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Jack winced as the doctor tugged at his arm. Although the policemen had told him that he was lucky to walk away from such a horrendous accident, he sure didn’t feel lucky. His Dodge Stealth was totaled, his wrist was broken, his chest throbbed with pain, and his head ached worse than that time he’d woken up after an all night chug-a-lug competition with his college buddies a few years back.

Some idiot had blasted through a red light and plowed into the passenger side of Jack’s beautiful new black sports car. He hadn’t even fully comprehended what had happened until the acrid scent of his airbag being expelled invaded his nostrils, and scratched at his throat. He looked around through the haze of smoke emanating from the steering wheel to see all his windows shattered, and comprehended that his car was facing in the opposite direction he’d been traveling. When he tried to unlock his seatbelt he realized that his right arm felt like it had spent some time with a mad dentist wielding a hypodermic filled with Novocain. By the time the ambulance had shown up, the dull ache in his chest had made itself known, and the numbness in his arm had been replaced by an excruciating pain starting at his middle finger, and sluicing up to his elbow like a directionally challenged downhill skier. Apparently the airbag had saved his head from irreparable harm, but had forced his right arm into his chest, breaking his wrist, and bruising his sternum.

The doctor pulled again, and she and a nurse began wrapping plaster strips around his forearm. “It could be a lot worse,” the emerald-eyed, auburn-haired, lady physician explained. “The X-rays show that your wrist is only broken in one place. This cast will be off in no time,” she commented with a gracious smile.

Even through the pain in his arm, chest, and head, he couldn’t help but notice how attractive both caregivers were. The nurse was a petite, brown-eyed, long-haired, blonde with skin the color of coffee ice cream, and a smile that could light up New York City. She wore a nurse’s uniform out of his fantasies — A short white dress, red piping around the edges, which buttoned all the way up the front, with the top three or four buttons undone, showing a hint of cleavage. She also wore white nylons, and white rubber soled shoes. Her hair was tied back into a ponytail, which exposed her delicate naked earlobes, and accentuated her lovely cheekbones. Her name badge identified her as Cynthia Darling, R.N.

Jack tried not to stare at the nurse, but every time he turned away, he ended up looking at the equally stunning Doctor. Even though she wore green scrubs, and a white lab coat, her beauty could not be contained within the uninviting material. It emanated from her like rain from a cloud. Her green eyes sparkled and her pouty lips parted into a brilliant smile every time she looked into Jack’s eyes. Her full head of coppery hair came down past her shoulders and reflected the light in such a way that she wore a luminous halo. Her light, creamy skin showed off the spattering of freckles that danced across her rosy cheeks, and whenever her delicate fingers touched him it sent bolts of electricity shooting through his veins. Her photo ID was clipped to her coat pocket, and identified her as Doctor Valerie Carlisle.

Jack had to admit that if there was a silver lining to the whole ordeal, it was getting tended to by the gorgeous young medical team. He had to keep his thoughts clean though, since he was only wearing one of those ridiculous paper gowns. When he was first told to disrobe, he was scared that he was going to get a full physical from the attractive doctor, and end up with an embarrassing erection, or worse, a nervous shrunken member. Fortunately, after the X-rays they’d started mending his arm, and it appeared as though the occasional butt flash through the paper robe would be the extent of his humiliation.

When they had finished confining his arm in plaster, however, Doctor Carlisle instructed Cynthia to get an EKG and several other tests that sent a sinking feeling into Jack’s stomach. She explained the situation to her worried looking patient. “We’re going to hook you up to this machine and run some tests. Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s just a bruised sternum from your fist being forced into your chest by the airbag, but it’s better to be safe and let us make sure your chest pain isn’t a problem with your heart.” After telling the nurse to come get her after the EKG machine had run its course of tests, she squeezed Jack’s shoulder, melted his heart with another striking smile, and told him she’d be back shortly.

Per Cynthia’s instructions, Jack sat up, and pulled the flimsy covering down to his waist displaying his chiseled chest, and well-toned waist to the nurse. She began to put sticky white squares, with little snaps on them, all over his chest and back. He couldn’t be sure that he wasn’t imagining things, but it seemed that she’d let her fingers graze his chest and abdomen more than was really necessary. Jack’s veins started pumping with excitement. Her soft fingers put another sticky square on his chest and rubbed down his right Isparta Escort nipple and flat stomach. As she continued her work, by hooking wires to all the snaps, she also continued her tender caresses of his body, which facilitated a stirring under the paper robe. Jack wondered if the equipment he’d just been plugged into could measure horniness, as well as heart rate and blood pressure.

