Comforting Denise Ch. 02

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This is the sequel to ‘Comforting Denise Ch 01’ featuring my friend Denise after she had split up with her boyfriend.


After our first time in my office, Denise and I fucked like crazy every chance we got. She practically lived with me for the next couple of weeks and we did it as many times as I could get it up, in my house, in my office, in my car; I even managed to fuck her in the changing room of a shop while I was buying her some sexy lingerie. It was like a whole new world to her and she took direction extremely well, basically doing everything I suggested. She quickly became very skilled at sucking my cock and she was even the one who first suggested she swallow my cum. She said she loved the thought that she could make me ‘shoot my stuff’ and she wanted to see what it tasted like. Her innocent language turned me on so much I never asked her to change it so she always referred to cum as my ‘stuff’. This sexy young woman made me produce some of the biggest loads of my life and I shot it down her throat, on her arse, all over her perfect tits, and anywhere else I could think of. She agreed it would be really sexy if I ‘finished on her face’ so one weekend when I hadn’t seen her for a couple of days, I saved up a huge load and plastered her pretty little face with it, even getting several spurts up into her hair. Without even asking her, I quickly whipped out my phone to snap a photo of her and to my surprise, she instinctively sat back and began to strike a pose with my cum dripping off the end of her nose.

It wasn’t long before I convinced her to start taking birth control so that I could ‘do my stuff inside her body’. Not that she really took a lot of convincing of course, she was so excited the first time, she came twice while I was fucking her and then loudly begged me to ‘do it inside her’. I buried my cock deep (although I still couldn’t get all of it inside her) and shot a huge load in her tight little pussy. After a couple of weeks, my cock was almost a little sore but Denise was insatiable and I still couldn’t believe how sexy she looked while I was pounding my dick into her.

Everything was going fine until one day she turned up at my office in a bad mood and told me she had got another email from her ex. Apparently, he had contacted her to make sure there were no hard feelings and to see if she was okay. All that did was make her angry and before I had a chance to calm her down, she started ranting about how she wanted to teach him a lesson, and wondering about what she could do to hurt him. I hadn’t seen her like this before; she had a crazy look in her eyes and really seemed wound up by him. Then to my utter surprise, she eventually said “I’ve got it, I’m gonna tell him about us. I’ll tell him how amazing it is with you and how terrible he was. I bet his new girlfriend doesn’t even realise.” I was too taken aback to really question what she was saying but I didn’t mind, if it would make her happy, she could tell him anything she wanted. She tried to call him there and then but when he didn’t answer, she stopped and went silent for a minute before saying “what am I talking about, why don’t we just film ourselves and send it to him?”

Nothing could have prepared me for that sentence and I sat there, not really knowing what to say when she continued “that’s it, let’s do it on film and let him see what he’s missing, maybe his fiancée will see it too and realise how useless he is.” I wasn’t really sure Denise had thought this through and after just a few seconds of trying to talk her out of it, I realised how stupid I was being and kept my mouth shut. She had convinced herself it was a good idea so I wanted to help her make it happen before she changed her mind. We decided not to waste any time so that night she came over to mine and we gathered up all our recording devices; between us we had two camera phones, two tablets with cameras, and I had an action cam that I had bought a few years ago for snorkelling and things. I was Konya Escort confident that I could edit the video afterwards so we set up the five devices, hit record, and then I stood back and let Denise direct.

It wasn’t until this point that I realised we weren’t just going to fuck on film; she was actually making a tape directly to her ex-boyfriend. As I sat on the bed in just my jeans, she stared directly into one of the cameras and said “I got your email honey, the one asking if I was okay. Well I’m better than okay, I’m amazing now I’m not with you.” She stepped back from the camera a little and slipped off the loose fitting dress she was wearing to reveal a sexy lingerie set I had bought her. It consisted of a black lacy bra, matching French knickers and thin black hold up stockings, and she looked absolutely incredible. She did a sexy pose and said “look what my new boyfriend bought me, I like to dress up for him because he makes me feel good.” By this time I was rock hard so I stood up and took my jeans off while she continued “I never would have worn anything like this for you but my new man deserves it.”

