Champagne Kiss

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Authors note: Please be aware that this piece is quite long. I would recommend leaving plenty of time to read it.

This is posted in Group Sex but the story can also be categorised as Romantic couplings (kind-of), Fetish (Elements of CFNM, Leg Fetish) and Exhibition/Voyeur. It is a long drawn out scenario, lengthy dialogue, flirting, teasing before any sexual acts.

If you have read so far and still want to continue then thank you, I hope you enjoy reading my story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Finally I would like to give a big thank you to todger65 for editing this story for me.


The Ennycorp group sat spread between two sets of seats on the train. Members of the sales team were at a table; Sarah on her iPad, Paul alone with his thoughts watching the scenery pass and Mark immersed in social media on his phone. Across the aisle conversing were the two office girls; Holly from accounts and Nicole from marketing.

They were heading to an awards ceremony held by one of their biggest customers, it was an important and highly regarded event. Normally the senior management would attend but this year it had coincided with Ennycorp’s annual global review in Japan. Upon finding out the MD, known for his spontaneous nature, gave the invites to those in a meeting with him at the time. Part of the sales team were giving a presentation along with Nicole who had been assisting, Holly happened to be there by chance having dropped in for a signature.

A month later they were on their way to London, to a luxurious hotel, a three course dinner, an extravagant ceremony and soon to be rubbing shoulders with some of the most important people in their industry.

“Damn it I’ve had enough,” said Sarah to no one in particular; frustrated with Bubble Witch she turned off her iPad and thrust it into her handbag. She looked towards her long-time colleague Paul who raised a bemused eyebrow in response to her outburst.

“Still rubbish at it then?” He smiled.

“No,” Sarah replied with a scowl, “just bored.”

“You mean you got stuck.”

“OK I got stuck, but I am bored, are we nearly there yet?” She playfully whined.

“Just over an hour or so away, I reckon,” Paul answered returning his gaze to the window.

Younger than her by a few years, Paul was Sarah’s opposite number within the sales team. They had worked together for six years, over that time they had grown close, sharing similar attitudes and sense of humour. Paul was one of a select few in the office she classed not just a colleague, but as a friend. Knowing him as well as she did, she knew when he was not in the mood for conversation, like now.

She glanced at Mark, watching as his fingers worked his mobile phone, texting. He was the newest member of her team, an apprentice in his early twenties. Sarah classed him as the baby of the team which had become a running joke and the others often poked fun at him, especially when it came to dating or sex. Sarah thought Mark was a good looking young lad, nicely groomed and fashionably dressed and had found herself thoroughly checking him out on more than one occasion when in the right mood. There was one particular aftershave or body wash that positively caused her to stir below when he wore it.

“You texting a girlfriend Mark?” she asked.

“What?” Mark replied not looking up from the screen.

Sarah gave him a light kick under the table, “Stop being rude, talk to me. I’m bored.”

“We’re nearly there, an hour or so.” He mumbled.

“That’s what he just said,” she said kicking Paul this time.

“OW!” Paul reached down to rub where she had kicked him, “What did I do?”

“Lot of good you two are,” Sarah said turning herself to face away from them, annoyed.

Rummaging in her bag she took out her phone, after checking for messages she picked up her iPad. Browsing through her apps and finding nothing of interest she put it back with a loud huff; glancing at the guys she saw that they were back in their own little worlds.

The usual conversation topics about work, gossip and what they had planned for the weekend had been exhausted half way into the journey. After that they all drifted to their own activities to pass the time, playing games and social networking. The two girls, Holly and Nicole were deep in conversation. They were both younger than Sarah and pretty, especially Nicole who she disliked. There was something about her she could not get past and she knew she was not the only one in the office who felt that way. Holly was different, with a bubbly and outgoing personality she was well-liked by everyone.

Holly caught her eye and smiled, “Sarah are you OK?” she asked.

“Bored,” Sarah motioned to the two guys sat opposite.

“Are they ignoring you, how rude,” Nicole said.

“I know. I may as well be sat on my own,” Sarah said and they all laughed.

Mark looked up with a suspicious expression, the girls returned his gaze and laughed harder; he shook his head casino oyna and resumed messaging his friends on Facebook. He was explaining to them about where he was heading and who with, taking great lengths to describe his female colleagues.

