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Late afternoon and I was sitting in one of those burger and bar places, a chain I’d seen all along the Interstate for the past few days. Not a favorite of mine, but it was consistently so-so. I was hot, tired, hungry, and in need of a long piss. Maybe women don’t do that, so I was in need of a pee. Okay, so I was a little grumpy too. Some asshole had just cut me off as I left the highway. We’d missed each other and I was thankful of that. Real thankful since it was someone else’s car I was driving.

Stood over the toilet and pissed like a guy when I first came in. Quite a sight, long bare legs dangling out of a knee length skirt, a foot on either side of the toilet, a stream of piss, some spatter. In front of the mirror, I adjusted my blouse. Not as much tit showing now.

I was holding a cold Corona in my hand, bar stool under my ass. Looking around, no one. Real empty. Bottle neck resting on my lower lip, mouth open. Pouring the golden liquid in almost as fast as it would go. As the beer flowed across my tongue and down my throat, I started to calm down a little.

Glancing out the window, a tumbleweed rolled by in the wind.

“Need another?”

“You bet sister.”

She gave me a little bit of a dirty look as she turned to walk away. Nice tits on her. Bet she’d feel real sweet next to me tonight.

“Here’s your burger and another Corona.”

“Say. I’m sorry if I offended you a moment ago. Just a little worn after driving for the last 2 days.”

“No problem. Just enjoy your burger.”

I watched her ass wiggle under her skirt. Wiggled real nicely. Would be real sweet. Tasty.

There was a small bite left as she put the bill on the table. She left her hand on the table.

“My shift is over.”

She stopped and looked at me, not saying anything. I looked back. Nice from the front too. I touched her little finger with mine as I slid my hand next to hers. She didn’t move hers. I flicked my little finger. No change.

I looked out the window towards the motel next door.

“Could be nice.”

She nodded her head.

I chugged the last of the beer, leaving the bite on the plate.


“Saving room for dessert. Later. In the room.”

The door shut behind us. My God was she sweet and easy on the eyes. A real long drink of water in the desert. We watched each other as we undressed ourselves. Once that was out of the way, it didn’t take long for us to be locked together. Mouths against mouths. Hands against pussy. Guess it’d been about as long for her as for me. So it seemed. Maybe at least 12 hours.

Pretty quickly, our faces were pressed tight against the other’s crotch, licking like it was the last day on earth. Neither seemed to mind that she’d been at work all day long and I’d been in the drivers seat for 2 long days. Maybe the raw taste of dirty sweaty cunts was just what we needed now. Probably not the first time, nor the last.

It became AM as the harsh red dot on the clock disappeared. We laid back, drained of the last drop of energy.

“You’re welcome to stay.”

“I’d like that. Not that many lovers waiting.” She grinned.

“Want to rinse off with me?”

“If you don’t mind.”

I didn’t know what time it was, but someone was pounding on the door yelling ‘maid service’. I staggered to the door, naked, opened it just enough to ask them to come back much later.

Walking back towards the bed, I stopped and watched her tight buns just laying face up on the bed, her long legs seeming to go all the way to the end of the bed. What a goddess. That long brown hair no longer in a pony tail, but laying all across her shoulders. Damn, we sure fucked each other 12 ways from Sunday. I was half ready to stay another night just to do it again too.

As I sat on the edge of the bed to look a while longer, she turned her head a little. Sleep still covering her face, she squinted at me a little.

“You are one fine lover Susan. Roll me over in the clover again. Hope someone let the air out of your tires.”

“I had fun. Really enjoyed that. Want me to stay another night?”

“If that’s all I can have, I’m ready. Don’t have to work today. My trailer is a bit messy.”

“Just so it has a bed.”

I checked out and followed her for almost an hour, mostly down some dirt road. She stood by my dirty car as I got out. I could hear the sound of a lone truck going down the main road. Just had to be a truck out here. I looked. Couldn’t even see the dust cloud.

“This one’s mine.” She pointed to the middle trailer, then the other two. “That’s my Momma’s. That’s my Sister’s. She’s away.”

“Hey Judy. Who’s this lovely thing?”

“Momma, this is Susan. We had a good, good, time last night. She’s going to say with me tonight.”

I looked over Momma. I guessed Judy was in her late 20’s, so Momma must have been at least 50. She didn’t look it, but it didn’t matter. She was just as pretty as Judy. I wouldn’t be upset if she joined us in bed. Not at all. Beauty sure ran in this family. Bet the sister bursa escort bayan was just as nice.

