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Subject: Chuck McGraw: Part 1 (incest, military) Chuck He was good looking and well-hung, and everyone knew it. He wanted them to. Since puberty he’d always been a showoff and that sort of behavior only increased as he matured into the six foot four muscular man he had become. His big dick had given him a confidence that many men lacked, and he quickly learned that people are attracted to physical specimens. That is what drove him to the gym to develop a strong and muscular physique. A physique that he loved to show off. He loved being naked, being admired, openly and secretly. He loved catching men and women staring, stealing glances. He did whatever he could to draw attention to his body and his cock. He wore tight jeans and shorts that showed off his package and his ass and the muscular development in his legs. As he was growing up and the fashion shifted toward baggier clothing, he ignored it and instead wore tight shirts the showed off his chest and his arms. He joined the military as a teenager, and he reveled in the hyper-masculine and unashamed type of of behavior that the military welcomed. But even amongst the other Soldiers he was definitely the biggest show off. From the first days of Basic Combat Training when most of his fellow Soldiers would sneak away to the latrine to jerk off or hide under their blankets, he would lay back on his bunk, blankets tossed aside, and stroked his ten inches proudly, loudly, enjoying a good masturbatory session nearly every night. He didn’t care if others saw him doing it. He wanted them to watch. The other Soldiers nicknamed him Spanky and Meat and Ground Pounder. Some of those names stuck with him through his military career. He was a grunt, an Infantry Soldier. He went through Ranger school and was selected for Regiment and promoted up the ranks. He was married twice. His first wife complained of his always putting work first and of his constant need for sex, and then she complained when he went somewhere else to get it when she wouldn’t give it to him. His second wife complained too, but she was too busy with her work as a nurse to worry about him or to catch him when he was getting some on the side. Neither of them knew that he wasn’t just banging other women to get off, but guys as well. He fathered at least four legitimate children with his wives, all boys. He learned long ago, when he was still a teenager, that men were better at cocksucking than women. He also learned that most women couldn’t take his cock or his fucking as long or as hard as he like to give it. He was a pile-driver, a trash-talker, a muscled, tattooed, hairy-chested, big-dicked fuck machine who wanted to jack-hammer hole whenever and wherever he could. And he did. He was Chuck McGraw, and he was the epitome of a man. 1986 – Blinding Flash of the Obvious – Worcester, MA. He’s a big man. Six foot four and pushing 230 lbs of rock-solid muscle with enviable 20-inch arms. He doesn’t have some ripped up, skinny, six-pack, but his stomach is flat and hard. He’d competed in a couple of bodybuilding competitions as a teenager and young man, but never really took it seriously enough to transition to a professional bodybuilder. His career, his life, was the Army. But he’d gotten his love of the gym early from his old man. An amateur bodybuilder himself and even sometimes a trainer, his dad had competed in the 70’s and early 80’s. He’d gotten his son started with a small, rusty home weight bench back when Chuck was eleven. He took to it right away, working out morning and night, growing his muscle, packing on the pounds. His father taught him to push his limits to transform himself into the best version of a man he could be. It’s a lesson he has retained all these years, and something he has imparted onto his own sons, as well as his troops under his command. But it all started with his dad. When Chuck was 16 and got his driver’s license, he graduated from using the basement workout bench, long since added to, and joined his first gym. He had already reached past six feet in height and was pushing 190lbs and growing every day. His chest was hairy, and he sported a full goatee. He looked like a grown man already and he wasn’t done growing yet. His pop was a sometimes trainer a local club, a kind of old school place that was resisting all the 1980’s glitz and polish of the ‘health spa’ movement. It was still all men. The floor was concrete, the weights were rusty, chalk and sweat stains covered the floor and duct tape held together more than a few of the benches. There was even a dedicated posing mirror inside the back corner by the locker room. For Chuck it was a haven. The sound of the clanking metal, the manly grunts, the guys yelling and cursing encouragement at each other, the stench of sweat and testosterone. There was no heat and no A/C in the main gym, just an open warehouse-style space with mirrors on the walls. In the summer they’d prop open the doors to catch a breeze and a lot of the guys would strip off of their shirts while they pumped. The one accommodation they had in the place was in the locker room, where a steam room and a hot tub were installed to help muscle recovery for those