Christmas Bachelor Auction Pt. 02

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All sexual participants are 18+. This is fiction, I made it all up. I suggest reading Part 1 first.


Chapter 10 — Christmas Day

I never heard the hurricane building. One moment I was blissfully asleep spooning my sister and the next moment I have a 30-pound monster jumping on my stomach insisting I wake up, Santa was here.

Tabatha screams, “Uncle Bill! Uncle Bill! Wake Up! Wake Up! It’s Christmas!”

My eyes are just barely working but I spot John and Jane dressed and smiling at my doorway.

John explains, “She got us up half an hour ago. We made her shower and dress before attacking you two.”

Tabatha is now crawling on Donna, pushing her to wake up. She almost pulling the blanket down. We can’t have that, I need to distract her.

I give Tabatha orders, “We can’t open presents until we have breakfast in this house. You are in charge. John will wake up Anthony and Karen. I then want you, Karen, your mother, and Donna to start making breakfast. John, Tony, and I must make a quick trip. Don’t worry, we won’t be gone long. I need one more present. I am counting on you to have breakfast ready when we get back.”

Now to everyone I say, “I want pancakes, waffles, omelets, toast, bacon, sausage, hash browns, fruit, and fresh squeezed orange juice.”

I look at John, “Get Anthony, make sure he packs.”

That startled John. Nobody else caught my meaning. Donna and I take a quick shower. My trip is going to take longer than it will to make breakfast. I want Donna to slow things down.

I whisper in Donna’s ear, “I will be back in an hour.”

She is surprised and concerned, “What are you up to?”

I admit, “No good.”

I smiled, she did not.

John, Anthony, and I drove out to a bad part of town yet again. This part isn’t too far from home. A major highway and lots of money separate the two areas. We pull up to a small run-down house. It looks the same as all the others but this one has 212 on the front door. Anthony and John are in front of me, the occupants can’t see me. Anthony knocks on the door hard. To the occupants, I am sure it sounded like a bear at the door.

No answer. He knocks harder this time and we heard a “Go away.” The third time, Anthony is a bit mad, I swear he loosened the hinges on the door. A female voice says, “Coming! Hold your pants on!”

Two deadbolts and a chain later, the door opens.

A scared older woman answers the door, “What is so damn important at this time of the morning.”

Anthony steps aside points at me, and says, “He is.”

Mom instantly recognizes me, screams, “Bill!” and rushes me.

I receive a crushing hug. She is in a tattered robe and shivers from the cold.

I suggest, “Maybe we should go inside, it should be warmer in there.”

We do go inside, it was warmer, but it’s still cold. We keep our jackets on. My dad came out from the bedroom, he looks annoyed to see me. I guess that means he knows who I am. Anthony opens his coat to show dad the gun then closes his coat.

Anthony says to my dad, “Sir, please have a seat.”

Dad stood there, smoldering, silent. Anthony grabs him by the shirt, drags him to a chair, and forces him to sit down. Anthony must have had a dog at one time, he tells my dad, “STAY!”

I instruct mom, “You have five minutes to get dressed. You are coming with me now. At five minutes John takes you over his shoulder to my car regardless of your state of dress. Go.”

She quickly ran to her room and in less than five minutes she had her Sunday church outfit on. John and I escort mom out of the house. I drop a hundred-dollar bill on the ground.

I say to my dad, “Merry Christmas pops, don’t drink it all in one day.”

Moms legs gave out when she saw my car, a stretch limo. John was ready for that as was I. Together, we carried her. Antony watched our backs.

Once in the car and on our way, I explain, “We are going to my home. My staff, Donna, Jane, and Tabatha are making breakfast. You will eat with us. There are presents for Tabatha, you should enjoy that. Tonight, we are making a turkey and ham with lots of fixings. After that, you must make a choice. You can either choose to live in my house or we will take you back to 212 until next year. Any questions?”

Mom sheepishly smiles at me, “Can I run the kitchen?”

I smile and chuckle, “No. I gave that job to Tabatha while we are picking you up. However, I believe your granddaughter is smart enough to ask for help. I am sure you will be most welcome in the kitchen helping or at least help down a nice bottle of wine.”

Mom quickly says, “Deal.”


We get home and I yell out, “I recruited more help for the kitchen. Try to be nice to my staff.”

I walk into the kitchen with mom. Two spoons hit the floor in shock. Donna, Jane, and Tabatha run to mom and hug her. All four are crying. Yes, my family cries easily.

