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Client Confessions 101 (Ben’s Bottom BreakthrAs some of you know I have my own Sex Perversion Counseling office at our clinic. I’m often working with men who have one or more sexual perversions they themselves cannot easily explain. A large part of the process is finding that ‘breakthrough’ where a client can really identify some sort of original event in their lives that brought about the perverse lusts or sexual obsession. Ben, 33 was an example of someone who might have psychologically blocked out an event yet was carrying out behavior for years onward. A married man, Ben was actually referred to me by his mother-in-law (it’s usually a wife so this was unusual) after she had caught him vigorously using a large dildo on himself in his master bedroom. It seems the mother-in-law already had suspicions but confirmed them by abruptly walking into Ben’s room. The two made an agreement that as long as he sought psychological counseling then mother-in-law would not have to tell anyone else about his little secret. When Ben first came to a 1-on-1 private session I wanted to make sure he told his side of the story. Until then, only the mother-in-law had given her side via the phone and it was quite judgemental and rude. She had said things like “he must be some kind of a faggot if he wants a cock that badly” to “fix him because my daughter isn’t growing a cock any time soon”.In fact, Ben was really the typical suburban middle class k**. I say ‘k**’ only because he struck me as much younger in appearance, a little on the smaller side in stature, shorter, a full head of blond hair, fit but not muscled. Ben wasn’t immature though, he had a soft voice, a passive demeanor but came across as very responsible, level-headed, very polite. “Ben, I’ve bahis şirketleri already heard her side of the story but I’m interested in your version and only that. What can you tell me about this” I probed. Ben was across from my chair in one of the overstuffed leather style chairs clients can relax in. He wouldn’t make eye-contact, he lowered his gaze and sighed. “Well sir, I mean yes it’s true that she did catch me using.. y’know.. a dildo on myself yes” Said Ben.”She said you were obviously pleasuring yourself Ben, she said you had a ‘raging boner’ and…” Ben interrupted to confess more “.. its all true, I guess she saw everything, I don’t know why she’d just watch me but yes I do ‘pleasure myself’ and of course I orgasm from it.”In this case, I could see Ben would become more fidgety, more excited the more he discussed how horny it made him, how he was using the dildo every other day, how he’d learned to penetrate himself and orgasm, what positions. While he was partly ashamed of his mother-in-law catching him it was also obvious he was becoming sexually aroused and infatuated with the talk of the dildo. For the same of time we can move to the end of what was hours of the****utic talk and revelations and in this case we did come to a ‘breakthrough’ where Ben revealed that a decade earlier he had been working as a caddy at a local golf course when he was assigned to a beloved celebrity golfer. Ben explained that he had a kind of ‘idol worship’ of the man and even though Ben hadn’t had any kind of homosexual experience in his life to that point – he felt he would do anything for the celebrity golfer. Ben explained that everyone did suppose the entertainer was homosexual, it wasn’t a secret and how he felt a tremendous thrill when bahis firmaları the middle-aged performer would flirt with him, put on sexual desires and act as though Ben was his new lover. Ben recalled how the last evening as a caddy for his idol came to a close very late one night at what he called ‘the 9th hole’ but was apparently a kind of cafeteria on the golf course itself. Ben insisted he was aware the man was going to try a sexual proposal and had already decided he’d play along. “This might sound funny but I didn’t really know what gays did” Ben said about the time “I looked up stuff on the internet quickly and decided to shave myself smooth down there, I cleaned my backdoor thoroughly, I even oiled up my butthole with a dollop of vaseline” Ben was becoming visibly aroused as he was going through the details of the night.”I didn’t even know, I thought that must be what gays like, what he would like I guess?” Ben continued “I guess he liked it because it was quite dark as the cafeteria was long since closed and nobody would be around. I mean it was obvious, even in the moonlight I could see a very large hard-on stretching his pants””I was surprised because I assumed he wanted me to give him a blowjob but instead he simply stood over me in the chair, unzipped me and said something like “Oh my.. Ben you have a very stiff cock” and he simply started giving me a handjob””Then, I felt it was amazing really, I was embarrassed but also relieve that all he wanted was to jack me off and make me cum and then…”What happened next? I asked.”I was so close to cumming, if anything I wanted to make myself relax and cum fast so he’d be satisfied and I’d know I’d pleased my idol but then just as I was so close he grabbed the waist of my shorts, kaçak bahis siteleri powerfully yanked them right off my legs and almost in one single swoop he grabbed my ankles pulling my legs apart and ohhhh then i felt it”Ben was breathing heavy as he explained “..and it was like one big move where my legs spread and his hips went forward and I felt every inch of that hard throbbing cock of his push itself into my lubricated hole and deep into me””I was in such a swooning submissive state, I could only moan and his weight kept me leg’s spread with that big thick cock pushing inside. He knew what he was doing because he had timed it so that I was almost ready to cum and with one hand he stroked my cock like a world’s expert until I couldn’t even do anything but moan, think of the cock throbbing in my ass but also be unable to avoid the orgasm he was making me have.. …and I came so hard, I never came like that before, I squeezed my little asshole with every squirt which only made him pump and throb and then wave after wave and while I was in cum squirting convulsions I knew he was bucking and cumming inside me too””So you had a full-on powerful orgasm with his cock inside you” I mentioned”Yessss.. and that’s it I’m sure.. that’s why even to this day I can cum and cum if I can put that dildo in me and I guess I always think its his cock inside me.. sure, that has to be it”.—-Ben would return for numerous other therapy sessions but this one was his ‘breakthrough’ where he was finally able to really get why he was so turned on by having a cock inside him and forcing himself to orgasm. We would also invite his mother-in-law to a session to try and work out their own difficulties with Ben’s sexual perversions and how we could keep them outside the marriage and household. If you have your own story, similar fantasy stories or want to add some suggestions or requests feel free to drop a line here, private message or comment section or email at dartanian101 at protonmail

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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