City Meets Country

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Here we go, CJ thought to himself. Another audition and another rejection awaited him it felt like. The highlight of his morning was seeing Christine on his way down to the lobby. He had figured out her routine. Her shift must start at 9 am by his estimate. CJ had to be honest with himself. He had dialed in his afternoon expeditions to align with Christine’s schedule, often times delivering himself hours early to his commitments. He was careful to not make it look obvious and she seemed unsuspecting. She always seemed preoccupied and didn’t notice him much. CJ had made his introduction when he first moved into the building. They met on the elevator weeks before. He was taken aback by her beauty. He was a transplant from Montana ranch land and saw something country in her that attracted him. She had no country drawl, but there was a way about her that felt like home. He couldn’t quite place it but recognized it in her demeanor. Her hips had a sway when she walked that queued him in that she wasn’t from this concrete chaos. She seemed calming and almost had a ripple effect on those that she passed. Busy nervous dogs would pause to greet her as their owners smiled and also paused to take her in. She wasn’t of this place and everyone she passed sensed it. Her hips had a sway and she carried a smile that stood out.

CJ walked her route on his way to take the train downtown and happened to be behind her on many occasions. He missed the view of her ample behind as his route deviated. Since moving to the city that’s what he missed the most. He thought the girls here were too thin. Although he hadn’t had relations since arriving, he felt his strong stature and endowment would be too much for the more petite women here. He watched Christine walk away and appreciated the way her jeans hugged her curves and the narrowness of her waist. He easily envisioned himself thrusting into her. Her hips were wide enough to accommodate him and resting his weight on her to thrust deep wouldn’t be an issue. He also fantasized taking her from behind. She had curves he could caress and pull her close. On most days she wore her scrubs but even then he could still make out the way her top delicately rested on her hips. She’d look appealing in a potato sack he laughed to himself. At least that way he could make out her long slender legs.

This time CJ felt he was a shoo-in for the role. The casting call requested a fit cowboy type to pitch for some country dating website. The pay wasn’t even on the radar, but that wasn’t the end goal. CJ had built a small business empire back home and had left the dealings to those he trusted most while he pursued loftier endeavors. He managed to conceal his slight limp when making a conscious effort. Health and vitality were key requisites in the acting world and any detection of his injury would send him packing.

During the audition, CJ couldn’t help but think about his buxom neighbor, Christine and sported a slight bulge. He was nervous it would be noticed.

“CJ, hmm… I don’t care much for names based on initials. What’s your real name?”, the casting director asked. He was a small portly man and seemed immediately annoyed when CJ entered the room.

“Well, CJ is my legal name sir. My mother based the initials on those she was close to-“, CJ was tersely interrupted.

“Just recite your lines please”. What an ass, CJ thought to himself. Next to the fat man behind the table, a young attractive brunette was furiously taking notes. She sporadically glanced up to catch a glimpse of CJ’s crotch and would nervously smile and continue her scribing.

The casting director, however, was neither nervous nor amused.

“I’m not sure what kind of website you think you’re auditioning for, but that…”, he pointed to CJ’s still slightly swollen denim with the rim of his glasses, “…is not aligned with the values of this client’s brand.”.

This opportunity was CJ’S to lose and lose it he did. He walked out discouraged, his limp evident without his guard up to the point he almost shuffled. Now his erection subsided; now that it was too late. He felt a wet stickiness on the inside of his leg as his cock retracted leaving no room for the ooze contained within. The feeling added to his dejected state. It had been so long since he felt the touch of a woman or even the touch of his hand for that matter. He just wanted to feel good.

He thought of Christine’s ass and what it would feel like to have her in his arms and explore her with his hands. He longed to be home, to feel home. He envisioned exploding inside of her and how satisfying the release would be with her legs wrapped around his waist ataköy escort pulling him deep. He wanted to throb inside of her wetness and feel the slipperiness between them. His erection returned with a vengeance causing him to pause before exiting the building. Composing himself, he straightened his bad leg and prepared himself for the jungle. With effort, he walked strong and masked his physical weakness. The streets would not sniff him out this day.