who needed and wanted it. Chuck’s dad was named Willard, but everyone called him Woody. He stood just over six foot and came in about 240 lbs. He was strong, and thickly built, with a full head of dark blond hair and bushy mustache. Because he wore glasses he was compared to Mike Mentzer, one of the great bodybuilders of the 70s and 80s. He’d done a lot of different jobs over the years, mostly construction, concrete, and other shit like that. When the work would slow in the winter, or if he’d been laid off, he’d work as a trainer or run the front desk of the gym. So, when Chuck was sixteen, the gym’s owner Jake let the boy join the gym for free. Chuck spent all his free time there when he wasn’t in school. He wanted to grow and to be as big as the legendary bodybuilders. He wanted to be around men like him, like the man he imagined himself to one day be. Of course, an environment like that, one full of testosterone and men, was bound to attract a few cock suckers. The first time it happened to Chuck was in the steam room. It was the middle of the day, just before noon. It was summer and the gym was mostly empty, most of the members being working-class, blue-collar types who were at work. Chuck, having spent two hours pounding his legs, was relaxing, leaning back against the white tile wall wrapped in istanbul travesti a small towel, his legs spread as he slowly contracted the muscles. His eyes were closed, and the room was full of steam, limiting the visibility to almost nothing. He heard the door open and close, the rush of cooler air, as a couple of guys would leave or enter. It was quiet when someone finally spoke up. “You’re Woody’s boy, aren’t ya?” Chucked half-opened his eyes and looked over to the man beside him. He recognized him from the gym floor, but he’d never spoken to him before. He was about his dad’s age he’d guess, fit, but not as muscular, and about 5’8″ with a dark hair and beard just starting to show some grey. “Yup. You know my dad?”, Chuck replied. “Oh yeah, everyone here knows him. He’s a great�trainer. He helps out everyone who wants it.” “Yeah, he’s pretty smart about bodybuilding and shit. He taught me everything I know.” Feeling cocky, Chuck sat up a bit and did a double bicep flex for the stranger. “Fuck, kid. Looks like he taught you well.” Then the man, admiring the sixteen-year old’s very impressive physique, looked down. Chuck enormous horse cock hung between his legs, exposed from beneath where the white towel stretched across his thighs. “Damn. You’re bigger than him too, in about every way.” Confused for half a second, Chuck followed the man’s gaze to his own dick. “Oh yeah?” “Yup.” The man literally licked his lips and kept staring. The attention started making Chuck’s cock plump and grow. “So, you’ve seen my dad’s dick? I’m bigger?” “You’ve never seen him naked?” “Nope” “Trust me. He’s a big man, but I’m betting you’re a lot bigger. And getting bigger every second.” It was true. Chuck was getting a hard-on. He was far from a virgin, and he’d already fucked around with both guys and girls. And he could tell that this guy wanted to suck his dick. No one else was around, so he figured what-the-hell. He undid his towel at the waist and opened it up, revealing his now ten inches in all its glory. He was uncut and the foreskin was tight around his head. He grabbed the base of his shaft with one hand and squeezed, causing the whole thing to swell and his foreskin to retract a bit, revealing his piss slit. “So, you really think I’m big?” He asked, with false modesty. “Fuck yeah, you are.” Replied the man, rising from his bench to kneel before the young muscle god. “So, fucking big.” The man took hold of the teenager monster cock and began to expertly work on it with his hands and mouth. Chuck absent-mindedly noted that he was wearing a gold wedding band on the hand he was using to stroke the teenager’s cock. Something about that, about a married guy getting gay for his muscles and his big dick and cheating on his wife really turned Chuck on. He’d fucked his English teacher, a married woman, before, but with guys he’d only been with other teenage boys; guys in his gym class, one guy on his wrestling team, and his freshman science partner. Never a grown man, never a married guy. He decided to lay back against the tile wall, hands intertwined above his head and just enjoy the expert administrations of the married cocksucker. He was good. He used both hands to strong the teenager’s huge cock, used his tongue on the sensitive glands under the foreskin, and even tugged on the boy’s low-hanging nuts. And when Chuck busted his nut, the stranger clamped down and swallowed every drop of boy cum, slowly milking out the dregs as Chuck tried to catch his breath. “Thanks buddy.” Chuck said cordially. “Anytime. And I mean that. Any fucking time.” The married guy sat back. He’d never touched his own dick, but it was tenting this towel. Chuck got up, headed to the showers, then home. He couldn’t think of a better way to end a workout. Getting his dick sucked at the gym became a regular thing after that. The guy who’d serviced him in the steam room the first time was named Roy, something Chuck learned by the third time of busting his nut down the