Caroline and Mr. White – Part Four

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Caroline and Mr. White – Part FourThe next weekend after Mr. White had “helped” me with the chocolate chip cookies Jennie invited me to join her family on a picnic at a nature resort about a half hour’s drive from their house. Naturally, I gladly accepted. I thought it would be fun even if it was “just” Jennie and me being together. But of course I hoped that Mr. White and I would have an opportunity for at least a little kissing, and maybe more. I debated for some time about whether I should wear panties or leave them at home. In case there were any opportunities with Mr. White I didn’t want to waste time pulling my panties down and, perhaps even more importantly, trying to put them back on again in a hurry. On the other hand, I certainly didn’t want to risk having Jennie or Mrs. White notice that I didn’t have any panties on. I decided it would probably be okay with Jennie after all that we had done with and to each other and that I could try to be extra careful about how I sat when Mrs. White was around. I knew that she would never deliberately look at my legs so I just needed not to be careless when crossing my legs if she was glancing in my direction.Of course, by their nature picnics usually involve a lot of lolling on the ground which would make going without panties extra chancy but I was so excited that I decided to risk it. And besides, I really hoped that even if Mr. White and I didn’t find any opportunities to be alone that he would enjoy getting a glimpse of my nakedness beneath my skirt. Because I wasn’t wearing any panties I had to forego wearing a micro skirt and wore a mini instead, a little pink skirt that I thought made my legs look nice. I had on a white, scoop neck top which went well with the pink skirt.As our house was in the opposite direction from the nature preserve from the White’s house and as my mom said she wouldn’t need her car because she and my dad were going shopping together, I drove over to Jennie’s house, parked the car and went to their front door. Before I could ring the bell Jennie opened the door. We hugged and complimented each other on our attire. Jennie was wearing a very pretty pink top and extremely short, extremely tight blue shorts. The kind that generate a very noticeable “camel’s toe,” though I didn’t know that expression at the time. Jennie could tell from my Fikirtepe escort face that I was surprised that her parents were letting her wear such short shorts. “Dad was shocked when he saw me in them,” she said, “but mom told him that a girl with legs as pretty as mine should be allowed to show them off.”“Good for your mom. Dads can be so conservative about their daughters.”“Don’t I know it? Sometimes I think my dad’s a hundred years old he’s such an old fuddy duddy.”“No, Jennie, I think he’s really nice.”“Nice, yes, but if he had his way I would be wearing nothing but Mother Hubbard’s.”“Oh, I don’t think he’s that bad, Jennie, he’s just a dad.”We went on in to the kitchen where Mrs. White was finishing up the task of packing a picnic hamper. “Hello, Caroline, dear, we’re so glad you could come with us.”“Thanks, Mrs. White. That was very nice of you to invite me. My parents asked me to say hello for them and to thank you for taking me off their hands today so they can go shopping in peace.”“They didn’t really say that, did they?”“Well, no, only the part about saying hello and thanks. But I’m sure they were very glad to get some shopping done and then have the house to themselves for a while. Dad has been working on a lot of weekends lately so I’m sure they have a lot to talk about.”Mrs. White looked me appraisingly, as if she wondered whether I was speaking euphemistically, but she didn’t say anything. Mr. White came in to the kitchen just then and I had to control myself from gasping because he looked so handsome and I wanted him so much. He was wearing a sports shirt and khakis which sounds pretty mundane but he managed to make them look like a million dollars. Jennie and her mom barely noticed him, though, and continued putting things into the hamper while Mr. White and I said friendly but very correct hellos.As we walked to the car I was looking for an opportunity to let Mr. White see that I didn’t have any panties on. I hoped that he would enjoy the view and I thought that would put him in a good frame of mind. I got lucky because he opened the sedan’s back door for us. Mrs. White was behind the three of us and would have been able to see if I had shown anything so I quickly asked Jennie if she would mind if I sat on the other side, behind the driver. She said fine Sancaktepe escort bayan and after Mr. White closed the door for her and helped Mrs. White into the front