Chaste at Uni

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Chapter 1 – Preparation


My hands ran up Sophie’s loose, white t-shirt, making my way up her waist, as I aimed for her breasts. Over the bra, to start. It’s not like I’d never felt them before. I had, a few times. But her parents were downstairs, somehow sending the vibes that they were listening to every breath we took.

“Guys, dinner’s ready,” shouted Mrs Garcia, briskly walking up the stairs.

We jumped off the bed. Sophie pulled her top into place, and I stood up, while attempting to tuck my erection under the elastic in my boxers.

“Fuck, this is so shit,” Sophie whispered to me.

Throwing her head around the door like a spy, she groaned in disapproval then summoned us to come with her downstairs.

“Thanks mum,” said Sophie.

We followed her into the dining room, where her dad and brother, Toby, where sitting, looking impatiently at the large chicken in the middle of the table.

As soon as they had both sat down, Mr Garcia cut the chicken and dished out pieces to everyone. Then we all ate.

After some general chit-chat, Mrs Garcia turned the conversation towards us moving out for university in a few months time.

“So are you guys looking forward to uni?” she said.

“We can’t wait,” said both of us together.

“I bet you are. It’s a great opportunity for you both to work towards your futures,” she said. “It’s something I hope you both take seriously.”

“We will Mrs Garcia,” I said finishing my last mouthful.

“Your father and I have been talking,” she paused, taking a sip of her drink.

“Oh, this’ll be good,” said Toby under his breath but louder than intended.

“Watch yourself,” scolded Mrs Garcia.

“Your father and I promised to rent you an apartment if you passed high school. Both you and Ben passed with amazing grades, and we’re so excited for you both. We’ve found you a perfect flat five minutes away from the university and your father’s ready to send them the years rent.”

“Thanks mum,” said Sophie.

“Yeah, thanks a lot Mrs Garcia. We couldn’t do this without you,” I said.

“We want what’s best for you. But we also understand at your age, there are certain distractions that can get in the way,” continued Mrs Garcia with her trademarked face of disapproval.

“No mum, you know we’re focused on passing our courses,” said Sophie. Even I was convinced.

“Yes, well I know how these university days play out. So anyway, your father and I would like you to take some precautions.”

“Mum,” whispered Sophie, as her faced turned bright purple.

“Well, no I don’t mean those precautions Sophie,” said Sophie’s mum. “We’ve done some research and there is a place nearby that installs a small device that ensures you can’t get pregnant.”

Both me and Sophie, embarrassed and confused, looked at each other until her dad interrupted.

“Yes, would you mind coming with us tomorrow. It’ll only take an hour. No pressure, all we ask is you listen to what they have to say.”

Wanting the conversation to stop, we both nodded.

“Okay Dad, anything for you,” said Sophie flashing her eyes.

“That’s my girl,” said Mr Garcia. “Thanks Ben for keeping an open mind.”

“No worries Mr Garcia,” I said standing up and leaving the room with Sophie.

We both went back to Sophie’s bedroom, of course keeping the door open as routinely requested by her parents.

“What the hell?” said Sophie.

“Yeah I know! They want you to go on the pill, don’t they?”

“No way, she is strongly against the pill, or anything like that. I guess she could have changed her mind, but I really doubt it,” said Sophie.

“Then what could it be. I read about a cap thing they can put to stop cum getting to your eggs. Maybe it’s that,” I said trying my best to think what they could mean.

We talked for a bit longer than made out. I moved my hand back under her top, while our mouths joined. I moved my hand under her bra feeling her warm, soft nipples.

“Ben, Mr Garcia can take you home now,” said Mrs Garcia’s from down the stairs.

“Thanks Mrs Garcia,” I replied.

The both of us were frustrated but I made my way to the car. Sophie joined us for the ride.

“So we’ll come and pick you up tomorrow at nine in the morning. Then we’ll see what this place has to say,” said Sophie’s father.

“Yeah, thanks again Mr Garcia,” I said, kissing Sophie on the cheek then leaving the car and making my way inside.

I didn’t really think much about it for the rest of that night, other than I was a bit annoyed I had to wake up earlier than normal on a Sunday.

So the next day, I woke up on time, had my shower, changed into something casual and waited for Sophie and her parents to pick me up.

When the car arrived, Sophie phoned me and said: “Hey Ben, my dad couldn’t make it today so my mum’s here. We’re ready when you are.”

