Coach Mac and the HBCU Pt. 03

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Anya Olsen

Hello all. I’d like to take this time thank everyone who engaged with and or really enjoyed the previous two parts of this series. This shall be the conclusion of this portion of the story. i’d like feedback on whether or not you’d like to hear more from either character going forward, please let me know in the comments. As always, this story takes place in a land of make believe where STDs dont exist, and the characters can fall in love fairly easily and some of my “facts” may not indeed be facts.

Chapter one The flight to Arizona.

The “Panther Plane”, was the official travel apparatus of the Arizona World Series champion college baseball team. The 747 had been retrofitted to resemble the interior of Air Force One and could normally carry 120 people. Today however; it hosted only two passengers.

Two very special passengers…

“Can we get you anything Dr. Washington? What about you Mr.Wells?”

“No I’m fine. What about you Alonzo?”

“Uh, I’m ok too ma’am.” He said to the flight attendant.

“Buzz us if you need anything.” The statuesque blonde woman said to them as she turned and walked back toward the cockpit.

“Do you see now why I didn’t want you coming out here by yourself? Arizona is full of ones just like her.” Yolanda said as she cut her eyes at the beautiful airline worker.

Alonzo rubbed her swollen pregnant stomach and replied, “you don’t have to worry about me baby. I’ve only got eyes for you.”

She kissed him on the cheek. “As crazy as it sounds, I believe you.”

“Why crazy?”

“My love, have you forgotten the two other beautiful ladies that live rent free in your head?”

“My two moms? That’s what we are going out here to get away from right?”

“Not only them, but any and everyone that threatens our relationship. Coach Mac included.” She said to him.

“Yeah. Him.” Alonzo replied.

“Baby?” She said with tenderness and concern. “You’re not embarrassed are you?”

“Embarrassed? Why would I possibly be embarrassed by the love of my life knowing that the way to make me cum like a bear is by her regaling me with stories of her taking white dick between her legs?”

“Well I’m turned on by the thought of taking white dick between my legs as well. I’m not embarrassed by it.” She said jokingly.

“Everyone’s a comedian.” He said as he gave her a quick peck on her lips. “Just curious, that was a nice song you were listening to earlier. What was it?”

“Which one?”

“The one that said… “Oh, I can’t take this living all alone.”

“Phyllis Hyman.”


“Jesus, Mary and Joseph! I really am in love with a white boy.” She said in mock horror.

“White boy? What do you mean by that?”

“You’ve never heard of Phyllis Hyman?”

“What is… “No”, Alex?”

“I’m revoking your “half black” card.”

“I give up. Who is she?”

“Who was she. She was a very talented songstress who suffered from depression and ended up taking her own life.”

“That is very tragic. And that’s one reason why I feel the way I do.”

“Feel about what?” Yolanda asked.

“That God can’t possibly exist.”

“You on this kick again?”

“A smidgen of evidence to the contrary would get me off of that kick.”

“Baby.” She says as she lays her head on his arm and closes her eyes. “I’m not sure of how I’d feel about being married to an atheist.”

“Coach Mac is a theist/Christian, can you honestly say that you would you rather someone like him as your husband?”

“What is, Hell to the no Alex? I want a husband who goes to church with me and prays with me.”

“Would you like for us to go to my mom’s church and sit up under her preaching?”

“I’ve heard Janet preach. She’s also an atheist. I can tell.” She replied after referencing Alonzo’s recently discovered “mother”.

“Mama. You do know that this trip is pointless right?” Alonzo said to Yolanda.

“Pointless? Explain.”

“Coach Kennedy knows as well as I do that I’d have to sit out a year after transferring. There’s no way around that.”

“He says he has a way around it.”

“Well, perhaps he does. I suppose we will see. It looks like we are about to land.”

“Good. Because, I have a confession to make. I absolutely hate flying. I’m so scared right now.” Yolanda admits.

“I’ll protect you mama. Now and always.” He tells her as he has her to turn toward him and place her feet in his lap as he begins to massage them.

“Baby do you really mean that? Because, you can’t leave mama again. I just don’t know if I can take that.”

“I should not have left you the first time. I should have pulled Coach Mac out of you, went in myself and took my pussy back.”

“Mmmm. That feels so good. You should give classes on foot massages.”

“And you should give classes on how to have pretty feet.”

“Well. I am really glad that you think these sausages of mine are pretty. Because I feel so fat, ugly and pregnant.”

“You couldn’t be more wrong my love.” He assured her.

“The seatbelt sign is on. Please fasten your seatbelts.” The flight Bolu Escort attendant said to them.

“Yes ma’am.” They both replied in unison.

