Charlotte Cheats (Again)

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This story continues from previous ones but can be read separately.

For the last night before heading back to Manchester for my final year of university, I spent the day with my boyfriend, Sam. We went for a lovely walk in the afternoon, then had dinner before meeting with his work colleagues who had arranged a social event. They’d been bowling, which we’d missed and joined them in the pub for drinks. I knew some of them from my previous work there before university. Sam didn’t want to go but I persuaded him to be sociable.

I was wearing a pink oversized jumper dress with a black belt. It was very short and showed off my long tanned legs that I made look even longer with black heeled ankle boots. Underneath, I wore the most daring underwear I had only previously imagined wearing. I wanted to tease Sam a bit on my last night and feel sexy myself, so I wore a silver chain lingerie set, there was no material just a set of chains that linked together to give the outline of a bra, straps across my back and connections in the form of another chain to give the impression of a thong.

I still had feelings for Sam but they weren’t as overtly sexual as they were for some other men but I appreciated him and he offered me a feeling of stability and familiarity. The evening had been nice and not having a large group of friends in my home town made his company even more invaluable.

One of the reasons that Sam didn’t want to join his colleagues was because he could sometimes be the butt of the joke. He was quiet and liked to spend his spare time reading. A lot of people seemed surprised that him and I were a couple, I turned heads but Sam wasn’t classically good looking. My time away had made me realise that I was much more attractive to men than I had previously thought and I was starting to be able to use this in new and exciting ways.

One particular work colleague of Sam’s, Gary, used to tease him mercifully about me and how he would show me a good time. I thought I’d show him who my boyfriend really was tonight though. I made a big show of staying close to Sam as we joined the group in the pub. I made sure to keep my gaze on my boyfriend and talked him up at every opportunity.

We left the pub and some of Sam’s colleagues were going on to a club. Sam wasn’t keen but again I tried to persuade him, I thought it might be fun and I wasn’t really ready to go home yet. When Gary offered to take me, Sam reluctantly agreed and we went in.

When my boyfriend Sam was at the bar, Gary tried to work his charms on me, asking me why I was with Sam and how much more fun I’d have with him.

Rolling my eyes, I said, “I’ve got a thing for big dicks Gary so I’m alright for the moment, thanks though.”

“Ha, I bet bookworm Sam wishes he had more than a worm to play with,” Gary laughed in reply.

“You know what Gary, when I go home with my boyfriend tonight, I’ll cum on his dick and then lick it off,” thinking that would shut him up.

“He wishes,” Gary laughed, “if you want a proper ride tonight Charlotte, then you know where to find me.”

I kept catching Gary trying to steal glances of me, looking me up and down, more obviously at times as well. I made a point of sitting on my boyfriend Sam’s knee.

“Oh wow, fancy seeing you here,” I heard as I felt a hand on my arm and before I knew it, was enveloped in a hug.

It took me a while to place the face.

“Sorry, I didn’t recognise you at first, you’ve changed,” I replied.

I had bumped into Kieran, the boy I used almanbahis to sit next to in Biology A-Level. He too had gone on to university to study Biology and like me was about to return for his final year. In the two years since I’d last seen him he had changed so much. His geeky and nerdy clothes had been replaced by a well fitting outfit over a physique that had obviously been toned in his university gym.

With so much in common, both past and present we had a good chat.

“I’ve got a bit of a headache Charlotte,” Sam said as he interrupted my re-union with Kieran, “I’m going to head off but you can stay if you want.”

“Are you sure you don’t mind?” I added, keen to stay in the club a little longer, as I explained to Sam that it was great to catch up with a fellow biologist. I felt sad that my silver chain underwear would go unnoticed this evening but I thought I’d send Sam a picture later to make up for it.

I was deep in conversation with Kieran when Gary came over again, seemingly even more full of it now that he knew my boyfriend had left the building.

“Now you get to experience a real man,” he said to me, eyes fixed on my body.

“Very well put,” I said, his face lighting up, momentarily, before I added, “my friend Kieran is going to take me to the dance floor. Aren’t you Kieran?”

Gary glared at me as Kieran did as I asked.

