Case 01.1 – Teresa

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These are a series of stories starting with women I have met in my life and adventures started. There are some embellishments to make the stories interesting. They start in the days well before cell phones but the memories are vivid. The women were real, some of the finishes were more than happened but why let the facts ruin a good story! All people were over 18 and so much fun.


One of Lucas’s friends was heavily involved in theatre productions and invited him to one of the plays the group was performing. One of them was Teresa, a short brunette with semi-wavy hair below her shoulders. The hair would toss from side to side since she always spoke with an excited voice and this gesture got to him. She had a small talking part in the play which she approached seriously and delivered with passion.

After the performance he went backstage and found her relaxed and showing her fun side as she joked and laughed. He had been scared to approach her at the bonfire but now felt more confident to talk to her, asking about the play and what she enjoyed.

Her figure wasn’t hourglass, but she had a good definition from her smooth hips to her waist and to her breasts which he guessed as a C cup. She wasn’t a magazine beauty, but he never went in for that type, enjoying her smile and the promise it carried.

A guy went past carrying his coat and they noticed several people leaving.

“We’re all going to the wrap party. Lucas, you should be a performer, with your timing and jokes. Why don’t you come along and get into this more?”

Her smile had a sultry look and he needed no more encouragement, walking with her to the director’s house nearby. Music was turned up and they danced between drinks. They also stopped for some adlib performances from past and future plays which spiced up the night.

After an hour, he pulled Teresa into the quiet hallway. He leant forward slowly, and she tilted her head to him. The kiss was gentle, and she tasted of fresh berries. Her arms went around his neck as she kissed back but it wasn’t as much as he wanted.

Lucas lifted one hand to caress her breast. She immediately grabbed the hand and pushed it back to her waist firmly.

“I’m sorry. That was rude of me. Feel free to knee me in the balls if it’ll help.”

The serious look on her face faded a little but she was still wary.

“I’m thinking about it. You probably deserve it but at least you were quick to apologise.”

“My hands stay here.” He patted her waist and back.

She looked a bit more relaxed and allowed more kisses, slow but not deep. He had almost ruined it with her; this was different than before.

Later, they heard approaching voices. Her sister (also in the play) was looking for her as they were going home. They went to get their coats and when Lucas finally found his, she had gone.

During the week he caught up with his friend and found there was another party at the theatre that weekend. He wrangled an invitation, so he could see her again.

The party at the theatre was underway when he arrived and looked around seeing Teresa at a table wearing a soft chiffon flower knee length skirt with a tight satin top. It sat on her body nicely and seemed to float over her breasts and hips as she moved. She rose and waved eagerly.

“What happened last week Teresa? After I got my coat you’d gone, and I didn’t know how to get hold of you.”

“We left too fast. I thought you went before me.”

“Let’s forget about that and enjoy tonight.”

It wasn’t deliberate but his failure to get her number had intrigued her. She had been shocked when he had touched her breast but later remembered the surprising warmth. She wanted to enjoy herself but not let things get carried away.

The music started, and they joined the other couples. He felt like he had two left feet compared to the way she could dance and vowed to start lessons. Later, the music changed to a slow number. Lucas looked to move back to the table, but she put her hands on his shoulders for the dance.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

She smiled up at him.


He held her waist confidently but didn’t hold her too tight and his hands stayed still. Soon the dance ended, and some lights came on. They walked back to the table and he asked her about the lights since the party wasn’t over.

“Oh, they’re going to show a small part of the next play. One scene and two dance numbers we’ve being practicing. Then back to the party.”

“Are you in it?”

“Not the scene but the dance numbers.”

“I’ll definitely enjoy watching that,” he grinned at her.

They watched the scene played out on the stage, actors in normal clothes without costumes or props. The lights dimmed, and she rose to go to the stage for the dance number. Before she left, she quickly kissed him on the lips. Suddenly she wanted to move for him and show off, an excitement in her step.

There were eight women dancing Anadolu Yakası Escort to a musical number, but he was only watching Teresa and her brunette hair swaying as she moved across the stage. There was a short break between numbers and Lucas looked up to the control box where two guys were moving the lights to highlight the dancers. He had always wanted to know how things work and climbed the steps, introducing himself but they didn’t have time to chat, letting him stay there and watch.

