Cheating G/F Saved by Sister

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Who doesn’t like a perfect surprise? Come on now, of course you do.

Oh, sure, there is that surprise audit letter from the IRS, but for birthdays, anniversaries and just because a surprise is a perfect pick me up.

What makes surprises even better is when they are totally unexpected. Like that birthday surprise. You know it’s your birthday, so the expectation is there might be something unusual in your future.

Thinking about surprises brought me back to the year after graduating from high school. I was dating the lovely and talented Chloe, a sweetheart of a girl who I’d been seeing for a couple years. We had plans of getting married one day after college. In the meantime we’d see each other several times a week, go to concerts, movies and sporting events regularly, and generally have a great time together.

We’d fool around in her parent’s basement and in the car, never going all the way or for that matter going mostly the way. We’d agree that her virginity would remain until after marriage, but we weren’t totally chaste. We’d dry hump, and she’d let me play with her pussy, albeit while she still had her pants on. Honestly, we still had fun, and I’d cum in my underwear more than once. She came in hers.

Chloe was a beautiful girl. She had an effervescent smile, was knowledgeable in numerous areas and just a pleasure to be with. She had a great ass, delightful to look at, and I often jerked off thinking of the times I’d felt it while making out. While I didn’t get to touch skin, I did play with it and memorized each and every inch of her delightful ass.

I loved the girl, and really liked her family. They were all fun to be around. Her mom and dad were kinda cool, and her sister Carson, a year younger, was playful and kinda cute as well.

Many times I’d arrive at their household before Chloe got home from work as it made more sense for me to stop rather than go home and backtrack to her house. Chloe and I’d watch movies, play cards, and occasionally head out for a quick dinner and a movie. When I got there early I’d sometimes play cards with Carson. The sister was younger by a year, and always say things that would make me howl.

Sometimes I’d be there with Carson and she’d ask my advice on schoolwork and sometimes boys. She’d dated a few guys, and said they were mostly jerks. Ah, growing up.

I was looking forward to college and hoped it didn’t hurt my relationship with Chloe. We planned on seeing each other on weekends, but distance can make heart grow fonder or maybe not. I was a bit worried in that over the last month or so Chloe had seemed a little more guarded. Oh, when we were on dates we had a great time, were perfect together and nothing at all was wrong.

Still, the other side of my mind said something was a bit amiss. Just off a little. I mentioned it to Carson one afternoon, but she said I was merely imagining things. Her sister was smitten with me, loved me, and always was talking about me.

I filed it away, swearing to never bring it up again.


Two days later I’d arrived at my girlfriend’s house and Carson was there and Chloe was not – she called me while there and said she had to do some research on a project and was going to stop over a friend’s house. I offered to help, but she said no, she’d be home late, and that we could “fool around” the next day to make up for it.

That made up for the missed date, but I really was a little concerned she hadn’t told me about the project.

“You know she loves you,” said Carson, quietly. “She knows you were meant for her.”

Nodding, I mentioned again the recent thoughts of things being good yet off somewhat.

Carson looked me in the eyes, mumbled something, and seemed to want to say almanbahis something she shouldn’t.

“What is it?”

“Do guys talk, you know, about sex?”

Nodding to the affirmative, she continued.

“Like do they talk about what they’ve done with girls?”

Again, I nodded. “Not as a matter of course, but sometimes to brag.”

Carson asked if I ever told anyone about my experiences with her sister.

“Absolutely not!”

Carson looked at me and told me she and her sister had talked about sex, about making out, and about some of her naughty play with me.

“Now that’s embarrassing.”

“You two have never, ever, well, gone all the way?”

We’re saving that was my quiet reply after a little hemming and hawing. I explained we were waiting for marriage and that we truly did love each other.

We spoke a little after that, back and forth, maybe allowing for some intimate details. She spoke about jerking a guy off a few weeks back (“It was fun but yucky.”). I said her sister moved great with her clothes on. We both laughed and mumbled something about this or that.

Then came the surprise.

“Rob, you know Chloe loves you, and you know she is a really good girl… but there is something I have to tell you. But you can’t repeat it. You can’t ever say anything about it. You can’t mention to my sister.”

I agreed. I mean, what could it possibly be, and whatever it was, how had could it be.

