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Cheated On My BBC For a BBBCChapter 2 (The Dream to Reality)Continuation of How I Discovered BBC Anal Pleasure(Actionbran1992) as Bran. Bran went into a deep sleep, he woke up from a wet dream with a cum in his undwear from the previous session of his night getting fucked. Bran felt excited he never had a wet dream since he was a teenager it was almost as Bran was living his life as like he had puberty again his sex drive was active. He remembered his dream and bit his lips at the thought of his new realization that hes gay anal slut that loved BBC. He sat in bed horny of the thought of his dream of riding big black cock. After thinking the first thing in the moring Bran was moaning Riding his big dildo imaging being pounded by a large BBC he pounded his hole until he cummed with no hands and the dildo slid out his ass and Bran laid down wanting somthing more…QUICKLY he remember his bag from work he had these cut out coupons that his colleague gave to him for Jamaica airlines, he swiped it from his bag and seen it was only good until the end of the month at dirt cheap price so went online redeemed the coupon code and did research that night where to go and find a gay Dancehall bar in Jamaica and booked his private airbnb in Jamaica for 1 week and the next day Bran was on a flight to Jamaica he didn’t tell anyone where he was heading. It was his little secret…He packed his bag for a week worth of stuff took a long a buddle of cash a big bottle of lubricant, condoms and his favorite basketball jerseys. Bran was sitting on the plane looking around nobody ever thinking what he was looking for.The next few hours arrived and bran was already in Jamaica in the taxi heading to his private airbnb. The flight was cheap so bran made sure to get a nice safe private location just like his dream. He even rented a car. He arrived at the white colored villa with palm trees around it and the taxi driver looked at the villa and said,”eh mon shes gotta be one lucky women.” He drove away and looked at his private airbnb villa with nice tall walls around it nice King size bed and couches it was paradise. Bran was wondering how he can start his day as he didint bring his dildo so his ass was throbbing vibrating looking for sensation.He took a taxi into town and Bran didint know the roads. So he decided he would celebrate his first day in Jamaica. Bran put on his favorite New York nets Jersey and pair of white shorts and set out into town. He seen all types of clubs and bars filled with many people. He walked around looking for someone he could talk to.Bran seen a tour guide looking person and asked about where all the gay white tourist would come to visit and the person gave him the location of bar and brothel that white tourist visit.Bran found himself lost trying to find this bar he came to an area where there was a small construction site blocked off.There was a big bald black man in overals and boots inside, he was drinking a bottle of Jamaican rum and watching somthing on his phone.Bran took a look and seen it was gay pornography he was watching and was shocked as the black man stroked his buldge. Suddenly he got scared from the noise of Brans foot steps and said,”EH MON who is walking there!” he turned over towards the street and seen Bran walking alone late at night. Bran was shocked from what he seen the lone worker doing on his alone time but acted like he seen nothing. The Jamaican man said,”You most be lost walking around here alone white boi, where are you from”Bran smiled and said, “i was trying to go towards Bay street to party for my first night in Jamaica.” the Black man smirked and looked Bran from head to toe said,”White man exotic around all this Blacks.” The Black man grabbed his bottle of rum and said asked Bran if he would have some rum shots together to celebrate. The man asked Bran to step inside the construction site it was private They sat down the backyard trying to avoid others from seeing the little drinking session.Bran’s asshole was tingling looking for BBC its been about over full 24 hours he didint ride his BBC dildo and his body craved the sensation.After sitting beside the bald man he poured shots of them they cheers and said to living life to the fullest and they both hammerd down on shots and laughed and talked together. Bran heard Dancehall music and started grinding and the black man continued to pour shots for bran until he was totally drunk and unware of his actions. Bran started moving his hips around and around feeling drunk not caring he said,” i can move it like a bitch too.” and he seen the black man standing against the wall in the yard it was 3am and they both was drunk jamming to dancehall.Slowly Bran twerked his ass and moved closer until he was literally dancing on the black man he was slowly grinding his ass on his big bulge and and the man was amused.Bran was pre cumming from dancing sexy and moving his ass around on the mans cock and the black man turned Bran