Coffee, Tea or Three? – Part 2 of 3

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“I’m pretty sure he’ll be giving me a call.”—-Bobby phoned Summer on Tuesday night. They chatted for a few minutes before he got around to the purpose of the call.“I’ve been thinking about kissing you for two days,” he said. “I’d like to do some more of that.”“Okay.”“Would you like to have dinner with me Saturday night?”“Yes, that would be nice.”“How about if I pick you up around six?”“Six is fine. But why don’t we just eat in? No driving, we can just relax. I can fix us some drinks and we can order takeout.”They agreed that it was a good plan. Bobby would be at her house at six and would pick up their dinner on the way. Pizza and salad.—-Bobby showed up on time. He knew right away that it was going to be a good night. He was barely inside the door when, with a sixteen-inch pizza box and two salads in his hands, Summer planted a quick, major kiss on his lips, and slid her teasing tongue in and out from between them quickly.They went into the kitchen and Bobby put the food on the table. He noticed immediately that Summer had prepared some beverages. There was a bottle of wine and a bottle of rum and some beer and cola on the counter. She poured wine, he grabbed a beer.Summer was dressed casually, but hot as hell. She was barefoot and wore a slinky cold shoulder white top, no bra, and paper-thin, plaid Capri pants showing a touch of cameltoe and her toned calves. Bobby was about to cream his jeans.“Let’s go into the living room,” Summer said.They did, and Summer had set it up nicely. There was a fake log burning in the fireplace and several scented candles lighted in the room, the ambiance unmistakable. They sat on the sofa together and they both knew why they were there. They made idle chatter for a couple of minutes. Then Bobby looked around and took it all in; the lighting, the fire, the candles, the mood.“This is so cool,” he said. “It’s almost like camping out.”“I’m sorry, I don’t have any sleeping bags,” she said.“That’s okay,” he said. “I don’t think we’ll be doing much sleeping.”Summer’s lips twisted into a playful smile. “I believe you. I heard you and Bree in her room the other night.”Bobby smiled sheepishly and took a swig of beer. “Sorry about that. But tonight we don’t have to worry about anybody hearing us, do we?”“No, I guess not,” she said. She took a sip of wine and put the glass on the table.Bobby slid over close to her. With their bodies touching he put one arm around her back and the other on her hip and kissed her. Her lips parted and her body immediately relaxed into his, and pulling him close she kissed him, first with gentle tonguing but soon with a sucking, savage strength. They were making out in no time.Bobby’s hand climbed from her hip to her breast, and Summer’s hand found his inner thigh. He thumbed her firm nipple while he palmed her soft tit through the fabric. She sighed from his touch, and her hand groped for his burgeoning cock. He moved his mouth to her neck and smelling her sweet, subtle scent he sucked a wad of her skin into his mouth. She wrapped her fingers around his cock through his jeans and felt its hardness. He kissed her chest above her tits and pulled the white fabric aside and put his mouth around her nipple.“Oh, yes,” she cooed. “That’s good. I love that.”He sucked her nipple and she moaned. She rubbed his cock and he groaned. Bobby pushed his dick into her hand, his groin telling her, “yes, take it.” With one hand she unzipped him and slipped her long fingers inside his pants and ran her fingertips along the length of it. Bobby’s hand was now in her crotch; her legs closed tightly around it and he could feel the warmth of her pussy. Summer yanked on his belt and loosened it, then managed to unsnap his jeans. Her hand dove down and surrounded his balls.Summer’s top came off and Bobby’s mouth moved to her other nipple. He sucked her and she liked it. He started moving south, his mouth grazing her smooth, flat stomach, taut from her workouts, but she stopped him and pulled his head back up.“Not yet,” she said. “Keep doing what you’re doing.” Then she shoved her nipple back into his mouth.Summer loved having her titties sucked. For her, it was the prelude to everything and made everything better. Even though Bobby’s cock was now hard and long in her hand, and she would get to that, she wanted to milk his tit sucking for as long as possible. She knew it would turn her into sexual jelly. Bobby plastered his lips around her left nipple and suckled like a starved child.