“I’m so excited! This could truly be a new beginning for us.” Yolanda said.

“I agree. I’m actually starting to look forward to it.”

“Baby. I have an idea. Why don’t we get married out here? This can be the start of our life’s journey. Plus our child won’t be born out of wedlock.” She says to him.

Upon hearing the words “our child”, a single tear falls down the side of his cheek. “Do you really think the baby is mine?”

“He is yours. I can feel it in my bones.”


“Yes. We are having a boy!” I found out the other day.”

“Wait! You’re telling me that I’m going to have a son?”

“That’s right my love. We are going to have a beautiful baby boy.”

“Oh my god! This is wonderful!”

“So. Does that mean that you want to get married?”

“I do. But, I don’t want to just throw something together. I mean, I can’t even afford to buy you a nice ring or anything.

You should have a dream wedding. Horse drawn carriage, ten bridesmaids, ice sculpture, flutist…”

“Ok. The why don’t we do this? Let’s get a cheap ring now and find a chapel. And after you sign your contract, we will have the big wedding of my dreams. Fair enough?”

“I can’t wait.” He replies with a wide smile.

After the plane lands, the two are escorted to a waiting limousine.

“After you Mrs. Wells. Or do you prefer, Mrs. Washington-Wells?” He said as he offered to allow her to enter the car first.

“I’ll let you know after you “kiss the bride.”

“The ride is about an hour and a half to the school. Are you sure you didn’t need to use the restroom before we left the airport?” He asked her.

“Would you stop worrying, mama has this covered.”

“And if she doesn’t, we will take care of it for her.” A voice from the front passenger seat said. The front passenger then exited the front seat and joined them in back of the limo.

She was extremely pretty. She was just the type of woman that Yolanda had warned Alonzo that would be in Arizona. Only she wasn’t a blonde white girl, she was dark skinned prototype of Yolanda herself. Same height, same build, same smile…

And Yolanda, after having been told that she resembled Porn actress Mone Divine by Coach Mac, makes a similar reference to this woman and compares her to…

“Jada Fire.” The unidentified woman says to them as she notices Yolanda staring at her trying to determine whom she resembles. “I get that all the time.”


“Just as I’m sure you get referred to as Pinky a lot.” She says to Yolanda.

“I run the gamut. Sometimes it’s Pinky, sometimes, Mone Divine, sometimes Laila Ali.”

“I see Laila Ali, but not the Mone so much.” The woman replies. “By the way, I’m Dawn. I’ll be your guide for your visit in Arizona.”

“Nice to meet you.” Alonzo and Yolanda say at the same time.

“Oh that is so sweet. You guys finish each other’s sentences. That would mean that you’re either twins engaged in an incestuous relationship like Cersei and Jamie Lannister, or, you are just very much in love with each other.”

“The latter.” They both respond in unison again.

“So, Dawn. Are you a student?” Yolanda asked as she noticed the woman attempting to give Alonzo the “side eye”.

“Grad student. Much like yourself. I’m also working on my doctorate. Gurrrl, you did right by making the trip with him.” She says as she points to Alonzo. “These “Becky’s with the good hair” would be all over a fine man like him.”

Alonzo, takes out his phone and sends a text to Yolanda,

“Becky? If that ain’t the pot calling out the kettle. She’s as much of a white girl as any I’ve ever seen.”

Yolanda replies with her own text. “Tell me about it. Maybe her black card needs to be revoked too.”

“LMAO. 😂😂😂” He replied. “Although, I doubt if she’s ever had one.”

“So. Are you excited about joining the pitching staff?” Dawn asked.

“I’m excited about seeing how Coach Kennedy can make this happen.”Alonzo explained.

“That man is a miracle worker. While he can be a butt reaming asshole at times, he pretty much keeps his word.”

Yolanda, who was once on the receiving end of a literal “butt reaming” from Coach Peter Kennedy, elects to stay silent on the matter. Especially the part about him “keeping his word”.

They make small talk until the limo reaches the campus. Both Alonzo and Yolanda are in complete awe as they take everything in.

“You could fit five Carver Colleges inside of this place. And still have room left over.” Yolanda said.

“I’m also the president of the Black Student Union, so if you want to join, I’m the person to see.” Dawn told them as they hopped onto a waiting golf cart as she started her tour.

“Black student Union? I wonder if her white boyfriend knows that she’s black?” Alonzo typed in a text to Yolanda as they rode in the back seat.

“What makes you so sure that she has a white


“I’ll Bolu Escort Bayan bet you a dollar.”

“You’re on.” She replied.

“Instead of the dollar, I want anal if I win.”