“OK, you’re all hooked up. Lie back down,” requested the perky nurse, “and we’ll take some readings.”

“Is it alright if I just remain sitting?” Jack asked nervously.

Cynthia give him a puzzled look and replied, “Well, you’re supposed to be as relaxed as possible, so you really ought to lie down. Why?”

Jack tried to voice his concern, but it just came out as a heavy sigh of resignation, and he tried to relax as his back touched the cushioned examination table. He looked down, and his fear was realized. Although he wasn’t fully erect, his penis was creating a noticeable tent in the paper gown. His eyes darted to the nurse to see if she noticed. Her face was blushing, her smile was a stifled laugh, and she was staring right at the source of Jack’s discomfort. When her eyes met his, she tried her best to look professional, but couldn’t hide the flushed cheeks, and said, “Don’t stress out about it, and it’ll subside on its own.” Then she turned away and busied herself with the equipment she’d hooked up to him.

When Cynthia finished busying herself with adjusting the equipment and filling out paperwork, she turned around and looked first at Jack’s still bulging crotch, then into his eyes. He had such lovely blue eyes. She knew she’d gone too far caressing his chest and feeling the ridges of his six pack, but didn’t think she’d done enough to cause his arousal. She couldn’t help but be aroused herself though. He was quite an attractive man, and of course with him being injured, her mothering instinct was on overload. Her gaze kept darting towards his tented gown, and then to his self-conscious eyes. She could tell he wanted her, and she was aware of no better way to get her own juices flowing then knowing that someone found her sexy. She desperately wanted to rip his gown apart, crawl up onto the table, and fuck him like a rabbit. She knew she couldn’t do that without getting caught, and subsequently fired, but she had to do something.

“Jack, I told you to relax,” she mock-scolded after another longing look at his tented crotch.

“I’m trying. Sometimes these things just aren’t that controllable,” Jack commented with an embarrassed grimace.

“Well, maybe you injured something down there. Maybe I should examine it,” she said with a seductive leer, unable to believe that she’d just crossed the line, even as her fingers were dancing across his skin, underneath the papery material.

Before Jack could say anything Cynthia’s delicate fingers began gliding up his thigh and cupped his tightening balls. After running her dexterous fingers through his thick pubic hair for a few seconds she took hold of his shaft and felt it grow even larger in her grasp. She gave it a gentle squeeze and noticed a tiny wet spot forming on the paper gown and said, “Well it appears to function properly, but I wonder if I should give it one last test.” She looked into Jack’s eyes and although she could see obvious apprehension, he could have asked her to stop, if he really wanted her to. She pulled the gown up, exposing his now fully erect manhood to the cool air. Back in her mind she knew that if someone pulled back the curtain, separating this exam room from the next, she’d be publicly disgraced, then fired. She knew that, but she also knew that she had to have this cock in her mouth, so she leaned over and licked the pre-cum off the tip of his cock.

“No abnormality in the taste,” she cooed as he let out a soft moan, which was all the encouragement she needed.

Jack felt he must be dreaming when he felt the nurse’s soft cool fingertips massaging his balls. Then when she began stroking his cock, he just knew he was hallucinating because this kind of thing only happened in fiction and fantasies. However, when her velvety tongue cleaned his pre-cum off the tip of his cock, and then when her moist warm mouth engulfed him, he knew the sensations he was feeling were far to intense to be from a dream. He let out a few soft moans as her tongue licked up and down his shaft like a Popsicle. And when she stuffed his cock into her mouth, tickling the tip with her tongue, and massaging his balls with her fingers, he couldn’t help but let out an “Ooooohhhh, Gawd!”

Cynthia almost stopped to tell Jack to keep quiet, but the feeling of his blazing manhood in her wet mouth was too much. She had to feel his cum hitting the back of her throat, and she figured it couldn’t take too much longer to get him there since he was writhing all over the table and making soft moaning noises. When Jack finally tensed up and she knew the feeling of his gooey spunk sliding down her throat was imminent, she heard the rattle of the sliding curtain. Cynthia’s head instantly flew out of Jack’s lap, and Isparta Escort Bayan her eyes went wide as she saw the back of Doctor Carlisle closing the curtain.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion to Doctor Carlisle’s eyes when she turned around and spotted her nurse draped across the exam table, with the patient’s engorged penis in one hand, a drop of his semen dripping out of her mouth, and the rest flying through the air. Doctor Carlisle also noticed the almost comical wild-eyed tennis match style glances from Jack, first at her, then the nurse, then back again. After an eternity of silence, and a return to regular time, Doctor Carlisle’s gaze lingered over the cum splattered floor and exam table. Then over the patient’s weakening erection, still in the young nurse’s hand, and finally to Cynthia’s face, which had apparently been splashed with most of the airborne cum.