“Oh God, yes,” Summer beylikdüzü escort blurted.Bobby rubbed her twat and Summer tried to fuck his hand. With his mouth doing a Hoover on her nipple and her right hand in his hair, she reached down with her left to where his hand was already hard at work. Her pants had a string tie and a three-inch zipper and were already damp. With a smooth one-two, she untied and unzipped, giving Bobby’s hand total access. Then she took his hand and fed four fingers into her and started vigorously fucking them. She kept her hand over his to make sure he dug deep.They were, half-on/half-off the sofa, his mouth plastered to her tit, her fingers digging into his scalp, his fingers digging into her swampy snatch, her hand on his, assisting him, her groin pressed onto him, attached like barnacles to a buoy bucking up and down on the waves in a windy chop.“Put your whole hand in,” she gasped. She grabbed his thumb and pulled his fingers out and squeezed them together. “Make a fist.” He did. “Yes, that’s it. Fuck me like that.”Bobby hesitated but Summer pushed his clenched fist into her. She was wet as a river so he met no resistance. Her cunt was big and obviously she liked it this way. She grabbed his arm and fed more into her until he was wrist-deep.Bobby had never fisted a woman before, the idea had never even crossed his mind. But Summer kept directing traffic, and with her hand on his forearm, she kept driving it into her. He sucked her tits without restraint, alternating left and right, not playing favorites, wanting to please her like no man ever had. His cock was an iron rail, and soon her hand returned to grip its girth, but he knew his gratification could wait.Summer crammed tit into his mouth and humped his hand, and Bobby sucked with a maximum pucker. Bobby’s fist swung inside her like a clumsy, punch-drunk boxer throwing lazy punches in deep water, but she keened in edgy pleasure with each plunge. The legs of the sofa squeaked with their movements.“This is good,” she hissed into his ear.Bobby bit playfully into her breast, eliciting another happy, wheezy squawk. His saliva slickened her skin and ran down his chin. Sweat brewed on his brow as he chomped away.“Oh God,” she barked, and gripped his arm tightly and started fucking his fist even harder.She came like a dike broke. Her torso shook and Bobby felt the heated rush surround his hand. Her ass was on the edge of the couch and when her cum oozed out it dripped down her thighs and onto the carpet.Bobby switched from sucking bites to sweet kisses as she released. Gradually her trembles eased into gentle spasms until finally, her busy crotch rested. Then she pulled his arm and he watched her vagina widen as his hand reemerged.His fist looked drowned. He opened and closed his hand several times and flexed his fingers. He rubbed the muck into Summer’s leg. He looked up at her face and she wore a broad smile.“God, that was good,” she said. “I can’t remember the last time I came like that! God, I needed it.”She pulled his head up to hers and they kissed. She stroked his cock as they took their time.“This big fella has been patient,” she said, squeezing his cock. “It’s time to take care of him.”She pushed him back on the sofa and spun herself around to face him. She took off his shoes and pulled his pants the rest of the way off, folded them and put them aside. She spread his legs apart and knelt on the floor between them.“Ugh,” she groaned, as her knee settled into a puddle on the rug.“What?” Bobby asked.“There’s cum all over the rug,” she said, as she gently jerked him. “I’ll clean it up later. But we don’t have to worry about yours; it will be in my mouth. Then she sucked his hardened cock in between her lips.She had one hand on his balls and the other on his ass. Then with a little maneuvering of lips and mouth, she soon had all eight inches of his anxious cock embedded into her head. She was rusty, she knew, and he was kind of large, but she wanted to do her best to make it good for him, the way he had for her. She hoped she wouldn’t gag.No worries. Bobby came in about thirty seconds. He’d been holding it back the whole time he was tit-sucking and fist-fucking. With a muffled roar his cum roiled and exploded up through him like a busted pipe. Summer pinched his ass cheeks as if to squeeze out every drop. She kept her mouth mashed around his vibrating pecker until the simmering ends of his throes. Cum escaped from the corners bahcesehir escort bayan of her mouth when she smiled up at him.