around slapped his ass and pushed his hard cock unto the white shorts of bran and said, “im hungry for you white boi i got a Jamaican snake for u.” he slowly slid down Bran’s shorts until his hole was exposed took out his hudge massive black cock and started rubbing it against Brans hole and he moaned at the feeling he felt so naughty he was about to dominted by a Jamaican snake.The man grabbed Bran by his waist lifting him off the floor wrapped his legs around him put cock at his hole pushed him against the wall and started kissing him deeply and starting fingering Bran’s ass but bran didint want them to be seen so he said, “i want u to fuck me inside”The large Black man said, “theres no locks on the doors. Instead there is a small porta potty portable washroom, it has all 4 corners walls, its really small but it will lock. The man lifted Bran with one hand on his ass and the other he opens the portable washroom and brought Bran inside and locked the door. The Black man said,”White boi your not going anywhere your locked with me tonight no mecry for you white boi”it was very tight inside the washroom probably the size of a closet but it had privacy.He put bran on the toilet seat and grabbed Bran’s mouth and stuffed it with his hudge cock bahis şirketleri and Bran was slurping his black cock like a little slut making it dripping wet for his asshole. The man was rough but bran liked it, he grabbed his head pinned him agaist the wall and made him choke on his BBC.Bran begged for him to stuff his white asshole and he grabbed Bran bent him over doggystyle on the toilet seat and his cock as was so large, bigger than anything Bran ever seen, so Bran said, “spit on my hole daddy im going to need it for that thick long snake cock.”The Black man spits on Brans hole rubbed it in more and started stuffing his massive black dick inside, thick wide and inch by inch.Bran’s toes curled as head of black cock slid deeper in his ass it was so thick and vieny it filled up every corner sensation of his asshole messaging it as he slid in and out the ring of his hole wrapped the thick black cock and Bran cried,”mmmmmmmm daddy that big black cock feels so good in my fucking ass!”the Black man started stroking his white asshole longer strokes he was in complete heaven feeling the mans cock stroke his walls so good his big black cock was so large Brans skin around his hole was coming in and out from the thickness of the black cock. Bran moaned in pleasureful mercy as the BBC piped his hole deep and hard his hole creamed all over the cock from pleasure Brans fantasys was coming to reality he was bending over getting pounded by a black bull.The Black man got so horny enjoying white asshole the black man got more rough he grabbed Brans arms and put them behind his back and held them down he hardcore pounded Bran’s hole harder and harder it was dripping wet and He pounded faster until brans crys were so loud and uncontrollable.Bran never felt this pleasure before he forgot totally that he was in a small portable washroom bending over for BBC. The black man than switched Brans position and sat down on the seat and made bran squat down on his cock. He said, “serve this big black dick little punk!”Bran was like a little white slut with a loose dripping hole squated down. He starting riding the massive black cock he was boucing his asshole up and down on it like a snow bunny sliding as the Black man slapped his ass.Bran was sticking up his tounge feeling so dirty from riding big black cock he was in total heaven until the man said,”im gonna fill ur ass up white boi no mercy!” he lifted Bran and put him on his back tightly in the corner and lifting his legs around his shoulders. The black man came on top and stuffed Brans asshole and started pounding his hole with long deep stokes.Bran was loving it and the black man got so rough he grabbed brans ankels said,”im gonna make ur asshole cum like never before weak boi!” He grabed Bran’s ankles pinned him against the walls hard and starting thrusting harder and deeper like a black bull he piped and pounded at Brans asshole out for 10 mins straight.Bran was moaning crying in pleasure he realized he was getting Anal rapped by a drunk aggresive BBC in a small porta potty.couldn’t controll the strong sensation of massive thick black cock stroking his asshole loose like a prison bitch. Bran started shaking shaking until his hole had a prostate orgasm and cummed so much and he cummed with no hands all over his stomach he was shaking from pleasure as the black man finished his seed by pounding Bran until they both cummed.After the two guys finished hardcore fucking and being drunk they came out to see it was already sunrise.They rushed to leave and the Black man gave his phone number to Bran said his name was Big Bobby he would like to see Bran again like a fuck buddy or a boyfriend.Bran was hung over happy, destroyed and a breeded hole he felt truly satisfied thinking he could be having have BBC boyfriend and agreed to call him soon