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Sienna stretched out and put her legs up on the mahogany desk she had purchased a few days earlier. Buying some of her new office furniture at an estate sale had enabled her to save quite a few dollars. Saving money was fairly important when starting a new business and using all your own money to do it.

Her husband had been supportive, if somewhat incredulous at the beginning. He thought Sienna’s idea of opening a dating service / matchmaker was a little far-fetched, but that was Sienna. She didn’t think inside the box, so he let her talk. She was insistent that she would not be using their joint monies, relying only on the funds she had received from her previous employers. Roger was glad of that, although he would have helped if she needed him. She didn’t, the new project was all her baby and she wanted to establish “Companions” on her own. It took her a few weeks to locate a nice-sized office in a good part of town. She didn’t want her business to be anywhere that appeared seedy. Then, like a whirling dervish, she went about cleaning the office. She stopped short of painting it herself, hiring professionals to do that. Then, she bought some video equipment and the computers she would need for the client profiles. She got the room set up to film the video profiles and ran a few tests with friends to make sure everything looked okay. Once she was sure she knew what she was doing, she went hunting for furniture, placed some ads and waited for the hoped-for clients to arrive. Her ad stressed that she was seeking those “unlucky in matters of the heart” and that her service would be diligent in finding companions for everyone, man or woman.

To her great delight, she had several customers within her first week in business. Sienna was thinking ahead. She set up different types of payment options, so her customers could try it out for the short term or go for long-term. She assured everyone that she would work diligently on their behalf and that she didn’t consider anything too “strange” to be included in their profiles. She told them that the more precise they were, the more likely she would be able to match them up.

Sienna stretched out and took stock of her look. She had worn a very attractive business suit, although not so practical as not to show off her legs. If the male customers saw that an attractive, sexy woman was running the business, they might be more likely to give it a try. Sienna had never lacked self-confidence and it looked as if she would be a success in her new venture. She had spent part of the morning fielding a number of phone calls asking her about her services and she was sure that she had been able to convince some of the callers to come in and give it a try.

Sienna thought about going out for lunch or a coffee, but that would have to wait. A gorgeous specimen of a man walked in the front door at that very moment. He must have stood about 6’4″ tall, with jet-black hair and broad shoulders. He carried himself with such confidence that Sienna wondered why such a man would be in need of her services, but everyone was different and she shouldn’t make assumptions. She put herself in business mode and flashed a winning smile at her new arrival, offering him a chair. “What can I do for you, Mister …?” Sienna asked.

“Blake, Thomas Blake,” the handsome man smiled. Even his smile was picture perfect and Sienna again wondered why a man this gorgeous required her services. “I’m looking for a companion,” he answered.

“That’s why I’m in business,” Sienna smiled back. His eyes seemed to focus on her body and she allowed a brief fantasy to flitter through her mind. Fantasies harmed no one and they kept her libido high for Roger’s benefit. “I find it a bit surprising that someone like you needs someone like me, though,” she flirted.

“Actually, it isn’t for me, it’s for my wife,” Thomas said as he reached into the pocket of his jacket and withdrew a photo. The woman in the picture was a sunny-faced strawberry blonde who appeared to be somewhat younger than Thomas. “This is her photo, lovely, isn’t she?”

“Yes, very,” Sienna nodded, looking at the picture of the adorable young woman. “If she’s your wife, why are you looking for a companion for her?”

“I suppose I should give you some of the back-story, shouldn’t I?” Thomas smiled as he made himself comfortable in the large, plush chair Sienna had purchased for her reception area. “I’m a college professor and lecturer and I’m 40. My wife was one of my students and, against all the rules, we had an affair. I found myself falling in love with Marz – her name is Marzia, but she was an astronomy nut as a kid and everyone called her Marz, so it stuck. I proposed and to my great surprise, she said yes. I never would have imagined that someone nearly half my age would marry me, but she did and we’re very happy together,” he explained.

“I see, but now I fail to understand why you’re looking for a companion for her if you’re both happy,” Sienna said, puzzled.

“I’m getting ataköy escort to that. You see, our sex life is very passionate. Marz is a woman of incredible passions and being younger than I, she – wears me out,” he laughed gently. “She could have sex 10 times a day and still want more,” he told Sienna.

