Changing Things Up Ch. 02

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Lukas stood there with the small towel barely covering him and looked at the amused faces of two guys sitting on a table having breakfast. Although their intention was now squarely focused on the red-faced hunk standing just a few meters away from them, body glistening from a mixture of sweat and lotion, muscles still standing out a bit from what must have been a light morning work-out and a sizable bulge under the white towel he had wrapped around his waist.

They had noticed him before on the hallway when he carried a bunch of furniture under the strict guidance of his apparent girlfriend and had already suspected quite the body under the tight-fitting pants and shirt he had worn that day. But they had thought to best not disturb them lest they get roped into actually having to help them carry some of the heavier things. Simon and Christoph, as they were called, preferred to leave the heavy lifting to others and their new neighbor seemed to be doing just fine.

To now have him standing almost fully nude before them and having caught a glimpse of everything earlier when h was startled by their amusement felt like a gift from above. They noticed his obvious discomfort at the situation and Christoph, the slightly older and more jovial of the two, tried to break the tension by breaking into a smile and greeting him in his most casual and friendly voice. “Hey there, you must be our new neighbor. I see you’ve already made yourself comfortable in your new home! No need to feel embarrassed, it’s just us guys here, unless your girlfriend is planning on joining you out there soon.”

Lukas had taken his air pods out and kept them in one hand, the other still clasping his towel to avoid any further slip-ups. He took a clearer look at the pair. The one that had just extended the greeting must have been in his late thirties, a bit heavy-set, but not unattractive, with a full head of salt and pepper hair and a beard and his warm smile.

He wore a brightly colored shirt and shorts that ended a good few centimeters over his knees and wrapped tightly around the sturdy legs. He had a deep tan that looked like he spends a lot of time outside. This was in contrast to his friend (Partner? Flat mate?) sitting next to him, who seemed to be around Lukas’s age. Lukas immediately noticed his short, bright red hair and very pale skin, that would probably burn easily, which explains the thick coating of lotion still visible on his face and skinny arms and legs. He was probably just a bit shorter than Lukas, but lacked the broadness and muscles. He actually seemed a bit embarrassed to have caught him in the buff, while his friend looked fully at ease.

“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” the older asked him again, still sounding amused.

Lukas stopped his scanning of the two and coaxed some words out, “Sorry, sorry, just a bit startled. I didn’t expect anyone to be up this early on a Sunday and I hadn’t met anyone else living here, so I thought I would be alone. Sorry for my lack of clothes, I hope I don’t make you uncomfortable.”

That brought a smile to both of their faces. “Don’t you worry about that, buddy, you ain’t got nothing we don’t have ourselves. Apart from maybe a few pounds of muscles. You must work out quite a lot. By the way, my name’s Christoph and the skinny guy next to me is Simon,” the older guy pointed out.

Lukas relaxed a bit when he noticed they really didn’t seem bothered by his appearance at all. “Nice to meet you, Christoph and Simon, I’m Lukas. Me and my girlfriend just moved in a couple days ago, but she’s sleeping in today,” he explained.

“Just wonderful, always nice to have a young couple as neighbors, and such an attractive one at that!” Christoph teased, making Lukas blush again. He was now sure that Christoph must be gay or at least bi, so Simon was probably his boyfriend, although he couldn’t really get a read on the younger guy, yet, who seemed to prefer to observe rather than take part in the conversation. gaziantep escort

Lukas sat down on the end of the lounger and continued the conversation. “Yeah, we’re really glad we got this place, it’s a very nice area and our old apartment started to feel a bit small. I just finished my studies and Kathrin will as well soon, so we thought it’s a good time to look for something new. Have you been living here long?” he asked.

“Well, I have lived here for, let me think, about 5 years now, and Simon joined me last year. You’re gonna love the apartment and if you need any help with the decoration, just ask Simon, he has an eye for aesthetics like no one else I know,” Christoph said while patting his boyfriend on the arm.

Lukas noticed his eyes were fixated on his lower body. He followed his gaze and just then noticed that he had sat down with his legs spread quite widely, as was his habit, but in this case, it probably put him on display again. He sheepishly closed his legs, wondering what they must think of him, flashing them now for the second time.

“You seem to be quite well endowed and your musculature is nicely defined, too. I wouldn’t mind doing some sketches of you at some point, if you allow. You seem to have no problem showing off,” Simon suddenly said in a very matter-of-fact tone that reminded Lukas of a strict teacher and would fit better with a man double the age of that he guessed was Simon’s.

