles on their face. “You were gone so long,”said Margie. “We were worried. But not anymore.” Margie beamed with pride as she saw her son knowing that card night was going to be much more fun from hereon out.

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