and grabbed the first taxi to his airbnb.The Cheating StartsOn Bran’s way home in the taxi he was thinking about his night and how incredibly hot and lustful it. What was all the odds of walking and meeting a random stranger who was up to pipe my ass out and destroyed my ass in a portable washroom. It must of been meant to be he thought! He must of spend most of his life not having c***dren not getting married it seems like he was meant to enter the gay sex life.Bran thought about the way Big Bobby was so rough last night he fucked me silly my hole was so loose and leaking cum. Again Brans lust started to hit him remembering the precious night of speading his ass on a Long thick black cock it made his hole cream like it never had before, Bran became addicted to getting his ass piped out. He thought about all his options he had in the 20th century sex apps, all the big long cocks he could ride.Bran was already back home and he was thinking of his next anal adventure. He called Big Bobby and Bobby was glad to get a call from him. “Bobby its me from last night the creamy wet White boi, can you come by tonight? Im staying in a private villa here, I would love to ride your hourse cock in my king size bed.”Big Bobby agreed said,”i was so impressed by the way your hole handles my big long cock, i want to take to the next level. Maybe i bring my friend Jamal hes a dredmon, They call him Black Stallion we could have some drinks.” Bran said,”sure come on over daddy im going to ride that black cock hard tonight”Big Bobby replied, “ok mon see you tonight give me the adress ill tell my friend Dredmon to meet me at your Villa”Bran ended the call and felt so naughty that he loved being a bottom boi. The next few hours came along, Bran finished his shower and set up the house for his visitors. He was wearing boys underwear and boe tie bandana facing the front. He walked to the mirror took a look at himself he put on white Air sneakers and long pink socks.Diiinggg dongggggBran heard the front door bell. It must be Big Bobby running early,”Why didint he call me before he got here?”So Bran ran to the door and opened it and to his surprise! It wasn’t Bobby but instead it was this 6’7 Big Black Stallion with tattoos and long dreadlocks he smiled and said,”is this Bobby friend house?” Bran looked at the Stallion head to toe and seen his big shoulders, long dreads, strong body and long bahis firmaları cock hanging through his pants. Bran suddenly felt his hole tingling vibrating more and more knowing he was going to ride BBC, the Black stallion looked at his soft white skin, his falt stomach, small waist and bitch bandana and long pink socks.”Come on inside, Bobby told me his friend was coming.” Bran said.Bran closed the door and sat in the couch and they both looked at each other. Bran introduced himself and he was bending over on the couch looking for the light outlet. The big black rasta man looked amused and said his name was Jamal, he looked at Bran bending over seeing the way his underwear wedgies in between his nice round ass and imagined his sweet pink white hole.Dredmon licked his lips and said, “Dam Bobby got lucky with little white boi.” Bran blushed at the excitement of being wanted by a aplha male. He said,”yea daddy you like what you see?”Bran stood up with his fresh white shoes his tight underwear pressed against his ass shirtless with a flat stomach slim waist white rosey skin and his bandana tied up front.Bran slowly turned around posing his ass for Jamal. Bran walked to the speaker set and turned on some music Jamaican dancehall the beat started.Bran slowly started winning down his hips and dropping his ass up and down. He seen Jamals cock getting rock hard in his pants. Bran felt so naughty and didn’t care about waiting for Bobby he wanted to show off, he bent over on the couch pulled his underwear down half way showing his used pink white hole. Bran said,”like that ass daddy?”He started dancing moving his ass to the music and Jamal was like “dam white boi you can whine that ass good.”Bran was wondering what happend to Big Bobby. Suddenly Bran heard his phone ringing and answered it,”hello, what! Really?” Bobby said,”ya mon, my truck broke down here i need to find a way to fix it i can’t make it tonight.””Also about my friend dredmon.. i texted him not to go your house without me, i want that white ass for myself, we can link up soon.” he hung up the phone.Bran looked at Jamal, He seen him laid on the white sheets king size bed shirtless with his tattoos and chest muscles jamming to the music looking at Bran with intent in eyes. Bran looked at Jamal suspiciously and asked, “Did Bobby text you Jamal??”Dredmon replied,”I haven’t looked at my cell phone, its in my bag.”Bran wondered to himself if he knew about Bobby not wanting them to meet without him. Bran had a naughty idea, He slowly cralwed in the bed his ass sticking up high, he cralwed between the 6’8 dark chocolate mans legs and starting kissing his bulge licking it sucking it until its