Catching my wife, Part 8

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Catching my wife, Part 8The video resumed with my wife’s’ face on the floor, facing the camera, her ass in the air, Connie holding a glass butt plug in one hand and playfully fingering my wife’s wet center with the other. “I don’t use lube” Connie said to my wife, using a very strict tone, “you will learn to accept whatever you receive from me. I will, however, allow you to utilize your own cunt-drool, since you seem to have an abundance of that available.”Connie then placed the tip of the glass bulb against my wife’s pussy and roughly rub it up and down, and side to side. My wife’s grimaces told the story. “Are you sure that you’re an anal virgin?” questioned Connie.”Mmmm, hmmm” was all that my wife could say.Connie then leaned down and spit on my wife’s asshole, perhaps in an attempt to provide additional lube or perhaps to demonstrate my wife’s status with this humiliating gesture.”Your own cunt-drool might be best here” stated Connie. “Do you want me to coat the plug completely?””Yes, Please” begged my wife.Connie then roughly thrusted the entire glass plug DEEP into my wife’s pussy, as far as the base would allow, emanating a loud gasp from my wife. Connie then began an in-and-out thrusting motion as my wife began to pant, lost in lust.”That’s enough for you” announced Connie, as she withdrew the plug, my wife’s creamy juices clearly visible on the glass invader as Connie raised it up for the camera. Connie then lined up the tip of the plug with my wife’s anal ring and applied steady pleasure. The look one my wife’s face was a mix of reluctance, surprise, intense pain and finally relief, followed by ecstasy, as her tight anal ring allowed acceptance of the thick, round object, ultimately accepted the plug’s girth, and then closed tightly around it’s thinner base.  “Up on your knees” Connie ordered, not even allowing my wife any time to get accustomed to her new feeling.My wife did as she was told and Connie produced a pillow. “Kneel on this” Connie said. “You may be here awhile.”Connie exited the camera’s view to the left and then a naked guy, seen only from the chest down, walked on from the right, hand around his cock. He offered his cock to my wife, who gratefully accepted it’s length. He placed his hands on her head as my wife sucked him harder.”Get it good a wet” he could be heard saying. He withdrew and seemed to head off in the same direction as Connie. A second guy followed the first and waked canlı bahis up to my wife. She took his length into her mouth as the sounds of Connie and the first guy, obviously fucking, could clearly be heard. The second guy, in my wife’s mouth, placed his hands on the back of her head and began throat-fucking her. My wife was gagging and her eyes filled with tears, yet he was relentless. I did notice that my wife seemed to maintain eye contact with him as he trusted into her throat… even as my wife’s eyes filled with tears, her makeup ran and she fought her gag-reflex… yet she always looked up at the guy pushing his cock into her mouth. Her spittle now dribbled from her chin. She didn’t even look like my wife. She looked to be some pathetic whore at that moment. I both felt sorry for her and loved her at the same time. The first guy, who was fucking Connie, sounded as though he came. The second guy, throat fucking my wife, pulled out and headed toward Connie to resume where the first guy had just been. The first guy then appeared, on camera, his cock limp and full of a sticky mixture. He offered his cock to my wife who greedily took it into her mouth. She licked and sucked him clean. The first guy seemed to get hard again and he stayed in my wife’s mouth until the second guy, audibly still fucking Connie, came as well. The second guy then appeared in front of my wife and she took him into her mouth and repeated the cleaning process. Connie also appeared and helped lay my wife on her back, her legs spread toward the camera. Her pussy was noticeably wet and dripping, the butt plug base subtly apparent between her butt cheeks.. that is, until Connie and one of the guys lifted my wife’s legs up and back, her knees brought up to her chest. Connie then straddled my wife’s head, lowered down and placed her dripping pussy over my wife’s mouth. Connie’s hands were wrapped around each of my wife’s ankles as she held my wife open. The first guy then knelt down and began fucking my wife’s very open pussy while the second guy roughly pulled at my wife’s nipples and slapped her breasts. When the first guy came inside my wife, they changed places and entered and fucked my wife hard as the other guy abused her breasts… all as my wife continued to eat out Connie’s pussy. This scene played out for what seemed like along time…. My wife licking Connie’s well-fucked and cum filled pussy, as the two guys fucked her bahis siteleri relentlessly.It’s then that Connie cleared