Cheating with gay guy in bathroom while….

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Cheating with gay guy in bathroom while….There I was with a random guy in a tiny bathroom at a late night party. Loud music playing as he sucked my cock. I had come with my gf, but this guy was eyeing me and had followed me to the bathroom and after making moves on me I let him taste my cock. Keeping an eye out and making sure no one came through the door as he worked my cock like a pro. He the got up as he stripped off all his clothes came over and pushed me to make me lean back against the sink. He went ahead and climbed on top of me as he grabbed my cock stroking it and proceeded to get it in his ass. “Get a condom…. ” I told him. Not listening he went ahead and slid me in his ass as I slid right in there, feeling just how tight he was. “No… fuck me…. no condom…. fuck my ass….” he let out moaning as he starting sliding his smooth little ass up and down on my cock. I closed my eyes moaning as I reached up and slid my hands all over his legs and then up to grab his ass and slap him. “Fuck ….. fuck that’s tight…” I told him. He continued to ride me up and down, bahis şirketleri his ass fucking my hard cock. “yeah.. you like my tight ass? you like my gay ass?” he said looking at me. He put his hand behind my head and pulled me toward him, looking me face to face. “That feels so good…. you fucking my gay ass feels so good…. kiss me…. kiss me…..” He begged. We slowly started kissing, little pecks here and there, and then we started to get more into it as we sucked eachothers lips and our tongues rolled all over eachother moaning. Holding onto me and moaning, he begged me to fuck him while still kiss me. “Fuck me… fuck my ass come on.. fuck my gay ass please….” I grabbed his ass cheeks holding him still as I started thrusting and pounding him. He let out loud moans as my cock slammed into his asshole. “yes! fuck me! fuck my ass like that! fuck that ass!!!” he leaned back and looked up at the ceiling as I pounded him hard. I put my head into his chest as I sucked on his nipples, licking them and pulling them with my lips. “ohhh…. fuck me… tell me you like it.. bahis firmaları tell me how much you love my gay ass..” he begged again. Looking at eachother eye to eye again and kissing, “I love it…. I love that gay ass….. I love fucking that gay ass….” I said over and over. He shoved his tongue in my mouth and we were all over eachother having hot gay sex in that now stuffy feeling bathroom. “Cum in my ass? cum in my fucking ass please…. come on…” he said loudly. After pounding him so hard for a few minutes I stopped and leaned back, both hands behind me on the sink as I watched him. “Fuck it… make me cum.. fuck my cock….” I told him as he started thrusting his hips and then bouncing up and down on my cock. “That’s it…. fuck im close… fuck yes… im going to cum… don’t stop…. im cuming!!” Watching him ride me was so hot as I saw him stroke his cock. Just like that he came and shot his load all over my stomach and just as that happened I too started filling up his well fucked asshole. He let go of his cock, leaned into me again as we kissed. I wrapped kaçak bahis siteleri my arms around him and we we kissing like crazy as I continued to fill him. “mm…. so good.. oh my god that’s so good… you made me cum so good…” I told him as he held onto me moaning and breathing hard. Kissing for another minute or two, he slid off me and licked my cock a few times before we got dressed and we both split ways going back to the main room where everyone was dancing. I went ahead and looked for my gf where I last saw her but she was nowhere to be found. I looked at my phone and saw that 10 minutes had gone by so I wasn’t gone too long. I went and got a drink and walked around some more as I ended up on the 2nd floor, hoping to get a better view. When I got there, I immediately caught her and was surprised to see her with another guy. It was very dark, but they were sitting at a booth in the corner all by themselves, and she was in his lap and all over him. Sitting on top of him and grinding all over his cock, I couldn’t tell if it was still in his pants or not, and his hands ran all over her ass while kissing like crazy. It was now that I had to make a decision, go and stop what they were doing or wait til they finished and see where this leads. I went ahead and continued to sip my drink as I watched the show.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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