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Admiring herself in a large bathroom mirror, Miley decided she didn’t look too bad for a woman seven months in. Turning to view her body in profile, she smoothed her hand around the pregnant curve of her belly and smiled fondly thinking of the child within. Her eyes moved to her breasts, once tiny little handfuls that had grown to plush C-cups with swollen areolas. Miley didn’t mind that, she had always fantasized about what it would be like to have larger breasts, though she didn’t like how tender they had become. She also didn’t like the size of her ass, frowning at her backside and pivoting to view her butt in the mirror over the shoulder. It was still the same smooth, rounded butt she had worked so hard to maintain her whole life — just bigger. With a sigh, Miley reached for a robe hanging on the back of the bathroom door and tried not to worry about getting fat. She was pregnant after all, she reminded herself. That’s what was supposed to happen.

Slipping the robe on over her otherwise naked form, Miley tied it loosely around her bulging waist and waddled into the long upstairs hallway. She moved towards a staircase, passing several doors and cursing the amount of bedrooms to be found in the posh mansion. The more pregnant she got, the less walking she wanted to do.

The stairs curled around themselves into a massive foyer. Miley padded across the hardwood floors, her bare feet making sticky sounds against the polished surface. Another, shorter, hallway led Miley to her final destination. The mansion’s main kitchen (there were two others) was an expansive room with hard granite counters and a long center island. The far end of the kitchen held a gorgeous breakfast table situated in front of bay windows which looked out towards acres of plush, green grass and a vibrant garden of flowers.

Miley moved towards a monstrous stainless steel refrigerator.

“Good morning,” greeted a beautiful blonde seated at the breakfast table, her long hair feathered and straight out of a Farah Fawcett poster. She was enjoying half a grapefruit and a cup of juice, dressed in a stunning black pants-suit which clung to her model-like figure.

“Hey,” Miley pulled open the fridge and peered inside, “Are there any English muffins left?”

Haley gestured ambiguously with her finger, “Look in one of the bottom drawers. How’d you sleep last night?”

“Awful,” Miley replied, finding the bag of muffins. She gathered them, a tub of butter spread, and a jar of jam into her arms. “The baby kept me up all night kicking, and I don’t sleep very well without….”

Haley glanced sympathetically at the unfinished sentence, “Without Charlie?”

Miley nodded morosely, piling her breakfast load onto one of the vast counters to start a pot of coffee. “I hate being alone and pregnant,” she complained.

“You’re not alone,” Haley said as she rose from the table. “That’s why you moved in with your dad and me, so you wouldn’t be by yourself.”

Miley opened a drawer to find a butter knife, “Speaking of… why in the world did you and dad have to buy such a big house after you got married? There are, like, five hundred rooms upstairs.”

Haley smiled, “Because your father is rich, and we could.” She approached her daughter-in-law and spread her arms warmly, “Come here, you’re being pregnant and hormonal. Give me a hug.”

Returning the embrace, Miley pressed the side of her face against Haley’s shoulder and sniffled, “I just miss Charlie.”

“I know,” Haley comforted. She ran her hand through Miley’s mess of dark curls.

“I am glad I’m here,” Miley murmured, fighting her tears. “You and dad have been great. I love you both so much.”

“I know,” Haley whispered as she caressed her hand through Miley’s hair. “We love you too.”

The girls stood for several long moments, Miley clasping tightly. She truly was grateful for Haley’s presence, despite the fact seven months prior Miley never thought they could ever share a warm relationship. The pair had despised one another at one point in their lives, their hatred even resulting in several rounds of hair-pulling fisticuffs. But then Haley married her father. Miley never thought it would work between the two since Haley, at age twenty-eight, was fourteen years younger than Jack. Miley had assumed Haley was a gold-digging whore! Eventually it became obvious how much in love Haley and Jack were, and how happy Haley made Miley’s father. Miley set aside her trepidations and forgot the past, giving Haley another chance. Months later, they shared a tight bond and were the closest of friends.

Haley kissed the top of Miley’s forehead, “Enough tears, babe. I have to pick up your father from the airport and then we’ve got a shareholders meeting over lunch.”

Miley nodded, stepping back and wiping at a cheek with the back of her hand. “I’ll be okay,” she said with a forced smile. “Go run your company and make my daddy lots more money. Maybe the two of you will be able to afford another wing to this obscene mansion, for me and the baby. As big as my ass is getting we might need Kastamonu Escort it.”

Haley rolled her eyes and picked up a stylish briefcase from the center island counter, “Your ass is just fine.” She patted a hand against Miley’s bottom on her way towards the hallway, “Take it from a girl who used to be an active bi-sexual.”

