Ch. 01 – Some Days One Wonders

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Double Handjob

This is the first story that I’ve written. If you are offended by stories of incest then please don’t read this one. All characters in this story are 18 or older.


Some days one wonders if it is worth the effort. Lately, I been thinking that, too often! To be fair I should not be so hard on my life, it’s not as bad as I was making it out to be in my head. I have a nice home, a good husband and two sweet kids. Well maybe not kids anymore, more like young adults. But as a mother I still think of them as my babies!

Let me back up a little. I am Katie, a wife, mother, and worker bee. Both of my kids are in school, well one is currently. My oldest is Kelly and she is going to community college to get her core basics out of the way before she goes to the university. My son Jim is still in high school, but he’s out for the summer. My husband Tony is a hard-working technician for a local manufacturer. Now let me explain the worker bee meaning, that defined this day, a day that changed my life as I had known it.

I was at work like most normal days of my life, when late into today I noticed that it was getting a little warm in my area of the office. A few minutes later I was told that the building was having a cooling problem and that management decided to let us go home for the day.

Let me be objective, being a worker bee is not a terrible thing. I do have an easy job, but like other parts of my life it was not very fulfilling or interesting. It does pay some of the bills and helps our family with a life style that makes living here pleasurable and enjoyable, at times. However, lately it just seems like my husband and I are just going thought the motions, not living to enjoy life but more like we are sleep walking through each day.

As I was driving home all that information was running through my head. I know that its easy to feel sorry for oneself. If I was truthful about looking at my life, I was no different than other women, but I wanted a little zing in my life. This day would not only put that zing in my life but would open doors that made getting up each day fun!

I turned into our driveway, and decided to park outside the garage as I should head to the store later but I wanted to get something cold and sit down with a good book for a while. To just be lazy for a few hours, maybe I could get lost in a good story line or maybe a great character. That thought would get expanded into something that changed how I viewed life, relationships, and sex!

I walked to the front door and though that the kids might be home and I would know if the door was unlocked. It seemed like they were home, as the door was not locked. As I opened it and stepped inside and started to remove my shoes, I turned to close the door. But I stopped as I heard something. It was a moan I believed. It sounded like a moan but a moan that was erotic, sexual, pleasurable. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. I was aware that I was holding my breath. The door was still open and I carefully closed it. I was glad that my shoes were off as I didn’t want to make a sound. I started thinking that my husband might be home with someone, but I just laughed at myself inside. He has not been a sexual animal for a few years, well animal is a stretch but I loved him. If I did not initiate sex, we did not seem to have it more than one a month, if that. Then the thought popped into my head, maybe he is getting his sex fix somewhere else! Perhaps he is upstairs now with some slut! My mind was running all kinds of scenarios in my head.

I started up the stairs slowly. Listening for any more sounds. Making my way to my bedroom, wondering what I would find. I was in the hallway a few feet from my door and I stopped. The sound was not from my bedroom, it was from my son’s room across the hall from my room. I was beyond belief, or should I say relief.

My son! Was he having sex with someone? I sounded like it. There were some sounds, but sounds that were soft and inaudible, just like sex sounds should be at times. Now I was both relieved and intrigued. I was relieved that I did not have to chase some slut out of my house and do something to my husband that I would regret later or more to the point that he would regret later! But now who was in my son’s bedroom?

My son, what a kid. He was my second child. His sister was almost two years older and was attending college locally. My son was in high school, as he was held back one year in grade school. Most of his life he was not one that looked his age, he always looked younger that his age. He was also small for his age, and that messed with his aptitude for a few years. Because of this we were forced to hold him back one year.

Now though, he was taller than his father and a bit more filled out. This happened in the last couple of years. I still look at him and wonder how it all transpired. I was glad that some of my income could be spent on new clothes for him. He needed new pants and shorts constantly and other Çeşme Escort stuff as you can imagine. Seems like yesterday he was this short skinny kid and now he was several inches taller than me.