Doctor Carlisle finally spoke, staring into Cynthia’s nervous eyes, “I’m waiting for some kind of explanation for all this,” as her arms spread out indicating the entire scene.

Jack didn’t have any idea what to say, and he had yet to find his voice when Cynthia finally said, “I’m sorry Doctor. I have no explanation. What I have done totally goes against everything I was taught in Nursing School, and I have nothing that can explain why my brain ceased working. If you’ll permit me to clean up, I’ll gather my belongings and go home.” Jack and Doctor Carlisle both stared into the nurse’s youthful face and even through the spattering of Jack’s seed, they could see the reddened cheeks, watery eyes, and protruding lip that were the telltale signs she was about to cry.

Doctor Valerie Carlisle wasn’t sure what she was feeling. This concerned her, since she remained in control of her emotions at all times, so she began a mental diagnostic of sorts. She knew she was jealous, because she was interested in Jack herself. He was young, good-looking, obviously virile, and had shown a great sense of humor considering what he’d just been through. She had considered giving him her number before he checked out. Additionally, she was disappointed in Cynthia’s poor judgment. A little bit of pity was thrown into the mix, because she knew that Cynthia must be feeling like the world was ending at this very moment. She was of course shocked. No one in their right mind would expect to see this as they walked into an examination room. She was also confused. She wasn’t sure how to handle the situation, because if it had been any other nurse she would make sure the Hospital fired her. Cynthia had always been the cream of the crop, so to speak, though. She didn’t want to lose an excellent nurse for one error in judgment. She was also feeling something else though. She wasn’t clear on what the feeling was, until she looked at Jack’s naked chest and his now limp cock. She felt a tingling in her loins and realized that she was just as guilty as Cynthia for lusting after this man. Although she hadn’t let the lust take over as Cynthia did, she couldn’t be sure what would have happened if she’d been alone with him.

As Cynthia cleaned herself up at the nearby sink, the Doctor looked deep into Jack’s bewildered eyes. “How are you feeling Jack, ” she asked, offering him a weak smile.

“I’m fine. Uh…this isn’t entirely Cynthia’s fault.”

The doctor looked dismayed, but indicated for Jack to continue. “Well…it’s just that…well, you both are so beautiful that while you were tending to my arm, I was really nervous about looking at either of you for too long, for fear of certain thoughts entering my head that would get me…uh…aroused. I kept thinking about how embarrassing it would be to get an erection while you were both in here trying to help me. When you left and Cynthia started putting these white sticky things on me her fingers kept touching my skin and I couldn’t stop thinking about…well…what I kept trying not to think about…if you know what I mean. Next thing I knew I was lying down on the table with an obvious problem making this gown stick up. Cynthia was just trying to help me, and things got out of hand.”

Through the entire story, Valerie watched Jack’s shy eyes and flushed cheeks. She knew he was telling the truth, but it didn’t really matter. Cynthia still took advantage of a patient, and something had to be done.

Before Valerie looked over at the waiting Cynthia, her gaze crossed Jack’s still exposed penis. The story apparently had reawakened Jack’s arousal. He wasn’t completely erect yet, but was working his way to it. When her eyes met Cynthia’s she realized that Cynthia had noticed Jack’s current state as well.

To Jack she said, “Well, Cynthia, knows better than to take advantage of a patient.” Back to Cynthia she continued, “Don’t you?”

After Cynthia’s quiet nod, the doctor continued, “I don’t know what to do with you. I don’t want to get you fired, because quite frankly, you’re the best nurse I’ve ever had in the ER. But I can’t exactly pretend this never happened either. What’s worse, is that if I don’t report you, and somehow this gets out, we’ll both get fired, and Escort Isparta I could lose my license.”

“I’ll never tell,” came Jack’s reply, eager to keep the gorgeous duo out of trouble.

Valerie glanced at Jack, then back at Cynthia, then enlightenment hit her. “I have an idea, which if you’re both willing to go along with, will make me feel like I at least enacted some form of justice, and won’t require me to get my best nurse fired.”