married man’s throat. They’d talked a bit in the steam room while another guy was in there with them. He found out that Roy had a daughter starting at Chuck’s high school the following year, where Chuck would be a Junior. It got him excited when he thought about fucking Roy’s freshman daughter and then having Roy suck his dick afterward with neither of them knowing. He thought about that when Roy started sucking him off and it got him so excited that instead of just laying back and being serviced and worshiped, he stood up and skull-fucked Roy while he kneeled on the floor. Roy gagged as all ten inches of boy meat filled his throat, but, like the expert cocksucker he was he never pulled off the dick and took his pounding like a man. When he orgasmed, Chuck held onto Roy’s head with both hands, threw back his head, and yelled loud enough to be heard in the locker room, if not on the gym floor itself. When school started back up in the fall, Chuck no longer had the leisure time to workout in the mornings and had to switch to evenings. At the same time his dad was picking up extra shifts at the gym as a trainer at night. It was great because Chuck was benefiting directly from his father’s training, and even helping his dad in demonstrating moves for his clients. Sometimes they even worked as a team. Chuck was seeing noticeable gains and all of the regulars seemed to really like his dad, which transferred to the teenage phenom. But then there was this one night. It was late at night and the gym was close to closing time. Chuck was working back and biceps and having an amazing pump. He had on his headphones and was lost in the music, deep in the zone, feeling his muscle burn. Between sets he’d flex in the mirror, straining his muscles and his tank top. Just looking at himself, soaking up the testosterone, turned him on. Sure, it was narcissistic, but thats just the nature of the beast. While other kids in high school focused on sports like football or soccer, Chuck just loved torturing and shaping his body, pushing those limits. When he’d finished his last set of preacher curls, he lowered his headphones and looked around the gym. It was almost empty. There was one guy on a treadmill plodding along, and Jake the owner, was at the front desk talking to a couple of the guys on their way out. Woody, Chuck’s dad, was nowhere to be seen. Chuck knew he had to be around somewhere. He’d been working with a guy named Todd who was training for a bodybuilding contest. He and his kadıköy travesti pop had driven in together, so his dad was his ride home. Maybe he’s in the locker room, he thought, and headed that way. He walked into locker room and looked around but couldn’t see anyone. What he did see was his dad’s gym bag on the bench, so he know he couldn’t have gone far. The other bag and gym clothes must belong to Todd, he assumed. “Fuck yeah, suck it.” He heard someone say, muffled and far away. Someone must’ve been getting blown in the steam room. He hadn’t seen Roy tonight, but maybe he’d missed him since he was so lost in his own workout. He wondered if Roy was blowing his old man. That’d be hot, he thought, the same guy sucking off both father and son and taking their loads. He walked closer to the door to the steam room to eavesdrop. “Fuck. Take my muscle dick, faggot.” That wasn’t his dad’s voice. Maybe it was Todd’s. Whoever it was he was a verbal son of a bitch, talking dirty while fucking the guy’s face. This close he could hear the grunting and gagging of the cocksucker. Chuck was already mostly aroused from his own workout, with his blood flowing and heated up. He released his massive dick from his shorts and started to slowly stroke it. Precum quickly gathered under his hood and lubed up the foreskin. Chuck glanced in through the foggy panel of glass in the door. The steam was thick, and it was hard to see, the room only lit by a single light bulb. As the steam drifted around, he could just make out Todd opposite the door. He was standing up, both hands on the back of the guy he was face fucking. Todd was jacked, ready to compete at the heavy weight level. He had a blond flattop haircut, clean shaven, and a large square jaw. His 21-inch arms and his cobblestone abs were flexed as he held down the guy’s head and face fucked him. Chuck was mesmerized by the sheer masculine appeal. Then Todd looked up and caught Chuck’s eye. He didn’t act shocked or embarrassed. Instead, he smirked, and then he winked at Chuck as he continued to fuck. “Fucking take it faggot. Take all my cock.” Todd paused in his fucking to hold the man’s face to his crotch. His cocksucker started to gag. Chuck could hear him choking, but Todd held on for a bit more before letting go so he could catch his breath. The man sat up, still kneeling, back on his heels. And as he did Chuck recognized the Tasmanian devil tattoo with the barbell over the right lat. The cocksucker was his father. Chuck was in shock. His dad had been sucking Todd’s dick. And he’d been jerking off to it. He’d been jerking off to his own father. As he contemplated all of this, Todd grinned at the stunned look on Chuck’s face, reached up and grabbed a handful of the sweaty sandy blonde hair on Woody’s head, and slowly moved