Still not really sure what the plan was for this home movie (it’s not like we had written a script) I decided to get started so I playfully but firmly moved to grab Denise’s thighs and pulled them out from under her, dropping her down on the bed and prompting a yelp and a giggle from her. I pulled her panties to the side and dove straight between her legs and started licking her sweet pussy while she looked to the camera at the head of the bed and cooed, “ooh, this is why he deserves it, look what he does for me, it feels so good when he does it with his mouth.” I put a finger inside her and continued to lick her tiny clit while she kept talking into the cameras, taunting her ex louder and louder until she screamed as she had her first orgasm of the night. She was wetter than I had ever seen her as I pulled away from between her legs and pulled her panties back into place. Then as she sat up on the bed, she looked back into the first camera and said “that was amazing, he makes me feel so good, you never made me feel anything like that” then she paused for a second as I sat next to her on the bed and she added “I think he deserves a go too, I’m gonna use my mouth.”

With that, Denise knelt in front of me and pulled my cock out of my fly but then she stopped and looked up at one of the other cameras and said “look at this, it’s huge. This is what I’ve been getting since you got yourself a new girlfriend. Does she like your tiny thing?” As she started stroking my hard cock, she added “I remember how tiny your little thing was, I didn’t know how embarrassing it was until I saw this one.” She then took the head of my cock into her mouth and began to give me the best blowjob I’d had from her yet. I decided I had taught her well and let her blow me for a few minutes before gesturing for her to stand up and face one of the cameras. I stood up behind her and unfastened her bra, dropping it from her chest and revealing her amazing pert breasts which I then reached around and fondled for a minute as she groaned. I then ran a hand down to the front of her panties and gave her clit a quick rub through the lacy fabric, causing her to groan louder and shudder.

As I slipped my fingers into her panties and slid them down her legs, she looked to the camera and moaned “see how I let him undress me? I let him do anything he wants, I would never let you do that but he can have me anywhere, whenever he wants me.” Still stood behind her, I reached my hand around and slipped two fingers inside her tight wet pussy while I kissed her neck and she stumbled a little as her legs began to weaken. She grabbed my cock and gently stroked it while I quickly fingered her to another orgasm. As it was approaching, she began to moan “oh yes, yes don’t stop, it feels so good” then looking at the camera in front of her, she said “you could never make me feel like this, Konya Escort Bayan I’m going to finish again already and he’s barely started, yes that’s it, right there!” She moaned loudly and covered my hand in her juices before she turned around and pushed me down on the bed, then she kicked off her panties which were still hanging around one ankle, and climbed up on the bed, now dressed only in the thin black stockings.

Looking up at the camera above the headboard again, she ran a hand down to her own pussy and gently stroked it while she said “do you remember my little kitty, do you remember how good it felt? Well you’ll never feel it again, it’s all for my new man now.” She moved a little closer, looked down at her pussy, and then looked up at the camera again and said “I’m going to let him go inside me, I’m gonna let him put his massive thing inside my little kitty, watch this.” She leant forward onto her hands and knees and looked back at me, wiggling her sexy arse seductively, then she looked back towards the camera and waited. I took the hint and knelt behind her, playfully slapping my cock against her arse a couples of times before pushing it up against her wet lips and slipping a little way inside her. She groaned loudly and said “oh wow, he only just put the tip inside me and he’s already filled my up more than you ever could, it feels amazing.” As I started to fuck her tight pussy from behind, she continued to moan and grunt into the camera for a few seconds before she said “do you see he’s still going, he’s not ready to finish yet even after I put it in my mouth, he’ll keep going for ages.” I fucked her a little harder so her head was jolting back and forth and she grunted “ugh, yes. You would have done your stuff long before now wouldn’t you, ah, ungh. Do you go so quickly with your new girl or was it just with my little kitty, are you that pathetic with her too?”

I don’t know why it turned me on so much to hear Denise taunting her ex but it did and I quickly fucked her through her third orgasm of the evening. As she was calming down but still grunting away she moaned “even when he is ready to go, he does so much of it, I remember what a tiny wee dribble you used to do, that was pathetic. It’s so sexy when my new man does it; I let him do it wherever he wants. He can do it all over me if he wants to, even on my pretty little face.” As I slammed my dick deep into her she said “that’s right, ugh, I let him, ah, spray his stuff all over ah ugh, over my face, you’d like to see that uh, wouldn’t you.” The fact that she had trouble getting her words out while I was pounding her made my dick even harder and I grabbed her shoulder as I thrust in a few more times before pulling out and flipping her over on to her back. I climbed on top of her and began to pound my dick down into her while I watched her big tits flop around on her chest and soon she moaned “I can’t believe you’re still going, I love how you feel inside of me.”