hard in his pants.Than slowly took down jamals pants. Jamal asked,”what are you doing boi? Mmmmm dam boi”Jamal moaned feeling the interacial attraction. Bran seen the biggest black horse dick he ever seen a full 12 inch monster super thick and vieny dark as charcoal cock. Bran said, “mmm that’s truly a. Thick long black anaconda, maybe just a preview..just a little taste.. “Bran stroked Jamal’s giant cock in his hand and wrapped his lips around the head it was so thick he hardly could fit it as he went deeper.he starting sucking and sucking slurping and slurping on Jamal’s black horse cock moaning making it so wet he sucked his cock for 20 minutes straight loving the taste of big black dick.Bran continued to slurped it in his mouth and he wrapped his black cock and sucked it more and Jamals cock was pre cumming. Bran said,”Daddy my hole is so wet from sucking your massive cock let me sit on your big thick black cock and let my asshole have a taste.”Bran slid off his underwear got fully naked, went between Jamals legs and said,”Dont worry about Bobby. Daddy your Cock is even more massive, its way thicker longer and better than Bobby.. Forget him.. My hole wants you!”He laid Jamal flat on the bed and felt so naughty his heart was racing like he was teen again, he started rubbing his hole on jamal to the beat of dancehall music rubbing his asshole all over Jamal’s cock. He grabbed the lube and spread it on Jamal’s Big Black 12 inch horse cock, it was so big and thick Bran didint know how to fit it in hole. Jamal said, “Your in Jamaica now boi, no mercy here For white boys only horse cock ass pounding for sissy boys!” Bran sat on top of Jamal lifting his asshole and pressed the head of the cock against the ring of his hole slowly opening his asshole for BBC.”Ohhhhh fuckkkkk its so big and thick”Bran moaned as his hole starting wrapping around his thick cock and slowly started stroking up and down on the massive black horse dick.”oh… hole is stretched i fucking love BBC!”Bran noticed his asshole was already loose and destroyed from Big bobbys black cock last night. Brans Asshole ring was sliding in and out He was able to slide down inch by inch on Jamals massive black cock sliding up and down crying in pleasure. Jamal said,.”Damm boii u take black dick good” Bran felt Jamals Big horse dick filling every single corner of his walls in his hole and jumped up and down completely lost in ecstasy and pleasure feeling his hole wrapped a thick throbbing BBC cock.Bran moaned and moaned as his asshole slammed harder down on the massive cock the ring of his hole literally was coming in and out because Jamals super thick cock made Bran squeel and cry and moan his hole was stretched already creaming all over jamals cock. Bran loved to ride Jamals cock on the bed jumping up and moaning out loud like a bitch with his pink socks. Jamals cock was so massive Brans little cock was so hard dripping precum he was in total BBC heaven he said,”mmmm daddy i can fucking ride this black anaconda all night!” Jamal pulled Bran towards him and starting kissing him and said,”Dam boi i like when you slide it in deeper!”Jamal forced every inch of cock in Brans asshole with deep long strokes and he moaned. Jamal said,”massage that big black dick! Move that ass white boi!”Bran moaned his toes curled loving the thick cock in his ass jumping on BBC. Bran had to confess about Bobby,”Listen the truth is Bobby is not coming tonight. Actually he didn’t want us meeting alone today! but fuck him i want you daddy your BBC is even kaçak bahis siteleri bigger, my asshole wants you more..”Bran winked and Jamal laughed confidently and said,”Ohhh little white boi im going to have fun with you tonight!” Jamal turned up the music of his favorite hardcore dancehall music and made Bran sit down on his BBC balls deep and slapped his white ass. Bran moaned,”fucckkkk its big! fuck my white ass daddy!” Jamal used his arms to wrap Bran tight around his torso and started pounded his asshole deep long fast hard strokes and Bran cried out like a bitch moaning as his hole stretched and creamed all over Jamals cock.Jamal lifted him to the edge of bed grabbed Bran by his asscheeks and made Bran slam his ass down hard bouncing his ass slidding up and down on the thick black pipe. Branmoaned so much never feeling so much pleasure and stimulation in his asshole, he understood why people said gay sex was sinful because it was maximum pleasure.He felt like such a naughty white slut, than he switch positions and bent over doggystyle, he used both hands to opened his asshole wide thick massive BBC. Jamal grunted and stuffed his thick long cock in Brans loose pink hole and pounded the fuck out of him.His ass cheeks bouced as his hole slid on the BBC inch by inch. The Black man grabbed his waist and thrusted his cock deeper making Bran bounce like bitch doggystyle.Bran again realized what hes been missing all his life! He was in an incredible bliss of pleasure being pounded by BBC in this ass. Bran realized he cummed