Donna then runs to me, squeezes me tight, and whispers into my ear, “Thank you.”

I hold her at arm’s length, Kağıthane Escort then yell, “Tabatha, where’s my breakfast!”

Anthony, John, and I set the table for breakfast. Mom gave pointers. It seems it matters where the knife and fork go, I never noticed. We get through breakfast, I compliment the head chef for a wonderful breakfast.

It is time for presents. We all sit in the living room drinking mimosas. Tabita picks out the presents and distributes them. One for Tabatha. Two for Tabatha, Three for Tabatha. Four for Tabatha. One for Bill. What? I didn’t buy anything else. One for John. One for Jane. One for Donna. One for Anthony. One for Karen. One for mom. Only I knew mom would be here, why is there a present for her here?

All the adults are shocked. Where did the presents come from?

I asked mom, “Who is yours from?”

Mom looks at the present, “Mrs. Claus.”

Every other present said the same thing but mine. My present said, Lynn. I couldn’t help myself. I rip off the paper and opened the box only to find a smaller box inside. I pull it half way out, the light hits it, I dropped it back in the box. Everyone is looking at me, I am laughing hard.

I announce, “We have come full circle. This family split up because of a gift. Now on the day, we are all back together, my friend Lynn gave me a box of XL condoms. Ah, Lynn, I do see the irony. Thank You, where ever you are.”

Donna got a few newborn onesies. Jane got a jogging outfit. John got a pair of jogging shoes. Anthony got a taser. Karen got an unusual hat that made Anthony and her laugh outrageously. Tabatha got two dolls and two outfits from Donna and Jane. Mrs. Clause gave her a small dollhouse for the dolls.

The last person to open a present was mom. The box was the size of a shirt box. She got the nicest paper and very carefully unwrapped the paper like she was going to keep it. It was a plain brown box. She opened the box, pulled out some filler paper, and inside was a small board game. She looked closer and then turned beet red. We are all curious now.

Mom very softly says, “It’s a board game called … ‘Adult Toy Store’, for adults 18+.”

She stares at John and then at Anthony before resting her eyes on me, “Hmm, this could be interesting. What do you think girls?”

Donna and Jane say nothing, their mouths wide open.

Karen giggles and says, “Count me in!”

I look at Tabatha, “Maybe later.”

It took John, Anthony, and me, over an hour to assemble the dollhouse.

When completed, Tabatha wanted to play with it, but I had other ideas.

I command John, “We need the car. You remember where Donna tried to kill me? I want to go there today.”

John smiles. Donna, Jane, and mom don’t have any clothes, they borrow from Karen and John. Karen fits Jane and Donna closely while John fits mom well enough. They got shorts for in the house and sweats for outside. Otherwise, they each wore one of my old sports jerseys. Tabatha wore her dress and tights. We brought blankets, but with moving around she ended up being fine.

Anthony was nervous skating, he had never been before. Karen, Donna, and Jane were pretty good. Mom was amazing. Once on the ice, she was a demon on skates. She ran a figure eight around me. Anthony gave up and sat on the blanket. We spent three hours skating. Several of us had bruises but we all had fun. Tabatha was as good as mom by the end, she learned quick. I think Tabatha and mom had the most fun.

When we got home, Tabatha played with her dolls, the women all went cooking (and drinking) in the kitchen. Anthony, John, and I caught a college football game and enjoyed a few drinks. Dinner was amazing. Smoked turkey, honey baked ham, salad, green bean casserole, stuffing, sweet potatoes, freshly baked rolls, pumpkin pie, fresh whipped topping, cranberry sauce, and several bottles of wine for all but the little princess.

Tabatha had been skating and playing all day. She all but fell asleep at dinner. Jane put her to bed.

I ask, “Mom, today I kind of kidnapped you from your home. I had a plan, I executed it, and now it’s evening. You now have a choice to make. We can take you home, back to your husband, or you can stay here with us. Two things you need to know. Jane has taken a liking to my best friend John. He isn’t perfect, he did some terrible things, but he is a good guy. I slept with Donna last night and will continue to do so for as long as she wants me.”

Mom thinks for a moment, “I have seen enough of John to not care about his past as long as Jane loves him. As far as you and Donna … not surprised. I think she was in love with you when I brought you home from the hospital. My marriage has been a sham for years, your father is hateful, mean, and has not touched me in two decades. However, none of that matters.”

I didn’t see this coming, how can she walk away from her family and go home?