him back onto his dick. He kept his eyes locked with Chuck’s as ordered Woody to keep sucking. “That is. Take my muscle cock. You know you love it. I love fucking your face.” He spoke louder, making sure Chuck could hear every word. “I don’t know what I love more, your mouth on my cock or your ass.” Chuck’s cock, still held tight in his fist, throbbed and a drop of precum dripped off the swollen head and onto the tile floor. “Where do you want my load today, faggot?” Todd asked, finally looking down at Woody. He yanked Woody’s head back and slapped his dick across his face. “Down your throat or in your pussy?” “My pussy!” “Oh yeah? Are you ready for it?” “Yeah. I’m fucking ready. Fuck me like you did last week!” “Yeah. Turn around then and give me that ass.” Chuck ducked out of view, off to the side of the door as his father spun around. He listened as the two men grunted and groaned. He closed his eyes and imagined what was happening on the other side of the door. His father on all fours, ass in the air, Todd kneeling behind him, shoving his cock in his ass. He could hear the slapping sound as his dad’s meaty butt slammed into Tyler’s hips. “Fuck yeah, fucker. Your pussy feels so good. Those squats make this ass tight.” He heard what could only be Todd smacking his dad’s muscular ass with his hand. Without realizing it, he was stroking his own cock again, sliding his hand down the long, hard 10 inches. “Keep your head down and arch your fuckin’ back.” Todd ordered Woody. He said it loudly and clearly. Chuck took this for what it was, an invitation to watch. He leaned back over to look in the window again. “Yeah, that’s right.” Todd said. He was looking straight at Chuck and grinning. He was kneeling on the steam room floor and had both hands on Woody’s hips, thrusting in and out. “Milk my fucking cock with that muscle cunt.” Todd let go of Woody with one hand and raised his arm up to a bicep flex. Still looking at Chuck he licked his own bicep, worshiped his own muscular body. Then he nodded at Chuck. Chuck smiled, and mirrored Todd, flexing for him. “Yeah, just like that.” Todd said. He lowered his arm and felt up his flexed pecs. Chuck copied him again. The door was glass and steel, fogged up from the steam, but framed the young muscle bull nicely. “Fuck yourself on my dick!” Todd commanded as he twisted both of his own nipples. Woody did as he was told and slammed his glutes into Todd crotch over and over. Chuck played with one of his nipples while he continued to stroke his teenage ten-incher. It was then that Woody looked up and saw his son watching him get fucked. And he clearly saw his boy stroking his horsecock to his own father. He was shocked, and he stopped fucking himself on Todd’s cock, frozen. But Todd didn’t. He saw what was happening and he grabbed onto Woody’s hips and started pounding his hole at double the speed. “Yeah, fucker. Your kid has been watching you. Watching you for a while. I think he likes it. I think he likes watching his daddy get fucked.” Todd said menacingly as he continued to fuck, each word punctuated with a thrust. “What do you think about it? Huh? What do you think about your own boy watching you? I think it’s fucking hot.” Todd was breathing more heavily now, thrusting harder. His pounding was making Woody grunt and his eyes roll back even as he tried to keep his gaze locked with his own boy. “You’ve made a helluva man out of him so far�UGH�Kid is jacked�UGH� Gonna be huge�but..not�as�big�as�me�FUUUUUCCCCCKKK! Todd yelled, gripping Woody’s hips and digging into the flesh hard enough that it would leave a bruise. His body spasmed as he unleashed his load into Woody’s hole. The whole time bakırköy travesti Chuck had his eyes locked onto his father’s. Chuck smiled as his own load burst out and painted the outside of the steam room door. Woody’s cock started to spasm too. As Todd’s orgasm slowed, Woody reached down to his own dick and with a few strokes dumped his load onto the tile floor. His head bent over in ecstasy; his gaze broken with his son’s. When he looked up, Chuck was gone, and Todd’s cock, growing softer, slipped from his hole trailing cum. Later, when Woody had gotten dressed and left the locker room, he saw Chuck and Todd standing at the front desk talking along with Jake. Everyone else was gone, and Jake had already lowered the lights, and was just waiting to lock up. He’d seen his son’s load all over the steam room door and locker room floor, so he had an idea that why he witnessed had turned him on. But Woody was still nervous. What was going to happen now? How does he talk to his son about this? “Hey dad! There you are. Thought you slipped and fell in or something.” Chuck was jovial, almost too much. He was smiling. So was Todd. “Yeah, sorry. You ready to hit the road, kiddo?” “Sure. I was just talking to Todd. He looks fucking awesome. Definitely gonna place in the show next week. You’ve done some amazing things with him.” Chuck smacked Todd on his boulder of a shoulder and they both laughed. “Yeah, he’s a winner. He’s put in a lot of work.” “You both have, dad. Maybe next time I’ll work in with you guys. Get some of that expert training in. Todd says you’re the best.” “Well, I don’t like to blow my