Cindy’s First Taste of Black

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Cindy’s First Taste of BlackCindy Gets First BBC:Cindy Gets Huge BBC Cock at the Lake.Every year a large group of us go to place we have been goingto for years and years on end and camp as a whole family aka familyreunion thing.Cindy is actually my cousin Roy’s oldest daughter.And at 27yrs old she’s one fine family tribute to ourgene culture! She’s 5’6″ and weighs a mere maybe 105lbsand that’s with a, soaking wet towel on.She has long blonde straight hair that hangs past her assnow which itself is a treasure,It’s one of those you wants’just grab and enjoy the feel of mother natures having blesseda woman with ones, It’s one of those jiggly wiggly as you walkabsolute bubble butts! Now she was blessed with that ass for surebut she by no means was large breasted in the least. In fact nottruly knowing a Woman’s breast/bra size thing i’d say at best a33b maybe? But believe me she’s got two of the puffiest standingout proud as hell nipples. Looks like someone glued 2 bon bons onthose titties to tease us men from hell and back!And as well she is long legged looking. And has that lookright between them legs of having been born sitting on a horseor something because she has that spread out right between the legslook about her. We down here in the south call it she’s been hitbetween them legs with a splitting wedge. But she has those curvedhips that makes everything come together to make a man go damn howcan something like that be built. Just shouldn’t happen at all..Anyway all our group both, old and, young alike familymembers all gathered at a camp site place at one of our local lakesand looks like half a town of hillbillies done took over!Well right next to all of us was family of Blacks camping andit seemed that they were much as we were several families togetherand enjoying the outdoors and camping alike all together.So being all neighborly as my can’t keep their noses out of peoplesdamn business family is their all saying join us and have a great timeof which no doubt there since several of our family members have bandsand such so kicking back with a good campfire a going and drinking andsippin’ and pickin’ and grinnin’! Well the family of blacks come overand join us and are having a hell of a time though they didn’t muchcare i think for our backwoods damn pure ass hillbilly music.Well after the highs i’m this and howdy i’m that and that’s olduncle joe over there he moves kinda slow and he’s a bit pervertedso pay him no mind sort of greetings between us all and one of theirmembers a rather really nice looking and a prim taking care of personHe I could tell for sure could give a shit less about being herecamping in anyway shape of form. He looked more like he belonged onan expensive as hell country club golf course somewhere.Anyway he name was Billy I think. Anyway this young man couldtower over about any human being! He stood easily 6’ft3″ maybe6’ft5″ tall and weighed a hefty muscular 260to 270 and no doubthe had to be some athlete somehow. Well he was damn friendly andhad all of us in laughter with ranting about this and that sohe wasn’t an asshole at all. Well pretty soon as the booze beganflowin’ through veins heavier and heavier the whole place beganto loosen up and everyone was having a hell of a blast.The olders of course piled up in their group talking about thisand that and the younger ones in their groups talking their ownbrand of talk and so Cindy was there as was Billy and as I beganto mossy about from group to group I noticed Cindy was damn suregiving that crotch of Billy’s a lookin’ over for sure!A woman does not look at a man like that and be licking themdamn chops just because she’s hungry! Oh istanbul escort she’s hungry alright,Hungry as hell for that crotch she be a watchin’! So my mind immediately sprang to attention that; Little Cindy therewas gonna’ sneak all off somewhere and get her a dose of that blackdick tonite! Well as things got more boozed up and everyone was feeling no damnpain whatsoever I was still moving around from this group to that andnoticed Cindy was missing as was Big Billy!Far off just out of the bonfires lite I caught a glimpse of Cindyand Billy off by a tree all to themselves. And saw the ol’ lefty thinga burnin’ and was like oh hell yeah! So I went over and partake in thefornification as we term smoking a lefty! Well it wasn’t long beforeall three of us were stoned off our asses, and so being open minded as hell as I am I just busted out and said: Damn Cindy why don’t you getyou a dose of that huge black cock Billy has! Well silence came aboutand all we could hear then was the crickets and locust a singin’ offand Cindy blushed like hell and giggled like a damn little school girlas Billy just looked at me with that damn dude you gonna’ fuck up mygetting some of that ass with shit like that! Well Cindy just loweredher head and with that still flustered look on