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Public Sex

Subject: The continued education of Charlie Hibbs Chapter 3 DISCLAIMER: IT IS YOUR GOODWILL THAT KEEPS THIS PLACE GOING SO PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION TO NIFTY. THE PEOPLE WHO WORK SO HARD TO MAKE THIS THE WONDERFUL PLACE THAT IT IS NEED YOUR HELP TO DO THAT. ANY AND ALL DONATIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED AND TOGETHER WE CAN ENSURE NIFTY REMAINS THE NUMBER ONE SITE FOR ALTERNATIVE EROTICA IN THE WORLD. fty/ This story contains depictions of sexual acts performed by boys with each other and boys with men. If this content is something that offends you or it is illegal for you to read such content please do not read any further. If you are too young to access this content lawfully please do not read any further. All places and characters depicted in this story are purely fictional and not based on any places or people in real life and any similarities to real places and people are completely coincidental and not intended in any way. This story is fantasy, not reality. If you have trouble telling the difference between the two please do not read any further and seek professional help. All depictions of sexual acts in this story are pure fantasy. This story is not intended to condone such acts being performed by anyone outside of the realms of fantasy. If you feel that you may be struggling to split fantasy from the real world or you fear you may not be able to stop yourself from attempting such things in real life I implore you to seek professional psychological assistance immediately! Children are innocent. They should remain so. The events and acts depicted in this story are for fantastical entertainment purposes only and should never, ever, ever be reenacted in real life. Any questions, comments or criticisms are welcome. Please contact me by sending an email to Thank you Edgar Friendly PLEASE NOTE: This story is a sequel to ‘The belated education of Charlie Hibbs’. I would implore everyone to read that story first in order to understand What is going on. The continued education of Charlie Hibbs Chapter 3 – Born friendly “Hmmmm… ahhh… oh! … Ohhhh Danny… ” “Yeah?” Danny smiled looking at David’s face as he pleasured him, “You missed this over the summer huh?” “Ohhhh fuck yeah! Ahhhh… ” David replied. The noise woke Carter and he raised his head from his pillow to look over at the two boys on David’s bed. They were both naked and hard. Danny was fingering David while jerking him off. It was clear from the smile on Danny’s face he very much enjoyed making David feel this good, “God you’re so hot.” He increased the speed of his stroking and poking. “Oh! Ohhhhfuck yeah! Just like that!” David was getting close, “Hmmmmummacum! I’m… ahhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh… ” Cum shot from David’s cock landing on his six pack and impressive pecs. He lay on his bed sweaty, panting and satisfied, “Oh goddam!” David removed his fingers from David’s ass and sat back admiring his work, “You like that?” “Oh fuck yeah!” David panted, “Phew! Thanks dude. I needed that.” “No problem.” Danny replied, “It’s always best to start the day by cumming. Speaking of which… ” David looked at Danny, “Blowjob?” “Please.” Danny replied. “Okay.” David sat up, “You wanna fuck my mouth or you want me to do all the work.” Danny thought for a moment, “Hmmm… tough choice… You know what? I think I’ll fuck your mouth.” “Cool.” David had wiped his sexy fourteen year old body clean with some paper towels and repositioned himself on his hands and knees. Danny positioned himself on his knees in front of the other boy and lined up his hard sixteen year old dick with the lad’s mouth. David opened his mouth, “Aaaa.” “Hahaha.” Danny laughed, “Come on man don’t make me laugh. I’m trying to cum here haha.” “Hey man you wanna shut me up go ahead and stick it in haha.” David told him. Danny did. He grabbed David’s face and proceeded to fuck the younger boy’s mouth for five minutes until, “Ohhhh… ohhh yeah! Do that… ahhh do that thing with your tongue agai- ohhhhhfuckyeah! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh!” He came in David’s mouth, “Ahhh fuck yeah! Ahhh suck the… hmmm suck the cum out! Suck it right out of my dick! Ahhhhhh yeah!” Once David had taken all the cum Danny could give he let the cock slip from his mouth and sat back, “Mmm… man I love the taste of your cum. Reminds me of my dad.” “Yeah?” Danny sat back down on David’s bed, “I taste like your dad?” “Yeah man. Love it.” David looked and noticed Carter was awake and watching them, “Morning dude.” Carter was a little taken aback. He immediately looked away, embarrassed that he had been caught watching them. Then he remembered this was Steelrod and that these boys didn’t mind an audience, “Err… hey. Morning.” “How’d you sleep?” Danny asked. “Okay I guess.” Carter sat up and was about to throw