He had started with his boss Sarah, who he described as a tanned MILF, her tight pant suits and open blouses that showed ample décolletage frequently gave him unwanted boners during the week. He went on to quickly describe his good friend Holly, his coffee break companion and the bubbliest blonde in the office.

Mark’s main focus was on the last female of the group, who he went into great pains to describe in detail, Nicole. Tall with long curly chestnut red hair, striking facial features, a broad grin and a really sexy laugh that made him horny every time he heard it. She was sophisticated, prim and proper, by the way she acted and not by the way she dressed. Well known for her outfits at work, her long legs made even the most respectable length skirt appear short and everyone noticed it. Mark was sure that on occasion he had caught a glimpse of a stocking top peeking from under her hemline, another source of unwanted office hardons.

Nicole had joined Ennycorp at the same time as Mark, both as apprentices, and they went through induction together. She was no longer an apprentice having been given a newly created position; one that many speculated had been created solely for her. A reason, some people conspired, was for the Managing Director to keep the attractive, well-spoken, well-educated beauty around. In Mark’s opinion she was the best looking girl he knew, so he could not fault the MD if that rumour was true. With that thought he was really looking forward to tonight and to seeing what Nicole and the others were going to be wearing.

Someone stood, the movement snapped Mark out of his daydream; it was Nicole. He was embarrassed as though she somehow knew what he had been thinking, he was sure she was staring in his direction as she eased past Holly into the aisle.

“I’m nipping to the dining car, want anything?” Nicole announced.

There was a chorus of no thanks; Mark sagged in his seat as she left.

“For a skinny lass, she doesn’t half put it away,” Sarah remarked.

Mark shook his head and Paul rolled his eyes, they knew of Sarah’s dislike for the girl.

Watching the scenery pass by Paul thought about the night ahead. He had been to many corporate events, black tie dinners, fund raisers, golf days and race meets but tonight was on another level. This was an opportunity to network with some big players and possibly lay foundations to further his career. Reflecting on those accompanying him on the trip, especially the two young ladies he couldn’t have asked for better company.

Holly noticed two businessmen making a fuss about Nicole as she passed them; one even leaned out to get a better view of her tight jean clad behind. She looked over to the others to see if they saw as well but they were doing their own things.

She was excited about going to her first corporate event and had bought a new outfit for the occasion. The shopping spree had not been entirely for the event, it was also retail therapy due to her recent split with her boyfriend. Holly had discussed the breakup at length with Nicole during the journey hoping to get it out of her system and they had also discussed their two male travel companions. Nicole made a point about singling out Mark much to Holly’s annoyance, not that what she had been implying was entirely untrue.

Sarah stretched, “Nearly there,” she said yawning. Holly instinctively mirrored the action and they laughed. Despite being with the company over two years, Holly had only really got to know Sarah over the past few months, seeing her as the mother figure in the office, or alternatively as the cool aunt.

Holly saw Nicole come back into the carriage and watched as she navigated down the rocking aisle noticing more than one man’s eyes linger as she passed. Men checking Nicole out was not a rare thing; she was always being approached or flirted with especially on nights out. Not that Holly didn’t get attention herself but Nicole acted as if she was unaware and at times it was so obvious that Holly could not help think her friend somehow encouraged it.

As Nicole made her way back she was stopped by the two business men who had been ogling her earlier, Holly could hear them asking her where she was heading. Nicole told them and they jokily asked if she fancied coming with them instead. After and a light-hearted exchange and her trademark laugh Nicole returned to Holly and sat back down. She explained to Holly what the two men had said.

“You mean the guys that gawked at your arse when you walked past before,” Holly said.

“What, no way they weren’t were they?” Nicole said.

“Yup, they weren’t very discreet about it.”

“They seemed like nice guys,” Nicole glanced in their direction, “Pervs.” The two girls laughed.

Nicole saw Paul looking over canlı casino at them, he smiled at her and she giggled. She liked Paul, he was always helpful at work, and then again so were most of the guys in the office. She saw Sarah giving an exaggerated eye roll, there was always tension when she was around the sales manager and Nicole believed she had a problem with her. She was used to animosity, especially from other women who saw her as manipulative or as a threat. She had blossomed late in life just after turning eighteen; going from an awkward gangly teen to the woman she was now. She could not help that men went out of their way to help her, favoured her or were overly nice just because of the way she looked. Tonight, she thought, was an opportunity for the others to get to know her better and see her in a different way.

