College Bound: Summer to Remember Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Chapter 3: While Allison is at College mom & boyfriend get acquainted.

This story ties in with the series College Bound & Summer to Remember. There are a few mini-stories that also occur which are highlighted to help the reader.

While Allison and her huge-cocked Uncle were in one of the hundreds of fuck positions that week, her mother Vivian was at her boyfriend Bobbie’s apartment dressed in a pair of black thigh high stockings with a black garter belt and black high heel pumps getting fucked from behind by his long 10 inch dick. The two had been lovers for six months, fucking almost everyday, from the night they ran into each other at a bar while she was out with her girlfriends and he was with his friends from work.

He had been turned on to her the day he met her, and in the last few years was really attracted to him. He was blond, blue eyed and in amazing shape with a six-pack stomach, compared to her husband, who had a huge beer- belly that hung way over his belt, and was way out of shape. She had a completely different body type than her daughters. She had jet black hair and stood 5’8″ tall and weighed a slim 110 pounds. She had incredible legs and measured 32AA-22-31. She had a body that resembled the porn star Ann Howe, with ultra flat chest, big nipples, and sexy, long legs. He had fantasized about fucking her thousands of times, jerking off to the image of her in his bed and in the shower almost every day, as he fisted his 10 inch cock thinking of her dressed sexy in a short skirt with black stockings and high heels on.

She caught him starring at her many times, especially at parties she and her husband had and absolutely loved the attention from him. When she knew he was going to be at their house she always made sure she wore something short and tight and sexy, and always with a pair of high heel pumps on. She thought he was so sexy and often found herself lying next to her fat, snoring husband many nights with her vibrator, working her clit to a wild, orgasm as she imagined her daughters boyfriend kissing her hard, and fucking her senseless with his gorgeous hard body.

She closed her eyes as the vibrator swirled over her rock hard clit, imagining herself dressed in stockings and high heels, riding her daughters boyfriend, as she kissed him, then sucked his cock until he shot his hot load all over her body covering her face and her hair. There were many nights when she would be in a wild erotic dream, fucking him in some room or by the pool and she would call out his name, and the next morning at breakfast her husband would ask he what she was dreaming about and that he heard her call out their daughters boyfriends name, she would lie and tell him she had a dream about him and their daughter being at some family event.

The night her and her daughters boyfriend first fucked, she went to dinner with a group of her friends, then ended up going to a very trendy bar. Knowing they were going to the new trendy bar they all dressed up. She wore a tight, black mini skirt that showcased her long, shapely legs, and highlighted them even more by wearing black thigh high stockings and black pumps. She decided on a white, see-through blouse that showed her skin and a sexy black, lace bra that showed right through the sheer white material and made her look ultra hot.

Although her chest was very flat (32AA),she had a pair of nipples that were as round as a nickel and stuck out almost an inch when they were aroused. The bra and the blouse she wore that night were so thin and sheer that her big nipples showed through both clearly. She felt real sexy that night, and very naughty too. She was on the dance floor constantly with a number of different guys ranging from 20 to 60, all who were all telling her how sexy she was and inviting her back to their apartments and homes. She even kissed a few of the sexy younger ones who she was turned on to, because of the way they ran their hands over her body when they danced.

At one point she looked over her shoulder and nearly died when she saw her daughters boyfriend Bobbie dancing with a woman she knew. The woman was there with a group of her friends celebrating her 65th birthday. Although she was 65 she looked decades younger and had a body men drooled over. She was dressed in a short mini dress that barely covered her ass and had a pair of nude stockings and black pumps that added a sinful quality to her sexy outfit. The dress molded to her 40DD-21-33 figure like a second skin. At 5’6″ tall she was still a real stunner, especially at 65. As she watched her daughters boyfriend hold her older friend she saw them kiss hotly.

The kiss lasted a good two minutes and she could see their tongues darting out of their mouths and fly over each others before their lips locked together. As she danced and watched her daughters boyfriend kissing the older woman she instantly got upset. It wasn’t because he was cheating on her daughter, it was more out of being jealous of her friend. Fatih escort bayan At the end of the dance the older woman gave him her cell number and they arranged to fuck at her house when she came back from Las Vegas with her girlfriend the next week. She was leaving from the club, and if she wasn’t she would have fucked him that night. When he walked away from her he immediately recognized his girlfriends mother and went to her instantly. Surprised that they ran into each other, but happy they did, giving each other a warm hug, they went to the bar and he ordered them a glass of champaign.