Mom smiles, “I love this house. I dreamt of living here. For decades I saw this house every Sunday on my way to Kağıthane Escort Bayan church. For a long time, I saw it getting renovated and was thrilled to see it restored to its former grandeur. When we were two blocks away, my heart soared, when we pulled through the gates, I almost orgasmed. This house is so much more than I ever expected. You could not drag me from this house if you tried. I am staying.”

Jane and Donna hugged mom.

Chapter 11 — Game Night

I smirk as I asked mom, “Any suggestions for tonight?”

Mom asked is a shy voice, “Can we try my new game? I read the rules. There is no guy on guy or girl on girl although they do sell those versions. There is no fucking.”

Karen looked relieved, “Count me in.”

Donna and Jane were in as well. Don’t need to ask the guys, we were in.

The board is unfolded and laid in the center of my poker table in the basement. The tokens were all sex toys: dildo, gag, handcuffs, lube, rope, mask, collar, and high heels.

We sit down alternating man and woman.

Mom read the rules, “Everyone starts at ‘Start’. Roll one die, move your token, read the instructions. When reading a card, men read the blue side of the card, women read the pink side of the card. The target of the card is the first person of the opposite sex to your left. Next turn your target will be the second person of the opposite sex to your left. The idea is that you rotate through the opposite sex for targets of the cards. Continue as necessary. If clothing impedes an act, the person performing the act removes the necessary clothing. It stays off.

Mom is blushing, “If you cannot move the number of spots equal to the die, you forfeit your turn. Two tokens can occupy the same position but only if they are of the opposite sex. If this happens the person that moved in the spot takes their normal turn, then pulls an additional card and the target is the person in the same space.”

Donna will go first followed by Bill, Jane, John, Karen, Anthony, and then mom. I pull out a large box of sex toys from my closet and place it on a second table. Everyone looks at me with either a half-smile or are blushing at me and my collection.

I defend myself, “I have had some pretty kinky girlfriends. You noticed it was in the basement and not at the side of my bed. Everything here is clean and in good working order although not used in months. Some items have never seen use. I will not be discussing those dates.”

They all nod their heads. I don’t think they believe me.

I announce, “From reading the cards and hearing the rules, we will quickly be naked together and doing various things that include tits, nipples, cunts, cocks, and ass holes. If any of you are uncomfortable with doing any of that to someone here, excuse yourself, walk away, go read a book, or anything else you want because it’s going to get … interesting quickly.”

Donna is embarrassed, “It’s going to be weird seeing things done to mom.”

Mom laughs, “Donna honey, you are so cute. I haven’t had a cock in me for 20 years. My hope is to end tonight getting triple penetrated. In college, I was quite active with this type of equipment. Don’t worry about me, dear. Can you handle this? You ever been spanked, restrained, paddled?”

Now, mom looks sad, “I just realized how pathetic I sound. I want my son and two strangers to fuck an old woman. I hate my life.”

She sat down, sad. I was at a loss for words.

John reaches down and hugs mom, “You are not old, you are experienced. An inexperienced guy like me could use some help in the bedroom. Tonight, you are coming to bed with us.” Then he quickly added, “if it’s OK with Jane.”

He looks at Jane with hope.

Jane tried to sound mad, “What, I don’t get a say in this? I just met you yesterday and already you are adding other women to my bed!” John plays it up and looks sheepishly at the ground. He sniffles for effect. “Oh ok, but only because it’s mom.”

John jumps into Jane’s arms and hugs her. Mom looks happy as well.

We step up to the table and Donna rolls a 5. She moves five spaces. “Draw a card.”

Donna reads the card, “The target man to your left is a bad boy. Someone needs to teach him a lesson and you’re just the one to do it. Ten swats with a paddle to the ass.”

Donna smiles, pulls out a paddle from the box. She hooks her fingers on the inside of my shorts and boxers and pulls them down in one swift motion. I look odd with just a shirt on, I take it off. First one naked. As I toss my shirt, I am now rock hard. Karen, Jane, and mom all stare at my erection.

Jane asks Donna, “Does that thing fit?”

Donna is embarrassed, “Oh it fits all right. Filled me up and hit places I never knew I had. It’s quite the ride.” She blushes.

Karen comments, “Bill, I, I, I, I think we might need to work on some things … together.”

Mom was scary, “I need me one of those.” She licks her lips.

Donna bent me over the table with my ass sticking out. She Escort Kağıthane picks up the paddle, made sure she had a good grip and swats me hard causing me to scream, “Ouch!” She took her time with 2, 3, 4, and 5.