“I keep telling you. You are not coming anywhere near my asshole with that baseball bat of in your pants.”

“Hoisted on my own petard!”

“I’ll tell you what baby. As soon as you sign your major league deal, you can have all the booty you want.” She typed. “That and after you buy me a Diamond with at least three karats.”

“In that case my love. “Your ass is mine” literally.”

“LMAO! You are impossible.

“Are y’all listening to me? Hello people.” Dawn said to them.

“Oh yeah. Sorry about that.” Alonzo replied.

“Don’t you guys already make enough google eyes at each other? Isn’t that why she’s in her “present condition?” Dawn Joked.

“I suppose so.” Yolanda replied as she smiled at Alonzo. “But girl, just look at him. Isn’t he the type that a woman would want to make google eyes at?”

“He is indeed.” Dawn said. “But I need to tell you, Coach Kennedy is waiting on us. He wants to give Alonzo a try out.”

“A tryout? Why would I need that? I shut his entire lineup down when we played them during preseason.”

“Be that as it may, the guys have become better adapted to fireball pitchers like yourself and they may surprise you this time. Especially my boyfriend.”

“Your boyfriend?” Alonzo said as he shot Yolanda a quick glance. “And who might this boyfriend be?”

“Kevin Donato. You remember him don’t you. Big Italian guy that you struck out to end the game?” Dawn asked.

“How could I forget.” Alonzo said as he typed to Yolanda…”I want my dollar. On second thought, I want the other thing instead.”

“Show me the 💵💰.” Yolanda typed in reply.

“Well here we are.” Dawn said as she pulled into the sports facility. “Don’t forget, tomorrow night is our summer slam bang.

“Summer slam…” Yolanda said.

“Bang?” Alonzo finished the rest.

“Oh get your minds out of the gutter! It just the baseball team and their girlfriends getting together for our annual jam session. Music, dancing, drinking and great food.”


“My man Alonzo!” Coach Peter Kennedy shouted as he exited the field house flanked by the entire Arizona starting lineup. “I was afraid that this day might not ever come.”

“And yet, here we all are.” Alonzo said to him in reply.

“Thanks to this little lady here.” Coach Kennedy said as he pointed to Yolanda. “She made it happen evidently.”

“Thank you Mr. Kennedy.” Yolanda replied.

“No need to be so formal right? I mean, after all, we are old pals right?”

“What do you mean by that, Coach?” Alonzo asked defensively.

“Nothing. Nothing at all. Other than I reached out to her about getting you here, and she got you here.”

“I understand that I’m supposed to have a try out?”

“A formality. Nothing more.”


“No. We’ve kept this fairly quiet. They don’t even know that you’re here.”


“Well, if you’re ready, here is your objective. Since you waded through our best hitters last time we faced you, we wanted to see if it was a fluke or if you we’ve gotten any better as the season has progressed or….”

“See if I’ve lost a step or two.”

“Let’s get after it. Do you need to change clothes? Get into some baseball attire?”

“Naw. The ball throws the same in street clothes as the uniform.”

Alonzo takes the mound. His mind is once again all over the place. He notices the close proximity Coach Kennedy is, relative to Yolanda. He knows the gory details of their sordid history and her reasoning for taking such a drastic step.

He also finds his focus as he plans to right here and now show his girlfriend why she had no need to doubt him in the first place, after all he’s the best college player in the country…

And it was time to remind Arizona of that fact as well.

“Not a one of you will reach first base.” He says to himself as he readies himself to throw to the Arizona backup catcher.

“Ramirez, you and Dustin get into the outfield and collect the balls that make it out that far.” Coach Kennedy said to two of his benchwarmers.

“No need for that Coach. Nothings getting into the outfield.” Alonzo said just as he delivered his first pitch.

“Strike one!” The ump yelled as the ball zipped past the lead off hitter.

“That’s some serious moxie your man has.” Dawn said to Yolanda.

“Moxie?” Yolanda asked.

“You know…swagger. Your man has it in spades. That is a ballsy move he’s doing.”

“Oh girl! He does that all the time!” Yolanda said while having no idea of what Dawn was speaking about.

Alonzo strikes out the first three batters on less than four pitches each. But now, it was time for him to face his biggest challenger yet.

“Stand down Donato. You’re batting ninth for this experiment.”

“Ninth?” Arizona’s premier slugger said. “Why ninth?”

“Because I can’t have this kid making a fool out of us yet Escort Bolu again, Whether he comes here to play or not. So we will let O’Reilly hit in your spot.”

“O’Reilly? He can’t hit a bad pitcher, let alone someone of Wells’ caliber.”