“Rob, she’s seeing Lexington McMahon on the sly, she’s just playing with him. You know, sowing some wild oats. She’s not going to sleep with him, but they are fooling around. I can’t live with not letting you know, and then you finding out from rumors or a guy friend.”

Sitting there, shocked, I wondered if she was joking. Realizing she wasn’t, I wanted to kick Lexington’s ass. The bastard rich kid was known for snaking girls from under their boyfriend’s eyes, ruining relationships without regard for anyone’s feelings but his own.

Carson begged me to calm down, to never say a work. After a half hour of verbal interplay I calmed down and listened to my cheating girlfriend’s sister. Somehow it made sense.

Chloe just wanted to play around a little, get some experience, saving her virginity for me on our marital bed. Carson assured me her sister was in love with me. She offered me a hug.

Hug we did, and I let her know I didn’t blame her for telling me, and thanked her for talking me through things. She assured me all would be well. It was then I realized she was stroking my thigh. Damn that felt nice. I let her fingers play while I held the hug.

“You are a very nice guy, you are sweet, and you and my sister are perfect together,’ whispered Carson into my ear, seconds before her fingers slid across my crotch, feeling an extended, firm cock.

“Is this for me?” she cooed.

I told her she was teasing me and shouldn’t. That I belonged to her sister.

“Oh, the sister on her knees sucking Lexington’s cock as we speak? That sister?”


Yes. She jerked him off a couple times over the last month, and tonight she said she was going further. He’d never get her pussy, but she said she might just blow him. Suck his dick. Polish his cock.

Now I really wanted to kick his ass. But the now stroking Carson was making my mind bounce around like gamma rays. My dick was hard as a rock, and Carson was working it with practiced form. “Can I open your zipper?”

I didn’t respond, so she did, reaching in and, with some difficulty, pulled out my throbbing cock.

Carson slowly stroked my dick, my flesh, something her sister had never done. Oh, we’d masturbated with clothes on, but never bare naked. Soon she had my pants down around my ankles almanbahis giriş and she had full access to my dick. She worked it, up and down, slowly at first, and then with a little more movement. I’d like to say enjoyed for a half hour, but the truth be told I didn’t last more than three or four minutes. Spurting my seed, I groaned.

The 18-year-old murmured something I couldn’t hear, something like “beautiful”. I continued rocking after my climax and she didn’t miss a beat. I had never, ever felt anything like it before.

Carson left the room, bringing back a warm wash cloth, and cleaned up the mess I’d made. “Did you like my handy?”

“It was simply incredible. Amazing. Awesome.”

We rushed to make ourselves presentable, which was a good thing, as her mom missed out living room interplay by less than 15 minutes. While embarrassed, we each were in good shape to get by her mom’s normal how you are kind of questions.

That night I whacked off, thinking of Carson, her cute face, great boobs and wonderful sexy hand. My first “real” had job was one for the ages, a perfect release. I lasted a little longer, thinking about the afternoon, than the actual act. But I replayed it a couple times, substituting several scenes into the interplay. I fantasized that Carson bared her breasts while doing it, allowing me to fondle her ass.

I nearly lost my hard on when visions of Chloe catching us in the act came into my thoughts, but soon the power of my dick overwhelmed the concern of being caught. It was a fitful sleep that night.

The next day Chloe and I met for coffee at a local shop in the afternoon, and she didn’t seem to be any wiser. Her lips looked normal, no telltale sign of her having given a blow job – if there is such a sign. I mean, I didn’t expect her to smell like cum, but I didn’t really want to kiss her either.

As promised, I stayed totally away from the details of her night before, and she didn’t volunteer anything other than she’d got a lot of things done and was on track to finish her project and a lot of other mundane things. Nothing about Lexington nor their escapades.

I really wondered what was going on, but in the car on the way back to her house she directed me to a local park where we made out, sucking face, slowly at first on my part because I was thinking of what she’d done the night before, but we stayed there for a while until too many onlookers made their way toward are vicinity.

Dropping her off, I thought of inviting myself in, but the threat of seeing Carson and being embarrassed to no end or accidentally spilling the beans sent my scurrying home.