already from Jamal s cock it was so fucking good he couldn’t contain himself.Jamal grabbed him and put Bran on his side and laid down behind him, Jamal slid his cock his wet hole. He grabbed Bran’s leg lifted it and the other arm he wrapped around Brans small white skin waist.Jamal started piping his asshole and kissing and bitting his neck as he pounded small little skinny Bran with his hudge black horse cock he moaned, cried and had chills all over from the pleasure. Jamal continued pounding his asshole until he used his Black strength and lifted Bran off the bed, he slid his cock inside his hole he lifted bran on the wall.Bran wrapped his arms around Jamals big shoulders as the danehall music beat blasted loud he felt Jamals aggression thrusting his hudge black horse cock in and out faster and faster, he started pounding bran like a b**st he kept on pounding him until Bran’s hole was leaking cream unto the cold floors.Bran moaned and his prostate was cumming again with no hands and his hole was leaking ass cream down Jamals balls.Jamal pounded his asshole harder and harder. Jamal said,”White boi i want you to move your hips on this big black horse cock ride it hard! come make me cum!” Jamal sat down on a sofa chair and made Bran climb on top, Brans hole was so loose and leaking wet.Then he sat down on Jamals cock and Bran said,”Yes daddy this white asshole is all yours!” He put the big thick black cock inside his hole, his asshole was so loose and wet he slid down with ease. Jamals big hands gripped around Brans waist.Bran starting moving his hips all around on Jamal’s big cock to the dancehall music. Bran jumped up and down, up and down on the long thick BBC harder and harder as bran’s two hands held Jamal’s muscular chest grinded his asshole to the rhythm of the music. Bran was squealing in pleasure because the black cock was so big.Jamals held his waist fucked his ass thrusting im and out, Bran again felt so much pleasure and sensation he rolled his eyes curled his toes and his body shook as he had a prostate orgasm and cummed all over as he kept riding jamals black horse cock.Jamal was loving it he moaned and he starting thrusting harder, he grabbed Bran around his arms restrainted him tightly with his strength.He pounded and fucked Brans asshole so hard until ass cream was splashing all over and Jamal grunted and yelled cummed a massive load inside and outside Brans asshole.Jamal slowly pulled his massive black cock out seeing Brans open wide used asshole leaking cum pouring down to Brans little balls.They both laid together panting from the hot steamy interacial sex they had. Bran felt his hole throbbing and felt his new addiction was so good he could never turn back. Jamal told him to lay down as the cum poured out his asshole slowly and Bran and Jamal passed out asleep. Chapter 4 (A Addictive Passion)The next morning Jamal l was up early and he was watching Bran’s naked body and round used ass. Early in the morning Jamal couldn’t resist he was between Brans ass licking his asshole sucking it good spitting on it and running his tongue in and out brans asshole.Bran woke up again he was in heaven as Jamal ate his ass out and heard Jamal slurping as he sucked his hole and made it wet. Jamal said,”I want this boi pussy for myself.”Bran asshole felt so used and loose but he didn’t care, his desire to be a black cock anal slut made him want more.He grabbed Jamal held him by his 12 inch black cock walking naked leading Jamal to the shower.Both of them showered together as Jamal turned Bran around continuing eating his pink asshole. Jamal seen his cock was maximum length of hardness and he felt Brans hole was loose and tender from the previous night.The black man stuffed Brans asshole with his massive cock it slid in easily inch by inch and he pounded the fuck out of bran in the shower pining against the wall pounding him from behind.20 minutes straight he pinned his arms behind his back and fucked him against the shower wall. Bran cried and moaned getting anal destroyed again until Jamals black cock filled him up with cum. The two of them ended up fucking for the next week constantly having Jamal visit the house and Jamal and Bran cut off Bobby because Jamal cock was bigger the bond was better.The next few days Jamal pounded Brans ass on every corner of the Villa from the couch to the dinner table to the carpet to the shower and the bed. Brans asshole came coustom to riding black cock thus forever changing his life to a life of secret BBC pleasure.Even after Bran finished his vacation he found himself back at home in his apartment with his black dildo this time he bought the 12 inch black bam dildo. Bran was addicting to riding it everyday even somtimes helping him relief stress and sleep well.The Gay Anal life changed Bran forever. Bran spent most of time focusing on himself and playing with his Dildo, he never cared for females again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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