Miley smirked, wiped away the last of her tears, and turned back towards her breakfast.


When Chip woke up he wondered if the room was spinning, or if he was. He sat up in a single bed, crowded by the voluptuously sexy blonde sleeping beside him, and placed a palm at his forehead. He sat motionless for several moments until the spinning stopped and then looked around.

The dorm room was a mess of strewn clothes and empty alcohol containers. He scratched a hand across his shaved brown hair, pulled a thin sheet off and swung his legs over the side of the bed trying to remember how the evening prior had ended.

The blonde in bed with him stirred as Chip’s movements tugged the sheet off her curvy, naked form. “Mm,” she mewed tiredly, “What time is it?”

Chip looked at a digital clock beside the bad, “Quarter after seven, I gotta get going.”

“Already?” the blonde complained. “Don’t you want to fool around a little, first?”

Chip felt her palm smooth against his bare back, “I’d love to, but I don’t have the luxury of sleeping in a college dorm a hundred yards from my first class. I have summer school, remember?”

The blonde rose and rested her chin on Chip’s shoulder, reaching around to fondle his naked cock, “Come on. So what if you miss homeroom? I’ll make it worth your while.”

Chip instantly began to harden and suddenly his hangover didn’t feel so bad, “I can’t, Stacy. I’ve already skipped too many classes this week.”

Stacy kissed his shoulder and gripped Chip’s erection firmly, “So what? You’re eighteen now, you can just write yourself a note.”

Chip was finding it hard to argue as Stacy began moving slow, caressing strokes up and down his length. He could feel her naked breasts against his shoulder blades, their heavy weight pressing against him seductively.

“Let me give you a good cum,” Stacy tempted. “Don’t you want to cum inside your girlfriend, before school?”

“Is that what you are?” Chip asked, glancing over his shoulder. “My girlfriend?”

Stacy kissed him, her tongue briefly snaking into his mouth. Even though her breath tasted of booze and cigarettes, Chip responded by sucking on her tongue.

“You’ve stayed here every night this week and fucked the hell out of me,” Stacy murmured. “I think we’ve moved beyond the ‘just friends’ stage.”

“I wasn’t sure,” Chip replied. “All we’ve done is get drunk at college house parties all week and come back to your dorm room. I thought, maybe… I thought you were just using me.”

“Even if I was,” Stacy implied, “Does that mean you won’t fuck me?”

Chip swallowed with arousal as Stacy slipped backwards and stretched out on the bed, her pillowy breasts hanging to the sides of her sternum and her legs wide open. He stared at her bush of blonde pubic hair, the slit beneath appearing more inviting than ever.

Stacy smiled playfully as Chip gave in to temptation and crawled between her legs. She curled her arms around him as his erect length began poking between her legs. “Fuck me really good,” she breathed wantonly. “Make me feel pleasure.”

Chip found the wet spot and thrust his shaft into her, resting his face between Stacy’s neck and shoulder. He began humping into her with little tact or sense of foreplay. Not that Stacy cared. She simply wanted to feel something besides the numb loneliness she had felt for weeks prior.

“That’s it,” she gasped encouragingly when Chip began rutting into her with a grunting fervor. He had little experience with sex or women and his wild humping reflected that. But it felt good to Stacy to have someone inside her, someone with her. She held Chip tightly against her body as he buried his face between her breasts.

“That’s it, sweetie,” Stacy whispered. “Make me feel….”


“You’re never going to believe this,” Samantha pushed the rims of her round glasses up the bridge of her nose. “Stan Lee is here and he wants to meet you guys.”

“No way!” Brian appeared in the bathroom doorway of his hotel room, bluish paste dribbling out of his mouth and a toothbrush in his hand. He was wearing a pair of faded blue jeans and a black ‘Captain Darkness’ tee shirt. “Stan Lee?!”

Sam bobbed her head excitedly, “Stan Lee!”

Brian bent over out of sight to spit in the bathroom sink and then glanced back, “Stan the Man Lee?!”

Sam beamed, “I know, right? I guess he’s here promoting his literacy foundation, and he’s a big Captain Darkness fan. He wants to meet you and Charlie for lunch. Today!”

“Stan-fucking-Lee?!” Brian exclaimed in utter disbelief. “You know he’s the godfather of comic books, right? I mean, he’s like Charlie’s idol – a god in human form. Charlie’s going Kastamonu Escort Bayan to flip out!”

“I’ve cleared your guys’ afternoon schedule,” Sam stated, glancing down at her tablet’s calendar. “You were supposed to meet with the Marvel Studios producers about the HBO show, but they were all-too happy to reschedule when I told them about your meeting with Mr. Lee.”

