Cleansing a Sinner

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It was late in the day and most of the prayer candles that had been lit were flickering down nearing the end of their wicks. Father Wilson had just finished hearing confessional of all the senior citizens of the nearby nursing home that were regulars at mass.

Certainly nowhere near as exciting or juicy as the days the college students came in. Mostly all he ever heard from the elderly were regrets of the past and their fearfulness of judgement over every little thing they may have done wrong in life. Occasionally there would still be the old man here or their confessing lustful thoughts for the nurse that gave him sponge baths but a lot of good those thoughts would do any of them as an age they couldn’t even manage to do anything with an erection if they got lucky enough to actually even have one.

At least the young college students had juicer sins to confess of their wild adventures now that they were no longer under their parents’ watchful eyes. Nothing every got him quite as riled up as listening to those little sluts pouring out their misdeeds. The young men would talk of their latest conquests never seeming remorseful at all but rather like they just wanted someone to brag to. Father Wilson certainly wasn’t going to complain though, he would gladly listen to every juicy detail all the while rubbing his stiffening cock under his robes.

Of course that was as far as he would allow himself to enjoy such devilish pleasures. He was after all supposed to be a man of god. God would certainly forgive him painting the inside of the confessional with his cum but likely not so much in indulging on the young women whispering their filthy secrets to him in trust that he would help them find absolution. Yes, the life of a priest as a truly agonizing one for a lustful man like himself. Though today it seemed god himself was rewarding his patience and discipline.

As he opened the door of the confessional and stepped out, to his eager surprise who should be waiting for him in one of the pews up front? The siren who had been stoking the burning fires of desire in him for so long, Sarah Marie Thompson!

Well into his mid forties now he remembered when he first arrived at the church, she was an angel in appearance but her confessionals had been the most surprising he had ever heard from any young woman. As soon as he would hear her voice on the other side of the confessional his cock would twitch with delight knowing it was not going to be disappointed. She would tell him how she would sneak out past curfew to go off to parties but not normal fraternity ones. Sex parties, orgies, BDSM shows anything with the promise of a stiff cock finding its way into her she would jump at the chance.

Even while making her confessions he could hear her breathing quickening and soft moans from the other side of the confessional. Every time she would leave he would race to look into the other side and without fail there would be a wet spot he knew could only be from her pleasuring herself while recounting her sins to him.

He walked closer to her and spoke trying not to sound too happy to see her again after such a long absence she had taken from the church “Sarah? My dear it’s been ages. I was beginning to wonder if you had converted or lost the faith. What brings you here after so long? Finally needing the confessional again?” He inquired secretly praying that was the case.

She looked up at him with tear stained eyes and stood up, “Oh Father Wilson please forgive me! I didn’t know where else to go!” She sobbed, “Please…please can you give me shelter here?” She asked looking up at him desperately.

“Calm yourself my child tell me, what has happened?” He encouraged while placing his arm around her and sitting back down with her. “Trouble with your parents?” He inquired, they had always come in complaining to him about not knowing how to tame the girl after all.

She nodded as she shivered against him, “M-my father and mother, you know they are separated right now yes? Well I figured it would be better to live with my father since he was always…well more forgiving of my coming and going in the night you know? He promised me since I was nineteen he wouldn’t interfere in my life.” She choked back another sob composing herself, “But…but he was deceiving me Father! He had other reasons for wanting me to come live with him.”

Father Wilson felt the familiar twitch of excitement under his robe, his cock knew all too well another juicy story was coming and this one promised to be the best one yet. He cleared his throat trying not to look as excited as the swollen head of his cock was, “Would you like to move to the confessional booth?” He offered looking her over and stroking her wild blonde curls comfortingly.

Sarah shook her head though, Etimesgut Escort “The church is empty Father I…I would just really like to stay like this, it makes me feel safe with you.” She explained.