“True, but by the time it comes up for you to bat, that throwing arm may be getting a little tired.”

Donato smiled wickedly. “Got it Coach!”

While O’Reilly took his turn at “strike out derby”, Dawn and Yolanda continued getting better acquainted.

“Girl that Coach Mac of yours! My goodness that’s one perfect man. I’ve heard he has a dick to match all of his other good qualities. Any truth to that one?” Dawn asked.

“Girl, why are you asking me? How am I supposed to…”

“Come on Yolanda. The college grapevine says that there’s a 50/50 chance that he’s the one who knocked you up.”

“The college rumor mill is more like it.”

“I can’t say that I blame you. I’ll bet that man can put a really pretty baby in a gorgeous woman such as yourself.”

Yolanda starts to think back a few months to the night she met Coach Kennedy.

“Knock knock.” Yolanda said as she reached the allotted motel room.

“It’s unlocked.”

When she walked in Peter Kennedy nearly blew his load prematurely. She was dressed in an extra short mini skirt with white fishnets that traveled all the way up her sexy thighs, and rounded out the ensemble in a blouse that showed off her full and bra less breast, and a pair of open toed strapless “come fuck me shoes” that made her look at least six inches taller.

“Well be still my pulsating cock.” Coach Kennedy said. “Coach Mac said that you had a strong sense of commitment. I must admit, I have to respect that.”

“Do you plan to keep your end of the bargain?” Yolanda asked him.

My best hitter is Kevin Donato. Number 25. He’ll be sitting at the end of the bench taking in the action on Saturday in a spectator capacity only.”

“Sounds good.”

“Now, are you going to keep your end of the bargain?” Kennedy asked as he rubbed his swollen member.

“I said I’ve give you some pussy if you did your part. So…” she said as she raised her skirt to show off her shaved cunt, “here it is.”

“Very nice. Very nice.” He says as he mock claps. “However my dear. It’s not pussy that I’m after tonight.” He tells her as he tosses her a long box.

“What’s this? An enema kit? Why the hell would I need to take an…oh hell no!”

“You breaking the deal already?” Kennedy asked.

“The deal was for pussy. I haven’t said one word about you getting in my ass.”

“No. The deal was for sex. Anal sex is sex.”

She ponders the dilemma in front of her. She really should just leave. She knows this. The pro scouts would still be seeing Alonzo at his very best, even if it is with this Donato in the game.

But the truth is, the slutty clothing, the sexual anticipation, and the well built beef cake in front of her has her pussy juices churning.

And Alonzo’s on curfew….

“Fine! But I can’t do “this” with you in the room.”

“I’ll run to the liquor store while you “handle things.”

After Kennedy leaves, Yolanda heads to the toilet to perform her cleansing ritual. “Alonzo my love. I don’t ask for much in return, but once you get into the majors, I’d better have a Hermes bag under the tree for our first Christmas together as a married couple.” She said to herself as she squirted the lubricating liquid up her butt.

About forty minutes later Coach Kennedy was working to “get the head in”.

“Damn it Yolanda, your ass is so fucking tight.” He said as he pushed in a little farther.

“Coach wait.” She said. “Take it out. I feel like I need to shit again.”

“No you don’t. It just feels that way as the dick goes deeper. Watch.” He says as he pulls out slightly. “Better?”

“Just peachy.”

“Lay on your back. I want to see that pretty brown face as I reinsert.”

She does as he asked and after a few seconds, he’s fully inside. Yolanda shakes her head back and forth as Kennedy slow fucks her asshole.

“Hey you, turn that frown upside down. It’s not that bad.” He tells her.

“I’ll take your word for that after you’ve had a big ass dick up YOUR ass.” She replied.

“Come on admit it. It’s starting to feel better.” He said as he played with her clit.

“Feel better” and not hurt are two different things.” She replied as she started to react to the clit stimulation. “Oooo don’t stop.”

“I’m going to cum!” He announced. “God help me! I’m about to cum in that lovely black ass of yours.”

“You need to slow down coach. This isn’t the time or the position where you need to lose your mind.” She said as she placed a hand on his thigh to attempt to make him go slower.

He collapsed on top of her and he yelled as he came. To her surprise, she came just as forcefully. He placed his mouth on hers as they kissed deeply. Coach Mac had once tried to kiss her after sex but she rebuffed him; this time she gave in.

“My God girl!” He said to her. “You ought to charge money for that ass. Hey, are you ok?” He said as he saw the despondent look on her face.

“I’ll be…I’ll…listen, can you just hold me for a few minutes? Please?” She asked as he took her into his arms.

“Was that an emotional experience for you?” He asked.

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