“Please excuse him, as I said, Simon here is an avid artist and when he sees something that piques his interest, he is not beating around the bush. He could work on his bedside manners a bit, but I’m trying my best,” Christoph shot his partner a not quite friendly gaze and tried his best to smooth things over.

Of course, he would be happy to enjoy more of his neighbor’s amazing features, but from experience he knew that you must be careful with straight men. Everyone likes a bit of positive attention, but not necessarily to be treated like a piece of meat. He could see Lukas clamming up a bit.

“It’s alright,” he said a bit shaken. “I guess I’m just not used to people taking such a direct tone with me. I would be lying if I said I never noticed guys checking me out, but so far none have been quite so bold.”

Christoph could hear astonishment in his voice and maybe a hint of a stroked ego. Maybe Simon noticed something in their neighbor that he hadn’t and just took the chance. “Well, I find it hard to believe that you never had a guy coming onto you. But I guess your size can be a bit intimidating,” Christoph said, giving Lukas’ body another once over.

The way Christoph stressed the word size made Lukas wonder, if he meant his general body or a more specific part of his physique that they had now seen twice. “Yeah, I guess, maybe to some. But don’t worry, I am very friendly and if anyone had propositioned me, I would have felt flattered, but let them down gently. I am very happy with Kathrin and have been for almost 10 years now,” Lukas answered with a bit of force behind it to make sure the couple knew that, while flattered, he was not available for any fooling around.

“10 years you say? But you seem so young, I guess you must be high-school sweethearts! Oh that warms my heart. We should get dinner together, soon,” Christoph exclaimed while Simon had reverted back to his role of silent observer.

Lukas took a certain liking to Christoph’s jovial nature, but Simon gave him the creeps a bit. Every time he looked at him, his eyes seemed fixed on another part of his, as if he was trying to commit everything to memory, lest he would not be given a further chance. And Lukas wasn’t sure he would be offering him one. He stood up and stepped toward the balcony’s handrail, extending an arm to his neighbors.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea, we should stay in contact about that. I do think I should put some clothes on now and wake my girlfriend for breakfast,” Lukas said shaking Christoph’s hand. He noticed the strong grip of the bearish looking man. When he stuck his hand out to Simon, he was first given a business card and then shook a rather limp, but pleasantly warm hand.

The card read, “Simon Mueller. Photography, Painting, Sculpture. For commissions reach me under the phone number or email”.

He had to hand it to the skinny guy, he was persistent. “Think about it, you will not stay this young and fit forever and a piece of art can capture your essence much better than any quick progress shot made with a cellphone. I might even be willing to waive my usual fees and work on you just for the enjoyment,” Simon stated in his monotone voice earning a jab in the ribs from his partner.

“Please don’t bother our new friend with business propositions, dear, or he won’t dare stepping back on the balcony,” Christoph tried to chide him in a friendly way. But there was some annoyance with his partner in his voice.

“As I said, it would not be business, if I do it for free and when someone puts this much obvious effort into his body, he should proudly present it to his admirers,” Simon said again taking in his hunky neighbor from head to toe.

“Well, I don’t know I have that many admirers, but good to know I have at least one obvious one. Well, have a nice Sunday and I’ll get back to you about dinner sometime,” Lukas replied with an awkward smile.

He turned around and walked to the balcony door. Just the second before he was completely gone from sight, his brain seemed to have gone on auto-pilot and he casually dropped his towel, giving his neighbors one last glance at his naked profile, grinning at the exasperated gasp of Christoph once he was back in his apartment.

“What was that, Simon? You can’t just go around hounding straight guys about posing for you. The poor thing seemed so confused,” Christoph chastised his younger boyfriend.

He knew how Simon was, but feared he had robbed them of further scantily clad appearances by their new neighbor.

“You know I have a sense for these things. With some guys you have to get in their head immediately to awaken their vanity and then let them stew a bit. You saw his towel drop at the end. I am willing to bet I’ll have him hanging on our wall by the end of next week,” Simon stated matter-of-factly.

Christoph shivered a bit a that choice of words but couldn’t argue with Simon’s “sense” so far. Their apartment did have a lot of artwork of beautiful men hanging on their walls or standing as sculptures in various cabinets. For all his brashness, Simon got a lot of guys to shed their clothes for him. He exclusively made artwork of nude men, and for quite a few of them it was their first time posing. It was scary and sexy at the same time to see his boyfriend at work and the results were spectacular.

