Chapter 16 – Life Goes On

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The remainder of the naughty weekend went pretty much as one might suspect, plenty of fucking and sucking, and many orgasms were had by all. Thomas had finally figured out how to get the video he wanted to preserve their weekend for posterity. On the flight home, Allie and her husband quietly relived the events of the weekend, occasionally allowing their fingers and hands to roam over each other when they thought they couldn’t be seen.After retrieving their kids from his parent’s house, they arrived home early in the evening. After getting them to bed they retired to their bedroom for another session of sex, albeit in a much more muted fashion than they’d had over the weekend. Thomas took up his phone and set the camera app to video mode.“Are you feeling photogenic?” he asked Allie.“Why, what did you have in mind?” she replied. He picked up her rabbit vibrator from the open travel bag on the bed and waved it toward her.“How about you put on a show for me?” he asked. She smiled and said nothing as she continued to unpack. He set his phone down and thought no more of it. Allie disappeared into the washroom and when she came out, she picked up the toy and some lube and arranged herself on the bed.“Just my pussy,” she said as she spread her legs and applied some lube to her fingertips and then the toy. As her husband fumbled clumsily with his phone, she slicked up the toy and slipped it inside her. He began recording and watched the screen as she manipulated the toy so that the rabbit head was nestled against her clit. Her moans were muted but still audible as she masturbated, her fingers rubbing the head around her clit as she moved the toy in and out slowly.Then he had a brain cramp. He shifted the lens to see her face, he hadn’t thought to do it, he just wanted to watch her face as she got close to coming. She saw what he was doing and sat up quickly, “For fuck’s sakes Thomas! What part of just my pussy did you not understand?” He immediately realized his mistake and stopped recording.“Fuck, baby, I’m sorry, I just…” She cut him off.“What, forgot? Lost track of what you were doing? I specifically asked you not to catch my face on video! We talked about this! Fuck! Delete it! Now! Delete everything, the camera too!” He hung his head as he realized that his fantasy of calling up the video of his wife masturbating to spur his own solo moments. He did as he was told as Allie went to the washroom Eryaman Escort and out on her favorite, least sexy nightie.“Are they all deleted?” she asked.“They are, except for the ones on the spare SD card in the camera case. Honey, please, I’m sorry. I got carried away,” he said.“I don’t want to hear about it,” she answered, still angry but calming somewhat. “I get it, we both got carried away over the weekend but I think we need to get back to reality now.” She took his hand, “We’ve lived the fantasy, now it’s over.”“What about Patricia?” he asked. “Does she know this?”“I’ll call her tomorrow,” Allie said. “Look, it was fun, amazing, erotic, hot, all that and more. I just don’t want it to get out. I’m not your sister, she can keep carrying on like a horny teenager if she wants. I’m done.”“I was afraid you’d say that,” he said. “All right, it’s over but can’t we just keep the rest of the videos? We could watch them together once in a while.” That idea did appeal to her, she was, after all, still horny, she hadn’t climaxed from her toy before losing her shit out loud at Thomas.“Give it to me,” she said. “I’ll look after it.” He fished it out of the case and handed it over, grasping her fingertips as they touched. “Sorry I freaked out,” she said.“No, it’s my fault,” he said. Kissed her fingertips and she smiled.“It was a hot weekend wasn’t it?” she said opening her arms to him. She saw his cock twitch at the prospect of fucking her after all and smiled. She set the card on the nightstand and pulled him to her. Before long, her unsexy nightie was on the floor and she was on top of him, riding him into the sunset. Three orgasms later (two for her, one for him) they fell asleep.The next weekend, Allie got a text from Laura, asking her to come over for coffee. Laura had her suspicions about what Allie and Thomas had been up to over the previous weekend and her curiosity was craving satisfaction. Allie showed up just after lunch and, after shooing the kids out to the backyard, they sat at the table.“So, how was your weekend? You guys went away, didn’t you?” Laura probed gently.“It was good, really good,” she answered. “We went to New York, did some sightseeing, caught a show.”“And a nice weekend in a hotel was probably just what the doctor ordered,” Laura said. “Thomas said you guys had hit a bump.”“It was,” she answered. She told her which Sincan Escort hotel they had stayed at, “Do you know it?”“John and I stayed there last time we went down there,” Laura smiled at the memories of her, John, and Pat and their weekend together.