The train’s tannoy played a little jingle and a muffled voice announced that they were reaching their destination in a few minutes. The train slowed as it readied to stop and the group gathered their belongings expressing relief about the journey being over. The night was about to get started and they were each looking forward to it, for differing reasons but equally enthusiastic about being there.

Gathered in the Belgrave hotel lobby Sarah booked them in, they were staying in three separate rooms, two doubles and a single. Sarah joked that the single room was hers because she was pulling seniority, as manager she should have the best one.

“Senior, senior as in…” Paul began to say but was cut off by a sharp look from Sarah.

Smiling she handed out the keys, “Right kids, and Paul,” she narrowed her eyes at him with a fake scowl, “we have about two hours to get ready then we’ll meet down here for half five. A car is picking us up at six.”

“Sounds posh,” Nicole said.

“Knowing our boss it will be, he’ll want to show off even when he’s not here,” Paul said as they walked to the elevators.

The rooms were on the same floor, Paul and Mark were opposite Holly and Nicole and Sarah was further away at the very end of the corridor. Since Sarah got a room to herself the others made a point of going in to take a look. It was a large corner suite with a king sized bed, exquisite furnishings and an en suite bathroom. There was a tray with two bottles of wine and roses with a message card on a desk. Paul read the card to everyone as they poked around, “Have a great night, enjoy yourself, you’ve earned it, PS All expenses paid… It’s from Steve.”

“Oh, that’s sweet of him,” Nicole said.

Sarah opened the door into the marble bathroom, it had a walk in shower built into a bay window and upon seeing it she was wary, “Well I’m not using that, everyone will see me.”

“It’s one way, no one can see in silly,” Paul said.

“Are you sure?”

“You don’t think a hotel would have its guests flashing passers-by.”

“Depends on what kind of hotel,” Holly said with a wink.

Mark accidentally knocked clothes hangers off rails in a wardrobe causing a commotion, so Sarah chased them out so she could start to get ready.

Entering their shared room Holly and Nicole found more wine, roses and the same message. Holly promptly opened a bottle and filled a glass.

“Let’s start the night as we mean to go on.”

The guys unpacked, Paul accustom to staying in hotels gave tips to Mark about where to find things and what might be useful. It didn’t take them much time to get ready, which they both knew was not going to be true for the others.

The evening dress code was semi-formal and from experience Paul knew that it meant smart suits and ties for the men, cocktail dresses for the ladies. He wore his favourite charcoal suit with a white dress shirt, cuffs and tie.

Mark had bought new clothes for the occasion, a skinny fit dark blue suit with a light blue shirt and tie. He had been anxious about what to wear and the previous weekend he sent pictures from shop changing room mirrors modelling different suits to Paul and Sarah for advice, much to their amusement.

Paul got comfortable watching Sky sports news, Mark decided to have a look around the hotel to familiarise himself with the layout. Leaving he told Paul his reasoning, “There’s nothing worse than being in a strange hotel drunk and lost, especially when all the doors look the same.” Paul smiled, shook his head, and turned up the sound on the wall mounted TV.

Stepping into the hall Mark caught sight of Holly from behind wrapped in a tiny towel walking barefoot towards Sarah’s room.

“Are you sure you just want to wear that tonight?” he asked, startling her.

She slowly turned to face him, grinning. “OK, I’m so embarrassed. Sarah needs help with her hair, I checked to see if the coast was clear.”

One arm was wrapped tight across her ample chest holding the towel in place, her other held a glass of wine. Mark motioned to the drink, “I see you’ve started early.”

“Of course, it might be a work event but it’s also my weekend.”

“It’s kaçak casino funny I’ve just been explaining to Paul about getting drunk and lost in a hotel.”

Holly smiled mischievously, “I’m not drunk, yet. And I’m definitely not lost.” She knocked back her drink thrusting the empty glass into his hand and hurried away, “got to go. See you in a bit.”

“So do you make a habit of streaking through hotel corridors?” Mark asked after her, bemused.

