Cheryl’s Surprise

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Chapter II The Mother I Never Knew I Had   After a few months things with Sarah, my sister-in-law sort of cooled down. Not a lot mind you, as we were still going at it at least 4-5 times a week. The reason for that was she now had a boyfriend. So far she was keeping her infamous ‘promise’ because my wife, Mary, still had no idea what was going on. I was still making sure to give it to her as hard and rough as I could though. Partly because she liked it that way, and partly to cover my ass in case things went south. If I was ever confronted, I could try to deny by saying “I don’t fuck like that baby, you know I’m not rough like that”.   Mary had recently moved to the night shift at the hospital and I was working second shift at my job. That worked out okay because it gave me time with my wife, and time for Sarah. I would sleep at night, or do other things, and Mary would sleep while I was at work. We would have our time together in the mornings. We did have to use Michelle for babysitting now but that was also okay because she desperately needed the money.   This was going to be an interesting month because Sarah was taking a month long trip with her new boyfriend to the Falls. Also during this month Cheryl, Mary’s mom, was going to visit with us for 2 weeks and then take the baby for two weeks. I didn’t really mind that her mom was coming, only that I didn’t really think that she liked me all too much. She was nice to look at though. She had a slim athletic figure, C-cup boobs, a tight ass, and long blonde hair. In other words she was my wife but older. She was the type of woman you would see walking at the mall from a distance and say ‘wow’, and when she gets close enough to get a good look you think ‘no shit’.   Mary’s day off was the day that Cheryl arrived, suitcase in hand. There were the normal exchanging of hello’s, and wow you look good’s. After all of their girly acknowledgements finally came “Oh hi Tom, I haven’t seen you in forever.”   “Oh hey Cheryl, how is everything?” “Well everything is not quite fine Tom, I hear you have my daughter working the night shift.” Typical, how could that in any way be my fault? I decided to let that one go and instead change the subject to living arrangements. “Well as long as Sarah didn’t lock her door everything should be fine.” My wife said. I went to go check and low and behold, locked. “Well guys guess what? It’s locked so now what?” “Well baby she can just take our bed upstairs and you can take the couch.” “Honey I can’t sleep on the couch for two weeks, my back will be destroyed.” “Well mom can’t sleep on the couch because of her back either, and Michelle still has our air mattress.” That’s when the wise mother-in-law interjected. “Well children, if you don’t get off work until eight in the morning than your husband and I can share the bed because I wake up at seven.” The way that she said it had a sort of finality to it that left no room for debate. I just hoped that she didn’t snore.   The first couple of nights after that were about as horrible as you can imagine. I would get home from work and Mary would leave, and I had to wait through her mothers rituals for a couple of hours before she would finally settle down and go to sleep. She would have to make sure that she took all Gölbaşı escort of her pills and she didn’t shower until before bed and she would have to lotion herself up. The latter would have the entire room smelling of something different every night. If it weren’t for the fact that it was making me stay awake because of her moving I probably would not have minded the aroma. On top of all of that I had to wear boxers to bed. All I own are silk boxers, I really didn’t want to sleep in them but that was all I had.   Cheryl and I both were not sleeping to well. For me I know it was the fact that when I’m sleeping in bed with a woman, take my wife for example; I turn to her and she turns away from me and we spoon until we both fall asleep. It is very comfortable for both of us that way. Well there I was in the bed trying to keep as much distance between her and I as possible. If she would move I would move, and then she would roll and I would roll. Eventually we would both fall asleep. However I would wake up several time per night when she would move, and then I would move to make sure I didn’t accidentally touch her or anything. The last thing I needed would be for her to tell my wife I was molesting her in her sleep.   On about the fourth night of her visit when we were both ready for a night of fitted sleep Cheryl decided it was time to talk about it. “Why are you tossing and turning all night long Tom?” She asked. “Well if you want me to be honest Cheryl I just can’t sleep normally. I have to change everything I do even in my sleep.” I said. “Well I have to change things too you know. I have been sleeping naked ever since we moved into the new house and I’ve gotten quite used to it.” She replied. “That is one of the things! I sleep naked too, with Mary and I sleeping upstairs I don’t have to worry about anyone walking in and seeing so we both sleep naked.” I was sort of glad that she was going through the same thing that I was. I wondered what we could do about it when suddenly she blurted out “Well then, let’s sleep naked. I’ll turn out the light and we’ll strip, it’s not like we’ve been touching each other in our sleep anyway and maybe it will help. Let’s not discuss this with Mary though. I wake up before she gets home so I can get dressed and you can stay sleeping and if she asks, you stripped after I left.” She came up with that idea so quickly she must have been thinking about it more than I had.   She did exactly as she said. With me lying in the bed she went and turned off the light. I took off my boxers and I could hear her stripping as well. What’s better was that with the lights turned off we could not see each other in the now pitch black darkness. I laid there stark naked in bed with my mother-in-law for a good thirty minutes before, out of complete habit, I turned toward her and scooted in for a good spooning position putting my cock snug between her cheeks. It wasn’t until I reached my hand over her to hold her that I realized what I was doing. “Sorry” I said, but as I went to pull my arm away and rollover she stopped me. She grabbed it and pulled it back over her and rested my hand and forearm between her breasts. “No really, it’s ok Tom. This is how my Henry and I sleep. Do you think you can sleep ok now?” Keçiören escort bayan She asked. A little sheepishly I said that I would. After a few minutes I realized I had my hand was in sort of a loose fist because I was trying not to touch her, well my already hard cock was pressed deep between her ass cheeks so I figured touching was alright. I opened my hand and rested it palm down on the upper portion of her breast. She then took her hand and placed it atop mine. She also pushed her butt out against my cock a little more, making an even better spoon. Her skin was so soft, I found myself not seeming to mind the inconvenience of her lotioning ritual as much. “See Tom,” she said, “we’re both grown adults here just trying to be comfortable. It’s not sexual unless someone makes it that way.” I didn’t even respond to that, I just got a little harder and in moments I was sleeping like a babe on a tit so to speak.   