“So where did Judy find you? Call me Patty.” Patty put her arm around my waist as we walked towards Judy’s trailer. Her hand slid down over my hip a few times. Old Patty was being more than sociable.

“We don’t get many visitors out here. Will be kind of nice having you around for a while.”

I followed Patty and Judy into the trailer. Patty wore one of those house dresses, buttons all the way up the front, not fastened all the way though. Bare legs, bare feet. Some cleavage showing. As she sat down, she pulled a hanky out from between her breasts, and wiped her forehead.

“Been a hot one lately. Too hot to do much more than just sit. The AC just barely helps.”

As she sat on the couch, she crossed her legs. The dress rode up over one hip, lots of thigh now exposed.

I sat in the chair across from her and Judy. Patty must have caught me looking at her hip.

“Oh, just an old ladies butt. Nothing special.”

The hell it wasn’t. I was a few years older than Judy, much closer to Patty’s age. The more I looked, the more I knew I had to crawl all over her. I was really taken by her looks. Just a touch rougher in her appearance than Judy, but quite a looker. Yes sir re. Maybe I could even nail them at the same time. Yes sir re.

“Anything you’d like for supper?”

Yeah Patty. You spread all over the dinning room table and my face all over your pussy. Bet you’d like that wouldn’t you?

“No Ma’am. Don’t put yourself out just for me.”

Yeah Patty. A double helping of Judy’s and your pussy covered in nice southern gravy. I could slurp that out with my tongue for a few hours. Oh, and a biscuit on the side, covered in your honey.

“Well I better go get some cooking started.”

“I’ll come and help. If that’s okay?”

“Don’t you want to visit with Judy?”

“Sure. Let me help you for a few minutes.”

Judy glared at me. She knew exactly what I was after. Patty walked towards her trailer. Judy grabbed my wrist and held me back.

“Listen. Only my sister and me get to fuck my Momma.”

I looked straight into her eyes. “You’d really like it if you, me, and Momma were rolling around in bed tonight. Wouldn’t you?” I kissed her hard and pressed my hand just as hard over her skirt against her pussy. “I know I would.” I rubbed a little before I moved my hand away.

Just stood there and smiled. I knew she was saying yes without saying a thing.

I started to walk away. Our fingers held together for a moment until the tension broke our grip. That wasn’t the only tension between us either. No ma’am, no way. She wanted me so badly. I wanted her too.

As I opened the screen door, I called out. “Patty, it’s just Susan.” The kitchen was right by the door and Patty was bent over getting a pot out from the stove.

I watched her sweet buns staring straight at me for a moment until she stood and put the pot on the small counter. I moved closer.

“Hope it hasn’t been long since anyone told you how nice you lock.” I rubbed my hand up and down across her back, letting my hand slip just below her waist.

“Oh Susan. That does make me feel pretty. Not as pretty as you though.”

My hand touched the top of her ass crack and stopped. I looked into her eyes as she turned and looked at me. With my hand now resting on the cheek of her hip, I pulled her against me.

“Patty, I’ve never needed someone as much as I need you right now.”

Her lips tentatively moved toward mine. I let her make the move. Slowly they moved closer. I let my head move just a little and they met. I could feel her tongue press between my lips and probe for my tongue. They met. They rubbed together.

My fingers pressed against the fabric of her dress and up under the sagging breasts not supported by a bra. I pushed as far up as I could and lifted the whole breast upward. I leaned down and kissed it through the dress.

“You make my knees weak Patty. I know you’d look so much better out of this dress than in it.”

“Susan, I wanted you the first moment … I want you in my bed … all over my bed.”

“Me too. Maybe a little appetizer now, and a several course meal later?”

She lead me to the back of the trailer where the bedroom was. It wasn’t far. The anticipation built quickly. As we laid down and undressed each other, I heard the screen door close quietly. I knew Judy was inside, probably watching us. I was doubly excited.

I was already undressed as the last button was yet to be unfastened on Patty’s dress, the tanned freckled skin of a woman of the land showing, she looked at me and whispered “I hope I’m not too ugly.”

“No Patty. No you’re not. I’m on fire just looking at you right now. I just hope I can please you as much as Judy does at night.”

“You know?”

“It was obvious. I want both of you tonight. But now, now I just want you all to myself.”