back his duvet before he stopped himself when he realised he was hard as a rock, “Err… ” “What’s up man?” David asked. “Umm… ” Carter had no response. David realised what was in fact up, “Oh. Hey man if you want some privacy we can go get a shower.” Danny looked at David confused, “Huh? What do you mean?” David looked at Danny, “Carter has an erection.” Danny looked at Carter and smiled, “Well of course you do. You just watched us doing that and we’re hot as fuck haha.” He stood up and began approaching Carter’s bed, “Whip it out and I’ll suck you off-” “No, Danny-” David tried to stop him. As Danny reached for the duvet Carter’s reaction was automatic, “Back the fuck off!” He held the duvet close to himself tightly. Danny stopped, “Huh?” He was very confused. “Danny.” David spoke and Danny turned to look at him, “He’s new.” “Yeah. I know. Like I said yesterday I’ve never seen him before.” Danny said. “No Danny.” David hadn’t explained this yet, “I mean he’s ‘new’. You know, he’s only recently been brought in.” “Ohhhh.” Danny got it and turned back to Carter, “So you weren’t born friendly?” “Err. No. No I umm… I wasn’t.” Carter waited for Danny to make fun of him. “Oh hey man I understand. It’s all normal for us but I get that non friendly boys aren’t used to it. Sorry. I won’t do that again.” Danny gave Carter a kind smile. Carter was surprised, “Oh… umm thanks.” Ironically hearing Danny being so understanding with him made Carter rethink his refusal of a blowjob… but he still wasn’t comfortable with the idea of the other boys watching, “Maybe… maybe you could suck it some other time.” He looked at the beaming face of David and couldn’t help smiling a coy smile. He knew David was proud of him and that made him proud of himself. “Sure thing. Whenever you’re ready.” Danny smiled, “Well, I’m gonna go get a shower before breakfast.” He turned to David, “You coming?” “Yeah.” David stood up and pulled on his sweats. Once Danny had his sweatpants on the two of them left the room. Carter sat there wondering if he had time to jerk off before they came back when Joseph stirred and sat up in his bed. He looked directly at Carter. He didn’t say anything. “Err… Good morning.” Carter said. Joseph just stared for a few seconds before asking, “What did they mean?” “Huh?” Carter wasn’t sure what Joseph was asking. “When they said you’d been ‘brought in’. What did they mean?” “Oh. Err well, I wasn’t born friendly like you guys were.” Carter explained, “I only arrived here a few months back so all this stuff is new to me. It’ll take some time before I’m as cool with… you know… how things work here as you guys are.” A strange expression came over Joseph’s face that Carter couldn’t quite place, “Huh… okay. You umm… you wanna be friends?” Carter regarded the eleven year old curiously. He hadn’t expected the question, “Err… sure. Yeah being friends would be great.” He smiled. Joseph smiled back, “You wanna go get a shower?” “Umm… ” Joseph looked under his duvet at what Carter assumed was his hard cock before looking back up, “Gimme a minute.” Carter thought it was very sweet that a friendly boy was being so understanding that he wouldn’t even be naked and hard in front of him. He really appreciated the gesture. He smiled, “Yeah haha. I umm… I think I need a minute too.” The two of them waited until their erections had gone down before leaving the room to go and get a shower before breakfast. Carter was a little surprised when, like himself, Joseph used a private shower stall too rather than the open showers like the other boys. His new friend was really very understanding with him and wanted to show it. Carter liked Joseph. ******** “Umm… excuse me?” Said a high voice. Charlie turned away from the other greens he had been talking with in the corridor to look at the first year that had spoken to him. His brown eyes were wide, his sandy blond hair was wavy and he had a small birthmark on his cheek that Charlie thought was cute, “Oh. Hey.” The two blues looked nervous as they held hands and stood before the older boys, “Umm… can you help us?” “Sure.” Charlie replied, “What’s up?” “We umm… we’re lost.” The other boy explained, “We can’t find our way back to our dorm.” “The first year’s dorm? I can show you the way.” Charlie smiled, “Follow me.” The look of relief on the two boys’ faces was adorable, “You will? Thank you!” “No problem.” Charlie began to walk the long halls of Rockstaff in the direction of the first year’s dormitory, “It’s just down here.” Charlie looked behind at the boys and smiled, “I remember starting here and I know how hard it is to find your way around but don’t worry. You’ll get it eventually. I mean, I did haha.” They arrived at the first years dorm a few minutes later to be greeted by the other blues in the common room, “There they are! Guys! Luke and Mikey made it back!” Luke and Mikey looked up at Charlie like he was their hero, “Thanks so much.” “Anytime.” Charlie