Car Accident Ch. 11

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11th Day: Naked Truth

Maybe it was last day’s events. Or maybe I was very tired. Or maybe it was just an hunch. I’ll never know.

Anyway, I woke up with a very strange feeling today. Something was bothering me, but could not make out what. I was worried without any obvious reason… “Obvious?” I asked myself. “No obvious reason?” I could think of hundreds of reasons during the last ten days…

Not wasting any more time, I put my clothes on and rushed downstairs to prepare Madame’s breakfast. In no time, I was standing in front of her bedroom door, knocking gently. When I heard her voice, I opened the door and placed the breakfast dish on her bed, kneeling by her feet. She was just finishing a phone call.

– Your humble slave bids you good morning, Madame! I whispered.

She didn’t say anything. She just waved me away.

I quietly disappeared and went downstairs. Soon Madame’s bell rang, calling me upstairs. I rushed and assumed my kneeling position by her divine feet.

– Your Wish is my command, Madame! I said.

– I’ll be going on a business trip today, slave. I won’t be back till late evening. Take good care of things while I’m away.

– Certainly Madame! I’ll do my best to keep you satisfied, I eagerly said.

– Don’t worry, slave. You won’t be alone. Jennifer will be coming soon to continue your training, she added meaningfully.

I was sure she was staring at me, trying to see my reactions. But I could not look back. It wouldn’t be proper. I kept my eyes at her covered feet. Miss Jennifer gave me a hard time yesterday. No reason why she wouldn’t do the same today. Trying to remain as calm as possible, I spoke:

– But of course, Madame! Miss Jennifer is very adequate. She helped me very much yesterday. Thank you ever so much for your kind consideration, I added bowing down to the floor in total submission.

Madame stood up on the bed to receive her morning worship. My hands were already beneath her soles, while my lips attended her divine feet, with all the tricks I learned yesterday.

She let me worship her feet for a longer time than usual, before ordering me to help her with her clothes.

Soon she was properly dressed, her feet properly shoed, as beautiful as ever.

I bowed to the floor and kissed the tips of her shoes.

– Have a good day, Madame! I eagerly said.

She pushed me away with her foot and went away, totally ignoring my presence. Soon I heard her driving away with her car.

No time to waste, I thought. Madame will be back in the evening, tired and demanding as ever. Better try to keep things as perfect as possible. I rushed to the kitchen with the breakfast dish.

I had hardly finished the dishes, when the doorbell rang.

“Time to panic!” I thought! Miss Jennifer is here! I tried to pull myself together. “Relax” I said. It’s not the end of the world (yet).

I rushed to the door and opened it. Miss Jennifer for standing in front of me. Not wasting any time, I kneeled and kissed the tips of her shoes. I thought I heard some soft voices.

– Good morning Miss… Madame (I quickly corrected my mistake)

– Good morning slave! She said. I hope you’re ready for your training.

– Certainly Madame! I’m so anxious to follow your experienced instructions.

– Good then. Come on girls!

Girls? What girls? My God! She must have brought company. In fact I managed to see two more pair of shoes from my kneeling position. They quickly entered and sat in the living room. I followed them as quietly as I could. Miss Jennifer sat on the sofa, between the other two girls. I quickly assumed my kneeling position by her feet. I kissed her shoes again, being very careful not to wet them with my lips.

– Your humble slave is waiting Madame! I softly added.

– Coffee for me and my friends, slave. She said.

I rushed to the kitchen to make coffee. I could hear them talking and laughing. I had a feeling they were laughing at me. Soon coffee was ready. I poured three rich cups and prepared the dish with cookies, milk and sugar. Very carefully I took the dish to the living room and knelt in front of miss Jennifer.

– Your coffee, Madame!

– Leave it o the table, slave! She said.

She crosses her beautiful legs. I noticed a slight movement of her foot, back and forth. A sign! I thought. I bowed down and started dry-kissing her shoe.

– You see, girls… This is the right place for a man; by his Mistress feet. Don’t you agree?

They all laughed.

– By the way, miss Jennifer added. I haven’t introduced you, have I?

Girls, this is slave. Just slave. Slave, these are my friends. She turned my head to her left with her foot. Say hello to Nora, slave. She then turned my head to her right. Say hello to Michele, slave.

– Greetings Mistress Nora, Mistress Michele! I said obediently.

– Footstool, slave! Miss Jennifer barked.

