Contemplations on a Train

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She pulls back hard on her cigarette, the smoky tendrils gently fill her lungs. Her cheeks pull in while her full red lips pucker around the soft orange of the filter. Her nostrils flare, her eyes close. Pure bliss washes over her face as she sucks back the nicotine of her first smoke that day. Her index and middle fingers holding that precious stick. Her chest heaves while she inhales, her aching breasts push against the confines of her bra, her nipples painful, they still have the bite marks and the bruises; old and new, from the previous few nights. Her body screams in its aches and pains, she leans back against the connective joint of the trains. Wincing when the cheeks of her ass touch the cold metal of the wall, then relaxing when the coldness passes through her jeans to the brilliant red hand prints that mark her creamy white flesh. Her eyes, they water, the smoke wanting to find its way out, she lets it pass through her nose. Finally opening her eyes, enjoying the peace and quiet from screaming children, the twittering of voices in her cabin. She continues to pull back on her cigarette, loving the freedom of no one around, just the occasional disturbance of the trolley passing by. She stands there, smoke curling round her long auburn hair, her green eyes intent on the sights that whiz by. The long stretches of snow sprinkled on the desert, its vastness open and quiet. The gentle sway of the train, the rocking soothing her. She is once again lost in her own thoughts of the night before…. His hand comes flying down spanking her already angry red ass cheek, her whimpers sound out through their bedroom. His other hand wraps around her waist pulling her harder to him while his cock plunges deeper into her. The backs of her thighs slap against the front of his, her juices seep out around his cock and coat her thighs. Her shoulders on the floor, her hands tied to her ankles, she can’t do anything but moan with her ass high in the air. She tries to push her body back harder onto him wanting him Üsküdar Escort deeper, wanting him harder, wanting him. Her gasps of, “Fuck me…. yes…. harder… harder.” pass her lips, till she finally screams, her pussy clamping painfully hard around his cock. His grunts mix with her moans, her cum coats his cock, her body hot to the touch, on fire with sweat. He thrusts deeper and harder than before, grunting as his cum fills her. Her pussy swollen, wet, her tunnel like a cage around him wanting to hold him there. She feels him throb, his cum erupting. Closing her eyes, she grunts, willing herself tighter around him while she slowly rocks her hips. His hands slide down her back, around her sides to her breasts to pinch and roll her nipples. Whimpering, her body still in that blissful state just after a hard climax. Her nails dig into her ankles not wanting to cum so soon after that last one. His fingers work their magic over her, his hands engulfing her breasts, squeezing hard. Her eyes spring open, seeing nothing, moaning while her hips buck. He chuckles, his sweat dripping from his body onto hers. He continues to maul her breasts, letting her hips jerk under him. He pulls, he kneads them, he twists and yanks at her soft nipples. She screams again, her words contradictory, her yes’s mixed with her no’s, but her body yelling at his to give her more. Breathing in deep, he pulls his hips back, and thrusts. His body slams into hers, his hand on her breasts, pulling her savagely to him. Reaching down, undoing the knots that bind her, her hand flies to her clit, attacking it. His hand reaches for her pony tail and yanking her head back. Hands now on the floor, she pushes back harder, while her head is pulled back. At each of his trusts, her breasts swing free. Her nipples so painfully hard and erect, her juices mix with his and cover her thighs. Over and over he drills into her. His free hand comes down again on her ass, she knows she is going to have problems sitting down tomorrow. Üsküdar Escort Bayan Her body begins to shudder again, hardening around him, his hands move to her hips, gripping her his hands rough, his fingers digging into her soft hot flesh, pulling her back harder, the sound of their voices ringing through the room, the scent of their cum hangs heavy in the air. His cock, impressive, thick and rock hard, slides over her g-spot, his ass cheeks tightening, the muscles defining as he thrusts, she gushes. With each outwards thrust, her juices escaping. Her orgasm so powerful, her screams so loud, her vision just fireworks on her eye lids. Her body weak, the only thing holding her back from falling face first onto the floor is his hands still tightly digging into her sides. He thrusts, once, twice more, without cumming before letting her go. Gently he pushes her down to the floor, sliding his hands up the backs of her thighs, over her cheeks, her lower back and up to her shoulders, he turns her. Kneeling between her knees, his eyes roam the front of her body. She lays there weak, her body spent. He kneels, smiling at his handiwork, stroking his cock, the faint bruises on her breasts from the other night, his hand comes up to touch the bite marks on his shoulder where she bite him to stifle her screams while they fucked in the bathroom of the restaurant. He grunts hard, his hand still pumping at his cock. His cum exploding over her. He covers her tits with his creamy white cum, a perfect contrast to her milky white flesh, watching the creamy liquid trickle down the swell of her breast, over a purple finger print like bruise and pool between her orbs. Grinning still, his hands slide up her inner thighs parting them wider. Lowering his face, letting his nose just barely touch her, he inhales deeply, enjoying the scent of their combined pleasures. Tenderly, letting his tongue slide up her slit, his hands gentle, massing her inner thighs. She smiles at the feel, Escort Üsküdar too weak to really do more than just lay there, spent. They have been going at each other like two virgins just discovering the others bodies. Pounding each other hard, using the other to satisfy their own cravings, needing the others closeness, their time short before holidays separate them on opposite ends of the country. Not taking more than an hour or so long nap at a time, the first one up doing all they can to wake the other in yet another orgasm. His tongue gentle but a firm reminder that he is in control, swirls around her clit, rolling his tongue, sliding it up and down over her. Each move he makes deliberate, slow, tender. She continues to lay there, her body hardly responding to the amazing feel. Too weak to do much more than just whimper. Taking her lip between his, he gently sucks in her cum soaked lip and nibbles. She squirms slightly in delight. His cock still hard, he grins. Pulling her legs up over his shoulders. Her hips up off the floor, he shoves some pillows beneath her. Kissing her shin, his hands slide up over her belly, barely touching her skin. Reaching down, stroking his cock, he bites her inner thigh once more. Licking her skin, tasting her juices, he reaches for that vibrating anal plug on the floor. Looking down at her, her eyelids half open half closed in exhaustion. He smiles wickedly, gazing upon her, knowing that she will come too, and love this. Turning on the vibe, letting it lightly touch her chest playing in his cooling pool of cum, lubing the tip of it, down over her mound. Parting her lips with his fingers, he slides the plug into her drenched cunt. Slowly removing it, letting more of her juices leak down over her ass. Positioning his cock at her very tight and now very wet ass, slowly he enters her. The anal plug still pulsating on low within her pussy. She moans slightly before biting her lower lip. Inhaling sharply, her hips squirm. “I’m going to fuck you harder than I’ve ever fucked you woman.” He growls at her while taking her ass. “I’m going to pound you till you can’t walk.” Weakly she moves, accommodating him, clamping down hard over his cock. He groans and can’t control himself; thrusting, he takes her ass. His eyes close as her breasts bounce with each thrust.

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