I unbuttoned the last button for her and gorukle escort pulled the dress from her body. No underwear, she was completely naked now. I laid on my elbow, just looking at the front of her whole body. Her chest almost as tanned as her arms. My finger lazily sliding over different places, over her breast, her nipple, through her navel, across her crotch. She gasped her first deep breath. I retraced that last move. She gasped again.

Teasing her, I let my finger tip slide lightly up along outer edges of her labia to the top and back down.

“You’re so lovely here.” I whispered.

I carefully pulled them apart and looked at the wet pink skin inside. “So beautiful.” I moaned. My face was close. I took a deep breath, my nostrils wide open, and held it, then let it out. “So fragrant. I leaned down and let my tongue move though the open valley. Letting our moistures mix.

She moaned “Susan …”

With fingers of both hands, I held the skin open while I pushed my tongue deeper inside and licked.

“Oh Susan. You’re the best lov … ver”

I ran my tongue back and forth, keeping it as deep inside as I could. She was starting to hump against my mouth. I pressed against her pelvis with a hand. I dragged my tongue all the way up and lifted her clit out of its hiding place.

“Suck it.” she moaned softly, but deeply.

I worked the hard nub in and out of my lips, letting my teeth scrape along it a few times. Her hands pounded the mattress. I could no longer hold her hips down and they bucked hard against my face and the mattress. Patty let out a low roar and her face bunched up, then relaxed. She fell limp against the mattress.

I heard it first, a moan from by the door. Then Patty looked like she’d heard it too. Now a louder moan. “Fuckin’ … ah …”.

Patty and I watched Judy slump to the floor, her hand wedged between her thighs, a finger still working against her hips slamming back and forth.

Judy pulled herself onto the bed and lay with her arm over her mother.

“Momma, wasn’t that the absolute best?”

“Yes baby girl, yes it was. I can’t wait until the 3 of us go to bed tonight.”

The next morning, I stood in the small space between the bed and the wall, looking at mother and daughter cuddled together. They looked so sweet, so delicious. How I’d miss them. The desert evening had cooled the bedroom down to a comfortable temperature. The AC not working as hard. Their bodies had warmed me nicely all night long.

I turned and noticed a picture on the wall, one that had completely escaped my attention. It was Patty, Judy, and another woman. Probably Judy’s sister. Looked like a twin. She stood with crutches, barefoot, just one leg reached between the bottom of her cutoffs to the ground. I could have never imagined anything that had just happened with this family, but a twin. My mind flooded with thoughts as I walked out the door.

As my foot hit the dirt by the steps, I felt a hand on my shoulder. “You won’t forget us. Will you? Don’t be like that fucking photographer Robert Kincaid, in ‘Bridges’.

I kissed both goodbye. As I opened the car door, I looked back at Judy. “How could I forget? I got to get this car to Oregon. I don’t know if it will make it. I make this trip all the time and I’ll see you soon.” I really did want to come back here.

As the car turned around, I noticed a man building something by the sister’s trailer door. I waved to Judy and Patty.

There was nothing along the dirt road, just sage brush and some old fencing. A lot of nothing. Maybe that was a deserted mine shaft off in the distance. Looked like it’d been there forever and almost as long since it had been used. A rabbit ran across the road in front of me. I stopped quickly just in time to miss it. My gun fell off the seat. I reached down and pick it up and put it next to me. The dust made the rear window impossible to see out of. I know there is no radio in the car, I tried to turn it on anyway. Shit I hate this car delivery job. Some of these are just junkers. Owners too damn cheap to ship them on a truck.

I pick up the Interstate again. Three days drive and two days to do it in. I settle in. At least this clunker has cruise control. The AC barely works. Sun is so damn hot. Windows not even tented. I lean back and unfasten my skirt, spread my legs, let my pussy catch a little breeze. I can smell myself.

Momma and her big girls. Damn that was nice. Like rabbits in a field. Must make it back there.

Late lunch, I roll though a car wash. Hate to spend the money, but can’t see shit out these windows. Gotta fill up anyway. Some 23 year old high school kid washes the windshield real slowly while he burns his eyeballs out looking at my pussy. That is until he notices the gun my fingers are stroking. A woman in the middle of nowhere can’t be too safe. Haven’t had to do much more than just flash my hardware so far.

Roll through the night, making a little better time that I expected. Sun’s been up bursa merkez escort bayan for a few hours now and starting to get hot. So is the car. It starts bucking a little. Pull off at the next widening in the road. Like all the rest, except this one does have a garage. Saw it from the road. Button up my skirt, hide my piece, and get out.