—-They had their arms around each other on the sofa, and shared intermittent kisses, their bodies naked and spent, temporarily at least. They didn’t talk; they basked in the wake of their sex, recovering. Bobby was happy that Summer wasn’t a woman who talked too much, he wasn’t in the mood for yakking. He was biding time, still frisky. He wanted to fuck her.After a while, he initiated another kiss and while their tongues flirted he eased her onto her back on the sofa. He spread her legs and got on his knees between them. He grabbed her hips and yanked her body to him, and she yelped as he scooted her ass up onto his chest. Her legs were now over his shoulders, her crotch in his face.He supported the cheeks of her ass with his palms and pulled her muffin to his lips. He kissed her thighs and licked the lips of her pussy, which was open to him. She seemed shy at first, but reached uphill for him, and her fingertips found the hair on his wobbling head.His tongue painted the soft, wet surface of her lips for several minutes before he plunged his tongue into her pussy. Summer oohed and scrunched up but it still felt loose to Bobby. So he sucked onto her swollen clit. That got her attention.She locked her legs around his head and pushed her midsection into his face. He felt the cushioned firmness of her magic bean in his mouth and took it deeply, wanting to suck another orgasm out of her before he mounted her, entered her and gave her a good pounding and another shot of his liquid love. She squeaked when he slipped his middle finger into her asshole.With the enhanced grip, he was able to move her ass around and even closer, and her twat was flush smack against his face. With each suck and each grind of her groin, her ready member filled more of his mouth and his finger filled more of her asshole.“Oh, shit…” Summer said breathlessly, and punctuated each thrust with ‘ugh… ugh… ugh…’For a short time longer they rocked together, Bobby swallowing saliva in between sucking on her tool, and Summer’s secretions oozing, her pussy now an overflowing swamp getting ready for the flash flood. Then the dam broke.As soon as he felt its warmth Bobby dislodged his lips from her clit and lowered her ass onto the sofa so she could come downhill. Summer groaned loudly and her body shook as she discharged.Bobby didn’t wait for her to finish. His cock was like a bad cop’s nightstick: long, hard and ready to kick ass. Summer was still tremoring when he slipped his dick into her soaked slot and started pumping. His finger was still lodged in her ass.“Yes, fuck me!” she blurted.She put her arms around his neck and squeezed him tight and pulled him close and kissed him, jamming her tongue into his mouth where her swollen clit had just been.Attached by their locked lips, his crank in her shaft and his finger up her ass, they started rocking the house. Bobby pounded her like he was trying to knock her into the basement and as he did she grunted with each push and pinched her fingers into his neck. He wondered if the sofa wouldn’t have to have the bolts on its legs tightened after this. Summer’s legs were soon clutched around his, constricting, and her cunt was sucking his pulsating cock as it drilled her. Minute after sweaty minute, she offered every square inch of her cunt to him as he fucked her.They both grunted with each stab of their genitals and fucked like they both needed it. Bobby became distracted for a moment and Summer must have noticed because she squinched him tighter and rammed her cunt into him even harder. His mind had wandered when he briefly thought of Bree.But he got right back at it pretty quick, and started banging like a cherry bomb on New Year’s Eve. Summer could feel it too, and she figured since she’d already dumped her cum on the cushion and the carpet, what the hell, she was going for triples.She felt him tense up so she knew he was ready to blow. She made one final power suck of his tongue into her throat and squeezed his buttocks as hard as she could. She ground her asshole hard and deep onto his finger. Bobby answered by wiggling it and trying to pry a second finger in.“You’re gonna come, aren’t you?” she asked hoarsely.“Yes,” he said.“Give it to me!”Within seconds he did. With a raucous groan, his cum rose. It did a slow burn as it spurted up and out. He pushed his cock into her escort bayan beylikdüzü as deep as he could and did the same with his finger up her ass. She was stroking her clit and swinging her groin hoping to come with him.She didn’t miss by much. Bobby was on his fourth or fifth squirt, easing down, his body like sticky gelatin atop of her, when Summer came again. Her body quivered beneath his weight.