Inside Wilson was grinning like a devilish wolf. This little slut had no idea how unsafe she was with him. Though as he looked over her clothing and the way the thin fabric of her tank top made the outline of her soft nipples easy to spot and how the skirt she wore rode up enough he could see the cotton of her panties clear as day. Surely this girl knew and was setting out to tempt him. “Go on my child, tell me everything.” He urged her.

With a deep breath she began retelling him her experience, “I had just come home from a late night with a few friends is all. When I got him my father was waiting up for me on the couch. It was sort of out of the normal, he used to never wait up on me. I asked him how his night was and when to the kitchen for a soda. He followed me, at first he got on to me about not having a job and staying out so late…we…we started to argue and he said maybe we should start charging admission for all those cocks you let ride you.” Sarah looked down seeming somewhat embarrassed without the amnesty of the confessional, “I was just going to go up stairs and go to bed…you know, give him time to cool down. But that night I woke up and I felt something heavy over top of me. I heard his voice whispering in my ear that this is how I could pay my rent to him from now on and then he…he raped me Father Wilson! My own daddy raped me!” She exclaimed trying not to break out into sobs again. “What should I do Father? I know I was never a good girl, but…but I just feel so dirty and disgusting now! I need to know how to make this right!”

A light went off in Wilson’s head, by her desperate pleas she sounded just like those little children begging to know what to do to earn forgiveness from the lord. She would do anything is she thought is would cleanse her soul of this. Anything at all. “I promise my child I will help you lift this stain from your soul as I have all the others. But this is a far greater sin. I will need more details.” He said urging her to continue as he got up and made his way to the back locking the doors carefully so they wouldn’t be bothered.

Sarah looked down at her lap feeling mortified to have to give such answers, “W-well if you think it would help…”

“Oh I certainly do.”

“I…I was underneath him. I tried to fight back and get him off of me but you have seen my daddy, he is no pushover. I was laying on my stomach and he grabbed both my wrists pulling them behind my back and holding them with one hand. Then his other hand…he ripped my panties down past my knees. He told me to arch up my backside and raise it for him to have a better look to make sure his little girls pussy wasn’t too filthy for his cock.” Sarah turned to Wilson adamantly shaking her head, “I didn’t want to Father but what choice did I have. I…i just wanted it to be over.” She stated in her own defense.

Father Wilson stood at the alter lighting more candles but mainly trying to keep his own dripping erection from her view until the time was right. ‘Tell yourself whatever you wish you little slut we both know you loved presenting yourself to your dear old daddy.’ Was all he could think to himself. “Of course my child. Continue please…”

“I…I cried against the pillow feeling ashamed as I felt him spreading the lips of my pussy. He examined it thoroughly, even burying his nose against it and inhaling its scent to make sure it wasn’t filled with some one else’s cum or at least that was what he said. Then I felt his tongue,” Sarah shivered as her pussy tingled slightly, “He ran it all along my slit, even up to my asshole and teased my rim with it while he would occasionally give my spread pussy lips a spank to make my clit even more swollen and tender.”

Father Wilson let out a deep groan as he rubbed his cock imagining the look of her pussy all red and swollen from its punishment. How wonderful it would feel to ram all eight inches of his cock against that tender pussy. He could just imagine her squeals of delight each time his heavy balls would smack against her sore clit as she continued her details.

“I begged my daddy to stop, to think about what he was doing. He pushed his tongue inside my ass while he began to finger fuck me without mercy…I…I am ashamed to admit how wet I was. But it’s normal right? Even if you don’t want it your body does it!” She again mounted her own defense but Father Wilson did not acknowledge it. “It…It was so intense, first he just had two fingers ramming inside of me then I felt a third…and…and even a fourth! I was so scared he was going to Etimesgut Escort Bayan put his whole fist in but he said I must not be a total whore yet cause I was still too tight for that. I came even though I didn’t want to and he praised me on being so well behaved. Once I promised him I wouldn’t fight him anymore he let go of my wrists. I felt him behind me licking my pussy clean of all the mess I had just made. I thought it was finally over then I felt it. The tip of his cock against my sore pussy.” Sarah explained as she started to pant heavily feeling her panties growing damp all over again with her excitement, “I promised him I’d be a good girl from then on if he didn’t but he said a whore will always be a whore. He shoved it in so fast it knocked the wind out of me. I felt his hands as he leaned over me reaching around to pinch and grope my nipples. I…I won’t lie. I started to push my hips back to meet him, it was like my body just took over. His cock was moving so fast and I got so…so lost in the moment I didn’t even hear what he had whispered to me until it was over and I felt the warmth of his cum suddenly spilling out of me. He told me he was going to put a baby in me.”