Teresa was in the background for the second number. Lucas waved from the steps and catching her attention and pleased to see she didn’t miss a beat in the dance. As soon as it finished the two guys shut down the lights and hurried down the steps looking to party. Lucas stayed where he was looking at the control panel and the other props around the room.

Before he realised it, Teresa appeared in the control room.

“What’s the fascination up here?”

“I was really curious how it worked, and I hoped to get a better view of you dancing. Which you do well. Do you want to go down and dance some more? Although I haven’t improved.”

“Ok maybe not yet.”

She grinned warmly, and her face had an inviting look. Lucas leaned to kiss her and moved them over a few steps, so they couldn’t be seen from the stairs. Her lips opened for the first time and her tongue moved nervously to his mouth. As her arms tightened around his neck, her short top lifted out from her skirt. Lucas rubbed her back and suddenly felt skin, lifting his hands inside her top across her bra strap.

He thought he was getting closer and moved his hands toward the front, but she stiffened. Moving up and down her warm back got a soft moan from her. The tongue kissing got more heated but after Christine, he was confused, hoping to get more progress.

Lucas stopped and took her back to the party, a warmer mood between them.

When the party finished he made to take her home. She collected her coat and pulled it around her against the cool night. He parked off the car outside a tall fence and tried to read her face. Her lips parted, and he leant towards her, meeting in a deep kiss. The console was between them and it was time to take a little risk.

“Teresa, sit up a little and I’ll come over there with you.”

She understood and lifted. His legs moved across the console to her seat and she sat back on his lap. The kissing got more passionate. Through her open coat he caressed her back again. He tried again to move his hands forward but felt her stiffen and stopped. After a few more kisses he pulled back and walked her to her house.

At the door she held him tight pushing her body against his and kissed him hard, her tongue sparing with his. He looked at her, trying to understand his failure to get more from her. The look back was nervous, and he realised she had less experience than he did.

“Will I see you again?” she asked.

“I’d like that. Let me organise something for Friday.”

She smiled in agreement, a slight sultry look as he left. She had enjoyed being with him and something about Lucas was scary and exciting, pushing her a little.

On Friday, Lucas too her to a play one of the professional companies was performing. She was neatly dressed in dark trousers and a rib neck top. The type that hugs a woman’s body like it’s one size too small and moulds over her breasts. It emphasised her generous curves and caught his attention as well as several other men in the theatre.

After the play they moved to a coffee bar and just talked and rubbed hands. At the car for the trip home, she kissed him, and her face had a mix of looks he liked but hadn’t yet learnt to recognise. She immediately pulled back to do up her seatbelt and the moment passed.

As they pulled up to her house, she quickly undid her door.

“It’s cold again Lucas. I don’t want to sit here tonight.”

He followed her up to her house, confused. But she opened the door and waited for him to come inside, leading him to the lounge with only a dim side lamp on.

“It’s cold outside but much warmer in her.” She pointed to the couch.

“What about your family?”

“They went to bed ages ago and the rooms is at the other end of the house. They won’t come in.”

He had seen a moment of desire on her face before. Would she go further tonight? He had fucked before but still didn’t really understand a woman’s looks or mood. But he realised how nervous she was as they sat down. He gently kissed her face and lips, letting the heat simmer. She placed her arms around his neck and pushed tighter. Lucas allowed himself to fall back on the couch, still kissing her. Her ribbed top had pulled out a little from the trousers. He loosened it to slide his hand over her skin. This was familiar to her and she enjoyed it, not stopping him when he pulled the rest of her top out of the trousers.

His hands warmed her skin and she decided to go further, she liked him, and he made Kadıköy Escort her excited. Lucas moved his hands forward and feeling no resistance, stroked the soft bra. Her boobs felt bigger than Christine’s and he loved hearing her soft moans. This felt incredible to Teresa and he seemed to know the right time to cup her breasts and rub them getting her nipples hard. She stopped and looked down at him, letting him lift her rib top up, then felt him undo her bra.