her face said I’ve neverhad a black man before. Then looked up at Billy and said is it truewhat they say about black men being hung like hell?Well Billy just then giggled and said; Well I don’t know thereCindy what do you think? Well Cindy just murmured out; It sure looks like it!Well the night was wearing down now as most all the older folks of the two gatherings had disbanded and headed to theirpersonal tents, and or campers. Leaving the younger generations to hold the fort down as the camp fire was casting it’sflickering glow across the trees surrounding the two camping areas. Still a mixture of Black and Whites sitting togetherand playing different music with some having a guitar,banjo,fiddle,and one playing a bit of sax with it all.So music still filled the camp areas as Now Cindy and Billy and I alike had returned to the gathering and grabbed a coldone up but Billy just made himself a mixed drink, still seemingly bored by all this backwoods comradely and I could see himnow watching Cindy’s every move, paying attention closely to how that ass of hers bounced and jiggled as she walked about. There was no doubt that ol’ Billy there wanted a piece of that fine white ass for sure!I finally made it over to him and said; Damn I didn’t mean to step in the way of your getting some of that!Billy just looked down at me and said; You mean you wouldn’t care if I fucked your white woman?I then told him hell no I didn’t mind except that it would be damn great to watch him tear that finepussy up with his black cock! He about spit his drink out and snickered and said damn you not a badwhite cracker ass after all. Well I guess that made us become more talkative as he was saying thatat college he had a few white gals he serviced as he put it and they couldn’t get enough of that blackdick. I said well hell Billy I don’t give a shit if you plow all these white women myself, in fact a few of themactually need a damn good knock the bottom outa’ that thang to change their damn attitudes!He just laughed and said; Yeah I noticed a few of them were a bit to good miss prim and propersand the very kind I luv to fuck! So I told him I’d damn sure catch Cindy in a bit and get her to meethim somewhere and so we conjured up our plan to get hot ass Cindy a taste of black.So I caught Cindy off to the side and avcılar escort mentioned to her how Billy said she was one hot woman andhow he’d luv to fuck her brains out! She just looked at me strangely and said I’d fuck him but damnyou know how our biggot ass family is they’d all disown my ass if they even knew I was alone with him.Of course I swore to my secrecy and said that Billy wanted me to tell her if she wanted a dose of thatto meet him at his camper in about 30 minutes.I just looked over to Billy and nodded my head yes giving him the answer he’d been waiting for as herose up and just disappeared to his camper as soon after that Cindy seemed to find a way to get awaywith no one paying attention at all except me as I did the same.Giving them enough time on their very own to get good and going I just wandered about around his camperand finally went to go get in only to find the damn door locked, and was like fuck they locked my ass out andcould hear them inside as Cindy was no doubt getting her first look at that cock at his when I heard her cry outOh my god! That’s fucking huge! Of course being outside I couldn’t hear much more than just knowing somethingsure as hell was going on inside there as I walked around and at last found a tiny opening at a window that thecurtain was pulled just a bit away and could see Cindy and Billy standing naked together with Cindy now strokinga cock that would match or even beat a horse! She was shakily stroking it telling Billy she didn’t know if she couldeven handle any part of that as Billy was saying I’ll take it really easy don’t worry.Well the this and that foreplay went on for a few minutes until Billy had her on the make shift table that made intoa bed as well and had her long white legs in his huge black hands and stretched wide open as he was aiming thathuge black cock of his at her pussy as Cindy was now saying Oh hell I don’t know it’s to damn big I don’t think I can take it! But Billy consoling her and saying I’ll be easy if it gets to hard to take I’ll stop just relax and let me getthe damn head in. He began to rub the huge head of his cock through her lips making them separate and stretch overhis cock head as he gave a shove and the head tried to penetrate her pussy opening but she was just to damn smallfor it to anything but lodge in it and make her scream as she was now being wrent assunder by that cock. But Billy justkept right on with his pressure and finally the huge black head popped into her pussy as Cindy ape shit screaming itwas tearing her pussy apart as Billy was now snickering and saying; Oh waits till I gets it all in you and you’ll be damnsure screamin’ you wanton’ little bitch! Damn I wanted to