“It’s nice,” Allie added, offering nothing else. Laura could see she’d have to dig a little deeper.“Our room was on the sixth floor, nice and quiet at the end of the hall,” she said.“617?” Allie asked, “That was our room too! Interesting how we ended up with the same room.” Laura knew then that what she suspected was true.“Not an accident though, was it?’ she asked, looking squarely at Allie. She then realized that Laura knew more than she thought she did.“No, not exactly,” Allie admitted. “This is awkward.”“What that we both had threesomes with our husbands and the same woman? Come on, we’re both grown-ups!” She reached for Allie’s hand.“How did it start with you guys and Pat?” she asked Allie.Laura related the tale, well, most of it anyway, leaving out the fine details but Allie didn’t have to use her imagination. “So now we get together every few months for a weekend of incredible sex,” Laura concluded. “How about you guys?”“Surprisingly, it’s about the same story,” Allie said. “I had an affair with Pat but I got caught.” She continued with her tale, so similar to Laura’s in so many ways. “My God, she is good, isn’t she?”“She is,” answered Laura. “You guys going to keep seeing her?”“Probably not,” said Allie. “It was fun to live out the fantasy but for me, that itch is scratched,” she said.“Fair enough,” said Laura. “I thought the same thing but the itch keeps coming back. As long as it does, I plan to keep scratching it.”“Can I ask you a question?” Allie said tentatively.“Sure,” said Laura.“When you guys were all together, did you take any pictures and stuff?” Allie seemed ashamed.“We did, lots of them,” Laura replied with a devious smile. “Want to see some?” She fumbled with her phone but Allie shook her head.“No thanks, I have no interest in seeing my brother naked.” She made a face that showed her discomfort.“What about me and Pat? Would you like to see some of us?” Laura asked, knowing that it would make Allie uncomfortable. She knew she had no right to be jealous and she knew that Pat wasn’t exclusive in sharing her favors, but she couldn’t quite keep the green-eyed monster at bay. Etlik Escort Then Allie surprised her.“Sure, why not?” she said. Laura hesitated, not expecting her sister-in-law to call her bluff. She shrugged and flipped through her phone to a short video of her and Pat together. “This one is my favorite, I use it to get my motor running, when I, you know.” Allie watched, transfixed as the images of Laura and Pat brought her delicious memories to the front of her mind. She felt the dampness grow and she shifted uncomfortably in her chair.“Fuck, she’s good,” she breathed. Laura agreed before closing the app and putting her phone back into her purse.“Did you guys take any video?” she asked.“We did but I made Thomas delete them,” she answered. She reached into her pocket, “Except for these,” she showed Laura the SD card. She told Laura about the fight she and Thomas had when they got home, “Did I overreact? I am just so scared that these will get out. Aren’t you scared?”“A little,” Laura replied. “I keep a pretty tight hold on my phone” She patted her purse. “We have a couple of those cards too, they’re in our safe in our bedroom.”“Do you guys ever watch them?” Allie asked, thinking that she and Thomas should have a safe installed.“Sometimes,” she answered. “Sometimes together, sometimes when I’m alone. Every so often I’ll send a clip or a picture to John or Pat, Keeps things spicy!”“Damn, Laura, I never would have guessed,” breathed Allie. She took a deep breath, “I guess Pat’s brought out the worst in both of us.”“She’s brought out the best in me!” Laura said. “Look, we’re all grownups, what happens in our bedrooms in no one else’s business but ours.” Allie nodded. “Don’t be ashamed, you had an itch, you scratched it. You lived a fantasy and now you can move on if you want.”“That’s the thing,” Allie said. “I’m over the threesome thing. It was great fun and very hot but it’s over. At least it is for me.” She drained her coffee cup and held it out for a refill. Once Laura sat back down, she continued. “But I still want to see Pat. Does that make me a hypocrite?”“I don’t think so,” said Laura. “You still have that itch I guess. So scratch it.” She squeezed Allie’s hand, “But you have to tell Thomas. It was keeping secrets that started this whole thing.”“Do you think he’d be okay with me seeing Pat?’ Allie asked.“Would you be okay with him seeing her?” Allie pondered for a minute.“Like she and I could have our time together and he could do the same without me there?” she thought some more. “I think it’s worth a shot.”“Maybe,” said Laura. “John and I have talked about just that. I still want to see her too but he just wants us to have threesomes. So that’s what we agreed to do. Pat’s on board so it works, at least for now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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