Cynthia and Jack both nodded, but before they could voice their agreement, the Doctor said, “Not so fast. You haven’t heard my plan.” After a pause she laid it out for them, “I think the lesson to be learned here for you, Cynthia, is not to take advantage of a patient. So it seems to me that if Jack is willing to switch roles with you, it will let you know how vulnerable you can be when you’re on that table. If you’re willing to let me show Jack how to examine you, then I’ll just put something in your file about poor judgment, and we’ll never discuss this again.”

Cynthia was stunned by the Doctor’s request, but the thought of not losing her job, and the even more pleasant thought of Jack being her “nurse” brought her to an instant agreement. Jack jumped off the table and re-tied his gown, sporting a tented crotch once again, showing his eagerness to proceed as well.

Valerie told them to hold on a minute, while she made sure they wouldn’t be disturbed. She disappeared for several minutes, then returned, securing the curtain behind her. “OK, Cynthia, take off your clothes and put on one of those gowns.”

Cynthia was nervous undressing in front of both Jack and Doctor Carlisle, but finally removed everything and grabbed the robe that the doctor handed to her. Jack’s gaze lingered over her medium sized firm breasts, her slim waist, her smooth nether-lips, and her neatly trimmed dark blonde bush, resting just above her slit.

“Get up on the table and put your feet in the stirrups,” the doctor ordered.

Cynthia complied, and Doctor Carlisle wheeled two stools over to the stirrup end of the exam table. She sat on one and Jack sat next to her on the other. She enjoyed the closeness of Jack’s body and as she guided him in how to do a pap smear and everything else she could think of that would embarrass the naughty nurse, she reveled in every contact they made brushing up against each other in such close quarters.

After performing all of the humiliating tasks she could think of at that end, she decided to move things towards the other end. “I think it’s time for her breast exam, don’t you Jack?”

“Sound’s good to me Doctor,” Jack concurred with a grin.

“Please Jack, call me Valerie.”

Jack nodded in agreement, and they shared a smile as he and Valerie left their stools and Valerie prepared to show Jack how to perform a proper breast examination.

At first, Cynthia, thought it would be fun having Jack “examine” her. She didn’t realize just what Doctor Carlisle had in mind though. It was obvious that the doctor was doing everything in her power to degrade and humiliate her. And it was working. She was no longer aroused in any fashion, and in fact, was feeling more and more vulnerable as the examination progressed. With an apprehensive look on her exquisitely carved face, she followed the doctor’s orders and pulled the flimsy gown down to her waist. Once again, the doctor performed the examination, showing Jack what to do. It was apparent that Jack was not as eager to perform an examination, as he was to simply feel her breasts. He was massaging her breasts and pinching her tiny burgundy nipples in no time. To Cynthia, the contact felt good, but the venue was all wrong. She closed her eyes and pictured Jack leaning down to kiss and lick each nipple, and massage her breasts, in her bed at home, and she felt a little better. Before she could get into the fantasy though, Doctor Carlisle pulled Jack away with another task.

“Jack, there is one more part of this exam if you’re willing to perform it,” she said with a devilish grin. “Come back over here.”

Jack moved back over to the stool next to Doctor Carlisle, and waited while she ordered Cynthia to scoot as far down the table as she could. Jack gazed longingly at Cynthia’s smooth pussy lips, and was so entranced, he didn’t notice the doctor’s hand reach out to him. When Valerie grabbed a hold of Jack’s stiff cock, it surprised him, but when he looked into her deep hypnotic eyes, she licked her lips and nodded towards Cynthia’s pussy. He didn’t think twice.

Cynthia couldn’t see beyond her propped up legs, so she jumped when Jack’s damp tongue unexpectedly caressed her labia. After her initial reaction though, she simply grabbed hold of both sides of the table and prepared to enjoy the ride. She could feel his tongue slide up and down her moistening slit. Then she could feel him inserting a digit easily into her wanton tunnel and his tongue continued it’s up and down motions on her silky smooth lips. Finally she felt his other hand spread her lips, made a little more difficult with the new cast, and he exposed her clit. When she felt his tongue lap up her juices around her sensitive clit, her pelvis shot high into the air, and a grunt of arousal escaped her clenched teeth. As Jack’s tongue worked in furious circles around her clit and his finger plunged in and out of her sopping pussy, Cynthia felt tremors throughout her body.

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