College Trysts Ch. 01

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Every job has its perks; mine was no exception. I was an assistant manager for a store in the mall, and got perks like a store discount and a mall employee discount. The ladies at the Ancient Orient Chinese restaurant in the food court would hook me up with overloaded to-go boxes for dinner. My frat brother Josh worked as a cook at the Chik-Fil-A, and he gave me free chicken sandwiches whenever I wanted. I spent my free time on breaks watching movies with the crew at Camelot Music, or playing video games over at Babbage’s. My best perk though, by far, was all the girls. I was a freshman in college, and, being a college town, there were girls EVERYWHERE! I had a never-ending stream of high school and college honeys to wade through like a cool, refreshing creek on a warm, summer day.

Now normally, during the school year, it was easy to pick up chicks. I had pledged during Greek Rush to the Beta Psi Delta house, and hanging out at frat parties was sure to get a guy laid, but I’m a pretty hard-headed guy, and I love a challenge. That challenge came in the form of three girls that stayed in town over Christmas break, and that’s what this story is all about.

You see, I had decided that going home over the break was stupid. I wouldn’t be able to work, because a transfer took time and paperwork, only to transfer back next semester. With this in mind, I chose to stay in town for the break to make the extra money. Little did I realize how great an idea that would turn out to be.

It all started out when my study buddy Vanessa hooked me up with her roommate Nicole. About three weeks before the Fall Semester’s end there was a big drama production on campus with a black tie party afterward: the Winter Theater Formal. Vanessa and I were in BioChem 102, and hung out a lot to both study and party, but being such good friends made dating a ridiculous prospect. One night, while studying at the student commons, she mentioned that Nicole’s boyfriend had broke it off when he left for the Marines, so lately Nickie (as she went by) had been moping around and could really use a pick-me-up. I called their dorm room that evening and asked for Nickie, and sure enough, she accepted my invitation to the formal. This jump started my relationship with Nickie, taking us from acquaintances to friends, and she soon made it very apparent that she saw possibilities of us being more. I had a pretty busy schedule between school and work, though, so we hung out often, but I didn’t push the issue.

Nickie decided to stay in town to work over the break, too, so I mentioned to her about maybe “getting closer” over the break. I already had plans to house sit for a senior frat brother who lived out in town. He had a pet bird, so if I took care of the bird then I could crash at his place for the break while he was visiting his girlfriend’s family. Nickie was sharing an apartment near the mall where I worked, but before I had a chance to mess around with Nickie, things started getting complicated.

You see, as my store ramped up hours for the holiday season, we started to need more employees. The store manager sat down with me and Craig, the other assistant manager, and we hashed out a plan to hire three new part-time sales associates and two stock boys. One of these new sales associates was a little Italian girl named Andrea.

Andrea was cute in looks and vocal about everything. As I got to know her, I soon realized she was a sorority girl and a bit of a slut, and I found her at every party around campus, drunk off her ass, hitting on anything with a dick. What more did I need to know? Now I know what you’re thinking: but she works for you, it’s wrong to sleep with an employee. Sure, you’re right, and that’s why I did the best thing in this situation: I told Andrea about a job at a cell phone kiosk that was paying more money, then fired her, and promptly invited her, as a new non-employee, to a party at my condo complex as my date. She laughed at me, and said she would ataköy escort love to go. I figured I was home free: Nickie was working the night of the party, Andrea would show up and get wasted, and I would still get some ass…or would I?

It turned out that Andrea invited her sophomore sorority sister Joyce to the party, too. Normally not an issue, except Joyce was Andrea’s “sponsor sister”, so she felt she was somewhat responsible for Andrea’s conduct. She had heard of Andrea’s antics, and decided to tag along and see firsthand if they were true. Are you thinking cock-block? Yeah, I was too when I found out.

So the night of the party rolls around, Andrea and Joyce showed up at my place, and we were heading out to the pool area in the courtyard between all the condos when Andrea asked me where my bathroom was. I pointed to the hallway off the living room, and said, “First door on the right.”

“On the right or the left? Can’t you just show me?” she said as she tugged at my arm. I pointed Joyce out the sliding glass doors to the back patio, then took Andrea to the bathroom. She pulled me inside with her and shut the door.

“Look, I really need your help tonight,” she said.

“Why, what’s wrong?”

“I’m kinda on probation with my sorority, that’s why Joyce came along tonight. They said I’m giving the house a bad name, so she’s here to see just how I act at these parties.”

“OK, so what do you want me to do?”