“Well what’s the special occasion she asked slyly.”

“I’m celebrating being in this bar with the sexiest woman I ever laid eyes on,” he said as he took in the sight of her sexy, long stocking covered legs that she had just crossed.

“By he way you were kissing Mrs. Murphy and the way you two were running your hands all over each other I would have thought she was the sexiest,” she said grinning slyly.

“Opps, sorry about that. Looks like you caught me,” he said with a sly grin, knowing he was caught cheating on his girlfriend by her own mother.

“Don’t worry, I don’t plan on telling Allison I saw you here tonight, and especially who you were kissing,” she said with a grin. “I have to admit though, I was really jealous when I saw you kiss her,” giving him the cue that she wished it was her he was kissing.

As the bartender poured the champaign he lifted his glass and said, “How about a toast.”

“Ok,” she said smiling as they held their glasses up.

“Here’s to no girlfriends or big, fat slob husbands to spoil anything tonight,” he said grinning at her while putting his hand on her upper thigh.

“Oh, that’s not very nice, she said with a forced sarcastic tone, then added, “Um, but I do like the sound of that,” she said slyly, then moved in and met him in a sexy kiss, as their tongues came out of their mouths and flicked across each others hotly for almost a minute.

Stopping to sip the champaign, he leaned in and they started kissing again, this time his hands ran up her stockings and traced over the lace tops. As their lips met, twisting across each others, sparks were setting off deep inside her pussy, while his 10 inch cock was getting rock hard. This is what the both had wanted for a long time. All that fantasizing and masturbating and thinking about fucking each other was now out, as their hot kiss continued through an entire song. It was a kiss that let each other know that they wanted to fuck each other bad.

“You know that fat-slob husband of mine, as you called him, thinks of you as a son,” she said grinning slyly. ” He’d be devastated if he saw his faithful wife kissing his daughters boyfriend,” she said grinning slyly.

“I wonder what he’s say if he knew I wanted fuck her all night,” he said boldly, then kissed her hard as he ran his fingers up her stockings and onto her aching clit.

“Oh god,” she said out loud then threw her head back knowing they were finally going to fuck after all these years.

“Well here’s to the fat slob husband who thinks of me as a son, who is married to the sexiest lady on the planet,” he said laughingly, then went in an kissed her hard, running his hands up and down her stocking covered legs, making her moan hotly.

After they kissed he took her by the hand and lead her to the dance floor. She was so turned on by him and his confidence that her nipples were popping right through the material of her lace bra and her blouse, advertising that she was more than ready to fuck. On the dance floor he told her how he had fantasized about fucking her for years, and she confessed to having the same feelings about him.

Allison was away at College and her husband was at home sleeping like a rock so it made it even hotter for them. She was glad she dressed sexy that night and as they danced to a fast song their bodies made a lot of contact, rubbing up against each other, building the heat between them, and igniting the furnace in her cunt. During the next song, a slow song, he ran his hands along her narrow hips and up her sides, feeling her bra straps until he moved his hands on the side of her bra cups.

Getting bolder and the feeling she was liking the touch of his hands on her body, he ran his hands over her ass, and cupped her soft, cheeks in his hands and squeezed them as she moaned softly in his ear saying, “Ummmmm yesss. That feels so nice.” Feeling his hands on her ass and the sides of her tits sent sparks flying way up into her pussy. She in turn reached down and messaged his rock-hard cock, her eyes opening wide at the size of his cock. Her husband had a cock that measured 5 inches and was very thin, and her daughters boyfriends cock felt enormous in comparison.

“Bigger than he is baby,” he said confident that he was. He knew he was a lot bigger than her husband and bigger than a lot of other men because they had showered at the country club he Escort Fındıkzade belongs to after they played golf and he caught her husband stare at him a few times, as if he was shocked about how much bigger he was than him.

