Cilla’s Cure

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“Dr. E. Joseph Grafenbacher, MD, Ph.D., Registered Experimental Neurologist,” read the impressive gold plaque above the office door. Cilla knocked softly, apprehensively. She’d been sent here by her doctor after complaining of strange fainting spells, and had been told that Dr. Grafenbacher was an expert at finding the cause of such ailments in young people. On making the appointment, she had been instructed to leave the rest of the day free, in case the doctor needed more time.

Receiving no reply to her knock, she tried again, harder this time. Soon, a small man, at least four inches shorter than Cilla’s five feet eight inches, opened the door. His white lab coat, horn-rimmed glasses and pointed goatee were the very picture of an old Teutonic doctor. In his hand he carried a clipboard, and around his neck hung a stethoscope.

“Come in, come in, fraulein…” he paused, attempting to remember her name.

“Reynolds,” Cilla quickly finished. “Cilla Reynolds. I hope I’m not too early?” Her appointment had been made for eleven AM, but she was so nervous that she reached the office at quarter after ten.

“Nein, nein, not at all,” the doctor grinned, ushering her into his inner office. “I have set aside the whole day for you, as I do for all my patients. You see, I feel it is important to have time to…investigate fully. Now, shall we get started? Bitte, please, sit down.” He motioned towards a psychologist’s couch that looked straight out of Freud’s office. He himself sat down in a leather armchair in front of the desk.

Cilla swung her legs onto the couch and reclined, smoothing her wrap skirt over her long legs. She’d never been to such a doctor before, but was assured of his credentials by the impressive array of diplomas hanging on the wall.

“So, your physician tells me you have been complaining of fainting, is that right?” the doctor inquired.

“Yes,” Cilla replied. “Only I don’t know why I get them. I’ll be walking along the street, or sitting in class, and the next thing I know I wake up and there’s all these people staring up at me, and telling me I fainted.”

“Have your estrous cycles been normal?” he asked.

“My what?”

“Your period,” he explained. “Forgive the clinical language, it is a habit that is hard to break.”

“Well, now that you mention it,” Cilla thought about it for a second. “No, they haven’t been, quite. Well, that’s not true, really. It’s just that every time I fainted, I’ve been in the middle of my period. But after I faint, my period stops abruptly, a couple days early. I hadn’t made the connection before.”

“Excellent!” cried Grafenbacher. “I have been working on a treatment for just this problem. You see, I have received several calls from colleagues back in my home country, reporting this same problem. I have devised a treatment regimen, but have not yet been able to test it. You wouldn’t mind being my first subject, would you? This is a very important breakthrough in medical research.”

“Medical research?” though Cilla. Out loud, she said, “I guess so…as long as it’s not painful,” she hastily added.

“Aber selbstverständlich nicht! But of course not. I would have Ataşehir Escort no desire to cause pain to a schönes mädchen, a beautiful girl such as yourself! Bitte, please, step into my exam room and we can begin.” He swept open a door behind his desk, and showed her into the room. If only you knew what I desired, he thought to himself. Sometimes a little pain can be a good thing.

Cilla looked around the spotlessly clean room, sweeping her eyes across the exam chair with its stirrups, the gleaming metal sink, the tall cabinet, surely full of medical devices, and back to the door, which Dr. Grafenbacher had just locked. She gave an involuntary gasp at this last, but the doctor quickly reassured her.

“Do not worry, fraulein, I will not hurt you. Such a schönes mädchen as yourself? It would be a crime.” Which would make me the master criminal. We shall see how she reacts… “I will, of course, have to do a full physical before initiating the procedure. Please undress.”


“Yes, fraulein, I must be sure that you are otherwise healthy. Do not worry, I am a professional physician as well.”

“May I have a gown?”

“It will not be necessary. The procedure would only necessitate its removal. Please undress now.”

Slowly, Cilla began to remove her clothes. Her blouse she neatly folded and set on the floor, and, unwrapping her skirt, she set it on top. Hesitantly, she reached behind and unhooked her bra, freeing her pert breasts. The nipples stuck out like pencil erasers in the cool exam room. Then, dreading the thought of being completely naked before this strange doctor, she stepped out of her panties and set them down on top of her clothes.

Watching this young beauty, the doctor nodded with approval. “Now hop up onto the chair, please.” She did so. He then proceeded to check her ears, eyes and throat, making notes on the clipboard. He then ran the cold stethoscope over her chest, checking her heart. In the process, he deliberately flicked it over her nipples, causing her to jump. He then proceeded to perform a brief breast exam, cupping them like grapefruits and feeling their heft.

“Now, I am going to extend the stirrups. Please place your feet in and spread wide.” At this point, Cilla abandoned all hope of modesty and decided to cooperate, so that she would get it over with fast. The doctor took her feet and, one by one, fastened them into the stirrups with small straps. Cilla hardly noticed, until she had already been immobilized. Then the doctor turned a crank on the chair, reclining the back quickly. As Cilla put out her hands to steady herself, he caught them and strapped them to the sides of the chair. Realizing her predicament, Cilla began to struggle.