Lukas stood back in his apartment holding the towel in front of him and looking at the business card. The two made quite the pair, but for some reason he did not find them completely off-putting. Not even Simon, whose directness made an impression on the muscular young man.

It was fact that Lukas was never quite content with how pictures of himself turned out. By now it was almost a running joke among his friends that for all his attractive traits, it was hard for Lukas to look natural and relaxed on a picture. And Simon’s interest did seem solely artistic, unlike Christoph who obviously ate the eye candy presented to him with gusto.

Lukas looked down at his body, his impressive manhood dangling lazily. He was uncut, with the foreskin covering half of his glans, rolling back fully when erect and two big nuts hanging in a full sack that further filled out the pouch of any underwear apart from the baggiest of boxers. He thought it did feel good to be so obviously admired as Kathrin rarely complimented him anymore, being used to his appearance. There was of course the occasional admiration in the gym, but that seemed different, there was no… eroticism… behind it, just approval of hard work. While he thought this, he could feel himself getting hard, he had not jerked off, yet, after all.

He walked towards the bedroom with a whipping erection and peaked his head in. Kathrin was still sleeping, and he dared not disturb her. “Guess it’s just you and me again, buddy,” he said to his friend down below, running his fingers up and down the shaft, letting a few drops of precum appear at the tip and rubbing those around the head until it shined.

He laid out the towel on the couch, not wanting to do it in the shower to enjoy the session, knowing that Kathrin would not be awake any soon. Lukas sat down on the couch, his legs spread and his thick erection pointing upwards.

He hunched over a bit and let a glob of saliva fall from his mouth onto the tip, spreading it around with his hand until all inches were covered. He scooched down, feet on the ground, legs spread, letting some air spread around parts usually confined in underwear and began stroking. The warm and humid temperatures had made his balls hang loose, making them jiggle and jump with each stroke until Lukas grasped them firmly and stretched them down a bit, the slight pain eliciting similar reactions to a twist of his nipples.

He had thought about how it would feel to masturbate with more than two hands, stroking, twisting, pulling on various parts at the same time, but Kathrin did not respond well to orders from him in bed, especially not when jerking him off, which she already only did reluctantly.

Christoph and Simon would probably be all over him, he thought, even though he wanted to avoid thinking of guys while masturbating. Although Simon’s limp wrists would probably not do much for him, if his handshake was any indication. Christoph on the other hand seemed to almost match Lukas in strength, so it was reasonable to assume he would be able to jerk Lukas off with the intensity he enjoyed. Maybe Simon would just watch his boyfriend stroke a load out of their neighbor, take some pictures or immortalize him heaving after a strong orgasm, covered in his own jizz…

And that was what brought Lukas over the edge to an orgasm that spread out from his feet to his head, a loud “Fuuck!” escaping his lips before he could suppress it. He noticed the door to the balcony was still open and hoped to god his neighbors hadn’t heard him, but even that thought slowly waned from his mind as it became engulfed in post-orgasmic serenity.

He had shot quite the load, some of it having shot up right up his chest, most of it pooling on his stomach, running down his abs, filling his innie belly button and leaking left and right on the towel. He would have to shower again, but for now he felt happy.

Christoph held his breath under the stern eye of his boyfriend who silently warned him not to make a single sound. Simon’s face showed no emotion, but Christoph knew he was quite happy with himself being proven right by the unmistakable slick sound of joyful masturbation coming from their neighbor’s apartment, soon followed by a louder-than-probably-intended expletive, heavy breathing and then silence.

His boyfriend’s mind games seemed to have already born fruit, awakening the urge in his neighbor to give in to his instincts and rubbing one out without thinking much of his surroundings.

He put a hand on the firm crotch of his partner, leaning in for a kiss, but being blocked by a hand. “Not now, Christoph, I have to quickly commit this moment to paper, this morning was quite inspirational, I am sure the sketch will be marvelous. I hope my memory of his is still strong enough,” Simon said brusquely.

With that, the lanky red-head stood up with a noticeable erection in his shorts and went inside to draw. Christoph knew better than to disturb his artistic flow. He knew, once the sketch was done, he would have to relief the “creative juices” that had accumulated in his boyfriend’s sizeable manhood. So for now, he happily finished his coffee, waiting for his turn.

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