We have a pool as a result of both parents that worked. It’s a nice one and lately it’s been a good place for my daughter and her friends to get together. I watched her grow into a fine young lady. Her physical features are like her mother, and that makes me proud. However, watching the young people as they interact around her made me wonder about her sexually activity, was she possibly having sex? I haven’t found any evidence of it if she was, but she cleans up after herself so I might not see the telltale signs. She seemed to be at ease with both her male and female friends. At times I was jealous of the attention that guys gave her. Jealous as I remembered how I was pursued, when I was younger. She was what caused my husband to marry me. I was a young pregnant bride 20 years ago. Now at 39 I would not change what happened all those years ago, as my two kids made all the work and headaches worth it.

My son would use the pool with his friends as well. As boys do, they had fun. He did not hang around his sister’s friends much in the past, but lately he did come out and mingle. He was reserved around his sister’s friends but some of her girlfriends seem to enjoy his attendance. I noticed that he did not ware or want suits that were tight or reviling. Some of his male friends did ware suits that showed some anatomical features, but not my son.

Moments later, as my mind came back to the present, I found that I was not as anxious as I was a few minutes ago. Smiling to myself I thought he might be with a sweet young girl now and I did not want to make a scene and disturb his fun. His door was open about half way so I carefully moved into my bedroom. I was in my room now, I could relax. Then I heard him say “oh sis” now my hair stood up again on my neck.

I just could not understand, did I hear that correctly? My mind was not comprehending his words. He did not have his sister in his room, did he? Why would she be in his room doing… doing… no I just misunderstood his words! I leaned back behind my bedroom door to where I could see across to his bedroom. From there I could see his bed and my mind just locked up. I could not believe that what I was seeing was really happening! During the last minute all I heard was moans and sex sounds but nothing said that would allow me to focus on. I looked through the crack between the door and the door frame. From here I could see most of his bed. In my mind I was saying no, no, no! In shock I saw that it was Jim and his sister. They were naked and she was up on top of MY SON!

Looking at this scene, I could see them writhing on his bed. She was rubbing her tits and rocking back and forth on him. My daughter’s tits were beautiful cones with hard nipples, a little smaller than mine, but they had that youthful firmness. She pulled his hands up to replace hers as she moaned. Her mouth was open and his hand were moving to cup her tits. His hand looked so big as they moved and pinched her nipples, mauling them.

I was in a different mental place for a couple of minutes. I started to focus on his bed, they were rocking in a sexual coupling that showed me that this was not the first time for them. They looked so… HOT! It was like I was two people as I watched. One part of me was unbelieving as to what was happening, the other was moving her hand down to my clit!

I know that I was in shock and I was slowly returning to reality. If this is reality then something incredible had changed between my son and daughter. The next statement from Kelly shocked me when she said “oh your cock is so perfect, so big, so hard. I don’t what to stop”.

His reply was a little more down to earth, well maybe he was being more to the point “we need to be finish before mom comes home. If we hear the garage door open, we need to hide!”, but as the words come out of his mouth he leaned back and arched his back and moaned. This caused Kelly to groan as she told him “I’m coming again!” She was rigid for about a minute and then she slowly relaxed and said “Shit I can’t stop loving that wonderful cock you have! Barbara said that she would love to suck on your big cock. She wants to see it, Jim.”

‘Barbara! That slut shouldn’t touch him!’ I started to think just what I said in my head. Then reason took ahold of me… I can’t stop kids from doing what they wanted, when they wanted to do it! What was wrong with me!!! That is my daughter on my SON! My mind was reeling from what was happening and I realized that I was never going to look at either of my children in the same way again.

My daughter looked down at him for a couple of minutes as they moved and said something that locked up my mind again! “Have you thought about what I talked to you about a few weeks ago? I know that you have a serious crush on her, but Çeşme Escort Bayan I can’t see you moving to tell her how you feel! I know that she hasn’t had a good orgasm for a long time and she would love this wonderful cock that you keep hidden from her.” I was intrigued to hear who this girl was. She must be like me; in that I have to take care of myself after my husband does his thing. It was not always that way for us, but that was my life currently.