We drove for a while, until we approached the car park for a health center. Me, Sophie and her mum walked up to reception, Maltepe Escort gave our names then took a seat while we wanted for the consultant to call for us.

“Mrs Garcia,” said a tall man with short hair, standing by the reception door.

He took us to a small office, where we had a seat and a drink of water.

“Now, this must be your daughter Sophie, and her boyfriend Ben?”

“Yes Doctor,” replied Mrs Garcia.

Me and Sophie said “Hi.”

“So how long have you been dating?” he asked.

“Three years,” I answered.

“Lovely, so how much do you know about this place?”

“Nothing, is this for the pill?” said Sophie.

“The pill? No we don’t do any of that here,” he said taking out a box from a cupboard beside his desk. “I will explain. We offer a service for parents who want to stop their kids from getting pregnant, or getting sexual diseases while they’re supposed to be working hard for a better future.”

“Okay,” said Sophie.

“This is a small device called a Chastity Cage. It covered your flaccid penis and prevents you from having sex while you’re away at university,” the Doctor continued to explain.

“What? But we haven’t even had sex,” I said, completely taken by surprise.

“I know, but at your age and being away from home, we’re worried things might change,” said Mrs Garcia.

“No, I’m not putting that thing on,” I said, looking at Sophie whose face was bright red.

I continued to argue as both the Doctor and Mrs Garcia tried to convince me this was for our own good. The whole thing seemed unreal.

“Okay, I hear what you’re saying. I know we’re asking a lot, but I think one day you’ll understand when you have a good degree, a good job and can start your family.”

“Mum, you should have said this was a condition at the start,” said Sophie.

“Yeah. Sophie, we could get shared accommodation from the uni?” I asked.

“Let’s give them some time alone to talk it through,” said the Doctor taking Mrs Garcia out of the room for a coffee.

“No fucking way Sophie. No way, this is insane,” I said.

“It’s crazy, I know. But it’s too late for shared accommodation. All the spaces have been taken. Plus, it’s not like we can afford even the shared accommodation on our own.”

I knew she was right.

Sophie picked up the box. “Look at this thing though. With enough time, we can work out how to take it off anyway. We’ll grease you up and slide you out of it. Then we’ll put it back on before we come home.”

That made sense to me. I still wasn’t happy, but we didn’t really have any other options.

Mrs Garcia and the Doctor returned to the room. “So did you two reach a decision?” asked the Doctor.

“It isn’t much of a choice.” I said.

“No Ben, you do have a choice,” said Mrs Garcia. “If you really don’t want to wear it, Sophie’s father and I will help you get a loan from the university, and you can do it yourself independently. But we won’t invest all this money with the risk you guys throw it all away.”

I seriously considered it for a second. But the costs where so high. We would both leave university with so much debt, that we could never pay it off completely.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” I said, keeping in mind that it won’t be that bad once we workout how to remove it.

“Great, I think it’s the right decision, if that helps,” said the Doctor. “We can begin now if you’d like. If you step behind that curtain, you can remove all your clothes and wear the provided gown.”

“What? Now, like wear it now?” I said.

“It would save a second trip,” said Mrs Garcia.

“But I haven’t, you know. For a few days. Maybe we do it another day?” I said, blushing.

“Ben, are you serious? You don’t, ‘masturbate’, do you?” she asked.

“Mum, no he wouldn’t,” said Sophie, mortified.

She was nuts! I always knew she was a prude, but fuck, she really thought an eighteen-year-old guy wasn’t going to jerk off?

“No, I mean washed, Mrs Garcia. Honestly,” I said, quickly thinking on my feet.

“Oh, oh, of course. My apologies. Sorry,” said Mrs Garcia.

“Don’t worry, there are wipes back there,” said the Doctor.

I quickly realized I wouldn’t get one more wank before being put in this thing. But I was sure I’d find a way out of it within a few days at the most. So I stepped behind the curtain, stripped off my clothes, wiped my junk quickly then put on the gown. “Okay, let’s get this over with,” I said.

I kept thinking soon we would be away, at university living our life without any parents looking over our shoulders all the time.

The Doctor pulled the curtain fully back, revealing what looked like a dentists chair. “Please sit up on the chair and place your legs on the stirrups.”

I did as instructed.

He handed me a document to sign, giving my consent to the procedure. I signed it then lay back, hoping it would be over quickly.