“A woman after my own heart,” Sienna thought to herself as she let her new client continue.

“Marz is loyal to a fault and she would never cheat on me, but I think she needs more than I am capable of providing,” Thomas continued. “She suggested we join a Swing Club and herein lies the problem. I lecture a lot and am away a lot. I would be willing to let her swing, but I don’t have the time to devote to the `lifestyle’, as I’m given to understand it is called. My wife refuses to participate without me, but I want her sexually satisfied. Marz had admitted to being bi-curious and I know she would love a threesome, but we don’t know anyone in our social circle that we could approach. Marz is also a little bit shy in that regard, despite her – wild streak in bed. So, I thought that I could perhaps find a woman or a couple with whom she could become comfortable enough with to live out her fantasies and keep her company when I’m on the lecture circuit,” he concluded.

Sienna flashed him another bright smile and stretched out again. Had things been a bit different, she might have volunteered herself. “Marz” was an adorable little pixie. “You realize that my services aren’t cheap?” Sienna told him, trying to ascertain whether or not he was fully committed to the idea.

“I’m not worried about the costs,” Thomas responded. “I earn a very good living; I just want Marz to have whatever it is she needs. Do you think that you can help me with this?”

“As a matter of fact, yes,” Sienna smiled happily. “Normally, I have my new clients film a video profile, but that won’t work in your case. Fortunately, I had a couple come in here the other day looking for a woman to enjoy. If you like, I can show you their profile and if they meet your criteria, I’ll contact them and set something up. Interested?”


Sienna showed him the profile of the attractive couple. Their names were Dana and Paul Masters. Paul was a 6’2″ surfer god and his wife Dana was a 5’4″ brunette with curves that had curves of their own. Dana was the older of the pair by 6 years. Both possessed a strong animal magnetism that Sienna felt when they entered her office. She had found herself entranced with the handsome young couple and was confident that they would have no trouble finding what it was they were looking for. Looking at Thomas as he watched their video, she knew that she had made a match. If this worked as she thought it would, she had already earned her first month’s rent on the new office.

“Yes,” Thomas said when the video finished playing. “Show them Marz’s picture and if they’re interested, set up a meeting. We can all go to dinner and make it seem like an informal get-together. If my wife likes these people, we’ll just let things go the way they should,” he smiled at Sienna.

Thomas made payment arrangements and left her office. After closing briefly for a long-awaited lunch, Sienna returned to the office and called Paul and Dana. Paul was at work, but Dana was home and came down to chat with Sienna. One look at Marz’s picture and the curvy brunette was all smiles. “God, yes,” she breathed as she handed the photo back to Sienna. “Set it up as soon as you can.”

“Don’t you want to wait to see if Paul agrees with you?” Sienna questioned.

“Paul always agrees with me,” Dana smiled. “If he knows what’s good for him, that is.” Sienna now sensed that it was the curvy brunette who made the decisions for the couple. “Someone this lovely is too beautiful to let get away.” She placed her hand on top of Sienna’s and the blonde felt her pulse quicken. She knew that it was of tantamount importance for her to remain professional, but the sultry and alluring brunette was a delicious temptation. In a low-cut blouse, skirt and six-inch heels, almost anyone would be easy pickings for one such as Dana.

She called Thomas and told him things were now in place and the two of them worked out a meeting between the two couples. Sienna found herself fantasizing about Dana, Marz and gorgeous Paul and she wished that she could be a fly on the wall. They were all such sexy people, she bet when the encounter did take place, it would be legendary.

Sienna would have won that bet. The first meeting between the two couples was convivial and the two women hit it off like long-lost sisters. They were openly friendly with each other, with Dana touching Marz’s arm constantly and holding her hand. Paul seemed pleasantly pleased with Marz as well, although Thomas could easily see that he deferred to his lovely wife on all things. Marz actually seemed to let her guard down a wee bit and even acted in a risqué manner as the evening progressed. Thomas had rarely seen his wife as bakırköy escort relaxed as she was with the handsome couple and he was sure it was a good omen.

Thomas and his new “friends” arranged several such evenings, so as not to make Marz suspicious. Nothing malicious was intended on Thomas’ part, he just did not want his wife to be self-conscious. Each time he looked at Dana, Thomas felt an urge to make this a foursome, but he wasn’t sure he had enough energy for one woman, let alone two. They proceeded with their plan and one evening, Paul and Dana invited the couple dancing.