seat he came around to open the passenger door on his side for me. I glanced quickly at Jennie but she was talking a mile a minute to her mom so, as I took my time getting into the car, I opened my legs with my pussy winking at Mr. White. I was sure he would be looking down at my legs. Sure enough he was. His eyes opened very wide and I think he mouthed, “Thank you” to me. I smiled at him, closed my legs and swung on around into the seat.During the drive Jennie and I gossiped about kids at school while Mr. and Mrs. White talked about slightly more serious subjects. The drive went by quickly and before too long we were at the park. Mr. White parked the car in the parking lot at the entrance to the preserve and we all began walking on the trails through the tall, shady trees. We walked for almost an hour, enjoying the sounds and glimpses of the many different kinds of birds. I wasn’t then and am not now good at remembering the names of birds, other than for eagles and owls and a few like that, but I have always enjoyed watching them. Jennie and I were in front of her parents, sometimes thirty or forty yards in front before we would slow down to let them catch up. I was hoping for opportunities to let Mr. White see under my skirt again but it was very difficult to do. At one point I noticed that Mrs. White had stopped to examine a plant while Mr. White had kept walking behind us. Fortunately for me we came to a bend in the path just then. As soon as were around it I lagged a half step behind Jennie and surreptitiously lifted the hem of my skirt in the back up to my waist. It was difficult to keep walking while holding up my skirt and keeping one eye on Jennie and one on the path behind me. I was thrilled when Mr. White came around the path, alone, and was obviously happy to see me. I held my skirt up for another second or two and then let it drop. Which was a good thing because Mrs. White came around the bend a second later. We seemed to me to be strolling aimlessly though pleasantly but in fact Jennie’s parents had been to the park many times before and knew of a secluded little clearing just off the path Escort üsküdar up ahead of us. They called out for Jennie and me to wait for them and then led us to the clearing. It was very pretty, with a small pond near by and the sound of running water from a brook which fed into the pond. We spread out the blankets and took the food and soft drinks out of the hamper. I discovered that I was actually quite hungry and had to restrain myself from tearing into the sandwiches and fried chicken that Mrs. White had packed. I avoided sitting down as long as possible, waiting to see where the others would sit so that I could try to be where Mr. White could see me. Or rather that part of me that I was especially anxious for him to see. It looked as if I was out of luck because Mrs. White sat right next to her husband. I was beginning to wonder how wise my decision not to wear panties had been because I knew that it would be difficult to avoid having parts of me showing. Just before I sat down, though, Mrs. White got up and came over to sit between Jennie and me saying that she hadn’t had much chance to chat with us. I thanked her and lay down on my side with my front facing Jennie and her mom and the back of my legs facing Mr. White, who had a clear view of my naked bottom and, depending upon how I shifted my legs, my pussy as well.I was so excited at exposing myself to Mr. White that I could barely pay any attention to the conversation. Jennie, fortunately, was in a non-stop talking mood and managed to keep her mom’s interest while I concentrated on providing an ever changing, even if only slightly changing, view to Mr. White. At one point I sat up to sip my Coke. From this position I was facing directly towards Mr. White with my legs spread fairly widely. Just in case my skirt was obstructing his view I reached down and pulled it up slightly to scratch an imaginary itch. With Mr. White’s eyes firmly fixed on my pussy I sneaked a glance at his crotch. He didn’t have a tent pole showing but it certainly looked to me as if he wasn’t indifferent to what he had been looking at, which made me feel very good.I lay back down and tried to participate more actively in the conversation with Jennie and her mom. I didn’t want her mom to generate any (well founded) suspicions. After we had finished eating the wonderful meal that Mrs. White had prepared Jennie said that she wanted to nap for a while. I said nothing. Mr. White then asked his wife if she would like to take a walk over to the brook that fed the pond. To my great delight Mrs. White said, “I’d rather stay here and take a little nap with Jennie but maybe Caroline will go with you.

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