“Oh fuck your easily ten times bigger than he is,” she moaned as she continued to squeeze his fat shaft. “Oh god you feel huge,” she said knowing that she couldn’t wait to have his big cock in her mouth and suck him dry and fuck him all night.

“It’s 10 inches Vivian, and I want it in your pussy bad,” he moaned, as he whispered in her ear.

“Oh god, I want to fuck you so bad,” she moaned back, as they kissed again.

The club was packed and they kept kissing, as they continued to turn each other on with their hands. He loved the feel of her slender body and when her ran his thumbs over her big nipples his cock almost burst inside his pants from the big size that they were. After the song they agreed to go to his apartment. When she went back to her table she got her purse and grinned slyly at her girlfriends telling them that she was going home and that he was going to drive her. All the girls were all jealous seeing their friend leave with the very sexy, 18 year old, especially the 65 year old who wanted his cock in the worst way.

She had felt it and knew it was real big and couldn’t wait to get back from Vegas to fuck him. As soon as they got into his car they kissed hard as he ran his hands over her tits then between her long, thin legs, over her thigh high stocking lace tops until he reached her already soaking, wet thong ,instantly pushing it to the side finger fucking her fast and hard until she exploded, in two seconds, all over his hand. After she came he made her suck his fingers which had her so turned on.

“Let’s get out of here,” he sad in a hot voice as he started the car.

“Oh god. You’ve got me so turned on,” she said as she massaged his huge cock in his straining pants.

They kissed at every light as they made their way to his apartment, the apartment he shared with her daughter when she was home from college. At his apartment they instantly stripped, leaving her in a sexy look of black thigh high stockings and black high heel pumps. She instantly dropped down, squatting on her pumps and began worshiping his big 10 inch, licking and kissing it then sucking it deep into the back of her throat all the way to his tight balls.

As she sucked him she kept looking up a him telling him how big he was and how incredible his cock tasted. When she got to the head she would tease it with her wild tongue, stabbing the huge head like a wild snake.

“Oh fuck that’s sexy baby,” he moaned than bent forward to meet her tongue with his.

Every few minutes he would bend down and meet her tongue in a wild kiss, groaning as his cock was treated to the best head he ever got, 100 times better than her own daughter. He went wild from the experience of being sucked so deep into a mouth.

That night, they fucked in every room, standing, sitting, and eating each other in incredible 69 positions. They couldn’t get enough of each other. She was on fire for him. Just the way he skillfully sucked and chewed on her big nipples sent her into orbit and made her cum like crazy. The way she fucked his big cock, using her pussy to jerk it off was unlike any other cunt he’d ever been in. He had cheated on her daughter a hundred times since she went to college, but he had never fucked a sexier and more incredible pussy than her mothers.

Vivian was by far the sexiest and wildest fuck of all. She was nasty, fucking him then pulling his cock out telling him she needed to suck him bad and that she needed to taste her pussy on his big cock. That and every thing she did, drove him wild. At one point he had her bent over a bar stool and was going crazy at the sight of her ass as he ran his hands over her nylons.

“Fuck you have such a sexy ass Vivian,” he scowled as he pounded his 10 inch cock into her, loving the way her tight pussy clung to his shaft every time he pulled back.

“Did you ever think about fucking it,” she snarled as she looked back at him with a look of being real naughty on her face.

“Oh fuck yeah. I wanted to fuck your ass from the first time I saw you in a fucking bikini baby,” he moaned out loud.

“Did you ever get that great big cock of yours in my daughters ass baby,” she asked teasingly, already knowing the answer.

“Fuck no, she never let me do shit like that,” he said in an annoyed tone.

“Then fuck it baby. Fuck that hot ass of mine with that great big 10 inch cock. You wanted it, now fuck it baby,” she said in her hottest voice. “Fuck anything you want baby. Just use me to please every inch of that great big cock of yours lover,” she said in a voice she didn’t recognize.

He then pulled his pussy- coated cock out of her smoking, hot pussy and instantly began sending it into the depths of her ass. It was a wild feeling having his Gaziosmanpaşa escort bayan 10 inch cock driving into his girlfriends mothers ass, an ass he watched constantly and dreamed about fucking for a real long time.

As soon as he bottomed out she was cumming all over him like a running stream.

