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Confession…I know you asked me for discretion, and I will honor that, but I have to get this out and off my chest. I was contacted by a female who I shall leave nameless on xham, (I’ll call her Pinkie). We messaged several times back and forth, and eventually I clicked the friend request button. Time passed and no friends. OK, whatever, it doesn’t always have to be. Well, that night she messaged me and said that she just realized how close we lived to each other, and wouldn’t it be awesome if we could meet, minus our significant others? Well, as much as my heart started racing, I wasn’t so sure. She was beautiful in her profile picture and her other pics, but for all I know, its a guy pretending to be a female.So after a few more flirting messages back and forth, I proceeded to let her know, its not gonna happen. The messages then stopped, and later I went to bed. The next morning, I checked in and see a new message. Its a link to a google map location. It is pin pointed to a public beach I assume is half-way between where she lives and I live. Then a second message saying she will be there from noon to 2 p.m. “Look for the blue umbrella…blue and white folding beach chair.”After agonizing back and forth to myself, I figured, what the hell, I’m off work today anyway, and I wanted to go to the beach anyway as well. It might be funny to just walk by and pretend like I don’t know hiltonbet yeni giriş anything if confronted. It looked like a public beach anyway.So I got ready for beaching it and drove there…Well, the beach was public alright, but not very. And the spot pinpointed was like a half-mile to 1 mile walk from where I had to park. So I carried my chair and a cooler and a little radio down the beach, and I can saw the umbrella ahead in the distance. My heart was pounding as I approached, and even though she was looking at me as I closed, she remained silent. At the last second, I began to chicken out, and I was about to casually walk on by when I noticed “Poet” written in the sand (haha).I recognized her immediately. We exchanged niceties and I set my chair up next to hers, slightly facing her. I kept nervously smiling and looking around, expecting and angry spouse/lover. That’s when I realized we were basically alone. The nearest other people were 400-500 yards away. So we chatted and got to know each other. I told her I had never done anything like this, and she said the same. She said she was attracted to the pics and profile and our online chats and thought it would be hot to meet at a public place. I couldn’t believe how at ease we were with each other.So, after almost one and a half hours, she asked me before I go, would I flash her my cock. I almost hiltonbet giriş choked on my sweet tea I was drinking. We both laughed at my reaction, and her brazen question. “Its not like I haven’t seen it already,” she said smugly. I was about to bargain with her in hopes of seeing her breasts, when she must have read my mind, because she pulled her top down and exposed her delectable nipples. “Here, now you owe me.” After nervously looking around for a while, I realized that we pretty much had the beach to ourselves as it was the hottest part of the day.”Look, I’m not comfortable with touching or taking it to the next level, but I am so worked up and hot right now, I would love for us to masturbate for each other,” said Pinkie. So over the next half hour or so, we “performed” for each other. My head and heart pounding and spinning. Only once did we have to stop for a beach comber, walking by, oblivious to what we were doing. She pulled her top down slightly so I could see her nipples, and proceeded to slide her bikini bottom slightly to the side and held them with one hand while the other went to town, masturbating herself into a wet shaking frenzy. The squishing wet noise her hand made on her pussy made my cock, which I had slipped out the bottom of my trunks, ache while I stroked it. Her eyes never left me or my cock, so I kept nervously looking around, hiltonbet güvenilirmi but always brought my eyes back to her as she convulsed occasionally and never stopped stroking her dripping wet pussy. I wanted so bad to dive into her and take her, but she made me promise that this was all it would be.”Ooh,” she moaned, her eyes rolling back a little, “I’m gonna cum baby.” That sent me over the top, and I came almost instantly, shooting my cream down into the sand and a little on my leg. She saw this and convulsed 2 or 3 times hard, followed by many small convulsions. Her hand moved slower and slower as her convulsions lessened, until finally she removed her hand from her pussy and ran it slowly up her stomach to recover her nipples, a huge grin growing on her face. She let me know she would have to be leaving soon to deal with family stuff. I reciprocated and thanked her for what turned out to be one of the most awesome semi-random afternoons I had ever had since getting married many years before.”Thanks for not being a creep and trying to push me into something I or you weren’t ready for,” Pinkie said before we left. “You’ve been so sweet and kind and patient. I hope we can do this again, and I hope next time, maybe we are both ready for a little more.””Pinkie”, (you know who you are), if you are reading this, thank you for the awesome afternoon we spent together. Thank you for YOUR kindness and sweetness and innocence. You are a bright light in a sometimes dark world. I would be blessed to see you again, even if just online. Your man has no idea how lucky he really is.Love and Light Sweety xoxoP.S. Would it kill you to accept my friend request lol ;p

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