Carnal Knowledge Ch. 04

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I return to my room, my legs jittery, and sweat trickling between my breasts. Images of the Bishop sucking Father Mathew’s cock flit through my mind. I quietly turn the knob to my room and push the door silently open. There before my eyes, legs splayed open and fingers deep inside her pussy, is Rebecca. I stop short, thinking I have gone one room too far. But as her eyes open and she looks at me with a naughty grin, I realize she has been waiting for me to return.

I snap the door shut behind me and quickly move over to the bed. As I sit on the edge, Rebecca pulls her fingers out from her pussy and scoots over to make room for me. With a contented sigh, I flop down beside her.

“How was it?” she asks.

Images again flash behind my eyes. “Erotic, sensual, dirty…”

“What was he like? The Bishop…”

Licking my lips, I say, “Yummy.”

Rebecca giggles and rolls over top of me. Her soft hair hangs down into my face, black curls slightly mussed from lying among the pillows. I can see her brown, perky nipples and the gentle curves of her breasts as they sway over me. “Let me taste,” she says, leaning forward. We kiss, as gentle as cotton candy. “Mmm, I can taste him. But you didn’t let him cum in your mouth, did you?” she teased. “I wish you had, so I could share.”

“No,” I whisper. “If you want to taste him, you’ll have to…” I lower my eyes. “…kiss down lower.”

Her eyes widen in surprise, which turned to evil pleasure. “You let him cum inside you?”

I could only shudder in response.

Rebecca’s hands move to my thighs, caressing me over my skirt. We begin to kiss, more passionately this time. Her tongue is hot and longing in my mouth, her lips strong and masterful. My body begins to respond to her touch. My fingers move into her hair and trail over the nape of her neck. She is moving toward my hips with her hand, seeking to find my panties. Her other hand is unbuttoning my blouse. When my breasts are exposed, she breaks the kiss and moves to my nipple. She pulls it deep into her mouth and sucks strongly. Instantly I feel tingling in my pussy.

I lift my hips and assist Rebecca to pull of my sopping panties. She continues to suckle my breast as her fingers move closer to my pussy. Her thumb finds my clit and she teases me gently. My knees part further and I push my hips into her hand. She breaks away from my breast and sprinkles kisses over my tummy, moving toward my wetness below.

“I can smell him,” she breathes. She moves her fingers to my opening, slowly slipping one inside. Withdrawing it, she moves it up to her lips and tastes. “I can taste him.” Suddenly her face is pressed into my sopping pussy. She thrusts her tongue deep inside me. I can feel her move it in and out as she laps up Bishop McGregor’s cum. Her fingers find my clit and she kneads it fiercely.

“Oh God!” I cry out softly, as an orgasm begins to build. Rebecca must feel it, and she picks up the rhythm. casino oyna Finally, I burst out in pleasure, adding more juices to Rebecca’s glistening face.

“I need some of his cum,” she whispers to me. “Come here.” She motions for me to sit up. She moves towards me, beginning to intertwine our legs. As she gets into the right position, our pussies are pressed together. Our pussies are kissing. I can feel the wetness of her pussy with the lips of mine. It’s slippery and sensual, and I nearly cum again.

Slowly, so slowly, we begin to grind our hips, our pussies gliding against one another. I can feel her inner folds, her clit, her wetness. Our breasts are pressed between us, our breath synchronized. We don’t kiss. We only pulsate.

I move my hands down her back and pull her hips tighter into me. My thighs are wet with our juices, making our grinding more fluid. Wet, slopping noises fill the room. Strong, sweet odors fill my nose. I can feel myself nearing climax. Our grinding becomes small, strong circles. Our clits are fondling each other’s. Our juices are flowing between us. Finally, Rebecca begins to shudder. I can feel her pussy lips tightening against mine, her thighs clamping tighter around my hips. As she throws her heads back and arches her spine, I feel myself cumming. My entire body shivers and spasms, and all I can do is hold onto Rebecca.

Finally, our breathing slows. We stay pressed together, our pussies shuddering and sopping wet. I take a deep breath of Rebecca’s hair. She gently strokes my back.

Some time later, we disentangle and crawl under the sheets. We sleep, spooned, until morning.


It is Saturday morning and I awake to a wet, hot mouth on my pussy. A tongue is working deftly on my clit and there are several fingers inside me. My nipples are erect and there is sweat beaded on my tummy. I can tell this has been going on for some time. Suddenly, I hear a quiet buzzing. Then a cold, hard object is pressed to my clit. Vibrations fill my pussy and I nearly cum. My eyes pop open and look into the wickedly grinning face of Rebecca.

“I though you might enjoy a little toy action,” she whispers, trailing the vibrator through my wet folds, toward my waiting pussy. I nod eagerly in return, then close my eyes again.

Rebecca moves the toy over my clit again, lightly tapping it. She trails it over my mound, then over my outer lips, teasing me. She likes to tease me. I then feel her hot lips on my clit, and she pulls it strongly into her mouth. The vibrator finds its way to my opening and she pushes it in partway, twisting it round and round. Then she breaks off her pussy-kiss and concentrates on violating me with the dildo. She pushes the tip further into me and I can feel its vibrations deep within. Soon nearly the entire toy is buried inside my pussy.

Now she begins to thrust the vibrator in and out, like a thick and eager cock. “You like that, you little slut,” she whispers. “You canlı casino dirty little girl.”

My breathing quickens. “Mmm-hmm,” I moan, beginning to rotate my hips in time to her thrusting.

All of a sudden we hear a sharp intake of breath, a choked off cry. My eyes fly open and I look to the door. Standing there is Sister Anne.