I quickly took my place in front of her, on all four. She placed her feet on my back. My head was now just inches away from miss Michele’s abidinpaşa escort feet. She was wearing open toed sandals, which revealed her slender white painted toes. The women started talking, ignoring my presence at their feet.

Of course I couldn’t take part in their conversation, but somehow I felt I was part of it. It seemed that the two newcomers were really astonished by my position and miss Jennifer’s power over me. Was she just showing off?

No, I said to myself. Miss Jennifer is a cold-blooded professional. I found out only yesterday. She doesn’t seem to be a person who needs to show off. What’s going on then? My instinct was telling me that she was just preparing the atmosphere for my training. Fear struck me. Trying to control my panic, I decided to pay attention on what they were talking…

– So Jennifer, Michele said. Aren’t you a bit overreacting with his training? You told us that we were to watch you tutoring a housekeeper. But this!

– I couldn’t agree more with you, miss Nora added in an uncertain voice.

– Come on girls! Miss Jennifer argued. Where’s your pride! Pull yourselves together! I warned you that you were in for a surprise, didn’t I?

– A slave! Jennifer! Miss Michele said. We live in a free country. Slavery has been abolished for so many years.

– Well, it seems you’re wrong darling! You can see a real slave, right in front of you… Come on, knock it off, will you? I thought you would enjoy my little surprise. On the other hand, if you want to leave…

– No, I think I want to stay. Miss Nora quickly added. I find the whole thing most peculiar, but I’m always open minded to new experience. Come on Jennifer tell us more.

– There is not much to tell really. He’s just a slave. Just like ancient times, when slavery was very common. You’ll be surprised by the number of slaves today. My client, miss Hamilton is the keen owner of this slave. And she trusted his training to me.

– So you are a slave trainer! Miss Michele said in a surprised voice.

– Among other things… miss Jennifer answered meaningfully.

– Do you enjoy it? Miss Nora asked.

– Wouldn’t you?

– Well… I don’t know… miss Nora said uncomfortably.

– A lot of women nowadays strongly believe that females are the dominant part of this world. Our world! Men are only toys for their absolute pleasure. Males exist for their Mistresses.

– Do you believe that? Miss Michele asked.

– My clients say that I’m good in my work… she said in a diplomatic manner. It’s all a matter of power. It’s a matter of power of the female species over males. It’s simple. Imagine yourselves having total control on a creature like him. She pressed her feet on my back. Imagine that you can order him to do ANYTHING you like. Just imagine it.

– But does he agree? Miss Nora asked, referring to me.

– He had a choice. He took his decisions. Now his opinion is insignificant. He’s a slave now. He’s committed to this. He obeys his Mistress. He’s inferior to any woman around him. Or better say above him! She laughed.

– I don’t know… miss Nora argued.

– Come on, Nora! Miss Jennifer said. Stand at your place. Who knows… maybe some day you’ll have your own slave… or slaves…

– Maybe… miss Nora said absentmindedly.

– You want to have a go Nora? Miss Jennifer asked.

– Well… I’m not sure, miss Nora said in an uncertain voice.

– Come on try it! Miss Jennifer said in a supporting manner. She took her feet off my aching back. Give him an order. Anything you like. Just anything… He’ll obey. Find the power store inside you. Be a real woman! Find out what men really are!

– Go on Nora! Miss Michele added in an excited voice.

– Well… if you insist… bring me a glass of water please!

– Certainly miss Nora! I said and rushed to the kitchen

– PLEASE???? I heard miss Jennifer asking. Surely you can do better than that…

I poured a glass of water, placed it on a small disk and went back to the living room. I knelt in front of miss Nora, extending the disk towards her, keeping my eyes low to her feet. She also wore sandals, her toenails painted a lovely silky-pink color.

– Your water miss Nora! I obediently said in a soft voice.

She took the water and drank it, placing the glass back on the disk. I took it back to the kitchen and returned, assuming my kneeling position in front of miss Jennifer’s feet. She too was wearing sandals. Her perfect toenails were shining in their natural color.

– Your turn Michele. Miss Jennifer said.

Miss Michele laughed nervously. Apparently she was not feeling comfortable (yet).

– Well, let me think… yes… dance for me… slave…

I was taken by surprise. What could I do? I was never a good dancer. Even with music. How could I dance with no music?

– Dance you idiot! Miss Jennifer’s voice brought me back to reality.

– Yes Madame!

I awkwardly began swinging my body, stretching my arms, hoping that adana escort the result would be a kind of dance. I could hear them laughing. I felt so humiliated.