Some grease monkey is standing there, dirty hands on his hips, a little grease on his forehead. Name on his suit is ‘Bob’. Think that probably came with the suit. There’re all named Bob. My long legs slide out of the car. I can tell by his expression that he doesn’t believe they will ever stop coming. They are long. I flash him some thigh in the process, almost too much. He grabs his chest.

“Sorry BOB.” I say in a sultry voice, emphasizing his name, dragging it out a little. “It just started overheating. I did too. Don’t want to get stuck out here with a dead car.”

He pops the hood and takes a quick look. I peer down too, letting him have a glance down my dress past my carburetors to the gravel under my shoes. Open those butterflies and hear me roar. He pulls his hand back real quick as he forgets to pay attention to what he is doing and puts his hand on the radiator cap while he checks me out.

“Didn’t mean to distract you BOB.” I stepped away from the car and walked over to some shade. Stood tapping my foot, swinging my leg a little.

He walks over to me, barely able to hide a bit of a bulge. “Need a hose. Shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. Try Rosie’s over there.” He points. No need to. Not that much around. “She can take care of you till I’m done. I’ll come get you.”

Yeah Bob, you got a hose in your pants. Want to use it on me? I look and see a well worn eatery next to the barber shop and the IGA Food Center. Guess the only thing I didn’t mention was the gas station. That was the whole miserable town.

One long leg in front of the other, my ass waving back and forth. About halfway to Rosie’s, some pickup roars past tooting the horn. A guy leans out out wearing a big cowboy hat and a denim jacket. “Hey good lookin’ lady! Need a ride?”

Yeah, man. Think you could hold on long enough? Not on your life. I just let it go.

“Dead car? Want some coffee?”

“Sure Rosie. How’d you guess about the car?”

“Only reason anyone stops here anymore. Bob always sends ’em over here. Only way I get any business these days.”

Sure enough, I was the only person. “Glad I missed the breakfast rush.”

“Good one. A real comedian.”

“You make any waffles with the small holes?”

“You mean they make them with other sized holes?”

“Give me one with any size hole you’ve got.” Yeah Rosie. What size hole do you have? Anything been in it lately?

Nothing in this burg for me. I pull back out onto the highway. The yellow stripes flashing past the outside mirror one after another. A copper with lights flashing roars past me doing maybe a hundred. Out of sight in a blink. A second one, then a third. Then I see a dust cloud swirling around over the median strip. A car rolled over not long ago. Resting on its top. Wheels still turning. Clothes, toys, all over the ground. Bodies. One moving, the others not. I slow down and look. Nothing I can do. The cops are trying to help. Probably not much they can do either. I drive on.

I make up the time lost because of the hose. I pull into the fenced yard of the parking lot by the office. A dozen other cars are there, some already washed and clean, others filthy like the one I’m delivering.

“Susan. Glad to see you. Good trip?”

“Yeah Betty. Not so bad. Blew a hose this morning. Other than that, just okay.”

“Here’s the next one. Florida.” She hands me the order form. “Nice Mercedes this time. Saved it just for you. Donna got some 70’s Ford. Bet she’s cussing me about now.”

“At least it probably has a stereo. Getting late in the year. Hope there isn’t an early snow. See ya.”

I put a fast 200 miles under the wheels before I stopped at a favorite hotel chain. A quick whack at the clit and a good orgasm or two. Shower, change. Long legs and a little cheek peeking out from under a short skirt as I walk into the restaurant. I look around as the chick asks if I want a table.

“Nah. The bars just fine.”

I straddle a stool, left leg hanging down leaving even more thigh showing. I look at the bar keep. “Corona. No glass.”

He pops the top and sits the bottle on a coaster, a head of foam trying to look like my pussy having an orgasm. “Anything to eat?”

“Yeah. A cheeseburger. Fries. Probably a 2nd beer pretty soon.”

“Great thigh.” I looked around and a lovely woman is standing beside me, arm resting on the bar. “Up for some company?”

I look at her eyes. Soft blue of the Gulf of Mexico. “Maybe more if you are?” Hell yes. You can ride my mouth any day bitch.

She leaned closer. “Was hoping that might be the case. I’m Jean.”

“Pleasure is all mine. I’m Susan. Driving some schmuck’s car to Florida. No big rush to get back on the road.”

“You deliver cars?”

“Yup. See a lot of the country that way. Lots of soft beautiful women too.” I took a big swig and finished off that beer.

“Glad to know you won’t be getting hung up on me. So many do. A real drag. I just want to fuck. Only women that is.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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