Come be treated like you should be

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Come be treated like you should beYou walk into the hotel room, I close the door after you. You notice every light in the place is on, even the bathroom is alive with light. The TV is on but no sound. You also notice that the d****s are closed and you hear the door close and lock behind you. You take a few more careful steps in surveying everything. You hear me step up behind you closer and you freeze but I pass by without touching. You are curious what is happening but no alarm bells are going off in your head so all seems well. “Have a seat.” is the first words you hear from me. My southern accent is evident and you grin just a little as you oblige me and sit on the bed. I sit on the arm of the overstuffed chair and smile back. “Are you nervous?” You nod once just a little and say “just a little.” “No reason to be, you are not in any danger hun, I am harmless….generally anyway. How are things going?”You smile wider and even though things have never proceeded like this before, you oblige again and start with “Well, I….” and before you form the next word I have moved quickly from the chair to be just beside you, you feel you hair gripped quickly and you head jerked back a little. You let out a little yelp more from surprise than any pain.”Don’t worry…this is just a lesson, there will most likely be a few. I will not shower you with empty compliments or have a witty banter to test your intellect. You are not here to have long drawn out discussions, instead you are here for a single purpose and we both know what that purpose is. You will only answer questions directed toward you in 2 ways which I will go over in a moment. If you understand, then nod your head and say “Yes”.A breathless “Yes, I understa….” escapes your lips and I yank your head back again and a little yelp follows it. My lips move closer to you and you feel my breath wash over your ear and down your neck because I am so close. You feel more than hear what follows.”I told you to say ‘Yes’ if you understand. I did not want an elaborate explanation, tuzla escort are we clear now?””Yes” quickly comes from your mouth.”Good girl” and my hand lets up on your hair just a little. “I will ask you questions from time to time, I will give you orders from time to time, and when I do you will give me one of two answers. You will answer ‘Yes sir’ when you understand and will comply completely or ‘Yes’ when you don’t agree, but will comply anyway. Your opinion does not interest me, I expect your obedience. Do you understand and will you comply?””Yes sir” comes after a short breath and I let go of your hair. You bow your head and look at me from the top of your eyes. I put my hand under your chin and pull you up a little.”You will get up, put your stuff over there” as I point toward the table, “and then you will slowly strip for me. You are not a stripper, so I don’t expect an elaborate dance, but you will take your time. When you get done, you will turn slowly and let me look you over. When you are done with that, you will then lay on the bed, spread out for me and play with yourself. Do you understand?”“Yes sir.”You do as I requested. You put your stuff on the table and take your time stripping slowly. You stand there, and then turn slowly, even though your cheeks flare red from embarrassment, you still obediently do as instructed. Then once you lay on the bed with your head away from me, you slide your hands down and spread your legs wide and what embarrassment there was melts away. Knowing that I am sitting there and watching you play with your soaking wet pussy lips, watching them separated by your fingers, is very exciting for you.You don’t notice my movements because your eyes are closed. You have been playing for only a couple of minutes and then you hear my voice. When you look, I am naked and above you looking down, to where you face is just below my semi hard cock.”Very nice, now the first time you reach for me, you will use your tongue and lick the precum from me. This will be another lesson. ataşehir escort I am not interested in making you pregnant or having a ‘Creampie’ so it will not be wasted in your pussy. When I decide to have my cock in your ass, I will not have my cum wasted there either and expelled then wiped away. Instead you will happily swallow it all down, every drop. When I decide to cum on your face, or any other part of your body, you will scoop it up with your fingers and lick them clean.” I pause to see if you understand.Your words “Yes sir” are laced in ecstasy because you are playing a little harder with yourself. You take your tongue and lick the cool juices from the end of the head. You don’t move your hands from your pussy, but I see one start to pull away.”When I tell you to lay still, you will, but most time your hands will be used as tools of pleasure. You will be stroking my cock, playing with my balls, or fingering yourself. You will not lay there and let me take you like a limp dishrag You will eagerly use your entire body for pleasure and that includes your hands.”You reach your hand up and begin stroking me and licking the head. Then you open your mouth and take my cock in your mouth for the first time.I smile, “I want to be clear. You are allowed to say more than that, and I expect you to moan out when you are enjoying yourself.”I reach down and run my hand down your chest and over your other hand still playing with your pussy. You moan out a little and take more of my cock in your mouth.Having your mouth around me has made me want to take it more so pull my cock out of your mouth and grab your left leg under the knee and pull you around forcefully. Your body moves around and your feet hit the floor, I reach up and grab a handful of your hair and pull you up to a sitting position and then push you down to the floor. You naturally fall to your knees but your mouth opens in a little gasp as your knees hit the floor roughly. I lace my left hand through your hair with my palm laying on your cheek and pull maltepe escort you toward me. I use my right hand to guide my hardened cock in between your lips quickly. I hear you moan and I lace my right hand on the other side and begin pumping your mouth hard.I feel you struggle as you open your throat a little more each time but I only bring my left hand under your chin and hold you tighter. I notice your hands raise to hold my hips and then I notice that your legs are closed all prim and proper. I say “Now now, I thought you wanted to get fucked?” so I use my foot to push your knees apart and follow with “Get your hand down there and finger your fuck hole.”You do as you are told and move your hand down quickly and put one leg up so you can get your fingers in deeper. I push your head back so your neck bends at the bed and you lay your head back. I put my right knee on the bed and lean down still holding your head I push in deeper and deeper. Now you can’t back up at all to get relief, you are forced to keep having your mouth fucked roughly. Spittle starts to spill around your lips and I occasionally pull it all the way out so I can hear you gasp out. Then when you have enough time to close and almost swallow I push my way back in. You are taking it deeper and deeper and then my balls are slapping your chin each time. I look down and see your tits bounce with each stroke so I reach one hand down and squeeze one hard and push in hard again. I jerk it out one time and let you swallow, I take it and slap the side of your face and the spit makes it slap the skin. I move up a little and put my balls on your wet lips and stroke my cock across your face, the wet head is in your hair as I stroke. I grind down and with your head against the bed and my balls are pressed hard against your mouth. I reach down and pull your head up against me as I press down and grind your mouth.I look back and you are fingering yourself harder like a good girl and I see your eyelids are wet from the exertion. Your eyes open and I can see the ecstasy and lust flash. I lift up a little and you can’t help but say “Please…” with a gasp for a second “please fuck my mouth.” like a good fuckslut should.I smile and ram my cock back in quickly followed by another moan of pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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