CJ spent the remainder of the day licking his wounds and lamenting his decision to move here in the first place. His businesses back home were thriving and he chose to take leave right when they were on the verge of a lucrative franchise deal. Those he loved and trusted dealings to were the same people sour of his choices. He thought of Christine again and smiled. How could he blame her for today’s lackluster performance? She was incessantly on his mind but that was his issue not hers.

When CJ returned to his building that evening he saw Christine in the lobby visibly shaken and upset talking to their landlord. She was wearing pajama bottoms and a tank top. Without a bra he could make out the firm slope of her breasts to her erect nipples. Her areola were prominent through the white tank she wore, and her midriff was slightly visible allowing CJ to admire her milky soft skin.

CJ gathered his mail making effort to not gawk but he and the landlord both had difficulty focusing and not making her more uncomfortable. His fear of talking to her was quickly overtaken by his desire to help. Her neighbor upstairs had been harassing her for sometime. Just the sounds of Christine going about her routine pissed the guy off to the point of irrationality and he decided yelling and banging on her door was the solution.

CJ had heard enough. A fury took over him and he was on his way. The guy at topic lived a few doors down from CJ and he knew him well. He was musician and as best CJ could tell kept no consistent hours. Any noise at any time would set the jerk off and CJ had tolerated it up to this point. He gave everyone around him grief. The sight of Christine so upset and the shit of a day CJ had had was the breaking point and enough was enough.

CJ returned to the lobby with a firm grip on the asshole’s ear but nobody was there. Back to the elevator with bounty in hand, CJ asked “You’re 4J right?”.

“Fuck you, dickwad!” was the guy’s response visibly shaken hunched over in pain. CJ twisted his ear further slammed him to the elevator wall.

“You’re not going to fuck with any of us anymore right? I don’t fucking need to call the cops to take out the trash. Do you believe this?”. CJ was imposing and 4J had been clearly all bluster.

“Fuck, fuck, alright!. I believe you. Dude, I’m like outta’ here next month anyways. Fucking back off!”.

CJ escorted him to Christine’s apartment and lightly knocked on the door still firmly grasping 4J’s ear. Light in the peephole darkened and paused. A few seconds later, CJ heard the slide of locks disengaging.

Christine opened the door wide eyed and confused.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry to disturb you. This guy right here has something to say to you.”. CJ released 4J’s ear and nudged him slightly forward.

“Look, you’re boyfriend here-” CJ gave him a quick swift kick in his ass. “Your… friend… here brought to my attention that I may have been rude in my actions. I’m gone the first of next month. I’m not gonna bother you or anyone else.”. 4J looked over to CJ. “Come on, man. You happy?”. CJ nodded, 4J shrugged and sauntered away.

CJ smiled silently unsure of what to do or say. Christine smiled back, opened the door wide allowing a waft of home cooked goodness to flow through. CJ took it in. “Have you had dinner yet? I have enough. If you have to go, it’s ok.”

“I haven’t had a homemade meal in some time. I’d love to.”. She held the door and beckoned him in. Christine prepared him a plate as he took a seat. The chairs were just high enough that CJ had to hook his boot heel to either side rail. He scooted sideways to enjoy the view.

“Ya know, I remember you. In fact I remember a foot chest the day you moved in that looks just like the one my grandmother gave to me.” She placed his plate down and smiled.

CJ looked at her inquisitively. “My grandmother gave me that chest. It was made by a craftsman in Boise. He’s been gone since the 60’s.”.

“Come with me.”, she said and CJ followed her down the hallway. His boots gave a slight click as he watched the way her hips rocked. The draping fabric of her top rocked in rhythm revealing each hip in alternation.

Her bakırköy escort bedroom had a sweet smell of a woman. Perfumes, lotions and cremes adorned all available surfaces. This, the smell of a meal and the sweet view made his knees weak. It was the closest to home CJ had felt in some time.