“This will only take a few seconds,” said the Doctor gently putting a mask over my face.

“What?” I said through the mask. “What’s the mask İstanbul Escort for?”

But before I could hear his reply I was asleep, unaware of what was about to happen.


Chapter 2 – The Operation


“Doctor, is this really needed?” said Sophie. “Can’t you put the device on him while he’s awake?”

“Unfortunately, we find that the piercings can be quite painful and it’s easier if the patient is asleep,” said the Doctor.

Sophie panicked, thinking about the operation, as she quickly realized it wasn’t going to be as easy as she though, getting out of the device.

Both Sophie and her mum watched as the Doctor lifted up Ben’s gown showing his flaccid penis.

After applying some gel, the Doctor shaved the entirety of Ben’s pubes, leaving him smooth and bare.

He washed off the pubic area, removing all the left over hair and gel, then picked up some forceps, holding them right at the base of Ben’s penis.

“Oh my,” said Sophie, trying to control her own desires watching Ben’s cock.

Mrs Garcia was sitting reading a newspaper she found on the table, paying barely any notice to the events taking place.

“Now, I can see that Ben here is not circumcised. As this can be harder to clean with the cage on, I’d recommend that I pull his foreskin back before making the piercing. This will prevent the foreskin from push back down over his glans.”

Sophie was confused, so Mrs Garcia spoke up saying: “Yes, I think that sounds like the best options.”

He pulled back Ben’s foreskin fulling exposing his cock’s head, then positioned the forceps at the base of his cock, as close to the pubic area as he could. When steady, he slowly inserted a two millimeter thick needle and pushed it through, from the left side to the right side of the penis.

The Doctor removed the piercing needles, and a two millimeter metal bar remained, sticking out from the left and right of his penis.

With the piercing in place, Ben’s foreskin stayed back, unable to retract over the head again.

Once again, the Doctor repeated the procedure, this time half-way down his shaft. Finally, the two piercings were complete, and Ben now had two metal bars running from either side of his penis.

“Good news, the piercings were both a success. Now we can install the cage.” he said. “There are a few options. The cheapest option is the simple steel cage. This one will prevent him having any erections, or pulling his cock out. This should be enough to prevent them from having sex. However, the next step up is double the price, but has in built protections that will send an electric shock if the device is shaken. It’s not common, but some determined couples have tried to put the whole cage into the vagina. If the penis leaks some semen, then there is a small chance of pregnancy.”

“Oh no, no, we don’t want any risk,” said Mrs Garcia.

“Yes, well there is our top tier package. It’s only three times the price of the base, but you get the cage, the shock warning system, but also a monitoring system. It comes with an app for your phone, that will report information, such as attempted erections, sperm leakage, pulse rate, and even when the user goes to the bathroom.”

“It does sound expensive. But that does sound like it could come in useful. Sophie, what do you think?”

“Mum, I don’t think any of this is needed, really,” said Sophie.

“Okay, I’m convinced. Now I know we need to full package. Let’s go with the top tier package.” said Mrs Garcia.

“Yes, that’s probably for the best,” said the Doctor, picking out the premium box from a cupboard.

Out of the box, he pulled a stainless steel ring, and a small metal tube, about five centimeters in length. He placed the ring behind Ben’s cock and balls, then pushed a small button which tightened the ring, snug but not enough to cut off blood flow during an attempted erection. Then he inserted Ben’s penis through the opening in the tube. “It’s almost a perfect fit. Slightly too tight, but that’s nothing to worry about.”

“Oh good”, said Mrs Garcia.

“As I explained, this device comes with an app for your phone. Who will be installing the app?” asked the Doctor.

“I will,” said Mrs Garcia.

“Perfect, when you are ready please install the ‘Chaste App’ and we’ll pair the device,” said the Doctor.

Mrs Garcia installed the app, then handed her phone to the Doctor. The phone showed a spinning circle, and the text “Waiting for pairing…” The Doctor clicked a button on the steel metal tube that encased Ben’s cock, and the chastity tube showed some red and green led’s right along the top of the ring. Within a few seconds, the loading text had changed to “Paired!”

“Okay Mrs Garcia, the device has now been paired to your phone. You can see on this menu there is a lock button. This is how you enable and disable the device from being removed,” said the Doctor. He clicked the button, and a motor sound could be heard from Ben’s genitals as the steel ring and tube bonded, locking in place. Anadolu Yakası Escort “Please, come and inspect for yourself.”