Sarah looks up at Father Wilson desperately as she watched him from behind. “Father please! Help me I can’t become pregnant with his child I just can’t then the world will know my sin and I’ll be forever marked as whore for certain this time.” She pleaded

At last an opening, Father Wilson turned to her and motioned for her to come kneel in front of him by the alter. “Your tears and pleas do not fall on deaf ears my child. You are not the first to become stained by their parents sins and I know how to absolve you of it. I as a messenger of god will cleanse your womb of this vial seed that is trying to take root in it.” He looked down watching the hope flicker in her eyes. It was all too easy. Disgustingly easy. Like dangling a carrot in front of a rabbit or in this case a cock in front of a hungry whore.

“Y-you can do that? Really?”

“Of course my child, as a vessel of god the Holy Spirit will act through me, when I embrace you it will be in gods arms you are held. When I move inside of you it will be the Holy Ghost that is entering you, and when I spill my seed in you it will be the divine seed of heaven that will overflow from you.” Father Wilson explained almost considering for a moment the prospect of changing his career to cult leader cause if he could sell her on this idea surely he could make almost any bitch believe.

Sarah quickly moved closer kneeling before him and nodded adamantly “Yes! Yes that is exactly what I want father! Please! Do what you must with me to make it happen!”

“Then show the lord your willingness to accept his seed my child take off those clothes, so that he may look upon your body that needs his attention so gravely.” Father Wilson instructed pleased with his own sells pitch as she began to disrobe for him.

For so long he had watched her sitting in the pews. Her round c cup melons always straining to remain in the fabric of her push up bra and her legs always kept parted ever so slightly so he could occasionally glimpse her panties or on the rarest of treats her bare pussy on days she felt extremely shameless. Still never in his wildest dreams did he imagine just how wonderful her body really was without her Sunday best. Her breast sat still firm and high on her chest, her nipples already hardened into tiny points. Probably thrilled from retelling her daddy’s cock inside of her. Of course his eyes quickly darted down to her shaven pussy noticing how it glistened with her wetness already. “My dear child were you aroused by telling me of your fathers cock deep inside of you?”

She looked down shamefully, “Y-yes Father…I don’t know why. I’m so sorry.”

“It seems you need much deeper cleansing then I thought.” Wilson said in a stern tone as he began to disrobe, “You will have to work hard to show god how much you truly want his seed now.” His cock sprung out excitedly once the heavy robe was finally off of him. The tip was already dripping with his pre-cum as he moved closer to her. “Go on my dear I think you of all people should know just what to do.”

Wilson tried to hide his grin as he watched the young girls tongue sliding along his shaft eager to prove herself. A groan left his lips as he felt her tongue reach his ball sack greedily sucking one ball into her mouth then moving over to the other, “Oh heavenly father that’s good!” It wasn’t but a second longer before he felt her hot lips wrapping around his cock as she took him deep into her throat moaning with her mouth filled to the brim.

Father Wilson quickly reached down gripping a fist full of the blonde locks Escort Etimesgut covering her head thrusting his hips roughly to her shock. Sarah gagged suddenly as she tried to relax her throat quickly feeling yet another rough thrust. It certainly wasn’t her first time being mouth fucked but she normally always at least had a warning first. Father Wilson held her head steady as his hips quickly went into motion , his thick swollen head reaching deep into the back of the throat each time. He could feel the drool seeping out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin as it stuck to his ball sack each time it smacked her face when he would thrust.

