Cathay’s Religious Experience Ch. 01

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My grandparents were in Florida until the holidays, so when I pulled into the driveway of the big farmhouse, I was surprised to find a pair of cars already in the driveway. The black Lexus I recognized immediately as my aunt Bethany’s, a gift from her husband Martin, but the owner of the red Chrysler was a mystery. The merest thought of Bethany being here sent the blood rushing to my cock as I remembered our last encounter at her daughter’s wedding.

I parked my Beemer behind the Lexus and, adjusting my growing cock, I grabbed my weekend bag and laptop and headed into the house to change into my trunks for a quick dip in the pool, before I got to work on my column. To my surprise, the house seemed empty except for a empty pair of wine glasses and a bottle of Chardonnay on the dining room table. I was also surprised to find lipstick on both glasses.

“Bethany, you dirty girl what are you up to,” I said to myself as a naughty smile crossed my face. Setting my bags down, I pulled off my shirt and set about searching the house for my horny aunt and her girlfriend.

As I climbed the stairs, I was greeted by the unmistakable sound of Bethany’s impending orgasm. Bethany was a screamer and a foul mouthed one at that. In fact, we were nearly caught in flagrante delicto in the coat check room of the banquet hall during her daughter’s reception when I slid my cock out of her pussy and quickly stuffed it into her ass. After a few seconds of pushing, I slid into the hilt taking her anal cherry in one quick thrust. Already on the edge, the feel of my 9 inch cock filling her tight ass sent her completely over and without warning she screamed “OH FUCK YES!” at the top of her lungs.

I heard the music stop and I just managed to get my hands over her mouth to stifle her moans as she convulsed through a series of orgasms that lasted almost 5 minutes, after which she collapsed to the floor with my cock still embedded deep in her ass and her gown torbalı escort bunched around her waist. She looked back at me and between gasps she managed “Are you ever gonna cum, I want your jizz in my mouth when we toast the happy couple.”

Always happy to oblige my gorgeous aunt, I jackhammered her ass until I felt my seed welling up at the base of my cock. Pulling out, I flipped her over and slid my aching cock in between her lips, coming in torrents the moment her tongue slithered across the underside of my cockhead. She slurped up every last drop and showed me the pool of my sperm on her tongue while she slid her dress back into place. I took my time getting dressed and arrived back in the hall in time to watch her raise her glass to her daughter and new son-in-law. She stared me straight in the eye as she drained the glass and swished it around in her mouth before swallowing and licking her lips.

I reached the door at the same time Bethany reached her peak. Luckily the house had shifted on its foundation and none of the doors fit correctly in their frames. A slight push in the right spot and the door slid open and I was treated to a glorious sight. A tall slender black haired woman was desperately trying to keep her face buried in between Bethany’s legs as she thrashed through another of her titanic orgasms. By no means a small woman, Bethany was a good 140 lbs, wore a size 12 and was well built, muscular but not ripped and sporting a tremendous pair of D cup breasts.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she shouted, her hands clawing and slapping at the black haired woman’s ass, leaving bright red hand prints and claw marks on the tan globes. “Lick my cunt, Cathay, don’t stop. Please don’t stop. OOOOooohhh FUCK!”

Cathay? Did she mean aunt Cathay? Nah, it couldn’t be. Cathay was a devout Southern Baptist. She wouldn’t even kiss another woman, much less tongue fuck one like a depraved gonzo porn star, and her urla escort own sister-in-law to boot. She couldn’t, could she? My cock, already hard, surged to previously unknown proportions and struggled painfully to escape the khaki camp shorts I wore.

I hurried to comply with my cock’s commands and divested myself of the confining garment. The shaft stood straight out from my stomach and looked harder than I had ever seen it. It bobbed up and down in time with the rapid beating of my heart and the head was a large purple ball that drooled precum. I didn’t touch it for fear that the slightest contact would send ropes of cum flying across the room.

Bethany’s orgasm subsided and she immediately took control, pulling Cathay down onto her face and attacking her cunt with a vengeance. Bethany possessed a single minded desire to make her partner cum as violently as possible as many times as possible, a fact which I had experienced on more than one occasion since the wedding. My balls contracted against my shaft as she turned that depraved drive on her sister-in-law. Her talented tongue slid back and forth across Cathay’s cunt like an out of control adder, first slipping deep into her hole only to reemerge moments later, widening to slither up her cunt to suck on Cathay’s engorged clit.

Cathay sat upright, grinding her cunt onto Bethany’s face in a desperate attempt to increase her pleasure. “OhMyGod Bethany. Where did you learn to do this?”

Cathay leaned forward, letting her hands rest on Bethany’s tits. She mauled the twin globes mercilessly pulling the nipples hard enough to make Bethany grunt into Cathay’s wet pussy.

Bethany retaliated by slapping Cathay’s ass hard. Cathay yelped like a naughty teen receiving a spanking from her daddy. “Yesss,’ she hissed through clenched teeth, pulling even harder on Bethany’s tits,” Spank me harder, slut. Fuck me with that tongue.”

What was going on? buca escort What kind of sexual demon had inhabited my formerly prim and proper aunt? The sight of my aunt, the Sunday school teacher and librarian, writhing in ecstasy atop my own personal sex goddess was almost too much to bear. A large drop of precum oozed out of the head of my penis and fell to the floor with a wet splat. With a supreme effort of will, I refrained from touching my engorged cock, this was too good to miss. Besides, I had special plans for this load, plans I’m sure my horny aunt would find amusing.

Bethany battered her sister-in-laws ass, raining blow after blow on the tan cheeks, as she continued her assault on Cathay’s clit. She took Cathay’s hand and guided it between her legs. Cathay took the hint and began to rub her clit furiously. Her orgasm started slow, her breath coming in short staccato bursts as she ran her free hand through her long black hair and moaning in a deep growl. Going from first to overdrive, Cathay’s body began to convulse, her abs clenching and releasing as the coming climax took control of her body. It happened in a split second. Cathay’s entire body flexed, every muscle strained to the limit as the electric impulses from her overstimulated cunt overwhelmed her body.

Bethany slid her tongue into Cathay’s ass, who responded instantly. Sucking in a lungful of air, Cathay’s mouth worked silently as she continued to work her clit. “Oh oh, oh, oh, oh FUCK!” Cathay fell forward onto Bethany’s stomach where she lay in a twitching heap, muttering a string of curses as the last of her orgasm coursed through her body.

I decided I had been silent long enough. Stepping into the room, I began clapping. “Very nice, very nice.” I said.

Cathay, if she hadn’t been thoroughly spent, would have shot off the roof. “Oh dear God, Patrick. This isn’t what it looks like.”

Bethany snorted, but I cut her off with a look. I wanted Cathay to feel ashamed, for a little while anyway. Dirty sex is the best sex, I always say.

“Yes it is, Cathay. You were having hot lesbian sex with your own sister-in-law, and now, ” I said with a lecherous grin on my face, ” you are going to be fucked by your own nephew.”

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