I knelt up and reached down to rub her clit while I fucked her and I eventually managed to make her cum for a fourth time before I told her I was going to cum on her tits. She immediately pushed them together for me and shouted “yes do it, do it all over me.” When I straddled her body and furiously wanked my cock, the first few spurts were so powerful, they over shot her boobs and hit the left side of her face and her neck. She moaned as I showered her upper body with an usually big load and when I eventually rolled off her, she just lay there breathing heavily and rubbing some of it into her skin. After a couple of minutes, she sat up and looked directly into the camera, giggled, and said “my goodness, there’s so much, look at it. Do you think I look pretty honey? Do I look pretty with his stuff all over me?” She continued to pose and pout for the camera for a few minutes and then flopped back down on the bed, causally stroking my semi hard cock.

We lay there for a minute or two, ignoring the cameras, Escort Konya but then I was going to edit the tapes anyway, and Denise told me that her ex was always terrified of getting her pregnant and that she wanted him to see me finish inside her. I was momentarily surprised at how cruel she was being but to be honest I liked it; of course we knew she was on birth control but no one else would know that. When we were ready to go again, Denise made a show of getting on her hands and knees and dipping her stomach down towards the bed, spreading her sexy arse as much as possible and presenting it right at the camera. I lay on my back and she noisily sucked my dick for a minute to get it fully hard so she could lower herself down on me, taking my stiff pole all the way up inside her. She rode my cock for a while, making a show of squeezing her boobs and rocking her hips around, then I sat up and she locked her legs around my hips and ground her pussy into my crotch.

As I had already cum once, this went on for a while and Denise came twice more, practically screaming the house down the second time. Eventually, I knelt up on the bed with Denise on her knees in front of me, and I slammed into her from behind while I held her body upright against mine. She still had her stockings on but nothing else and her hair was starting to stick to her forehead with a thin sheen of sweat. She had wiped most of my cum off her with a towel but she was still a bit sticky and had a few dry flakes on the side of her neck. As I thrust into her, she panted “I think he’s going to finish again, he’s gonna give me another load” she then paused for a minute for dramatic effect and loudly added “I think, I think I want it inside me, I want to feel what it’s like inside me.” She was obviously making out like she had never taken a pussy full of my cum before so I played along and asked “are you sure baby?” She thrust her hips back against mine and practically screamed “yes, fuck, I need it, let it go, just give me your stuff inside me!”

I barely had time to consider that this was probably the first time I had ever heard her swear during sex before I slammed my hips against hers and started to spray my load of cum inside her tight little pussy. She really performed for the cameras and started moaning “oh yes, I can feel it inside me, it’s so warm and wet, keep going, spray it all in me!” When I eventually stopped and pulled my cock out of her dripping wet hole, she stayed knelt on the bed and grabbed one of the phones. Then she held it in front of her pussy and splayed her lips open with the other hand and waited for a few drops of my cum to drip out of her onto the bed. It was one of the sexiest and dirtiest things I had ever seen and I nuzzled in behind her, wiping my wet cock on the cheeks of her arse.

Denise ended the movie by telling her boyfriend that he certainly didn’t have to worry about her being ‘okay’, and that if he wanted to do something nice for his new wife, he should send her over and she might consider letting me show her what a real man is. We gathered a surprising amount of footage from the five cameras but we still decided to splice in an extra clip of Denise sucking my cock until I exploded in her mouth and she greedily swallowed it down and licked her lips. We had great fun cutting footage down into one home movie and I especially enjoyed fucking her over my computer desk and blowing another load in her cunt while we watched me on the screen unloading on her pale skin.

Denise seemed weirdly blasé about our home movie, convinced both that her ex would watch it, and that he wouldn’t show it to anyone else but even so, I had one of the young tech guys in my company write a quick program that would allow me to encrypt it and provide a password that would only let the recipient watch it once before corrupting the file. We didn’t hear from Denise’s ex for a few weeks but that didn’t stop us making a few more home movies for our own amusement. I even invested in a better camera, which made a huge difference to the quality of the picture, and as I was watching my cum dripping out of Denise’s perfect little pussy in near HD quality, it occurred to me that when I first met this innocent Irish girl, I never thought we would end up like this.

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