I thanked Kieran for saving me, explaining the situation as we danced together.

A few minutes later, I felt a pair of hands on the backs of my legs making their way up my short jumper dress to rest on the chain underwear I was wearing, grabbing at the skin of my arse. I jumped, it was Gary, of course.

Kieran stepped in, he was stronger, grabbing Gary by the neck and I thought a big fight was going to break out but the bouncers rushed to the scene. Unfortunately, Kieran was thrown out of the club for his part in the altercation and so too was Gary.

I left to catch up with Kieran. “Thank you so much Kieran,” I said, “but I’m so sorry your night has been ruined because of me.”

“It’s not your fault Charlotte. He’s the idiot,” he replied, with reference to Gary.

I hugged Kieran and as I went to loosen my grip, I looked into his dark brown eyes, we embraced again and I kissed him, gently, on the lips.

“I’ll walk you home Charlotte,”

“No you don’t have to Kieran, your house is closer than mine. We’ll get to yours and I’ll be fine from there, it’s only another five minutes.”

When we got to Kieran’s house, we stood at the end of his drive and I hugged him again, thanked him again, apologised again and kissed him again. Only this time my lips parted as I slipped my tongue into his mouth to meet his in return, as we kissed passionately, exploring each other’s bodies through our clothes.

“I’d invite you in for a nightcap Charlotte,” he said, breaking off the kiss, “but, my parents are in and they wouldn’t be too happy if I woke them up at this time of the night.”

“I understand,” I said, thinking of my unseen wasted underwear I was wearing, as I made my way home, alone, dejected.

“Hang on Charlotte,” Kieran called out to me, “we’ve got a sofa and a telly in the garage, if you don’t want to go home just yet we could go in there if you’d like.”

And I definitely did like. We weren’t sat on the sofa for long before our hands and lips were seeking each other out again.

With Kieran stripped to just his boxer shorts and sat on the sofa, I stood in front of him to loosen my belt and pull almanbahis yeni giriş my pink jumper dress over my head to reveal my chain link underwear.

Kieran could see my pierced perky nipples through the chain and I ground into his lap as he touched me all over my near naked body, “I love the way you feel Charlotte”, he said, kissing me and rubbing skin on skin, “you’re so smooth.”

I was teasing his cock through his boxer shorts before freeing his erection by pulling it out with my hands.

“Oh, you’re just the right size for me,” I said, in the moment I wasn’t kissing his lips, continuing to wank him. “I really want to suck your cock Kieran,” I teased.

“Yes, do it,” he said.

“But, I’ve got a boyfriend,” I continued still wanking him with my hands, my eyes darting from his dick to his eyes, “he’d be really angry if he found out his girlfriend was in your garage, sucking your cock Kieran.”

“Isn’t it a bit late for that now?” He said, caressing my breasts.

“We could stop here. A hand job isn’t cheating. Is it?” I continued to stroke his dick.

“I won’t tell him.”

“I like you Kieran and I’ve enjoyed being with you tonight. You’re a good kisser and your cock feels nice in my hands. But you won’t have anything to tell my boyfriend if I don’t suck your dick.”

“I want you to suck it.”

“How much do you want me to suck it?”

“A lot,” he gasped.

“Tell me how much.”

“I really want you to suck my dick Charlotte. I need you to suck my dick on this sofa, in my garage right now.”

“And you won’t tell my boyfriend?”

“I really want you to suck my dick Charlotte and I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

“After I’ve sucked your dick, will you make me cum?”

“I want you so much.”

“Will you lick my pussy and make me cum?”

“When you’ve sucked my dick I’d love to eat you out.”

“And when you’ve licked me out, will you fuck me Kieran?”

“Yes, I’ll do whatever you want me to do to you. Suck my dick and I’ll make you cum, I want you right now Charlotte, more than anything.”

I left a deliberate silence before adding, “well Kieran, that’s very good to know. You’re in luck because I really want to taste your big dick, now please.”

With Kieran on the sofa, I took his dick in my mouth for the first time, starting at the tip, I slowly brought my lips down so that his cock was as far into my mouth as I could manage, where I stopped and locked my eyes on his before moving my head back up to repeat the process.

