Cassie’s Love Ch. 04

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The first stop was to pee, of course, because Hector and Cassie both had to go at last, courtesy of that nice breakfast that they got from Trevor and Jamie. All that orange juice now went through the twins like crazy. They both had to hurry up and get to the single public restroom at the stop, which they decided to share. Hector, being the gentleman that he was, let Cassie use the toilet first, after which Hector let his own stream flow.

“It’s almost as if we had been having sex, isn’t it, Sis?” Hector chuckled, while washing his hands, as he teased his twin … and lover.

“Well, who have you been cheating on me with while I slept, fucking Aphrodite?” Cassie stuck out her tongue at Hector, and then mooned him for kicks.

“Just for that,” Hector slapped Cassie’s bare bottom, causing her to twerk against him.

“You want this? You want to fuck me now, your own twin sister, in a public restroom while others might be waiting with full bladders and growing tempers? Let’s do it, Bro. Let’s fuck right here!” Cassie invited him to his surprise, bending over the sink with her ass showing now and her lacy silk panties down.

“Don’t you mean ‘make love, ‘ Sis?” Hector kept up the teasing as he prepared Cassie with his fingers.

“No, I mean, fuck! I got a crazy idea … We don’t know if we’ll make this trip alive … why not do something that we’ve never really considered. You want to stick it in my ass? I can think of no more intimate act and we’ve got plenty of wipes available,” Cassie suggested.

“Are you serious?” Hector reacted with shock.

“Sure, why not? Don’t tell me you haven’t thought of it, either. Can you?” Cassie rubbed her buns against Hector’s dick to make her point.

“So, you want to give me your anal cherry?” Hector smiled now as he began lubing up carefully and using his fingers to prepare her backdoor.

“No, I figured that I would give it away to the Pope!” Cassie giggled as Hector stuck a third finger up her tush.

“Just Kayaşehir Escort for that,” Hector inserted his cock a little faster than he otherwise would, though he then slowed down to let his sister adjust to his dick inside her.

“Oh, fuck, Bro! I don’t usually go for this kind of rough sex, but once in awhile, maybe during my monthly, this would be great!” Cassie began to push back at Hector with her now filled and deflowered asshole.

“It is very nice and tight, I must say, not that you’re exactly loose anywhere else, either,” Hector punned on Cassie’s faithful reputation as well as her tight twat.

“Cute, but so are you, even if you are shoving your cock up my poor, virgin ass!” Cassie taunted him a little more, knowing that he could dish it back out as well as take it.

To be honest, yes, it hurt a bit, especially at first, and even with some lube. It was the first time that Cassie had taken more than a few fingers or sex toys back there. Even so, there was pleasure in the pain, more pleasure in the sense of new intimacy, the awareness that Hector now knew her literally inside and out, that she had denied him nothing and shared everything with him, and most of all, pleasure in being wilder than usual. Cassie normally preferred more romantic, lovemaking kinds of sexual intercourse, but this was an exception to that rule, a moment where they could be wild and naughty, especially given the public venue … was she discovering new aspects to her sexuality? If so, that was a GOOD thing, wasn’t it?

Sure enough, there was eventually knocking at the door, so Hector and Cassie had to wrap things up a bit. They didn’t wish for an incident that might lead to their arrest. They just wanted some kinky fun in a public restroom, in this case, their first anal congress. Cassie, in fact, squirted as she realized how close they came to being caught, and Hector now saw no point in holding back, so he exploded in her colon. He pulled out and wiped off Kayaşehir Escort Bayan in a hurry, washing his hands, after which she did hers, and they opened the door to let in a redneck who quickly figured it out and gave them both a knowing wink.

“That was totally worth the pain of squirming while I waited to piss, you guys. I bet that you still have his cum inside you, don’t you?” Al, the customer’s name according to his work uniform, laughed now.

“Yes, and it’s in my ass!” Cassie stuck out her tongue as she followed Hector back to the store section to buy some snacks.

Cassie didn’t mention it, but actually, she enjoyed feeling her brother’s slimy load back there. It reminded her that everything of hers belonged to Hector and everything of his was hers as well. They were really one and the same in some ways, though still distinct enough in others. Frankly, they believed that they were “twin souls,” at least that was what Cassie called it and it made sense to Hector. They were one soul split into two, and they always hungered to be together again, the severed soul restored at last. In such cases as theirs, there was an inherent special bond that existed for no one else. They had their own little world to which no one else belonged.

“Did you see the look on that guy’s face as I said that you put it in my butt? He just about had a stroke!” Cassie snickered as they grabbed some fountain drinks, hot dogs, and nachos.

“Well, until just about two or three decades ago, sodomy was a crime here in Texas. That Supreme Court decision overturned the law and made it possible for loving couples like that to practice Greek love as we just did,” Hector pointed, “Obviously, some folks are still adapting to the changes, decades later.”

“You know, it’s not my main kink or anything, but I won’t rule out more sodomy in our future. It’s not strictly ‘exit only, ‘ anymore, Bro. Just make sure to keep it within reason, at the right time and place, Escort Kayaşehir and with lots of lube!” Cassie whispered seductively in Hector’s ear.

“I’ll bear that in mind, Sis. Your pussy is still my favorite sweet spot, though. Still, great first for us. I love that I have all of your cherries now, but then, who else would get them? Ready to pay up and hit the road?” Hector asked his twin.

“God, yes! I’m so fucking ready to drive, too! It is my turn to drive, right?” Cassie asked her brother.

“Of course it is! Speaking of which, what do you think of pegging?” Hector chuckled at the quizzical look on his sister’s face.

“You’re joking, right? My twin brother doesn’t want me to sodomize him, does he?” Cassie snickered as she took the wheel.

“Maybe … what’s good for the goose and all that. I’d be open to it, as long as you used enough lube and started slow. Give you a taste of what it’s like for me and vice versa. Think about it, Sis. It’s not like I want you to do anything really wild. It’s just a piece of plastic attached to your hips and going into my ass, hitting my prostate. Give it some thought. I know that I have, ever since I pounded your cute booty. You like my ass a lot, anyway,” Hector reminded her.

“Well, for you, Bro, I’ll consider it. I just don’t want to hurt or humiliate you. But if you really want it, I’m willing to look into it,” Cassie winked at him as she pulled out, “If you’re serious.”

“I am. I’m actually thinking hard about it,” Hector punned.

“Thinking hard, are you? Didn’t you just butt-fuck me? That’s a quick recovery time, Bro!” Cassie giggled as she turned on the radio to listen to some Culture Club … sure it was really old music now, but who was counting? Boy George was timeless…

“Come on, sing with me, Bro! Do you really want to hurt me?” Cassie began singing along.

“Do you really want to make me cry?” Hector chimed in.

Open road, golden oldies, and the sweet, passionate love affair with each other, not to mention some weed and snacks … did it get any better than this, the twins thought in tandem as they drove, ate their junk food, drank their sodas, and lit up a nice joint for a good high … on the roads like this, who would even care? It wasn’t like booze, after all.

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