“Ohhhhh fuck,” she cried over and over from the feeling of her ass being stuffed-full of such a big cock. “That’s a huge cock baby,” she groaned with lust, as she bit her lower lip.

Once she adjusted to his 10 inch long cock, she began slamming her ass back to meet his angry thrusts, each time he bottomed out making her cum harder than the previous time.

He was going wild from the incredible sensations of fucking her ass, something he could never do with her prudish daughter. As he was fucking her ass, she exploded uncontrollably, squirting cum from her ass all over his stomach and onto the floor. It was her first ass cum, the first of many and she was delirious for more. After she squirted she made him pull out so that she could suck the taste of her ass off his fat shaft.

They got to his apartment at 11pm and at 3am were still fucking hard. At one point he was fucking her pussy and ass from behind, going from one hole to the other until he was getting ready to explode again. It was his 5th cum of the night and he was going wild from the incredible suction and fucking action of her pussy then her ass. He came so hard that cum flew out of his pulsing cock, spraying all over her back and as she looked back to watch, blasts of hot cum hit her face and splattered into her hair.

After he came they went into the shower and for the next hour kissed and played with each other like sex-crazed lovers, as their hands roamed over ever inch of their bodies, desperate to excite each other. She bent at the waist and sucked him to another raging hard-on until he spun her around and slammed his cock into her pussy from behind as he twisted her long, hard nipples, biting her neck telling her to cum all over his big cock. As she came she turned her head and kissed him hard. He had her exploding more in one night than she did in all of her years of marriage. The only other time she came this hard was when she fucked her huge cocked brother. Ever few months her and her huge cocked brother would meet and fuck. She’d always be dressed in a sexy garter and stocking outfit and fuck him all night. Every few months she had a hunger for her rock star brothers 13 inch cock. It was something that couldn’t be suppressed, as they both looked forward to their sexy brother/sister fuck.

When she came out of the shower she dried off than stepped into her pumps. Seeing that his cock was still hard hey went back into the bedroom where he lifted her onto his burrow and slammed his hard 10 inch tool into her burning pussy once again. On the burrow was a picture of him and her daughter holding hands and kissing each other.

“Does she fuck you like this,” she snarled as his cock pounded into her.

“Not even close baby,” he said, groaning out loud as he felt her pussy walls tighten and cum all over him.

“Does she suck your fat cock like me then let you fuck her ass baby,” she said teasingly, already knowing the answer.

“Fuck no baby, your nasty, she’s a fucking prude,” she snarled through clinched teeth. ” Does that fat, slob husband of yours give you a fuck like this Vivian,” he said in a sarcastic, laugh.

” Oh fuck. Never did,” she groaned as he slammed his huge cock deep up into the back of her boiling cunt.

“Your pussy’s mine now Vivian. You’re too fucking sexy to be with that fat slob,” he said confidently.

“Oh baby, I want this great, big cock forever,” she moaned, delighted by every thrust of his huge, tireless cock.

He then kissed her hard and pinched her inch long nipples as he increased his fucking speed. She could feel his cock expand and knew he was ready to cum again. He the lifted her off the burrow and pounded his cock straight up into his girlfriends mothers burning fuck hole.

“Oh god, I’m cumming all over your big cock again lover. Cum with me baby. Show me how much you love my pussy. Show me I fuck better than that big titted bitch daughter of mine,” she snarled.

He than lifted her back on the dresser and took hold of each of her ankles as he pounded his tireless 10 inch cock deep into her. She then pulled on the base of his shaft and jerked it fast which caused him to spray burst after burst onto her stomach and tits. He was cumming so hard that she kept pumping him, urging him to keep cumming. Looking down at the picture of her daughter and him kissing, she purposely angled his cock as cum splashed all over the mirror and splashed on the picture of her daughter and him. He came so hard that it covered the picture in a stream of cum that distorted their image. She then devilishly took her finger and took a dab of the cum from the picture and licked it as she grinned slyly at him. They kissed for almost half an hour as they confessed to this being the best fuck they ever had. She didn’t tell him about her brother and him having a giant cock, because she knew that what they had between them was real special, twisted an sexy and very special. The fuck she just had was incredible and she knew she wanted it every day, and so did he.

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