A moment of panic flashed on her face then vanished when he quickly reached under the open bra and held her firm naked breasts. The heat was intoxicating, and she urgently kissed him. He felt her move her hips against him until the kiss stopped and she was breathing very fast.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes. But this is more than I’ve ever done before. It’s hot but a bit scary.”

He was still nervous but knew he should take charge and make her feel good. One previous fuck did not make him an expert, just not so nervous about how to touch her.

“Teresa, you’re turning me on. We might do no more than this, but we should go slow. Do you trust me?”

His words relaxed her, and she nodded, then rose, letting him lift the top over her head and off, followed by her bra. How did he do the next bit?

His lips were warm against her neck, then he guided her up until her breast was over his mouth and he brushed against the skin, feeling the Goosebumps. He waited until she breathed deeply then captured a nipple, sucking hard between his lips.

Holy shit that felt good to her. She didn’t mind his hands moving to her bottom and pushing her groin against him while he kept sucking her tits. She wanted more of that but his cock against her was scary. Lucas went to slip his hands inside her trousers but felt her resist, so before she objected, he removed his hands and made to get up. She had to stand up with him and stood there looking curious and a bit relieved but also frustrated. He thought of one more trick to try.

“I’d better leave now Teresa. I’m enjoying this. More than I should. I’m so turned on by you, if I stay, I’d want more, and I don’t want to push you. I love your smile and I don’t want to see you pissed at me because I..”

“Because you?” She was curious and still feeling the passion.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this. Because I want to keep kissing you and caressing your great body all over.”

She was surprised at his boldness but enjoyed the compliment and flirted back.

“I wouldn’t mind.” She realised what she had said and reddened but couldn’t take it back. He quickly kissed her and let the thought linger in her mind.

“Maybe you don’t want me to leave yet either.”

She pushed Lucas back onto the couch, waited a moment, and sat on his knee. The kissing was even more passionate than before, the change had worked, and she had crossed a line in her mind.

He was soon caressing her breasts and they were just at the right height to be kissed with Teresa on his knee. Without realizing it her hips were moving on his lap to feel his cock more. As he kissed and licked her boobs, she relaxed, and he slowly lowered her to the couch.

When he sucked her hard nipple, she raised her chest up in pleasure and he took the opportunity to run his hand up the inside of her leg to stroke her pussy for a moment. Her legs clamped shut on his hand but with the pleasure she felt, they opened again. He kept up the erotic pressure on her boobs, also stroking her thigh and opening her legs.

This was much more than she intended doing but he seemed to know just how to touch her and it felt right when he moved between her legs, then pressing his cock against the top of her legs through their clothes. His lips moved from her boobs, leaving warm moisture then kissing up her neck and finally to her mouth. She moaned then kissed back hard. She didn’t realise when his hand reached between them but felt the surprise when he cupped her pussy, his palm stroking her.

“Lucas, I..”

“It’s alright. I know you’re a virgin and things are really hot, maybe too much.”

She looked nervous but so sexy. He sat back on his legs to look at her lying there. Reaching a hand forward he gently stroked a breast.

“Wow. I knew you had a great figure. I just didn’t realise you would look this good. Do you know how hot you are? How many guys would kill to see what I’m looking at?”

She smiled at the compliment but didn’t speak, wondering what was next. Lucas was so full of lust, just wanting to rip her clothes off and fuck her but had to think how to do this seduction.

He ran his fingers from her breasts gently across her stomach and down her legs. It wasn’t too pushy, so she relaxed and closed her eyes to enjoy the feeling. He used the other hand to remove his shirt. Then used both hands to play up and down her legs and chest, getting close to her pussy but not touching it. The teasing worked as she moved and lifted her hips. He kept up the movement and İstanbul Escort was now running his hand across her pussy each time then cupped it to feel the heat from her cunt and rub it. She gasped at the contact but didn’t stop or open her eyes. Lucas leaned down to kiss her breasts again and could feel his bare chest against her stomach. She opened her eyes in surprise, but the erotic feeling was too good for her to pull back.

