Caught Red Handed

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James hadn’t meant to, he’d just been looking through his roommate’s old videos for something to watch when he’d come across an unmarked one. Curiosity consumed him and even though he tried to ignore it, it would stay off his mind. It was probably something he didn’t want to look at, or he might be something he really did… his roommate – Dan – was bisexual. The tape could be of anything… maybe even just his high school graduation. Or it could be of something interesting… something intriguing.

He’d always wondered about gay sex. It wasn’t something that he’d ever tried, he’d gone through high school and most of college without ever experimenting. But sometimes he just… wondered. What was it like, how was it different… was it different even? Probably. He couldn’t imagine it not being different, that was pretty contrasting genitalia. Two days passed, he talked to Dan normally, didn’t bat an eyelash… but every time he saw his roommate he couldn’t help but think about that tape.

Finally he couldn’t take it any more. Sure, curiosity killed the cat – but people always forgot the rest of the saying “and satisfaction brought it back”. Well he was going to have his curiosity satisfied. So when Dan left to go out with some friends to a club James went back into Dan’s room and found the video again. The only TV in the house was the one in the main room, but Dan always stayed out for a long time, so as long as he was quick then it wouldn’t matter.

Pressing the Play button, he sat back with the remote and fast-forwarded through the obligatory minute of Sakarya Escort no film… and then there it was. On screen, Dan and one of his ex-boyfriends, setting up the camera and then stepping away and kissing. They were already naked and their cocks were hard. Ok, so James had seen other guy’s dicks on occasion, but he’d never seen another guy hard… there was something really erotic about it as he watched Dan and Tim press against each other. No tits, no pussy… although they both had nice asses, and yet he could feel himself starting to get hard as Tim worked his mouth down Dan’s body to his dick.

When Tim actually swallowed Dan up – as Dan looked at the camera and smiled, one of his hands on the back of Tim’s head – James could feel his dick springing up inside his pants. No girl had ever completely swallowed his dick, and they seemed to be satisfied with just fisting the last part of it… but he’d always wanted one of them to totally swallow him. Tim bobbed his head up and down on Dan’s tool, coating it with saliva as Dan moaned and humped his groin against Tim’s mouth. James could see his ass cheeks tighten every time his hips went forward.

Wetting one finger in his mouth, Tim’s hand went underneath Dan’s balls and between his legs; as Dan went up on his tiptoes with a cry of pleasure, James realized that Tim must have his finger in Dan’s ass. Unable to help himself any longer, James released his aching dick from the confines of his jeans. He’d never considered himself really truly attracted to guys – ok so he noticed when another Adapazarı Escort guy was good looking, but he didn’t REALLY want to go over and hit on him or anything. It had just been a curiosity thing, and wondering thing… but now, watching, he was feeling really turned on. And he was wondering what it would be like to actually do these things and not just watch them.

He’d always heard that with homosexual couples there was one person who was more dominant and one who was more submissive. That definitely seemed to be the case with Dan and Tim, and Dan was definitely the more dominant one. Tim blew him and sucked on his balls until Dan pulled him up and kissed him hard before pushing him back onto the bed; he fell back grinning with his dick pointing straight up in the air. James fisted his own dick as he watch Dan rub his hands over Tim’s body, kissing and sucking on his nipples before coming down and licking along the length of his dick. Although he sucked Tim for a few minutes, it was obvious that this wasn’t going to be the main event.

Picking up a bottle off the nearby night-stand, Dan poured something into his hand and then started rubbing it over his hard cock as Tim watch, fisting his own dick in excited anticipation. James realized what was about to happen, and he groaned with excitement as Dan lifted up Tim’s legs and lined his dick up with his asshole. He was breathing heavily as he watched Dan slowly press his dick into Tim’s ass, Tim’s dick jerking in response to the invading weapon. The guy’s head fell back onto the bed Serdivan Escort and his grip on his dick tightened as Dan pressed inward, slowly but firmly.

James continued fisting his dick, but ran his other hand down to his ass where he pressed gently against the crinkled hole, running his dry finger around the outside of it. Hissing out his breath, he jerked as his the unexpected exciting sensations made his dick twitch. His finger continued to make little circles around his anus as he watched Dan start to pump in and out of Tim’s. Tim encouraged his boyfriend, pleading for it harder and faster as Dan moved slowly but confidently; Dan’s hands moved up and down the other man’s body, rubbing and caressing him as he jerked himself off.

Finally Dan started to pick up the pace, Tim’s hand moving faster in response, and then so did James’ as the two men fucked each other, grunting with pleasure. Tim came first, his face ecstatic as Dan pillaged his backside, thick white cum sprayed out of his dick and onto his stomach and chest as he cried out. With a painful looking thrust, Dan bellowed his own climax and James could just imagine the load disappearing up into Tim’s dark hole. Jerking and crying out on his own, James’ cum sprayed upwards onto his shirt and slid over his hand and dick.

Panting, his eyes were glued to the screen as the two men kissed, Dan still buried in Tim’s backside. With a gentle tongue, Dan licked all of the cum off of Tim’s body before withdrawing from his hole; Tim moaned a little as he was emptied and James could see cum starting to leak from his ass. With a gentle finger, he pressed against his anus again.

“Would you like to find out what it’s really like?” asked a quite voice from the doorway. James gasped and his head whipped around to see Dan standing in the open doorway, watching him touch his anus.

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