“Well, can you just keep an eye on me? I kinda get rowdy when I drink, but if you just make sure I don’t get outta control, I would totally owe you,” she asked, “and you know I will make it worth your while…” I definitely caught her drift, and while the idea of being played as her chaperon for any sexual favors she might give in return was not my first choice, how could I possibly say no? I glanced down across her awkwardly voluptuous frame: her large, heaving breasts taut with anticipation of my answer; her plentiful ass adding to the hourglass appearance that made her 5’3″ body so different yet so desirable all at once. She had to see the look in my eyes; she slid up against me, her hands on my chest as she lightly kissed my lips. “I promise you’ll like it,” she continued, “just help me get her off my back.”

“Well, if it means I can get you on your back…” I grinned.

Andrea feigned surprise. “Oh, you are terrible!” She smiled back.

“Alright, I’ll take care of you tonight.” I turned towards the door.

“I bet you will…” she mumbled.

We went back out to the party, and I kept Andrea close all night, partly to keep her out of trouble, but mostly just because as she drank more and more, she was willingly pliable to my suggestions. We danced and made out; we playfully groped when we thought no one was watching. Joyce stayed for a couple of hours, always within view but not overly obvious of her watching. After awhile, she walked over to Andrea and I were sitting, and mentioned that she was leaving, but that she had seen enough and felt Andrea had been mislabeled. Andrea thanked her, then got up to go grab the two of us more drinks. Joyce sat down across from me.

“Look, I can tell that you’re covering for her, but that’s cool; you two seem into each other,” she continued.

“I don’t think either of us is expecting anything serious, though; I think of us as really comfortable friends, you know?” I replied.

“I figured. I expect you’ll be bringing her home in the morning?”

I smiled sheepishly. “Yeah, probably.”

“Well, here’s my number in case something happens with her.” She stood to leave. “Just give me a call, and I can come get her. Or, maybe if you’re not busy, you can just give me a call, and we can go hangout, I mean, since you’re not ‘really’ dating anyone.”

I held the scrap of paper with her cell number almost incredulously. “Uh, yeah, sure. We’ll see what happens.” The idea of Joyce as a prospect had never crossed my mind, but as she smiled, and walked across the courtyard, I immediately began sizing bakırköy escort her up. She was tall, probably 5’9″, and looked like she was more at ease in a library than at this party. I guess bookworm was the first word that came to mind; her glasses and shoulder-length straight brown hair, her walk and mannerisms, I could see her as a librarian, or maybe a schoolteacher. An image of her crawling on to a library table, ripping open her blouse, and tossing her hair like a girl in a music video flashed through my head in an instant. Just as quickly it fled as Andrea returned with our drinks. I told her Joyce had left, but she had expected that Andrea would be spending the night. She giggled as she curled up next to me.

“Is that what YOU were expecting?”

“Well, yeah! You know I want you, don’t even pretend like you don’t.” I retorted.

Andrea licked her lips seductively. “So then let’s move the party back to your place.”

“Great idea, I’ll be right back.” I gulped down my drink and jogged over to the table acting as our backyard bar, where I snagged a bottle of rum. I came back, took her by the hand, and walked her back to my condo. As she made herself comfortable on the couch, I poured us a couple of rum and cokes, and we spent the next fifteen or so minutes laughing and downing the rest of the rum. As I turned to set the empty bottle on the coffee table, she pounced on me, and the next few moments were a frenzy of tongue wrestling and frantic groping as we began tugging off each other’s clothes.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” I suggested as my shirt got tossed to the floor.

She growled as she yanked me off the couch, kicking off her sandals as she began heading for my bed. Walking while trying to remain lip locked is never easy, and ours was worse due to height considerations (I’m 5’10”), but it was accomplished none the less, and punctuated by bouts with each other’s clothing. As we reached the bedroom door, I had her in just her bra and panties, and she had unbuckled my cargo shorts and pushed them down, leaving me in my boxers. Andrea’s eyes flicked down to my burgeoning bulge, then back up to my own eyes, and as our mouths met, I could see her own eager anticipation of our playtime in the deep pools of her brown eyes. I pulled her short body against me, the satin caress of her soft skin against my chest acting as an accelerant for our ardent fervor; she wrapped her arms around my neck as her tongue jockeyed with mine for position in my mouth. I picked her up, feeling her legs wrap around my waist, and made a mad dash for the bed, landing halfway up the sheets with her under me. The bed moaned in protest, and her arms fell away from me, coming to rest above her head. With a last glance at her striking Italian features, I began to kiss and suck my way down her body, earnestly seeking her pleasure.

