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Subject: C’est La Vie! 4 This is the fictional memoir of a gay man, told in the first person. Some of the stories in this series are based on actual experiences, usually embellished a lot, as well as completely fictional ones. They depict sex between consenting adult males. If this offends you, do not read them. These are my stories. Please respect the copyright. If you enjoy them, let me know at ail. Please Contribute fty and keep this wonderful resource going! In the previous chapter, C’es La Vie! 3, I described answering an ad on a college message board and hooking up with Jason, a handsome grad student who started introducing me to gay sex. My Gay Life: 1978, My First Gay Bar About an hour later, I woke up, needing to piss. So I gently got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. When I got back to the bedroom, Jason was awake, propped up on the pillows, smiling to beat the band. I wanted to crawl back in bed with him, but instead he got up, put his arms around me and said, “The night is young! Let’s go jump in the shower and then get a pizza. I’m starving!” I had arrived at around 7:30, and our first love-making had finished around 8:30. It was only 10 now. With his naked body against mine, I was once more getting aroused, but I wanted him to call the shots and teach me the way he thought was best, so I followed him off to the bathroom. He turned on the water in the tub, and bent over to feel its temperature. When he did that, I got a view of his ass and his puckered ass-hole, pink and hairless. I had never thought about another man’s ass before, and seeing him from the back like that really set my mind in motion. I couldn’t help myself. I reached out and gently rubbed his firm buns. He turned around smiling and said “I bet your showers after gym weren’t like the one we’re about to have. Come on, let’s get under the water and wash all this cum off.” We got in the tub and stood so that the hot water was pouring down over our shoulders and between us. He had his arms around me again, and we started kissing. His hard body felt even better when it was wet. I was fully hard now, and he was rapidly getting there. He took a bar of soap and started slowly soaping up my chest, then moving his hands over my shoulders, and under my arms. Slowly, he soaped me up and then handed the bar to me so that I could do the same to him. I worked up lather on my hands, put the soap back in the dish, and started moving my soapy hands over his strong shoulders, down his arms and his tight biceps, then under them into his armpits, over his chest and slowly down over his abs. I moved them back up again and let the slippery soap lube his nipples, swirling my fingers around them softly. tuzla eve gelen escort He moaned, and by now his cock was fully erect and really hard. He got more soap on his hands, and then moved them down to my legs, soaping the outside of my thighs, the sides of my ass, and slowly moving around to my balls and erect cock. He gently massaged the soap into my balls, while his other hand started slowly stroking my cock. I wanted to return the favor, and soaped up my hands and matched what he was doing to me as I worked over his soapy cock. His thick, throbbing meat felt so good in my hand, and as we worked, our mouths found each other again and our tongues explored each other’s mouths. He got more soap on his hands and this time took both our cocks in his hand and, holding them together, started slow in-and-out motions with is hips. Feeling his cock against mine was really hot, and I was rapidly building to another climax. Three or four times he brought me to the edge again, and then stopped. He kissed me, then started nibbling on my neck, and slowly kissed his way down my body, until he was kneeling in front of me with the warm water pouring down on both of us. He leaned forward, kissed my penis, and slowly took me into his mouth again. His magic lips started a repeat performance of the experience of only a little more than an hour before, and again, he brought me close to cumming two more times. It felt so good and I didn’t want him to stop, but he got up, kissed me again, and said “Let’s save it up for later, OK?” I was frustrated, but again, wanted him to teach me all he knew, so I reluctantly said, “OK” and we went back into the bedroom and got dressed. We left the apartment and walked to a pizza place not far away. When the waitress had taken our order, I asked Jason “How did you learn all these fantastic ways of making another guy feel so good?” He said, “When I was 18, I got to know a grad student who was about five years older. He was handsome, and gentle, and taught me just like I am teaching you. It was an incredible experience, and when he moved away, he made me promise that I would do the same for another beginner. So today I finally did it and put the ad up on the bulletin board in the Union and you answered.” I said, “Is there a lot to learn? How many lessons did he give you?” Jason replied, “Sex with men is something that you can keep learning as long as you want, I think. I was with my friend for about six months before he moved. It was an incredible experience.” The pizza arrived, and we talked about school, our families and our other interests as we ate. When we were tuzla otele gelen escort done, Jason said, “There’s a gay club not far from here. I know the bouncer and he won’t card you. Do you wanna go? They