“Sorry, I can’t,” Thomas said as their scheme unfurled. “I have to fly to California in a few days and I’ll be gone for about a week.”

“Rats,” Dana pouted. “I wanted to see that gorgeous wife of yours shake it and I was saving a slow dance for you,” Dana said, pressing close. She was quite attracted to the handsome professor and hoped to bed him some day, even if that was not the game plan. Dana didn’t really care about that, plans could be changed as far as she was concerned.

“Why don’t you and Paul take Marz and have a good time?” Thomas said, handing his new friends a wad of bills. “There’s no sense in her sitting around missing me when she can be out with you, dancing and having fun.”

“Sweetheart, I don’t know …”

Thomas put up his hand. “I won’t hear another word. You go out and dance the night away, let your hair down. Baby, anything goes, I promise not to act like a jealous husband if you enjoy yourself,” he chuckled, knowing full well that Dana and Paul would take care of that.

Dana had already discussed things over with Paul. Friday night, they took their new playmate to a club where the liquor was cheap and all of the women were usually hot, including the staff. They sat close to the bar and Dana flirted with Lindsey, the bartender, who she knew intimately. The delicious brunette wanted to make it quite obvious to young Marz that she enjoyed the company of women. “Why don’t you dance with my husband while I chat with my pretty blonde friend?” Dana teased. “He’s got great moves,” she told Marz. “Not all of them on the dance floor,” she winked at Lindsey, who smiled and nodded in agreement. The gorgeous blonde had fucked Paul several times, although never at the same time as his wife. It was on hers and Dana’s “bucket list” though. Dana was using this night as a trial run to see if her handsome, younger husband could handle the pressure of two hot women.

Marz smiled and nodded. She hadn’t been dancing in a few years. Thomas had many good qualities, but dancing was not one of them. Paul, however, moved like he owned the floor. “How did you get to have such great moves?” She asked him.

“Well, I don’t like to brag, but I used to dance for Chippendale’s,” Paul laughed as he put the moves on the gorgeous strawberry blonde. He looked over and saw his wife engaged in deep conversation with Lindsey. Once they got a few more drinks into Marz, he was sure that they could lower her resistance.

Dana was watching her husband with delight. She had made a smart choice in marrying the younger man, he had few preconceptions and he towed the line. While he did lack the finesse of an older man – someone like Thomas – he was a stallion in bed, a rutting bull. Tonight would be the night Marz would discover that for herself, with the added bonus of Dana’s skilled hands traversing her flesh. After this evening passed, Marz would not be the same woman she had been.

To heat things up a little, Dana joined her husband and the girl on the dance floor; moving around Marz and letting herself catch the girl’s eye. Her skirt was scandalously short and she had worn no underwear beneath it. She was certain that Marz had seen that, but the girl said nothing. When the music ended, they made their way to a table and began enjoying rather large amounts of alcohol. While Marz’s drinks might have seemed sweet and mild, they were really quite potent. At around midnight, her friends insisted that Marz should not bother to take a taxi home. They had plenty of room and besides, Thomas wasn’t there. Why not relax a little longer and enjoy the evening? Loosened up to the point of pliable, Marz couldn’t think of a reason to object.

Marz was impressed by the spacious home in which her new friends lived. She didn’t think she should have any more drinks, but Dana and Paul insisted, they wanted some wine and snacks. Not wanting to be ungracious, Marz accepted. She sat in between the sexy couple and enjoyed their company. Only her husband was more handsome than hunky Paul and Dana sure was sexy and so naughty for not wearing anything under her tight, sexy blue dress. Marz wished that she could be more adventurous, like Dana was.

“God, you’re sexy,” Marz said and then, she found herself blushing. Had she actually said that aloud? Seeing Dana’s broad grin, she realized that she had.

“Which one of us?” Dana teased, running her hand along Marz’s bare knee. She knew it wouldn’t be much longer now.

“Buh-both of you,” Marz blurted out. “Paul’s tall and tanned and handsome and you’re so curvy and luscious. I’ve always found other women – attractive …” Marz admitted with a nervous giggle “… but you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!”

“Thank you, baby,” Dana grinned, now sure their plan was going to work. “Would you like to do something about it?”