He felt a warmness return and an arousal within him. The chest at the foot of her bed was exactly as his down to the maker’s mark on the lid.

“That’s mine to a tee!”. CJ was blown away. The same cabinet shop had built both of their heirlooms. Christine was from Rexfield, Idaho not far from CJ’S hometown in Montana. Intuition of home had been spot on. They laughed at the coincidence of them meeting so far from from their origins.

Conversation continued through dinner and an easiness between them was apparent. Plates were crusted and dry as they compared notes of places they had both been.

CJ worked the math. Christine had graduated well ahead of him. To his mid 30’s she was a decade older than him he figured. She didn’t show it. When she leaned forward he caught glimpses down her top. Her breasts shook when she laughed and he imagined kissing her and softly slipping a hand under her shirt to cup and fondle her softness.

It was late. Christine gathered the plates and took them to the sink. Her soft pajama bottoms clung to her ass and he could see her shape as she stood at the sink.

Bringing his plate to the sink, CJ reached around her and placed his dish under the running water. He felt the softness of her ass slightly and she pressed back against him.

He returned the motion by pressing into her nuzzling her neck. She paused silently, raising her head and tilting it to one side savoring the moment.

Kissing Christine’s neck, CJ wrapped his arm around her and lifted his other arm to turn off the water. In the following silence, he heard her soft sighs as she grinded grinded back against his now hard cock.

With one hand, he reached under her top across and cupped her delicate breast. Feeling the weight he lifted and felt the drop onto his palm. Using his thumb and forefinger he circled her nipple feeling it stand long and outward.

Christine moaned and held grip to his forearm her weight relaxing on to her hold. CJ lowered his arm under her top around her waist. Moving slightly to make room, he reached his other hand beneath the waistband above her ass. Discovering the lace band of her panties, he explored underneath and felt the smoothness of her skin, the elastic against his hand.

Reaching further, CJ reached down and took Christine’s ass into his hands. Kneading and releasing he felt her skin and suppleness as her moist heat invited his fingers.

CJ unbuttoned his jeans to relieve the binding. Christine reached behind her down into his pants and massaged his cock starting at the base up to his tip. Her hands were soft and inviting paying special attention rubbing the head of his cock with her fingers.

CJ pulled Christine’s bottoms and panties just below her ass. Now he could explore the slight part in her legs. Her wetness ran slightly down her inner thighs. CJ grazed the silkiness of her inner leg working his way up to her dripping slit.

Turning her to face him, he pulled Christine’s bottoms and panties completely off and lifted her up to sit on the counter. There, they matched face to face. Christine studied his features directing her eyes down admiring his strong chest and flat stomach. Wrapping her hand around his neck she pulled him and began kissing him. Darting her tongue to his, the tempo of her breaths increased.

Christine lightly bit CJ’S lower lip while reaching down to lower his jeans below his hips. Pulling his head to the side of her’s, “I want you to taste me.”, she whispered.

CJ’S cock throbbed with excitement in her hand. He felt it elongate, enlarge further and drip onto Christine’s fingers. Christine tasted her fingers and kissed him hard. CJ worked his way down to her vee, pausing to tongue her belly button while massaging her wet cunt. He felt her wetness increase as she gingerly coached his head down further. His tongue made out a slight vertical scar that led from her navel to the top of her trimmed dark public hair. “Appendix….”, Christine explained between soft moans.

CJ used the soft line as a guide following down to her sculpted hair rich with pheromones. CJ disliked a fully shaven woman even in images. He breathed hot moist breath against her reveling in the way her soft hairs dispersed his exhalation. He felt her clit firm with excitement yet still soft smooth and licked all around it. Spreading her delicate hood he licked lower and used her juices to wet his drying tongue.

Refreshed, he continued to lick her clit harder. Christine was in ecstasy and a small puddle had begin to form on the counter between her glistening thighs. His finger easily glided into her as he focused his mouth on her nub. “Oh please! Oh please! Don’t stop, don’t stop…ohhh…”. Christine neared hyperventilation as she approached orgasm. “Oh baby, I’m gonna cum. Don’t stop…don’t stop..”, she repeated.