John comments, “He takes it like a man, only a few tears.”

Hits six through ten looked as hard but she didn’t hold it as solid, they didn’t hurt as much. I was still pink and going to be sore a while. I was glad she held back.

My turn, I also roll a 5. I smile. I pick up two cards.

I read the first card, “Your target is such a flirt. No pain for this one, just some fun. Use a tickler.”

I bend Jane over the table, John and Anthony hold her still. I use the tickler to tickle behind the knee, along the side of her arms, behind the ear, and the inside of her elbows. She loved it. She squealed like a pig and everyone got a good laugh. I gave her a few minutes of tickling before I stopped. They let her go.

I get my ass pummeled by wood and she got a feather, not fair. Because I landed on Donna’s space, she was my next target and I draw a card for her.

I read, “Your target needs constant attention and training. Apply any style of nipple clamps. They do not come off unless another player needs a set.”

I get behind Donna and slowly pull the long jersey up and over her head. She wasn’t shy at all, she didn’t try to cover herself. I pull the straps to her bra down her shoulders slowly. Anthony and John are salivating. I slowly unclasp a hook in the back. I do a second. I do a third, but I hold the bra in place. I kiss the back of her neck as I release her bra. It falls to the floor. Her breasts barely move.

I reach into my box for a particularly nasty pair of nipple clamps. They are alligator clamps, they bite her nipple causing her to squeak in pain and then sigh in relief. Now the nasty part, there are tiny feathers on the clamps. I gently blow on her nipples and the feathers tease her areolas causing a tickle. The tickle causes a jiggle of her breasts. The jiggle of the breasts causes pain.

To my surprise, she looks to be in heaven. From time to time when she is bored, she blows on them herself. Jane also helps out.

Jane rolls a 2 and draws a card.

Jane read the card, “Your target is an especially bad man. He needs a lesson. Use a crop and place 5 hits on his inner thigh and 5 on the ass. Crops are wicked, be careful.”

I hand Jane a crop, it has a rubber flexible surface on the end for slapping. I know that one hurts a lot.

I remind her, “Be careful.”

She smiles at me. Jane spreads John’s legs a bit and like me, she pulls down both his shorts and boxers at the same time. She now widens his stance. He is about a foot from the table. She has him lean forward and extend his arms on the table. Smart, she has lots of access now. Her first hit is to the ass. He “ouches” but it’s not a scream. She used a short flick of the wrist which is plenty with those. Her second, third, and fourth get harder if his screams are any indication. The fifth isn’t as hard.

She does the same on his thighs. That’s a sensitive area and the first was too hard, he nearly fell. She scaled it way down after that and gave him a kiss. That part he seemed to like.

John rolls a 3 and draws a card, Karen will be his target.

John reads the card, “Your target likes it messy. Use lots of lube and get as many fingers in her ass as you can.”

Karen squeaks and blushes.

John slowly pulls Karen’s dress up and off. She had no bra or panties on. She is a bit older and more developed with nice curves. She shaved and has small firm breasts. Zero sag on those puppies. She is a knockout, I never knew. She is right, I might need to spend some time with her.

John has Karen bend over the table and uses lots of lube. It smells like strawberries. Without much effort, John pokes one finger two knuckles deep inside Karen. She screams but it is short lived. John is smart and moves around a lot, stretching her a bit and allowing her to relax. He slides a second finger in her ass and this time there is a moan. Her pussy is dripping down her leg.

John puts three fingertips together, it takes less space. He pushes the trio in and moves them around, allowing her to feel the movement. It was hard to get the digits in her ass. She is screaming as he moves his fingers around. He tries for a while to expand her and slip the pinky finger in but that was it, no more. John and Karen use the washroom to clean up.

Karen rolls a 1. The space says, “Is that all you got? Roll again. She did. This time she rolled a 4 but Donna was already there so she forfeits her turn.

Anthony rolled a 4 and draws a card.

Anthony reads the card that targets my mom, “Men love nipples. Big ones, small ones, long ones, and short ones. Find out what kind your target has and nurse on them a while.”

Anthony smiles at mom, she smiles back. He stands behind her and raises her jersey up and over her head. Mom stands in a plain white bra, it had stains and was off-white, tan from age. Her head fell in embarrassment. Anthony used his finger and in a touching move, lifted her chin so she is looking at him.

Anthony says, “Clothes do not make the person, at best they help a person, at worst the person stands out more. You look beautiful to me.”

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