Reaching Sarah’s room and opening the door Holly grabbed her towel at the back and looked over her shoulder saying, “Yes I do,” and she gave him a split second flash of her bare bum before dashing inside.

Mark stood stunned trying to comprehend what had just happened. After several moments he overcame his astonishment, resuming scouting the hotel whilst replaying the flash over in his mind.

A stretch limousine was parked outside; its chauffeur stood patiently beside it. Paul and Mark were also waiting, sat in the lobby. It was almost half five and there had been no sign of the girls since they came down half an hour ago.

Paul checked his watch for the umpteenth time, noticing Sarah enter the lobby, “Fashionably late I see.”

He did a double take as she walked towards him, her hair styled in ringlets with a chignon and she was wearing a knee length blue tiered dress with a plunging neckline, exposing plenty of cleavage. She looked amazing and Paul raised an eyebrow as she looked down at herself, self-consciously running her hands over the front of her clothes.

“What? Is there something wrong? Is there makeup or a mark on it?” Sarah asked.

“No it’s fine, you look fine, good to see you have your legs out for a change,” Paul said.

“What do you mean fine?” Sarah said, putting her hands on her hips.

Paul sighed. “Alright, not fine, you look great. Now where’s the other two?”

Sarah started to sway and gave a broad smile, “Be patient.”

“You’re already starting to get drunk aren’t you?” Paul asked.

Sarah smacked his forearm, “No, I’m not, I’ve only had… two, no, three glasses.”

Holly approached and Sarah took a step back, “OK we’ve been practicing this, you have to pay attention.” She held out a hand in Holly’s direction announcing, “The beautiful Holly Miles is wearing a cocktail dress from Little Mistress, her very sexy slingback shoes are from Topshop and her cute little bag is from Radley.”

Paul admired the little blonde as she gave a twirl. Her red halter neck dress ended just above her knees and it accentuated her voluptuous figure well and the four inch heels made her appear taller. “Did you use a step ladder to get into them?” He joked.

“Hey, cheeky.”

“My turn” Sarah said hurrying away a little and turning to make her way back again.

Holly pretended to clear her throat as Sarah walked forward, a hand on her hip mimicking a fashion model. “The lovely Sarah Peterson is wearing a dress by Eliza Chiffon, her bag is Ted Baker and her stylish nude heels are by Valentino. I will add that I think the shoes cost more than my whole outfit.”

“They didn’t cost that much,” Sarah said lifting her foot to display a shoe.

Paul saw that the knee length blue dress was riding up her legs, “Watch it Sarah you might show off more than your shoes.”

Sarah swiftly put her foot back down, “You shouldn’t be looking.”

“It’s OK she’s got big knickers on,” Holly said with a grin.

Sarah went red, “Holly I’m going to kill you. I haven’t got big knickers on.”

“She has, they fell out her bag when I was in her room. Sarah wears Bridget Jones knickers.”

Mark felt a twinge in his groin at the mention of Sarah’s underwear. They were caught up in making fun out of her and did not notice Nicole arrive. Sarah was the first to see her, making a gesture in her direction, “Ah, here’s Nicole, let’s see if I can remember this…” she said, continuing. “Nicole Barratt is opting for the ever classic little black dress, or LBD.”

Mesmerized, Mark watched as the beautiful redhead strode with confidence, hips swaying hypnotically, towards them. He took in every inch of her exquisitely dressed slender form. She was wearing a thigh skimming black form fitting strapless mini dress, black nylons and ankle strap sandals. The dress was like a second skin outlining her body in detail and as she got closer it was apparent she was bra-less, the thought excited him. Focussing on her chest he also noticed the familiar silver teardrop pendant that she always seemed to wear.

“The dress is by BCG, BBGD, B C, some French name,” Sarah said.

“BC BG Max Azaria,” Nicole corrected as she pointed with one of her feet to show off her shoes.

“Whatever she said. Aren’t those lovely shoes?” Sarah said looking keenly at them.

“They’re by Carvela,” Nicole said, “But never mind mine, yours look amazing.” She stood next to Sarah, comparing footwear.

Mark gazed at Nicole’s sheer black nylon clad legs as she alternated lifting her feet to point in different angles. Her figure hugging dress crept higher with every move sending his pulse racing.

“Ooh Nikki, those look expensive,” Holly said using her friend’s nickname.

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