“Fuck, you’re so hot!”, CJ managed to gasp as he paused for air. Grabbing her tight, he put an arm around her ass where it met the counter and pulled her in as she thrust into his lips.

“I’m cumming…I’m cumming so hard.”. Her voice was so soft and sweet. Hearing this reserved woman in public talk this way was a turn on to CJ. Her wet cunt pulsed as she came and CJ felt her shudder. He kept his mouth pressed against her as he remained motionless. When he moved his lips or tongue even the slightest, Christine’s cunt would throb again and she would gasp. He continued this rhythm feeling the gripping sensations go faint against his finger and tongue as her body relaxed.

CJ felt fulfilled as well almost as if he had cum with her. His cock still erect and wanting reminded him that he had not. Christine was slick still and he yearned to be inside of her.

She lowered herself from the counter to the floor. Her legs went weak and he caught her in his arms. She tiptoed up to kiss CJ and smiled. “I haven’t cum that hard in four months and even then it took battery operation.”. Both of them chuckling, she held his hand and led him over to her couch.

As CJ quickly removed his boots and undressed, Christine covered herself with her pink blanket adjourned with horses while admiring his sheer physique. “It’s your turn cowboy.”, she seductively exclaimed exposing herself from the blanket. “You call the shots. I’m yours tonight.”.

This was CJ’s first opportunity to visually take all of her in. Still glowing from her climax, her chest had a red glow and her breasts were swollen. Christine’s legs were slightly parted showing him her still wet opening pink and somewhat plump. He wanted to be as close as possible and cum inside her.

Laying down beside her they embraced in an intimate kiss. Christine turned CJ to his back, straddled him and guided his cock to her cunt now dripping again. She was wetter than any woman he had been with. Her thighs were smooth and lubricated allowing Christine to pull her hand away as CJ’S hard member slipped to it’s destination unassisted.

The warmth overtook him and his muscles tensed. To prolong his climax, CJ allowed himself to relax as Christine raised and lowered herself upon him. He relaxed and fondled her breasts then moved his hands to outline the curves down to her hips. From there he reached around to feel his cock slick with Christine’s juices. As she rose he followed his hand up his cock to tease and rub her cunt lips. Christine rode down his shaft and rubbed her groin hard against his hand taking all of his cock in.

Her vertical movements turned to thrusting back and forth against him. “Oh I’m going to cum again! Fuck me hard, please!”, her eyes rolled back as she leaned forward resting her hands on his chest. He could no longer see his cock sliding in and out. Now, it was a grinding fury as she rubbed her clit back and forth on the base his manhood.

CJ felt a tingle as the flexes of his cock paused. He grabbed Christine’s ass with both hands, lifting his torso with strength. He felt it. “I’m going to cum too.”.

“Yes cum inside me. I want to feel you.”. Hearing Christine direct him sent CJ over the edge. They both paused as he throbbed into her. Weeks without release had filled CJ with desire. He felt a fullness in the center of his cock as it searched deep. The next flex sent him gushing into her. Christine felt it and came almost immediately. Each throb of CJ’S cock caused her to cum and grip in unison. CJ’S second throb spurt as much cum as the first. His seed spilled from her cunt and ran down drenching his balls. He laid back and relaxed. Each beat of his orgasm, caused Christine to quiver, shudder and press into him. He felt the pulses of her cunt even as he finally went soft.

When Christine could cum no more, she lifted off of CJ and he felt the cool air on his wet groin. They were spent. She laid her head on his chest, leg thrown over him, her still warm cunt pressed to his hip. He could still make out softening shudders as she sighed. Caressing her cheek all of CJ’S muscled relaxed. He felt the most at ease since he had been home. They both drifted off. CJ felt himself aroused yet again, but Christine was fast asleep. He slumbered as well thinking about the pleasure they would have once more come morning.

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