“Three times,” she said, out of breath. “I can’t believe it.”—-Bobby got dressed while Summer reheated the pizza. It was ten-thirty by this time. They ate quickly and then Summer did her best to clean up the cum puddles on the carpet and sofa. She didn’t ask him to spend the night but she gave him a hell of a good-night kiss at the door. Bobby figured she liked fucking him but wasn’t quite ready to wake up with him in the morning.They got into the routine of hooking up every other Thursday evening; these were the days Bobby was in the area with his work. He’d go to Summer’s house after work around five-thirty, they’d have a drink or two, some dinner and then start making out and go to the bedroom and fuck. And they’d fuck and suck as many different ways as they could until around ten o’clock. Then they’d kiss good night and Bobby would drive home, and they would both wake up in their own beds and be ready for work in the morning.This went on for several months. Every two weeks they’d have dinner, drinks and each other. No dates, no dinners out, no going to the movies. Just eat, drink and go to bed. Bobby could see that Summer was trying to keep it casual and not get too attached. He was just a maintenance fuck for her, he knew that. But he was okay with it because he knew from the start that there was probably no real future for them anyway, and the sex was great. Plus he was keeping in touch with Bree, at least trying to.Then one Thursday night, right after a rip-roaring sixty-nine where they both came simultaneously into one another’s face, Summer surprised him with a question.“Are you busy Saturday?” she asked.“Uh, well, no, I’m not busy. Why?” he said.“Would you like to go to a party with me?”“A party? What party?”“It’s work-related. I’ll understand if you don’t want to go.”“What do you mean? Why wouldn’t I want to go?”“Oh, I don’t know, it’s all the people I work with. There will be a lot of shop talk, about eyeballs and veterans and patients and all that. It may not be a lot of fun for you. But I don’t want to go alone.”“Don’t want any sleazy doctors hitting on you, huh?”“Something like that. I know someone else I could ask if you’re uncomfortable.”“No, I’ll go, I’m always ready for new experiences,” he said.“Good. It’s an indoor cookout.”“A what?”Summer laughed. “An indoor cookout. My boss, Richard, has it every year right before he takes a vacation. He grills outside but the party’s inside, lots of food and beer and wine. It starts around four o’clock and we’ll be home by eight or nine. Dress is very casual.”“Can I have fun?” he asked, pinching her ass.“Sure. I just hope you’re not bored stiff.”“I’ll be with the prettiest woman in the room, how could I be bored stiff?” She grabbed onto her hand and placed it over his cock. “This is what will be stiff.”Summer laughed and said, “But I have a favor to ask. When we’re there, stay with me.”“Sure.”“But I don’t want you to show me too much affection in front of my co-workers.”“Okay.”“But I want them all to know you’re fucking me.”—-They got to the party a few minutes after four on Saturday and it seemed like almost everyone was already there. It was a mix of ages and Bobby was surprised to see that many were around his own age. The young doctors and their significant others he supposed. They got a beer and wine and Summer made introductions.Summer was right about the work talk. After a while the doctors and techs, maybe seven or eight altogether had congregated on one side with Richard holding court, and the rest of the guests were scattered in small groups. Bobby diligently stood by, not saying much once the technical talk started, and fetched drinks, which were going down easy for both of them.As Bobby listened he became more and more impressed with Summer as he heard her speak. Her knowledge was incredible. It was impossible to tell who was the tech and who was the doctor. She held her own with the stuck-up doctors and didn’t hesitate to hold her ground and disagree with them on a few occasions. And whenever they turned to Richard to settle it, Summer was always right, her obvious knowledge on full display.Dinner was an assortment of burgers and dogs and chicken and a smorgasbord of salads. And more beer, wine and shop talk of course. Bobby ended up having a pretty good time: free food, free beer and he was very proud of Summer. And he told her so on the drive back to her house.

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