tear in there and whip his ass for what seemed like he wasforcing her to take his huge dick and her pussy was stretched to the limits on his black cock as Billy said damn that’ssome tight pussy you got as Cindy’s head was thrashing wildly about her beautiful long blonde hair slung all over the placeas her body was thrashing and trying to somehow move but Billy’s huge manly body was to damn powerful and muscularand held her still as he tried to plow more of that pussy ruining cock in.Cindy was now screaming out stop oh please stop oh it’s tearing me apart it’s to damn big your ripping me open oh stopon please stop. But Billy was just laughing at her and saying Oh I know it hurts like a motherfucker right now bitch butonce I get this cock on bottom you won’t be able to get enough of it just like all the other white bitches i fuck!And slowly he forced that cock in her pussy as Cindy thrashed and screamed and şirinevler escort grunted like a damn wild boer hogrooting in the woods somewhere. But that cock made her open and take it and more and more went in until at lasthe had nearly half of it in her as she was about to loose all consciousness from the intense pain her pussy felt!Finally after about two thirds of his cock was inside her Billy now said Oh yeah you gots it all now bitch!As he said oh hell yeah that’s right bitch I done hits your bottom and gonna’ drive this black cock in youlike you never thought a man could! As Cindy was screaming and pleading with him to stop but Billy just beganto pull that huge black dick slowly out of her as she gasped and grunted and writhed and screamed it was to damnbig!Her pussy was pulling outwards on his cock stretching onto it and snapping back when it became to much to goany further as Billy was saying oh you gonna’s luvs it once you gets used to being stretched wide ass open asCindy still was trying to plead with him to stop, but the pain was so intense she couldn’t even scream much at alland it was grunting and gasping as he pulled that cock from her depths slowly and made her feel every damn inch ofit doing so.Then he finally stopped just as the huge black head was just inside her and then and there slowly feed it right backinto her to the very hilt of her pussy! As Cindy went absolutely crazy and was really thrashing about now and screamingoh stop ohhhhh Pllleeeassse stopppp itttt’s ttttearing meeeee apaaart insssside!But Billy had none of that as he held steady and just kept a constant pressure of his buried to bottom dick and made herknow and feel the power that his huge black cock had to go even further if she could take it.He worked that pussy of hers this way for several minutes it seemed until at last Cindy seemed to settle down a bitand was now just grunting and gasping each time he drove that huge cock to bottom and pulled it right back out slowlyher body now writhing and shuddering and her head still thrashing wildly but with different tone to it like she was nowenjoying the feeling of her pussy being tore apart by his huge black dick!And soon she began to moan and loud gasping sounds filled that camper as Billy was stepping up his cocks actiongoing a bit faster and faster in and out of her as Cindy suddenly slung her head up and screamed out ; OOhhhhssshiitttttt itttt’s ttttooooo bbbbiiigggg tttoo mmmuch ffforrrr me bbbutttt i’mmmm cccummming!She came alright like a damn blow out gusher oilwell she came! As Billy said oh yeah you’s hosing good bitch goahead and let’s it all out oh hell yeah that feels good on my cock! As he now was driving that cock home like a hammeron a nail! Cindy throwing her head up and grunting each time he hit bottom hard and she was thrashing about wildly nowher legs even shaking and twisting as she was having multiple orgasms on that black cock. As Billy was fucking herwildly and hard as hell making her almost shoot forward as he hit bottom and Cindy was now screaming; FFFuccckkk meeeee ohhh fffucckkk meeeeee!He was fucking her as hard as he could and they were now into the full pleasure of a woman being fucked hard and roughand her pussy getting a cock far to big for it inside yet it was so damn good she was screaming it was more than she could take as she all but passed out from the pleasure of it as Billy continued to fuck her hard and fast and then slammed his huge black cock as hard inside her as he could and grunted out like a wild mad bull and they both screamed out and Cindyflung her head up and screamed just as Billy grunted like that mad bull and came inside her pussy like everything.Just as all this was getting so damn good to watch like a damn peeping tom through this tiny opening at the windowI heard movement behind me and scared of being outright caught I disappeared fearing someone catching me therewatching my white cousin get her brains fucked out by a huge pussy ruining black cock!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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