She said “I know that you look at her when you don’t think anyone is watching. She could be a very willing wet cunt for you to get some relief from each day. I know that you would love for her to sit right here where I am! I also know that once she relented, she would love this huge pussy pleaser!” I was stunned to hear her talk that way! She has always been a sweet and caring young lady. I guess that when you are having great sex sometimes things get said that one would not normally say.

That sent him into orbit! He moaned and moved to shove his cock into his sister. She was expecting this it looked like and she just road him for a few minutes until he told her to stop putting that image in his head! Whoever this girl was certainly got him going!

She had a wicked look on her face as she moves up and down on him. I wondered what was running through her mind as she moaned and groaned on Jim. She said “If I could get you your fantasy girl, would you let Barbara suck you cock?” He looked at her and said “She’s not my fantasy girl!” Kelly looked at him and said “True she is not your fantasy girl… she’s so much more than that… what is above a fantasy girl… the perfect girl?”

“Yes, oh yes…” he said. “She is perfect!”

I ran the images of all the girls that I had seen him around over the last year and not one of them seemed to be one that he lusted after. We had pool parties and other parties like any family would, but I could not find one occurrence where one girl stood out as one that he looked at, in the way, my daughter described. He was not going out with any girl as far as I knew. I was lost as who this girl could be. Then the next few words rocked my world!

She moved again with determination “Well, I think that she could use a good fucking each day or so. I’ve heard that she sounds less than satisfied with a once a month 10-minute fuck dance” I could relate to this mystery girl. She seemed to know more about this mystery girl “You could learn things from her. Not that anyone would not lust after this man meat that you’re packing. If I can get her to handle this pussy pleaser you would owe me big time, right?”

He was slowly lifting her now and she closed her eyes and let her head drop back, and her mouth opened. Out of it came a moan and she shuttered; her thighs quivered. She grabbed his hands and pulled them to her tits and said to please squeeze her nipples! He did. He looked up at her and told her that he was going to cum and she said “just a minute more and I will suck you off into my mouth!” He said for her to finish and he would wait but please don’t make me wait too long! I could not believe that my son would be that considerate, no man, that I have every been with, was ever that thoughtful to me. As she came down from her climax, she pulled off his cock and for the first time I saw something that I could not believe. That boy had a big man cock. It was much bigger than his dads and it was beautiful!!! My daughter moved her mouth and got about half of it into her before he ejaculated. I could see her mouth move and her cheeks swell then she swallowed but some started to run out her lips and he continued to cum. After a time, he seemed to finished and she licked her lips and said “I will talk to mom about helping you. I sure that helping you will help her. She needs some spring in her step and this cock would certainly do that for any female!”

Again, my mind went somewhere for a few minutes. I could not believe what she said, was I my sons fantasy girl, or woman… I was his mother… I stopped thinking it was too… too much. I came around as he got out of bed and said “I need to take a shower and clean my bed before mom gets home.” As he got out of bed, I looked at that perfect cock. His balls hung down like twin orbs of delight. If I could create a perfect male organ it would be what he was packing. Then I realized that I did help create them!

As my breathing was slowing down, I saw that Kelly was going to walk out of his door, as Jim closed his bathroom door. I’m not sure why I did what I did but I opened my door. As she looked up to see my door open, she stopped and looked at me like a deer caught in the headlights. I motioned for her to be quite and to come into my room. She had a look that was one of surprised and trepidation.

I told her to be quite and I grabbed a towel from my hamper, I placed it on my bed and told her to sit. She was leaking a little from her well used pussy, and I didn’t want that on my bed spread.

As Escort Çeşme I closed my door, I turned to look at my gorgeous daughter. She had some of his cum on her lip and I rubbed it off with my finger and put it into my mouth. The expression on her face was priceless.