The smell of perfume and sweat created a heady aroma as I nuzzled my face against the silky softness of the cups of her bra. I slipped my hand behind her, undoing the clasp, and pulled her bra off with my teeth. I savored her succulent orbs, using my lips to softly nibble around her nipples. I felt her hands in my hair, and she pulled my face back up to hers. The frantic kisses of before were replaced now by deep kisses filled with longing. I broke away, kneeling between her legs, and lifted them by the ankles as she slid her panties off. She tossed them on the floor, and I began to kiss my way down her calf, until she slid her hand inside my boxers. She grabbed hold of my dick, and told me to get it out of my boxers and inside of her. I quickly obliged her, and as I lined up with her sopping wet slit, she was moaning loudly. My tip spread her open, and she propped herself up on her elbows, looking me in the eyes. I realized then and there just how much of a freaky girl she was, and knew what I had to do. I licked my lips, and then, with one hard shove, pushed my dick all the way home in her cunt. Andrea squealed, and as I pounding my rod into her hole, she started humping back up at me. The sounds of flesh slamming against flesh, of balls slapping her ass-cheeks intertwined with panting, grunts, and groans to form a virtual sensory symphony of rough, violent sex.

“You like it hard, don’t you,” I panted between bone-jarring thrusts.

“Shut up and fuck me!” she growled through gritted teeth. I was taken aback; this girl was crazy! That was when the thought crossed my mind: maybe she gets around so much because she is looking for something kinkier, maybe rougher than she’s getting right now. I decided to test my theory, so I pinched one of her nipples, gradually building up pressure between my finger and thumb. She screamed, but her eyes flashed; pain was definitely her turn-on. By this point, I knew I couldn’t sustain the intense level of fucking, so I had to get her off quick, if for no other reason than to get myself a breather. I let go of her nipple and instead grabbed her entire breast and began to pull and twist it. Simultaneously, I started sucking at the base of her neck, then moved to the soft spot at her collarbone, and then bit down hard, almost enough to draw blood. Each penetrating push created another shriek of pleasure from her throat, slowly building in volume until her orgasm hit her like the proverbial freight train. Her pussy was clamped down so hard on my dick that I could swear I lost all blood flow. I held on to her, still biting and pulling, waiting for her to coast down. Her back was arched, and with a gasp, her body released. She slumped to the bed, and it looked like her eyes had rolled back in her head. I pulled away, kneeling again between her legs, trying to catch my breath.

“Andrea, you ok?”

“Oh. My. God.” Her eyes tried to fix on mine, but had a glossy look to them. “That was fucking incredible. I’ve never had a guy get me off that fast; it was like you knew all the right buttons to push.”

“Well, thanks; I try, what more can I say?” I smirked.

“God, that was good.” She cuddled up with one of my pillows. “I never even felt you cum.”

“I didn’t, I mean, I haven’t…yet.”

Andrea licked her lips, pushing aside the pillow. “Oh really… Let’s see if I can’t remedy that.” She rolled to the side, then pounced on me, pushing me to the bed. She raked her nails down my chest, sending shivers up my spine. She climbed between my legs, using one hand to hold base of my shaft and the other to play with my balls as she began to suck on the head of my cock. After a few moments of her swirling her tongue around the head, she looked up at me and grinned, mischief dancing in her eyes. She went back down, and as she took my dick in her mouth, she softly but noticeably nibbled, each bite creating both apprehension and excitement. I’d had girls scrape before, but never one that tried to eat my dick! She took most of it down her throat, and then gave me another first: she moved her hand to deep throat me, and as she gagged on it, she started what sounded like gargling. It was one of the most unique sexual experiences I have ever had. Her gargling was like humming, and it vibrated and resonated deep inside me. What was merely seconds stretched out to infinity as I felt control of my balls slipping away. She pulled back until only the head was in her mouth, and then combined one hand jacking me off, the other cupping and tugging on my balls, and a gentle suction on my cock to create the perfect balance of a blowjob. Even now I am at a loss for words to describe it. I exploded in her mouth, stars twinkling at the edge of my vision from the intensity of the experience. Andrea never missed a beat, sucking up every last drop. She opened her mouth and gave me one last look at the goods, then she mumbled “Bottoms up!” and swallowed.

Andrea crawled up next to me, and we fell asleep with her in my arms, her head on my chest. Sometime later, I woke up to find her spooned up against me, my cock hardening as it rubbed in her ass crack. I woke her up and fucked her again, doggie style this time, with lots of hair pulling. The morning came, and so did she, three more times between the bed and shower. We ate a quick breakfast and I dropped her off on my way to work.

But the story doesn’t end there…

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