He kept rubbing her cunt just feeling her pussy lips and clit through her trousers and knickers, feeling dampness against his hand.

He sat back on his knees still caressing her pussy and absorbing the heat now seeing more lust in her eyes than hesitation.

“Teresa, you.. this.. so hot.. so sexy. Do you know how turned on you’ve got me?”

She didn’t reply, just looked at his hand while he undid her zip. He moved both hands to her trousers and she lifted allowing him to slide them down. Why did she let him do that? But then he rubbed her pussy through her knickers and she moaned, closing her eyes. Lucas waited a moment then pulled her knickers off, stroking her legs and running his fingers softly through her pussy hair.

The heat was incredible and when he found her clit, she arched her back in bliss. He could see where he wanted to put his cock but held back the nervous desire to fuck her. He kept teasing her clit and slit with his finger, feeling her lips open slightly while her hips moved against him. Lucas undid his trousers and pushed them down, then opened a condom. Teresa looked at his erect cock, her eyes open in surprise and a little fear. She knew what could happen next, but he didn’t want to give her time to think, caressing her pussy lips and clit again until she relaxed back with the feeling.

Lucas kissed her stomach and moved up to her breasts, then her neck and finally her lips. He held himself over her with his cock brushing her cunt. He looked in her eyes and moved his cock against her slit feeling the lips open a little. She grimaced but held on as each movement let more of his cock inside her. She gripped him tightly and her face showed some pain.

“Teresa, that feels so tight but soft and warm. Are you alright to do more?”

“It’s big and maybe I shouldn’t but, oh shit, you’re so warm.”

He could see how nervous she was but felt her pussy soften and used the opportunity to push again feeling her tight folds open until he felt resistance. He kissed her and then with another push, her cherry opened letting him in deeper. She gripped him hard and moaned into his mouth then gasped in surprise. Lucas was so full of lust, he kept pushing until finally he was fully inside her cunt. This time it felt so different.

Her arms relaxed, and she lifted her knees allowing him to pull back slowly and then push into her again. With each thrust, her pussy got wetter and she encouraged him more and more. Then her legs wrapped around him as lust took over. He fucked her faster, knowing he couldn’t hold back for long.

“Teresa, I’m going to come now. So good, so good.”

Then he was pulsing inside her filling the condom with cum. He fell onto her as the orgasm passed but could feel her still moving. She was still turned on and he wanted to make her come, pulling out and used his fingers to play with her clit. Her eyes flared and then narrowed in concentration. Soon she clamped his hand against her cunt as an intense look came over her face and he realised she was coming. As it washed over her, she released his hand and fell back on the couch.

After a few minutes she looked up with a huge smile.

“That was fantastic. So that’s an orgasm. Wow. I was scared but not now. You were getting me so hot, I couldn’t stop. Thanks.”

“Mmmh. I wanted you when I first saw you. And it was bliss to be inside you, inside your warmth.”

They grinned in mutual pleasure and got dressed, parting with a soft kiss and agreeing to meet tomorrow.

On the drive home he realised how exciting it was to take a virgin, to feel her give it up and surrender to the wildness he’d seen in her. It was different than his first fuck and not just her body. He had learnt a lot from Teresa tonight.

Next night he was greeted with a warm smile and large hug. She had good memories of last night, pushing her body hard against him. He realised she had been thinking about sex as much as he had and was turned on but in a different way.

At the movies she held his hand and as the lights dimmed, placed it on her leg and guided it up and down. He caressed her inside leg as the movie started. This was too much teasing for her and she moved his hand onto her pussy. He saw lust in her eyes while her legs opened, and her pussy got warmer.

“Neither of us is watching the movie. Let’s leave now and find somewhere quiet.”

She breathed deeply and nodded, knowing what she wanted. They left the dark theatre racing back to the car. She kissed him and pushed her boobs against him for a moment then parted.

“We need somewhere quiet, but we can’t go back to my home yet.”

“I know just the place for us.”

He drove a few minutes to the university gym car park. It was at the end of a residential street with no other cars, and dark. He parked behind some bushes for better privacy.

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