– Enough! Miss Michele finally said.

I assumed my kneeling position by miss Jennifer’s feet.

– Well girls, not so bad for a fresher! Miss Jennifer remarked laughingly. But now let’s get serious. Are you sure you want to go on, or you prefer to leave me alone?

– Yes, we’ll stay. They both added. I could feel they were really excited now.

– You were right, Jennifer. Miss Michele spoke. Power makes you feel so good. I could never have imagined it! I think I’ll enjoy it.

– Me too! Miss Nora quickly added. Her inhibitions were totally gone. What’s next?

– Now the game can really begin! Miss Jennifer said in a meaningful voice.

They all laughed.

Somehow I had a feeling that my training was just beginning. And it would be a tough one. Miss Jennifer was really a professional. What would be her next move? I think I was excited too. Couldn’t explain it though. Maybe my slave’s pride was catching up…

– A slave is his Mistress property. Miss Jennifer said in a serious voice. If she gives an order, ANY ORDER, he must obey with no hesitation. If she feels like having a dog, he is Her dog. If she feels like playing, he’s Her toy. So girls; do you feel like playing?

– Why not! They both agreed.

Miss Jennifer pushed me away with her feet. I lost my balance and fell with my back to the ground. She ordered.

– Go to your room and strip off, slave. Take EVERYTHING off! Come back quick!

– I was stoned motionless with her order. This is something I never imagined. Me naked, in front of these ladies! Sometimes there are limits to everything. I began shaking.

– Please Madame! I mumbled.

She stood up and came near me. She kicked me hard on my side. I rolled over and curled. The pain was awful. I could hardly breath.

– I gave you an order slave! She said in a cold serious voice.

– Yes Madame! I managed to say, trying to catch my breath.

I crawled upstairs to my room. I was so confused. What should I do? My real Mistress would never ask me that. Or maybe she would… The game was getting really serious now. And it wasn’t a game for me! It was real. I received tons of humiliation during the last ten days. But this! This was too much! Even for a slave!

Suddenly I realized that I was half naked! Even though I was so distressed, my body actually followed miss Jennifer’s order. “So what?” I said to myself. A slave is just … a slave. Finally I removed all my clothes. I felt numb and cold. I stayed there for some time, not knowing what to do. Then I made up my mind. Gathering as much courage as I could, I went downstairs hesitantly, using my hands to hide my only pride… I knelt in front of miss Jennifer again, trying to ignore the giggles coming from the other women.

– Your wish is my command, Madame! I managed to say. She totally ignored me.

– So you see girls. It’s so simple! Miss Jennifer said.

– Look at him! Miss Michele remarked. He’s so pathetic!

– And insignificant! Miss Nora added.

– Stand up slave! Miss Jennifer barked. Let us see you.

I stood up, my hands still protecting my manhood.

– Put you hands down slave! Miss Jennifer ordered. There is nothing for you to hide.

I obeyed her awkwardly. I was sure my face was red in shame. I could now understand the meaning of total and absolute humiliation. They were all laughing at me now.

– So you see girls how insignificant he is now! Miss Jennifer said.

– From every aspect. Miss Nora joked.

– By God! Is that all that you are? Miss Michele laughed at me.

I only wished I was dead! I tried to think that I wasn’t there. Maybe I was dreaming. Maybe I should pinch myself to wake up. Maybe …

– Put this on slave! Miss Jennifer barked giving me a pink satin lace.

– Excuse me Madame! Managed to stumble. Could you please explain where to put it?

– You are a toy slave! She answered. Why not wrap it up around your genitals. Make sure you pass it behind your balls. Make a knot below. Make sure the two ends are symmetrical. And keep it tight. If it comes off, you’ll be severely punished.

– Yes Madame! I softly said, totally degraded.

I placed the pink satin lace as instructed. I tied it as much as I could, making a secure knot. My balls began paining. The two ends reached well below my knees, almost touching the ground. No one on this earth could describe my feelings. If I had any feelings left. I stood still for inspection.

– Look at him! Miss Nora said in a mocking voice.

– He’s so funny! Miss Michele remarked, laughing uncontrollably.

They left me standing there for quite some time, making my humiliation even larger. I was just standing in front of three beautiful women, totally naked, apart from the silk pink lace around my genitals. I was like a statue. A statue for their pleasure. The difference is statues adıyaman escort don’t think. They don’t feel. They don’t live …

– Crawl slave! Miss Jennifer suddenly ordered. Go to the kitchen crawling. Keep you legs spread.