Mrs Garcia stood up and watched as the Doctor pulled at the device, proofing it could not be removed.

“You’ll notice the two piercing bars have locked to the cage. This ensures that there is no way for them to pull the penis out of the tube,” said the Doctor.

Sophie’s heart sank as she saw the complexity of the cage.

“It looks secure to me,” said Mrs Garcia pulling on the device herself, then taking her seat again. She continued to play on her phone, discovering the options on the device.

“Can I run through these options with you Doctor? It says ‘Enable shake prevention’, what is that?”

“That option will send an electric shock to the user if the device is shaken. This ensures that he can not bring himself to orgasm. It will also mean they can try inserting the whole device into the vagina, as the movements would send an uncomfortable shock. It starts off mild, but each time will increase in severity until thirty minutes of no shaking has occurred.”

“Ah okay, yes I think that sounds like a safe option too,” said Mrs Garcia. “But, will this effect him playing sports, running, walking, swimming, and the likes?”

“No, not at all,” said the Doctor. “The device has multiple sensors and can tell the difference between exercise and activities such as sex or shaking the device in an attempt at masturbation.”

Mrs Garcia enabled the option and moved onto the next.

“So this next option is ‘Start pleasure stimulation’, I don’t like the sound of that.”

“Yes, that option will deliver a small, pleasant stimulation. Like a pulsating feeling right along the shaft of his penis, onto his cock’s head. It’s a pleasant feeling, and will almost definitely bring a man to orgasm.”

“No, I’ll be keeping that option off,” said Mrs Garcia.

Sophie was mortified. She had never so much as talked to her mother about sex, and this entire situation never seemed possible to her.

“Beside that button is an ‘Authorize’ button, what is that for?”

“Ben, and Sophie can actually install a read only version of the app. This means they can see everything you can, but can not unlock or change any settings by default. If you click the ‘Authorize’ button, that will allow the read only user to activate the option themselves.”

Mrs Garcia clicked the ‘Authorize’ button, which activated another screen.

“You see,” said the Doctor. “So if you wanted you could set this to one minute, and this one to five minutes. That will allow him to enable a minute of stimulation at a time. Once the minute is up, he can not use it again until he has become completely flaccid for five minutes. It’s easy to customize, and you can control the time of the day, location, and more.”

“Very interesting! But I don’t want any of that. I’ll disable it all for now.”

“That’s probably wise, at least for the start. Some parent’s like to offer rewards for good grades, but you can decide that at a later date.”

“Yes, exactly. I can see there are some bars at the bottom of the page here. What do these mean?”

“This tells you how much semen has left the opening of the tube, it’s broken down into ejaculate and sperm. It’s common for men to have nocturnal orgasms, and this lets you keep an eye on those. You can see the quantity of attempted, but of course failed, erections that have occurred that day, how long each one lasted and the strength of which each one pressed against the cage.”

“Interesting. Now this battery and signal levels at the top, what are these?”

“You can control the device from anywhere in the world as there is a small SIM card that keeps the device connected to the mobile phone network. The signal shows the strength of that connection. The device must be kept charged at twenty percent or more. Failure to keep the device charges will result in increasing levels of shocks being delivered to the wearer.”

“I see, and how long does the battery last?”

“The battery should last ten full days, if they have been behaving themselves.”

“Okay, well this looks like everything is ready to go.”

“Yes indeed. If you have any questions, give me a call anytime. For now, it’s time to wake our patient up.”

The Doctor removed the mask from Ben’s face, and slowly he woke up, confused and disorientated.

“What happened, where am I?” said Ben.

“Everything was a great success, don’t worry Ben,” said the Doctor. After a few final checks, he asked Mrs Garcia to make the final payment for the device and operation.

Ben noticed his cock felt differently, but was too disorientated and tired to actually inspect it at all. The Doctor helped him get dressed, then they went on their way, dropping Ben off at his home.


Chapter 3 – Inspection


I woke up the day after the operation, with a strange feeling around my genitals. My morning erection was being pushed down and pressing against something. “Fuck,” I said out loud, pulling off the bed sheets, then my bottoms and underwear, to find a metal tube encasing my cock.

Standing up and running to the bathroom, I closed the door behind me and picked up a small mirror, looking around the tube and ring to see if there was a way to remove it.

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