I spat on his cock, sucked it and then rubbed it all over my lips and face. Holding it in my hand, I moved my body up to rub the end of his cock over my nipples. I dreamed of having large enough breasts to give him a titwank.

I returned my lips to his dick and got into a steady rhythm sucking his cock, swirling my tongue around his tip before plunging my mouth back down his shaft.

“Don’t cum for me yet,” I said, removing my mouth from his dick. With Kieran lying on his back I moved so that I could sit on his face, as I had seen Esme do right in front of me, the week before. I tried to mimic her hip actions as I gyrated my pussy onto his tongue. I felt so sexy in my chain underwear but it wasn’t allowing the right kind of access for me so I reluctantly removed it. Kieran eased my wet pussy off his face and positioned me on my back, where he parted my lips with his fingers and continued to lap at my pussy with his tongue. With his middle finger inside me he used his index finger almanbahis giriş in the come hither motion.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, that feels good, you’re so fucking good at this,” I cried as the thrill of the orgasm started to spread through my whole shaking body courtesy of Kieran’s mouth and fingers, “keep doing what you’re doing to me there.” My shaken legs recovered whilst I sucked his cock again, before he put on a condom and I climbed on to his dick to start riding him. Kieran grabbed my arse cheeks to bring his cock further inside me as I put my hands over the top of the sofa to pull myself closer to him and my pierced nipples fo his mouth, grazing his lips.

“You’re making me so wet,” I said, gyrating my hips on him, “fuck me, we fit well together.”

I then sat on Kieran’s lap, my feet on the floor to help lever my hips onto his cock, this time he could reach around my naked body to grab my breasts. He bent me over to fuck me from behind. He started lightly playing with my arsehole. He had a good view of it but I didn’t want to lose my anal virginity, well at least not tonight.

“Do whatever else you want to do to me,” I told him as he was flipped me on to my back as driving his cock into me again, him grunting as I moaned with pleasure. I could sense his breathing change and I knew he was close.

“Cum for me Kieran,” I encouraged him, knowing a second orgasm wasn’t happening for me tonight, as he blew his load into the condom.

“That was amazing Charlotte,” he said as we caught our breath lying on the sofa in his garage. We recovered our clothes that had been scattered around his garage and even walked me home, my last night in my bed before returning to university the next day.

I woke up the next day, in my own bed, to a message from my boyfriend, Sam. Someone, I’m guessing his work colleague Gary, had sent him a picture of me and Kieran from last night dancing together in the club.

“Sorry Sam, it looks a lot worse than it was,” thinking to myself just how much worse it would have got if my poor boyfriend had access to Kieran’s garage a bit later on, “I had to dance with him to stop that Gary harassing me.”

Spotting my chain link lingerie on the floor I quickly put it on and posed for a mirror selfie to send to my boyfriend Sam.

“I really wanted you to see me in this last night. I was thinking about what you were going to do me in this all day yesterday.” I sent, knowing he’d recognise it as being my bedroom in the background.

That seemed to appease him.

“You know I’d never cheat on you Sam,” I lied, “I love you and always will x.” It was true that I hadn’t cheated on Sam, well not until just over a year ago, and I’d certainly made up for it in that time. I did a run through of the men my boyfriend didn’t know about: the DJ, the basketball player, the yoga instructor who wasn’t a yoga instructor, arrogant Ollie, Dave, Scott, Dave (again) with Ollie’s sister Esme, Ollie’s brother Jamie and now Kieran.

Wow, that was ten separate occasions.

I thought again, it wasn’t just ten separate occasions because I’d met up with the yoga instructor who wasn’t a yoga instructor multiple times.

To bring my number down, I told myself Ollie and Scott were just blowjobs, one of which was the result of a losing bet, the other as a present. Dave and Jamie were about justice for the rigged bet.

Discounting blowjobs, being in a different country and one night stands I tried to tell myself that I hadn’t actually cheated on my boyfriend. When that didn’t really work, I settled on knowing that I didn’t love any of those men.

My mum and dad drove me back to Manchester to a new shared house and my final year of university. I wondered what my last year would bring…

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