usually have good music and the guys dance. It’s a lot of fun, and I usually see some of my friends there.” That sounded great, and I had always wondered how gay men met each other, so I said, “Yeah, I’d like to do that.” We split the check and headed off the club, a few blocks away. When we got there, Jason introduced me to the bouncer, a handsome, friendly body-builder type. We got a couple of beers and sat down with some of Jason’s friends. For the next couple of hours, we laughed, joked, talked and danced together and with other guys. At first, it felt strange, since I had only gone to dances with girls before, but after a while, it seemed as natural as anything to be holding another man’s hand, or have your arms around his shoulders while you danced together. Around one in the morning, we were dancing a slow dance with our arms around each other. There were several other couples on the floor too, and some of them were kissing and moving together in very sensuous motions. I could see that some of the guys had erections from the bulges in their jeans, and I started to get excited too. Jason and I started kissing, and I moved my hands down onto his ass, and pulled him to me as we slowly swayed to the music. Near the end of the song, he said softly “Let’s go back to my place after this dance is done, OK?” We said good-by to his buddies, and headed out into the night. My cock was raging hard in anticipation of our next session in bed, and I could barely keep my hands off of Jason as we climbed the stairs to his apartment. When we got in, and locked the door, he once again led me to the bedroom. Again, we were in each other’s arms, kissing, and undressing each other, eager to be together skin-to skin. Finally, naked, and with our arms around each other, our cocks pressed together, we fell into a heap on the bed, rolling around, legs tangled, first him on top of me, then, me on top of him. Our hands once again explored each other, but this time, nobody was taking it slow. Jason was on top, straddling me, and he said “John, sex between men is not just about sucking and fucking. Men know just how to touch each other to make each other feel really good! I want to show you a couple more things you’re going to enjoy.” He reached for the lube, bent over and kissed my stomach and moved down to between my thighs again. This time, he smeared lube on the insides of my thighs and on his cock. Then he pulled my legs up tuzla sınırsız escort so that they rested on one of his shoulders. He pushed his cock between my thighs and started moving it in and out in slow fucking motions. “John, squeeze your legs together,” he commanded, and I did as I was told. Slowly, I got into the rhythm, and I moved my body and legs to meet his thrusts. He was holding my hands in his, and his eyes were closed. He was moaning deeply and as he fucked my legs, he picked up speed, and his moans became more and more urgent. A minute later, he tightened his grip on my hands, and his cock started shooting his load all over my chest. I couldn’t believe the quantity, considering that this was the second time in a few hours. When he was done, he lowered my legs from his shoulder, and lay on top of me, kissing me passionately. His cum slid between our naked bodies, and he continued slow thrusting motions for several minutes. “Now it’s your turn, John,” he said. He wiped us off with a towel he had put on the night-table, then he lay on the bed next to me on his stomach. He said “Get some lube, and rub it between my buns,” and I did as told. “Now, lube up your cock,” and I did that. Now lie down on me, with your cock lying in my ass-crack.” I straddled him, and ran my hands from his firm ass, up the small of his back, feeling the strong muscles there, up his sides, over his lats, and around to cup his pecs, as I gradually eased my body down onto his. My cock was lying in his ass-crack, and he was using the muscles of his ass to squeeze it, and massage it as I started my own fucking motions, savoring every movement, and the feel of his fantastic body beneath me. As my cock rode his ass crack, his body moved like fluid beneath me, responding to every little movement, until we felt like one fluid organism. He turned his head, and I sought out his lips and tongue once again and my climax drew close. He could sense my urgency, and sped up his motion beneath me, squeezing his cheeks together rhythmically as my hard cock slid back and forth between them. A few more seconds, and I couldn’t hold it any more. My cum erupted in gushes on the small of his back, and he continued to milk my cock with his ass. A minute later, I collapsed on top of him, and kissed his neck and shoulders all over as we basked in the afterglow. He handed me the towel, and I cleaned us off. He turned over, we kissed and cuddled and for the second time that night, fell asleep together, knowing there would be yet another hot session in the morning. All I could think of was, this is the best class I have ever taken! After that night, we met a couple of times a week, sometimes just for an hour or two, and sometimes for overnight. He taught me a lot more techniques, and within the week I had learned to suck him to completion. He taught me to 69, and taught me how to turn almost any part of the body into an erogenous zone. I hadn’t realized that my calves and neck were so sensitive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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