“Oh fuck! That’s it you little whore, open up wide so I can fill up that filthy mouth of yours!” Father Wilson shouted before thinking, he worried for a moment perhaps he had said too much and she would be on to him. But to his joyful surprise he looked down to as her hand fast as work rubbing away at her clit as her hips rocked back and forth urging her to the point of orgasm as she tried to moan with her mouth full of his cock still.

With caution thrown to the window Father Wilson grabbed both sides of her head firmly and began to buck his hips like it was the last ride of his life. Sarah’s eyes widened as her mouth was assaulted over and over again by the throbbing angry member until suddenly she tasted the explosion of hot thick cum running down the back of her throat as he held her head still forcing her to drink it all down before releasing her. Sarah reeled backwards for a moment as she felt light headed with the room spinning while she gasped to catch her breath.

Father Wilson was not about to give her time to recover though quickly he moved her up to the alter lifting her up and sitting her bare ass upon the holy surface as he greedily buried his face between her legs sucking and nibbling on her clit as more cream came dripping out of her twitching eager hole.

“Mmmm!!” Sarah began to pur as her hips rocked eagerly rubbing her pussy against his face as she ran her hands into his sandy brown hair while she panted, “Oooooh God!! Father Wilson!!” She screamed in ecstasy feeling his tongue darting deep inside of her as his hand feverishly rubbed her clit causing her thighs to twitch wildly as her body spasmed feeling another orgasm building deep inside her about to rip through her body once more.

“Oh shit!! I’m…I’m gonna cum!! Father I’m cumming!!” Her back arched as she laid back onto the table overwhelmed rocking her hips wildly as her cum squirted out catching Father Wilson by happy surprise as he started to rub her clit faster and spanking it hard dragging her orgasm on to see just how much she might squirt out for him.

After a few more tiny squirts Sarah’s body lay limp and exhausted from the intensity of her orgasm on the altar. It was finally time, she was completely his. For far too long he had been dreaming of burying his dick inside this pussy and cumming all over it. Today was truly a day of blessings indeed.

Slowly he grabbed her thighs sliding her closer to the edge of the table until the tip of his cock pushed her lips open and rested against her cunt hole. Slowly he pushed his way in watching with great joy as her pussy stretched to swallow the full girth of his cock as he sank into her slowly letting her greedy pussy pull him the whole way in. Sarah’s back arched and moaned as she wiggled her hips eagerly sliding her pussy along his cock slightly “mmmhhhmmm! Father please! I can’t take much more!” She begged impatiently waiting.

Father Wilson grinned watching her and the look of disappointment on her face and he slowly started to pull almost the full way out looking down and admiring her cum soaking his cock for a moment before thrusting it back in swift and hard causing her to let out a joyful yelp of surprise. “Don’t worry my child. I will not stop until your cunt whole is bathed in the seed of the lord!” Father Wilson moaned deeply as he grabbed the back of her thighs pushing him up against her stomach and chest almost folding her up as his cock thrusting even deeper into her hitting the back of her womb with each thrust. She screamed beneath him wildly with pleasure the faster we went until he could once again feel her cum squirting out where it could around his thick cock. “God here it comes!” He shouted feeling the tightness in his balls as he suddenly felt his cum gushing deep into her pussy filling her up womb as she gripped the sides of the altar moaning and screaming in relief.

Slowly Father Wilson moved his hips back letting his cock pop out of her, he kept her legs held up as he looked down into her still stretched pussy admiring all the cum deep inside of her as a little spilled out each time it twitched running quickly down her ass to her puckered hole. Sarah was smiling over joyed with relief, “I…I think It worked Father! I feel better already!” She exclaimed happily to him and he nodded approvingly.

“I am glad my child, but just to be safe, we should make a regular ritual of this, at least until we are certain the holy seed takes root in you.”

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