I started the 20-question process. I guess that you would know most of them at this point but here is what I remember.

“Kelly how long have you two been having sex?”

She turned her head way from me as she confessed “About 2 months.”

“How did it start?” Boy, I almost wanted to take those words back! Did I really want to know the answer to that question? This is my daughter, l loved her. She’s the first child that nursed on my young breasts. The one I learned how to take care of and nurture as a new mother.

She looked at me for a few seconds and said “Barbara saw Jim get out of the pool one time and he had a little bit of a stiffy as he hurried to get a towel to cover himself. Barbara asked me if I had seen it. I told her that I don’t look at my little brother privates. Her reply was that he was no little brother as it applies to his cock, and she walked away giggling.” My eyes must have given away my thoughts and she relaxed a little bit as she continued.

“From that point on I was curious. I finally saw it one day as he came out of his bathroom without a towel. I was blown away. I have never seen a guy with equipment like he has. I made it my mission to see it up close and hard. He was caught off guard one day as we were out in the pool by ourselves, when I had a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ and he could not look way. I asked him if he had seen many girls up close like this before and he said no. As he looked, I asked him if he would like to see more and he nodded his head. I walked over to him and his cock was sticking up and out like Barbara alluded to; only it was more amazing than I had anticipated. I said that he could see more if I could see more of him. He just stood there and I reached out and pulled his suit down over his large hard cock. I could not believe how it looked! I then removed my suit and he just stared at me. I put my hand around his equipment and lead him to his room.”

I could hear her words but I could not make them fit together. As I looked at her, she saw that I was thinking but I was not comprehending all that she said. She asked me “Did you like the taste of his cum?” At that point I came back to reality. I needed to ask her the question that was rushing to the front of my mind. I asked “Does Jim think that I am his fantasy girl?”

“Oh mom, you were the reason that he had to get out of the pool that day. The day that Barbara saw his stiffy.” As she said that I wondered why I would become so fascinating to my son.

She then tried to explain what she though was drawing him to lust after me. “I remember back and he would steel looks at you over the last year or so. I didn’t think that it was a big deal until I asked him one day. He sort of lost focus, and looked away from me for a few moments. I snapped my fingers in his face to get him to respond to my question. He didn’t answer me that day. So, I asked him one day as he was fucking me about you and how he feels about you, boy that got his motor running big time. Not that I couldn’t get him going. But wow, he has a serious crush on you and I. Just a lot more on you!”

I didn’t know what to do at that point, but I said to her “To answer your question, yes I liked the taste of his cum!” Why I said that speaks volumes as to where my mind was at. I looked at her and said “When he gets out of the shower tell him that I just got home and I will be laying out by the pool for a while.” I asked her to go put on her suit and come talk to me some more outside.

I’m not sure if I was thinking clearly. However, I was curious as to why my son found me as fascinating as Kelly was suggesting. I guess I was getting to the point in my life where I needed something to take the focus off the mundane and routine activities that my life seemed to be in. I pushed back the thoughts of what could happen if I let this fantasy of my sons play out. Kelly was not wrong in thinking that I could use a fucking like she just had, each and every day. If I could get that kind of physical action from my own son would that be wrong? Did I want to go down this road to see where it led?

I had one swim suit that Tony had bought for me a few years ago, as kind of a joke. I think that he was trying to sex things up between us at the time, but I never wore it for him. It was a very reviling one and I went to get it out of the box that I keep it in, on the top self of my closet. Once I had it on and looked into the mirror, I was shocked! This thing left little to the imagination. But if my son was stealing looks at his own mother this suit would answer that question very fast.

Looking out the window down to the pool and I could see that they were both outside. Grabbing my white pullover cover that I wore over my other suits and headed downstairs.

As I walk through the kitchen I almost stopped. But something inside of me keep my feet moving. I picked up my sunglasses from the counter and opened the sliding door. Walking out with a smile on my face I said hi to my kids.

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