“Now you are mine,” he thought. To her, he said, “These restraints are necessary for the procedure, as it involves some stimulation that may cause you to move about, and I do not wish to have you damaging the equipment.” With that, he went over to the cabinet and withdrew a small box and a meter of some sort, with a thick probe attached. Lubricating the probe, it inserted it into her vagina, explaining, “This will measure your stimulation Kadıköy Escort level, to determine if you have received the proper amount of treatment. The thick probe stretched Cilla’s young orifice considerably, but she wasn’t hurt. The meter was nothing more that a very sensitive thermometer, really, but Dr. Grafenbacher found that it was helpfully intimidating to his young patients.

Then he picked up the small box. He opened it, and selected one of the full syringes inside. He held it up to her, enjoying the look of panic in her eyes.

“You said it wouldn’t hurt!” she cried.

Without replying, he took a ball gag from the cabinet and quickly fastened it about her head. “We wouldn’t want your teeth to chip, so please bite down hard on this,” he told the girl. Picking up an alcohol swab, he moved towards her left breast. The look of terror in her eyes told him that his intentions were clear.

He quickly swabbed the breast, just above the nipple, and then picked up the syringe. “Are you ready to begin your treatment, fraulein?” She shook her head vigorously “NO”, grunting around the gag, but the doctor ignored her. He held the soft breast in his hand, stroking his thumb over the nipple. Then he slowly pushed in the needle, savoring her pained look.

Cilla felt the sharp pain begin in her breast, and then heard a small *pop* as the skin broke. The doctor twirled the syringe around, and then slowly depressed the plunger. She felt the pressure in her breast build painfully as the doctor injected his serum. Then he twirled the needle once more and withdrew it.

“What I have just injected is the first of a series of three serums designed to cure you of your problem. The first one went into your left breast, the second will go in the right, and the third will go between your legs, in your perineum.” He reached down and stroked the area between her vagina and anus. She moaned, but he paid her no heed. “What you may feel in a moment will be the first serum taking hold.”

The sensation began in her breast, right where the serum was injected. It felt like someone had touched an extremely powerful vibrator to the spot, while at the same time heating it up. The feeling spread across the whole breast, then to the other, and then her torso. Soon, her whole body was vibrating, and she was sweating from the heat. Faster and faster she shook, the meter rising higher and higher. Red spots whirled in front of her eyes, and she felt as though she was on fire. Her head thrashed back and forth, her long brown hair whipping about as though caught by a strong wind.

The doctor observed her reactions with pleasure. She was far from the first patient to submit to his regimen, though he was sure she was one of the prettiest. “Look at that hair! those breasts! that clear white skin and the wild look in her eyes!” he thought, as he watched her struggle. The joggling of her breasts was captivating to the eye, as they went back and forth, up and down, seeming to move independent of her body. He congratulated himself on his wonderful

The set of serums was of his own devising, and Dr. Grafenbacher was inordinately proud of his concoctions. Bostancı Escort Two of the first serum’s components were designed to take over the heart and the nervous system, mimicking the simultaneous effects of a fever and a petit mal seizure in the motor cortex. This was the only way that the third and most essential part of the first serum could correct the hormonal imbalance that was causing Cilla’s fainting spells. Without them, the radical change in her body chemistry would have caused her body to essentially reject itself, resulting in instant death. Numerous experiments on rats had proved this crucial fact. Hence the sweat pouring down Cilla’s body as it shook with all its might in the restraints.

As it was, the first serum was not perfect, and often produced effects far beyond what were strictly necessary, especially in girls so young and nubile as Cilla. But the doctor liked that, and besides, that was what the second serum was for.

She didn’t notice Dr. Grafenbacher swab her right breast and hold the second syringe at the ready. When the meter hit its highest reading level, he stabbed the needle in quickly, injecting the second serum fast. Again the sensations took hold first by the injection site. An intense cold froze her breast in place, and soon the vibrations had been replaced with total paralysis as the cold chilled her to the bone. It felt like all her blood had turned to ice, which coursed through her, freezing her as though dead.

This one was designed to negate the effects of the first serum, so that it wouldn’t get out of hand. This serum was not perfect by medical standards, but Dr. Grafenbacher enjoyed its effect immensely, and didn’t wish to change a thing about it. He counteracted the fever by shutting off the body’s heat pump, essentially freezing the hormone changes in place. This freezing was accompanied by a sedative to the out-of-control motor cortex, in order to stop the seizure. Administering these agents together, however, had also proven fatal in Dr. Grafenbacher’s animal experiments. He hit upon the idea of a paralytic agent to the central nervous system, and that solved the problem.

The level on the meter dropped sharply, and continued to fall as the doctor readied the third syringe. He swabbed her perineum, and as soon at the meter reading hit bottom, he pushed in the needle. Even in her paralyzed state, the pain still burned deep in Cilla’s nether regions. As the chill subsided, the doctor twisted the needle, pulling it part way out and then sticking it back in again, enjoying the agony in the girl’s face. Finally, he pulled it out, as she collapsed like a rag doll in the chair.

The last serum restored the patient’s body to a normal temperature, and undid the paralytic drug. It kept the sedative, however, in order that the patient might be easily transported away from the office.

Unstrapping her, he helped the half-conscious girl pull on her clothes, reassuring her that all would be fine. “You won’t even remember a thing,” he said. Another effect of the third serum. He helped her out the door and down the elevator, then called her a cab and sent her home, paying the cabbie generously and explaining that she was drunk, and told him to help her into her house. “When she wakes up, she’ll be in her bed, and all she’ll know is that the doctor cured her,” he thought. Now, who was coming tomorrow? Ah yes, that pretty Aitkens girl…a repeat patient….

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