her throat, bringing our attention to her, as opposed the pre-recorded action playing on the TV, and pointed to my very had cock laying on my belly.”Lick it wet for me” ordered Connie to my wife. My wife immediately took my length into her mouth and spit and slobbered to get me wet.”I want it in my asshole.”Once I was sufficiently wet, My wife held my erection straight up and Connie straddled me, facing my feet. She lowed herself and with my wife’s help holding and guiding my cock, got me into Connie’s tight ass. Once I was inside, Connie leaned forward, holding each of my ankles, and began an up and down humping that was driving me out of my mind. I’m not sure what was more exciting… fucking Connie’s ass OR that my wife actually guided me into Connie’s ass? Either way, I was getting close and Connie knew it. My wife simply sat there, looking at Connie humping up and down on my cock and smiled. She eventually reached out for me and our eyes met.”Ever had something like this before” Connie asked, in a rhetorical fashion. I didn’t even respond as I actually had no words.”Ever experience this with your wife” she asked, in a more persistent line of questioning.”No” I grunted out, “Never””Well, wait till you see the video of last night” Connie teased…. “Your wife took cocks in her ass just like this!”My wife now blushed profusely. With that mental image in my head, and the way that Connie’s anal ring was gripping my cock, and Connie’s final drop, all the way down on my cock, I sprayed my cum DEEP into Connie’s rectum! She gave me only a second to realize what she had just said when she leaned forward and lifted off of me.”Clean me” Connie yelled.My wife obediently knelt down and lapped at Connie’s dripping asshole. I was completely without words and in a haze. I then found myself reaching out for my wife’s body…. and I gently stoked my wife’s lower back…. letting her know that I was there.. that I supported her and her needs… that I loved her.At that moment, just after I had shot my cum deep up into Connie’s rectum and as my wife tenderly licked Connie’s messy anal opening, I loved my wife more than I had ever. I gently stoked her lower back, my then fingers trailing over the red welts, still clearly visible from last night’s activities. I then ran my fingers around and up her inner bahis şirketleri thigh. She was on all fours, head leaning down to lick at Connie’s still upturned ass, her thighs beside my torso and her calves near my head. I continued to lightly and lovingly stroke her thigh… her inner thigh… I then found my fingers traveling to the source of the heat emanating from between. My fingers easily found her still-sticky folds. I had licked at this sticky, intimate spot earlier today, while Connie had sucked my cum out of my hard cock. I had tasted my wife as she had never tasted before. I somehow loved the thought that another cock.. perhaps several other cocks, had filled up my wife’s pussy. That other men had found my wife as attractive as I did… that they got hard, that they entered her intimate opening, that she had been a slut… a whore. I somehow found this more exciting than ever…. I easily slipped two of my fingers up into my wife’s wetness. I felt the bed shift as Connie moved around and away from her earlier position between my knees.”See, my dear” Connie said softly, as she leaned down to whisper into my wife’s ear. “He accepts you… he accepts and loves the slut you have become. I told you he would.”Connie took my limp cock into her hand and smiled down at me.”Now she’s going to lick you clean” Connie said with a smile. “Perhaps you will return the favor?””Yes” I agreed “Of course… but what about these red welts on her ass?” asking about my wife, as though she weren’t even there, and really wanting to know the details.”Obviously from last night” Connie replied with a hint of a smile. “A test of her pain threshold…. she did better than I would have imagined. Would you enjoy seeing that video as well?””Yes” I responded, not really sure if I wanted too or not. “I would.””Okay then” Connie replied “But first things first.” Connie touched my wife on the shoulder and simply added:”Swing your leg over him” said Connie to my wife “Lick him clean of my ass juice… as he tastes the new you.”My wife repositioned herself and soon was lowering her roughly used pussy to my waiting mouth. As she settle down on me, she wrapped her lips around my wet, cum covered cock that had just pulled out of Connie’s ass. I licked and lapped at her very smooth, yet very red, swollen, cum filled pussy. The more I licked, the more I realized that it turned me on a great deal to taste my wife as the whore that she now was. This erotic 69 continued until my wife explained that she was getting tender. I, on the other hand, felt fully energized.”Ready for the week 3 video?” asked Connie, but already knowing my response.To Be Continued….

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