After that the next couple of days were great. I was sleeping better because I was more comfortable. I was sleeping with my mother-in-law naked, which was an awesome turn on for me. I know she said that it was only sexual if you make it that way. But I was in bed with my hand on her tit and my cock buried in her ass crack. I even got some great feels off of her, I couldn’t resist. If she would notice, she would just pat my hand and say that ‘it’s only sexual if you make it’. Well I didn’t want to lose a good thing and of course all I had wanted was a little feel so I stopped and told her I must have been sleeping. Sex with Mary’s sister was bad enough, I couldn’t even imagine at the time sleeping with her mother.   So now we were around the middle of her stay when the next event happened. Cheryl had come to bed early, almost right after Mary went to work. I was already naked and under the covers when she came in. She was still in her little nightdress; right in front of me before she turned off the light she slipped off the dress with her front facing me. Then she just turned off the light and slipped into bed with me slack jawed. I didn’t even have time to stare, I did have time to get a hard on though. I was about to get into my normal position when she said “Oh can you do me a favor before we settle since we’re helping each other out here?” “Sure” I said, “what do you need?” She turned the light back on and turned to face me in the bed. She looked stunning lying there with the cover pulled up under her arm covering herself. I could see now why she was so quick to get into bed, she had skipped her shower, and her makeup was still on. “There are just some spots that I need lotion that I just can’t reach by myself, and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind.” She said, “It shouldn’t take but a little of your time.” My mind reeled with the thoughts of places she couldn’t get to. “Of course I’ll help you out Cheryl, do you have the lotion?” I said. “It’s over there in my suitcase, the vanilla one I think tonight.” She said. I got up out of the bed so eager to get it that I forgot that A) I am naked; and B) I’ve got a huge hard on from seeing her naked in the light. I tried to play it off cool and went to retrieve the lotion. I found a bottle in her case labeled edible vanilla body oil. I asked if that was the one and she confirmed Escort Kızılay blushing a little.   I was a little shy about pulling the cover off of her but she took care of that by throwing it off and rolling over on her belly. “Ok so where all didn’t you get?” I asked. “My back,” she said, “please start with my back.” I took up a position straddling her legs and my naked cock resting directly on top of her ass crack. “Remember Tom, it’s only sexual if someone make it that way.” I took that as my clue that she didn’t want me dry humping her. I poured a little of the oil into my hands, smeared it around and began to rub it into her back. I guess that I was making it a little sexual when I was rubbing because every time that I leaned forward to reach her shoulders I would grind my cock against her ass. She didn’t complain or try to move at all, if anything she liked it. She just lay there with her eyes closed and moaned a little. I couldn’t do that too much because I was getting way too excited. After I thought I was finished with her back I moved on my own up to her neck. Completely leaning forward to reach, I was grinding so deep into her crack that I could feel my cock head rubbing against her asshole. I couldn’t tell if it was my cock or my rubbing her neck that made her say “Ohhh Tom, that feels so good.” I was getting so excited that I didn’t really care.   I stopped rubbing her neck and asked her where she wanted it next. She said, “Could you rub some on my butt please?” I moved down her body some as she spread her legs for me to get in between. I poured more oil into my hands and put one hand on each cheek rubbing in circles. I used my thumb to rub some oil on her asshole, thinking about what it would feel like to have my cock inside it. I was expecting her to say her line about not making it sexual but all I heard from her was “mmmm” Well she did ask for me to do it and that was part of her butt. I was having way too much fun with this; I made a mental note that after I was finished to run downstairs to jack off.   I asked her where she needed next. She rolled over onto her back, exposing her beautiful chest and expertly shaved pussy to me. “Well being on my stomach some of the lotion I put on my front came off, can you put some on and then that’s it?” she asked. “Ok no problem” I said. She then spread her legs a little and said the best way to do it was to kneel between her legs because she would like me to use both hands and that’s the only way to reach right. I thought that was a little odd because I could reach her belly from the side just as easily. I poured some oil right onto her belly and started to rub in large circles. A couple of times my hands slipped up to just under her chest but she eventually asked my to put a little on her breasts. Fine by me, I took one breast in each hand and began to rub. By being leaned this far forward my cock was slipping between her pussy lips and the head was right on her clit. At the same time that I’m rubbing both breasts at once. I was also receiving no admonishments about being sexual. Abruptly I stopped and capped the bottle of oil, put it on the dresser, and got under the covers on my side of the bed. I had to stop this now or else it would go too far. I would wait for a while and run downstairs and take care of myself. However Cheryl had different plans.   “Thank you so much Tom, I was starting to get itchy that’s why I chose oil,” she said. “Now it’s your turn.” Before I could object she had her oil in hand and the covers drawn back again and motioning for me to roll over on my belly.

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