Brian finished up in the bathroom by rinsing his mouth out from a glass of water and wiping his face with a washcloth, “This is so cool, I’m so happy we came to San Diego.”

“I told you guys how great it’d be here at Comic-Con,” Sam smiled, tapping busily on her tablet’s touch screen. “I know it’s been a grueling four months, but there are a lot of opportunities here for us to expand the Captain Darkness brand.”

Brian exhaled, wiping a hand over his neatly-trimmed hair as he reflected on the last half-year. He and Charlie’s comic book, Captain Darkness, had become the publisher’s best-selling book after a mere seven issues. Originally planned only as a twelve-issue limited series, Marvel Comics quickly signed Charlie and Brian to a lucrative deal for a regular monthly. Things became so crazy for the creative duo that they needed to bring Samantha back to act as their agent, despite the tensions that once came between her and Brian.

Charlie and Brian, along with Sam, began a promotional tour in April that took them to comic book conventions across the country, with the biggest stop being San Diego’s late-July Comic-Con. There was a paltry few opportunities for any of them to fly home to Tallahassee during those four months, and none in the month prior.

Brian moved to search for his wallet, “I better go find Charlie and let him know about our meeting with Stan. I can’t wait to see the expression on his face.”

Sam glanced towards Brian. She didn’t want to spoil his mood so she asked her question as gently as possible, “Did you get a hold of Stacy last night?”

Brian shook his head, lingering at his suitcase. Simply thinking about Stacy seemed to create a dark cloud over him.

“I’m sorry,” she murmured

“Are you?” Brian wondered, the question harsher than he had intended.

Sam winced, “I know I tried to break you two up last year, but that was a long time ago. I’m not like that anymore, Brian. I’m over it. I just want you to be happy.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…” Brian sighed, “She’s not taking my calls. Her cell just goes right to voicemail and she moved out of her parent’s house and onto campus. I have no idea what the dorm number is.”

Sam frowned, “I still can’t believe she broke up with you. We’ve only been on the road for four months.”

“Stacy doesn’t handle distance very well,” Brian remarked. “Or being alone.”

“We’ll be home in another month,” Sam tried to console him. “I bet you two will get back together.”

Brian tried not to sound doubtful, “Maybe.”


‘Today we’re coming at you live from Comic-Con, one of the biggest media events of the year for movies, television, and of course comic books. The buzz this year is all centered on the Marvel Comics Group, whose movie studio has been churning out some of the biggest blockbusters Hollywood has seen in years. We’ll have the details about all of their latest movie projects, as well as the scoop on a rumored HBO show based on one of Marvel’s hottest new properties — Captain Darkness.’

Miley squealed excitedly at the television and reached for her cell phone, which was beside her on a plush leather couch. Her thumb slid across the touch screen a few times before she lifted the phone to her ear.

“Hello?” she heard Charlie answer.

“Hi, baby. It’s me.”

“Hey, honey. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, everything’s fine. But you’re never going to believe this! You were just on MTV News. Well, not you, but they were talking about the convention in San Diego and they talked about Captain Darkness!”


Miley nodded at her phone, “Isn’t that awesome? Oh, baby. I’m so proud of you. Is it true HBO wants to make a show about your comic?”

“I’m not sure,” Charlie sounded cautious. “Brian, Sam, and I are meeting with some studio executives later this afternoon. I’ll know more then.”

“How’s everything else going?” Miley wondered. “Are you guys having fun?”

“It’s okay,” Charlie replied. “I miss you, though. I wish you were here with us.”

Miley was glad Charlie couldn’t see her when her eyes began to well up, “I miss you too, baby. But you know I’m too pregnant to be jaunting around the country.”

“How’s the baby?” Charlie asked.

“Oh my god,” Miley bit her lip. “She’s been kicking like a soccer player. I think she misses her daddy’s voice.”

“Miley, are you okay? You sound upset.”

Miley wiped at her eyes, “I’m fine, really.” She didn’t want to distract Charlie, “Haley said I’m just overly hormonal. She’s probably right.”

“Are you sure?” Charlie pressed. “You’d tell me if anything was wrong, right?”

Miley let Escort Kastamonu out a happy sob at Charlie’s sweet worry, “God, I miss you.”

“You’re crying,” Charlie fretted.

“I’m always crying,” Miley made a sobbing laugh, tears streaming down her cheeks. She wondered how she could be laughing and crying at the same time and blamed it on the pregnancy, “My emotions are giving me whiplash, I have to pee every five minutes, and I’m getting fat. You should see my ass, Charlie. It looks like the Good Year blimp.”