The next afternoon I stopped at by girlfriend’s home as I’d had in the past, and opening the door was Carson. She had a smug, know-it-all, look on her face. I asked what was up, but she declined to say. We spoke for a little bit, and she asked how my relationship with Chloe was. “Great,” was my reply? All was good.

Carson asked if I’d gotten jealous after the revelation of the other night, and I explained that I loved her sister, and if she was cheating she didn’t show anything to me. I told her that Chloe insisted she loved me and that I was her guy forever.

We spoke about the McMahon guy, and that he meant nothing to my girlfriend. But I had to ask, did she say anything after slipping away the other night.

Carson said yes, but she didn’t want to tell on her sister. I insisted, and we had one of those battles of stares until Carson dropped the news that Chloe had blown that bastard behind the shopping center in his dad’s Mercedes. The girls had spoken that night after she’d cheated and sucked off the guy.

On one hand I couldn’t believe it. On the other, given all that had happened, I almanbahis giriş sort of expected it. At least she hadn’t had sex with the guy.

Continuing our conversation, Carson said it was exciting to hear her sister’s story. It was so hot and naughty. “She said he tried to put his hand up her skirt but she pushed it away,” said Carson. “She said her pussy is going to be all yours.”

“She said it wasn’t easy sucking him off, as she hadn’t had any experience, but a couple minutes into it she said she got her movements down and other than the fact that Lexington started bucking like bronco while holding her head in place it wasn’t a terrible experience. It was actually quite erotic. I know she was horny, because after we went to bed I heard her vibrator in action and I think I know what she was doing.”

That was hot, sister talking to sister about sex, and while I was totally pissed at Chloe my mind was in jumbles. I mentioned to Carson that I was going to talk with her sister, but she insisted I keep my mouth shut. “Don’t you dare,” she firmly insisted.

I understood what she was saying, but Chloe was my girl and what she was doing was wrong, simply wrong. Carson sensed my displeasure, moving closer on the living room couch.

“Here’s some incentive,” said the girl, slowly unzipping my pants.

Surprised, I didn’t stop her. Watching her hand movements, I groaned in anticipation of her hand stroking my cock.

“Be gentle, Rob, please be gentle because I’ve never done this before.”

I was about to say she did it the other night, but I immediately knew otherwise. This time Carson lowered her head onto my cock and began sucking on it. Damn.

She slowly worked her head up and down my cock, holding it by the bottom with a couple fingers. She jerked it up and down after moving her head off to regain her breath. “It’s so big, so hot, and I want it in my mouth,” said the girl, who admitted she’d seen a couple porn videos as instruction.

Carson sucked the tip of my cock while jerking it, and soon started bobbing her head on my manhood. It was incredible. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. There she was, leaning over me, sucking my dick. It was something I’d wanted for a long, long time. And now my girlfriend’s sister was fellating me.

Lifting her mouth from my cock, she stroked it while asking if it was okay. It was incredible.

She was tentative, and actually nicked me with a tooth once, but I didn’t care. I was getting a blow job. She worked my cock a lot with her hand, but hoovered her mouth enough to bring groans and moans from me. Soon I was admitting to her that I was going to cum, and she lifted her head off my cock but continued jerking it off. Soon I was pumping hot molten jism all over the place.


“I think if I don’t swallow it’s not really a blow job,” said the girl with a smile after we’d made ourselves presentable. “But I think you liked it.”

Staring in awe, I replied I did, I certainly did.

The next month was simply a trip to fantasy via Reality Avenue. Chloe and I dated, made out, and she’d bring me off in her own way. There were times when she was studying, visiting friends, or some other excuse when she was actually seeing Lexington, but I’d resigned myself to the fact that if it was meant to be, it would be meant to me.

Meanwhile, Carson was a friend and special spy. She’d relate Chloe’s conversations and doings in her affair with Lexington – who by the way was dating the head of the current cheerleading squad as well as the one who’d graduated the year before. Susan and Tiffany had no knowledge that they each were sharing the guy who was also fooling around with my girlfriend. How he kept things straight was a miracle.

For me, well, Chloe would get me off in her own wonderful way three times a week. And Carson, well, Carson always bettered her sister by one. She developed into a masterful cock sucker and I simply loved getting blown by my sister’s sister.

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