“Do? Like what?”

“Like this!” Dana grinned and pulled the younger woman closer. Before Marz had a chance to think or move away, her lips were fused to Dana’s full, soft lips and Dana’s tongue was in her mouth. Marz thought it would feel weird, kissing another woman. It didn’t. It felt good, it felt sexy, it felt nice and she wanted more.

“Hey, equal time over here,” Paul protested as he spun Marz’s head around and kissed her with a different kind of passion. Marz found her head going off in several different directions. She was turned on and she knew that she shouldn’t be doing all of this without Thomas. The problem with that was that she couldn’t help herself and furthermore, she didn’t want to stop.

“You have lovely, soft lips,” Dana flattered the younger woman. “Have you ever kissed a girl before?”

Marz shook her head, trying to clear the cobwebs from her brain. “No, I haven’t. A few girls made passes at me when I was in university – and I will admit to being curious – but I was so into Thomas that I couldn’t see anyone but him. Kissing a girl isn’t anything like I thought it would be,” she told Dana.

“Kissing a woman is very erotic, loving and sensual,” Dana explained. “Making love to a woman is even more so. Come with me, let’s make love and I’ll prove it to you. Let me take you on an erotic journey you won’t ever forget,” she offered.

“What about Paul? Won’t he mind your having sex with someone else?”

“Paul and I have an – arrangement,” Dana said softly. “If you’re so concerned with his well-being, why don’t we let him watch us? Men love to watch two women making love. I promise, nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen,” she grinned, knowing full well once Marz got into it, she would be helpless to stop things from going to their ultimate conclusion.

“Yes, yes, alright,” Marz said as her breathing grew quicker. “Just this once, I want to try it. Please, let’s go, I’m so hot that I’m burning up,” she almost panted. Dana helped the tipsy young woman to her feet and led her to the bedroom. It had been prepared for this night with soft, clean sheets and intimate, dimmed lighting. Dana climbed into the huge bed and helped Marz in alongside of her.

Dana moved her mouth on to Marz’s and kissed her, over and over again, with soft, fleeting kisses that were designed to inflame the slender beauty. She watched as Paul undressed and took pride in her husband’s masculine beauty. She hadn’t told Marz that Paul would be naked too, yet she doubted when Marz saw him that she would voice any objections. For now, the girl was too distracted to notice as Dana’s mouth and hands began to work their magic. Her tiny skirt was removed, as was her gauzy blouse. All that remained was her lacy lingerie and high heels. With swift hands, Dana made short work of everything but the stiletto heels her playmate had on. She made a little show of taking one spike in her mouth and licking it. Marz giggled nervously, but Dana could see from the dew on her pussy how turned on she was. Shucking her own clothes, she moved her own curvy form on top of Marz’s and pressed their tits together as they kissed and rubbed pussies. Their clits rubbed together and Marz was blissfully unaware of the added weight on the bed until she looked up to see that Paul had joined them.

Then she saw – it! Her Thomas was a big man, but Paul was even larger, at least 9 inches in length and a good few inches around. She turned to Dana, who wore a bemused smile. “Do you want it?” She asked.

Marz gazed at the bronzed, blonde Adonis who was so very close to her. Even half-erect, his cock was a magnificent specimen. “I shouldn’t, but I do,” she said timidly. “The two of you are making me do all kinds of crazy things tonight.”

Dana assured her friend that they were not “making” her do anything, that she had merely been sublimating her own sexual desires. Listening to Dana, it all made sense to Marz. She reached out and drew Paul’s cock into her mouth and began sucking on it avidly. Dana looked at her husband’s contorted face. “She’s that good?” She asked in amazement.

“Fuck yeah, Tom’s a lucky bastard,” Paul said to his wife. Dana got behind Marz and encouraged her with loving words and sensual caresses. It didn’t take Paul long to cum and Dana insisted on sharing his spunk with their lover. The two girls tumbled together, kissing and laughing. Dana ran her hands all over Marz’s petite frame, just enjoying the delights it brought. She moved the girl into position and they went into a sixty-nine as if Marz had been having sex with women for years. Dana thrilled at the conversion of her young friend and knew the show would inspire her husband. It did, because she saw his cock begin to stir in just a few minutes.

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