“I’m sure your ass is as adorable as it’s always been. Do you need me to come home?”

“Desperately. But I won’t let you. You’ll be home in a month, right? You’ll be home in time for the baby?”

“Of course I will.”

“Do you promise?” Miley sniffled again, “Do you promise, Charlie? I don’t want our daughter to be born without her father here.”

“You sound really upset; I’m going to come home.”

“No,” Miley wiped at her nose. “No, Charlie. I know how important it is for you to be there. I don’t need you. Daddy and Haley are taking really good care of me, your mother too. I’m just having a rough morning.”

“You’re sure?”

Miley nodded again, “I’m sure. I love you, baby. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

“Go make your comic a huge success and tell Brian I love him too, okay?”

“I will. I’ll call you tonight.”

Miley sniffed and swiped her thumb to end the call, wondering how she would make it for another month without the love of her life beside her.


Charlie hung up his phone as Brian came bursting into his hotel room.

“Dude! You’re never going to believe -” Brian paused when he saw Charlie’s sad expression and the cell phone in his right hand, “What is it? Is something wrong?”

Charlie set the phone down on an otherwise empty desk, “That was Miley.”

“Is she okay? The baby…?”

“They’re fine,” Charlie assured him. “Miley was just lonely and upset. I’ve been gone too long, man. I think I need to go home and be with her.”

Brian closed the door, “Wait, you mean right now?”

“Yeah. I’m gonna see if Sam can get me a flight back this afternoon.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Brian held up his palms. “You can’t just leave, dude. Stan Lee wants to meet us!”

Charlie’s eyes widened, “Huh?”

“Stan Lee!” Brian repeated. “He’s here, at the Con, and Sam said he’s a big Captain Darkness fan. He wants to have lunch, with you and me, today! Sam set it all up. Can you believe it?”

A smile lit Charlie’s face, “You’re serious?”

“As serious as I’ve ever been, buddy.”

“No way,” Charlie breathed. “Holy shit. Stan Lee? Wh-what should I wear?”

Brian squinted at Charlie’s jeans and bat-signal tee shirt, “What are you, a girl? Stan Lee’s not going to care what you’re wearing.”

“I can’t wear a Batman tee shirt to meet Stan Lee,” Charlie exclaimed, “That would be like sacrilege!”

“So put on one of your Marvel tee shirts,” Brian shrugged. “You have like a million of those.”

Charlie snapped his fingers and pointed towards his best friend, “That’s a good idea. I’ll put on my Captain America shield.”

“I don’t think Stan created Captain America,” Brian informed him. “How about your Avengers tee?”

“Perfect,” Charlie agreed, hurrying towards his suitcase. “Oh, man. I can’t believe we’re going to have lunch with Stan Lee. I love Sam! Remind me to give her a huge hug.”

“I know,” Brian cackled with glee and shook his fists. “It’s so fucking awesome! I love being a rock star comic book artist.”


Miley heard the doorbell ring and cursed, pushing herself up off the couch. If her father and Haley were convinced they had to live in a house the size of the Pentagon, she thought, the least they could do is get a butler.

The doorbell rang again as she waddled towards the foyer, “I’m coming,” she called irritably, “Pregnant girl walking, here.”

“Hey,” Chip greeted when Miley opened the door. He was wearing a pair of baggy shorts and a baseball cap. Miley noticed Chip had filled out since the last time she saw him, his once-skinny body developing.

“Chip?” Miley looked surprised, “God, I haven’t seen you in months! What are you doing here?”

“I came to see my favorite high school legend,” Chip grinned

Miley snorted, “If the guys I went to high school with saw me now, they’d probably run away screaming.” She stepped towards Chip and gave him a hug, “It’s good to see you, hon.”

Chip squeezed her back but had to be cautious of Miley’s tummy. “Wow,” he remarked, noticing the way her tight spaghetti-stringed top revealed the lower quarter of her baby-bump, “You’re really pregnant.”

“Tell me something I don’t know,” Miley grinned. “Come on in.”

“It’s not a bad time, is it?”

“Are you kidding?” Miley grabbed his hand and led Chip into the house, “I’m going crazy around here by myself. I’ve been alone all afternoon.” She led him into the kitchen. “Can I get you anything to drink? Soda?”

“A soda would be great,” Chip agreed, looking around the massive house as they walked. “Geez, this place is huge.”

Miley opened the fridge and bent to retrieve a soda. She felt her pink sweats dip down the crack of her ass, exposing her panties. She swiftly rose to protect her modesty and caught Chip staring.

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