own horn�” “Oh, we know. But still. I guess we have more in common than I thought pop.” Chuck smiled at his dad, genuinely warm and placed his arm as far around his shoulders as he could. His father was still a lot more muscular than he was. “Oh yeah? Let’s head home chief and you can tell me all about it on the ride. Your Mom is gonna be pissed. It’s already late and you have school tomorrow.” So, it turned out that both Chuck and his dad Woody were fine with fucking around with guys. Chuck was all top, but his dad like it both ways. Todd did too. His dad decided to invite Chuck to come along to the competition with Todd the next weekend up in Boston. It was two nights up at the hotel where he and his dad got to know each other a lot better. The first night there the three of them picked up a few of the girls from the women’s competition and took them back to the room. They passed the girls around, and none of them knew Chuck was only 16 or that he was Woody’s son. But the second night, after Todd had placed 3rd, and could finally eat and drink like he wanted, it was just the three of them fucking. Chuck fucked Todd and unloaded in his tan-painted ass while his dad fed the bodybuilder his first load of the night. Then the boys swapped positions, Woody using his son’s cum as lube as Todd cleaned his own ass juices and the boy’s cum from the teenager’s ten-inch cock. It turns out he was bigger than his father, but by just an inch. Woody had a fat nine-inch dick like a can of Pillsbury biscuits, uncut like his boy. His dad was a great cocksucker though. At one point in the night Todd was screaming with pleasure as he rode Chuck’s cock while getting sucked off by Woody. The morning before they left, they took it a step furhter. Lying in those hotel beds, the sheets stained with sweat, cum, and tanning lotion from Todd, Woody woke to see his boy on his back, lying in a sunbeam, asleep. In all his glory, sixteen years old but nothing but man. His body was firm, covered in a thick layer of fur that was beginning to sprout. Ripped abs, arms already over 17 inch and growing every day, massive thighs. And all of it with his crowning glory, a massive ten-inch uncut cock. Despite having cum three times the day before, the boy was rock hard, dick pointed straight up. It was thick at the base, six inches or more. He could barely get his hand around it. It tapered up toward the top where the tight foreskin ended just at the piss slit, making the end appear blunt. Chuck lay back on the bed opposite the one shared by Woody and Todd. His arms were both raised over his head, one covering his eyes from the sunlight, and one leg hung off the side of the bed. As Woody stirred, looking at the glorious man who he’d help create from his own seed, as he imagined the man he was yet to grow into. Todd stirred as well. Woody was behind Todd, spooning him, and Todd felt Woody’s cock grow stiff between his ass cheeks. He looked up over his shoulder at Woody, and then followed his gaze to Chuck across the room. Now he knew why Woody was hard. Todd quietly got up and walked around the bed. He crawled across toward Chuck while watching Woody. He reached over and started caressing teenager’s dick. As he licked it, the boy moaned. He grabbed a pillow and put it over his face to block out the sun. The kid wasn’t used to liquor and may have had a few too many last night. `His first hangover’ thought his dad, as he watched. Todd looked up and motioned with his finger that Woody should join him. After everything else, Woody figured why not. He got up, crossed over, and with one knee on the bed, was fed his own son’s cock by his client. Chuck moaned with pleasure. Both Woody and Todd worked together on the boy’s hairy nut sack and huge meat using hands, tongues, everything. There was plenty to go around. It didn’t take very long until Chuck’s breath grew short and labored. Todd pushed Woody’s head down on to his son’s cock and whispered in his ear, “Fuck yeah, take it, take his fuckin’ load, daddy! Swallow your son’s cum!” And he did. He didn’t spill a drop as Chuck screamed into the pillow over his face. “Oh shit, that’s fucking hot. Such a good dad, taking care of his boy like that.” Chuck pulled aside the pillow, looked down at his father as he finally pulled of his cock and swallowed his son’s morning load, and simply said, “Thanks, Dad. That was great.” Then he lay back and was snoring in seconds. It may have been a bit weird at first, but they both became more comfortable with the idea of a shared sexual relationship. It’d never be a regular part of their relationship, but the two men would share a bond, and share that bond with a number of other guys and girls for years to come. Both men had more than enough attention, and usually the only time the two of them would fuck around would be when there were other people present, or, on rare occasions, when they were alone on a trip and just wanted to get off. But they were certainly the most popular guys at the gym from that point forward, now that they both knew, and a lot of the other guys soon found out. To be continued. A lot more to cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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