I immediately dropped to the floor and started crawling. At least my nudity was now somehow less. I think they all stood up, watching my efforts. I could feel the lace sliding on the floor. I could hear their laughs. I think I heard them whispering… I think I was crying. Suddenly an excruciating pain struck me between my legs. I felt like my genitals were going to be cut off. Something was pulling them back.

Again they all laughed.

– What’s wrong slave? I heard Miss Jennifer’s voice somewhere behind me. I didn’t tell you to stop, did I? Go on.

She must have stepped on the lace on purpose. I struggled to move on, but the pain would not let me. I could not go any further.

Suddenly a pair of white painted toes appeared close to my face. I could almost reach them.

– Kiss my feet slave! I heard miss Michele’s voice. She was demanding now.

I tried to reach her feet, but she stepped just a bit further away. I tried to stretch, but the pain was unbearable.

– What’s wrong slave? Miss Jennifer barked, still stepping on the lace. My friend gave you an order. Why don’t you obey?

I stretched a bit more, trying to forget the pain. I almost touched her big toe. My mouth was wet from the effort. Just as I was ready to kiss her feet, miss Michele stepped an inch away, laughing hysterically. I groaned and stretched more. The pain was impossible. Suddenly I felt some slack on the lace. Maybe miss Jennifer let it free. Taking advantage of the situation, I crawled forward reaching miss Michele’s feet. Again she moved an inch away, while the pain came back. The lace was again restraining my movements. I was really in agony now. They were playing with me, torturing me and I could do nothing about it.

This went on until I reached the kitchen. I was now reaching my limits. Pain and agony were so strong, I would almost faint. Finally they decided that I had enough. Miss Michele stood still, while I made my last effort to reach her divine feet, stretching as much as I could, miss Jennifer still playing with the lace. I managed to place a few kisses on her toes, before retreating to ease the pain. Miss Michele laughed again.

– You wet my feet slave! How clumsy of you!

– You never wet kiss a foot! Miss Jennifer remarked.

She must have stepped off the laces. There was no tension anymore. But she kicked me between my legs, to remind me of my mistake. I curled in pain.

– Excuse me Madame for being so clumsy! I was crying now. Please forgive me.

Miss Jennifer came close to me. I dried my lips as much as I could and began kissing her divine feet, asking for her forgiveness.

– I’d like to have a go! Miss Nora suddenly said.

– Certainly darling. Have you got something in mind?

– Well, I’m not sure… miss Nora added hesidantly.

– Why don’t you ride him back to the living room! Miss Jennifer proposed.

– Yes! I’d love that!

In no time miss Nora sat hard on my back. I almost collapsed. Finally I managed to keep steady. Miss Jennifer took the two lace ends and passed them over my shoulders. She gave the ends to miss riding Nora. She gave her the last instructions for my new ordeal.

– Use your legs to balance Nora. Use the laces to guide him, or make him stop. Just like horse riding. Instinct will do the rest. She added meaningfully.

Miss Nora slapped my butt.

– Come on, horsie! She yelled.

She rode me around the kitchen table a couple of times. The other two women were laughing and making remarks about my progress as a horse. Every time she wanted me to stop, she would brutally pull both the lace ends. The pain was so hard and sudden. Miss Jennifer was right. Instinct made me stop moving. I was not only being treated as a horse, but acted as one too. She then guided me to the living room. The other two women followed. She rode me around the room many times, laughing and yelling all the time. I was so exhausted! I could hardly breath. My hands and knees were in great pain. I collapsed a couple of times, only to receive her kicks on my body, urging me to go on.

Finally she guided me next to the sofa, were the two other women were already sitting. A strong pull on the laces made me stop. My balls felt like they were on fire. My back was aching all over. I could hardly keep myself together now. She got off my back and sat on the sofa. I collapsed in front of her feet. She used my head as a footstool, still holding the lace ends with her hands.

– Jennifer, that was the most exciting ride I ever had! Miss Nora remarked.

– You see darling! I told you it would be fun. Can you feel the power?

– Oh yes! She added and pulled the laces.

I groaned in agony under her feet.

– So you see Nora, there are an infinite number of ways you can exploit him. It’s only up to your imagination and ingenuity. There are NO limits darling.

– Yes, you’re right! Miss Nora agreed.

– Come on Nora. Miss Jennifer said. What would you like next? You have him under your feet. Use him. Never let a slave without a task. They tend to become slack if you do so.

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