Rebecca turns sharply to see what I am looking at. She sits up, forgetting all about the vibrating toy lodge deep inside my pussy.

“Oh my God. Sister. We were…I mean, we didn’t…I shouldn’t…Oh god,” she says.

“No, you shouldn’t,” scolds Sister Anne, moving forward and closing the door. “You should never leave a vibrator unattended inside a wet pussy like that!”

We both stare at her, stunned. Rebecca moves away from me as Sister Anne approaches. The nun sits on the bed beside me and moves her hand toward my pussy. She takes the vibrator and begins to thrust it again. Motioning toward Rebecca, they begin to kiss. As the sister pumps my pussy, Rebecca undresses her slowly. Her soft, white breasts are exposed from inside her habbit and Rebecca leans down to take a nipple into her mouth.

Sister Anne slowly pushes Rebecca away and pulls the vibrator from my pussy. I whimper as I feel the tip pop from my tight opening. Sister Anne then moves to Rebecca and guides her to lay beside me. She spreads Rebecca’s legs apart and begins to stroke her clit with the toy. Rebecca’s hands move to my pussy and begin to play. I reach across and fondle Rebecca’s breasts. Soon, I can see Sister Anne thrusting the dildo into Rebecca’s pussy

Then Sister Anne pulls the vibrator from Rebecca’s pussy and thrusts it into mine. She pulls it out, and jams it back into Rebecca. She does this, over and over, slamming the vibrator into one pussy and then the next. My hand has found Rebecca’s clit and I am caressing it as she does the same to mine. Sister Anne is kneeling in front of us, her breasts swaying as she moves back and forth between our pussies. My pussy. Rebecca’s pussy. Mine again. My climax is building rapidly. I can feel Rebecca nearing orgasm as well.

“Cum, you little whores,” Sister Anne commands. “Sharing the same dildo, you dirty sluts. Sharing your juices? You like me pounding your pussies, don’t you?”

She then thrusts the dildo in and out of me several times. Turning to Rebecca, she pounds her pussy three or four times. While I’m waiting for her to return to me, I am in agony. Then the vibrator is back inside my cunt, slamming in, out, in, out, in, out.

My back arches sharply as Sister Anne tears the dildo out of my cunt and presses it hard to my clit. An orgasm rips through me.

Before my shudders end, she moves the toy over to Rebecca’s pussy. I can hear the slurping wetness and the vibrator slides in and out of her. Suddenly she is shuddering. “I’m cumming!” cries Rebecca. “Sister, I’m cumming!”

We lay in silence for a moment, with Sister Anne kneeling over kaçak casino us. Finally, she motions for us to sit up. She lays on the bed and spreads her legs. “Eat my pussy, Rebecca,” she commands.

Rebecca doesn’t hesitate, but moves forward and begins to suck noisily on Sister Anne’s pussy. I watch quietly, amazed at the vision before me. Rebecca’s tongue is sliding over the nun’s clit, flicking it and nuzzling it. She slips her finger into the glistening hole, gently moving it in and out.

“Come here, Angela,” the sister says to me. “Sit on my face.”

Puzzled, I stand on the bed over Sister Anne’s head, then kneel down with my pussy over her face. Suddenly Sister Anne’s tongue is probing my clit. Her hands move around and begin squeezing my ass. I can still hear Rebecca’s sloppy ministrations behind me as I begin to grind my pussy over Sister Anne’s mouth. Her tongue is now inside me and her nose is nudging my clit. I am so near another orgasm.

But I quickly pull myself off of Sister Anne’s face, turn around to face Rebecca, then lower my pussy back to the nun’s waiting mouth. My breasts into her stomach as I watch Rebecca eat the sister’s cunt. I reach forward and pull Sister Anne’s knees back, further opening her to Rebecca. Rebecca reaches for the dildo and suddenly thrusts it deep inside the nun’s pussy.

Sister Anne moans in pleasure, the sound muffled in my wet folds. I watch as the humming toy slides in and out, in and out. Rebecca picks up the pace and Sister Anne responds by quickening the pace of her tongue inside my pussy. I move my fingers down and begin to play with Sister Anne’s clit, fondling it and pressing it deeply. Rebecca leans forward and we begin to kiss. Occasionally we break the kiss and Rebecca sucks the nun’s clit deep into her mouth. I can taste Sister’s juices on Rebecca’s mouth, feel them on my fingers. Rebecca begins to fondle herself with her free hand, obviously wanting to cum with Sister Anne and I. Her hips are thrusting in time to her ministrations over the nun. I can hear her fingers, sloppy inside her own pussy.

Our breathing is ragged and our bodies are gyrating to each other’s attentions.

Quickly, Sister Anne slips her tongue out of my pussy and pulls my whole clit tightly into her mouth. I instantly cum, gushing hot fluid over Sister Anne’s face and neck. Then Sister Anne is grunting in orgasm and I can feel her body convulsing beneath me as Rebecca gives a few more thrusts of the dildo.

As she pulls the vibrator out of Sister Anne’s pussy, she lays back and slams it into her own. With a few rapid thrusts, she too is cumming wildly, spraying us with a hot spurt of fluid.

Almost shyly, Rebecca pulls the dildo out of her pussy and looks up at Sister Anne. The nun holds her hand out and Rebecca places the toy into it.

“I’ll be keeping this,” says Sister Anne as she stands. She begins to dress herself, throwing occasional glances at the two of us, who have now cuddled again under the blankets.

“Don’t sleep in too late, or you’ll miss mass,” she says briskly, then leaves the room.

Rebecca and I can only stare at the door as it closes.

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