watched the boys join their fellow blues in their common room and share a group hug, “Awww.” It was so cute. He smiled to himself for having done a good deed. He began turning away to walk back to his own dorm room- “Wait!” Called the wavy haired boy. Charlie stopped and looked back at him, “Hmm? What’s up?” He approached Charlie and looked up at him, “Well… izmit escort bayan I really appreciate you showing us the way back… ” He reached out and placed his hand on Charlie’s crotch, “… can I do anything for you to say thanks?” He smiled and Charlie couldn’t help noticing his cute little birthmark. Charlie hadn’t expected this, “Oh! Wow. Err… that’s really nice of you to offer but you don’t have to do that. I was happy to help.” Charlie smiled. The boy frowned, “Oh… o… okay… ” He turned and went to sit down with the other boys who were all looking at Charlie very curiously. When the wavey haired boy sat next to the boy that had been with him in the hallway he had a sad expression. The other boy put his arm around him and shot Charlie an angry look that he didn’t understand. Charlie walked back to his dorm wondering what had just happened. He decided to ask Seb or James. When he got to the second year’s common room he found them both playing a game of chess. Seb looked up as he approached, “Hey. That was quick.” “Well it isn’t that far to the first year’s dorm.” Charlie replied as he sat down. Seb and James froze, locked eyes then looked back at Charlie, “Wait… you showed them the way back to their dorm right?” James asked. “Yeah.” Charlie replied. “And they didn’t offer to thank you at all?” Seb asked with a frown. “Oh yeah, they did. I said it was fine. They didn’t need to. I just wanted to help.” Charlie replied smiling. The effect of these words was immediate. Seb’s eyebrows shot up and James buried his face in his hands, “Ohhhh no!” “Seriously?” Seb asked. “Yeah… ” Charlie looked from Seb, “What?” to James, “Guys?” and back again before he realised, “Oh shit… I’ve fucked up again haven’t I?” “Yes.” James said letting his hands fall from his face and breathing a huge sigh. He and Seb just looked at each other for a while before James said, “Finish the game later?” “Yep.” They both stood up. Seb looked at Charlie, “Come on. Let’s go.” “Where?” Charlie asked. “The first year’s common room.” James explained as Charlie stood up, “We need to fix this now. You don’t want to get a reputation.” “Reputation?” Charlie asked as he followed James to the door, “For what?” “For being an asshole.” Seb said as they left the common room. As they walked along the corridor back to the first year’s dorm Charlie had to ask, “Okay, explain to me exactly what I did wrong.” “When he offered to do something for you to say thanks you should have accepted.” James said. “Refusing was rude.” Seb added, “Very very very rude.” “Why?” Charlie was still confused. “You were basically calling him ugly.” James explained. “What?!” Charlie was horrified, “But… but I don’t think that!” “Well, he probably thinks you do.” Seb said. “But… I had help getting around Rockstaff when I first started… ” Charlie remembered how easily he used to lose his way when walking the winding maze that is Rockstaff, “… and I never offered anything like that?” “You were helped by us… ” Seb replied, “… we were blue so we got you.” “Right.” Ageed James, “If you’d asked an older boy, let’s say a yellow or a red, they would have expected you to offer.” “It’s just polite.” Seb agreed. Charlie thought about this for a moment until something occurred to him, “Wait a minute!” Charlie stopped and the other two boys stopped to look at him, “What if… what if I’d just cum?! What if it was too soon for me to cum again?!” Charlie looked from Seb to James and back again thinking he had found a flaw in what they were telling him. “Then you tell him that.” James said simply. “Yeah. Then he’ll owe you a blowjob or a handjob or something and he’ll do it another time.” Seb added. “Oh… yeah… I see what you’re saying.” They continued walking. Once they reached the first year’s common room James knocked on the door before opening it and walking in, “Hey guys.” Seb went in next. When Charlie walked in all the blues looked at him with angry expressions. Charlie looked around the room and saw that Luke and Mikey weren’t there. A young black boy glared at Charlie and asked, “What do YOU want?!” “Come back to watch Luke cry?!” Asked a red headed lad with an Irish accent. James put up both his hands, “Guys, please hear me out. Charlie… ” He indicated to Charlie with his hand, “… didn’t understand what your friend was doing when he made his offer-” “What the fuck are you talking about?!” Asked a boy of chinese descent, “Of course he did! He… ” He pointed at Charlie, “… was just being a prick!” Seb spoke up in Charlie’s defense, “It isn’t like that. Charlie wasn’t born friendly… oh… well, I guess he was… but it’s complicated.” The blues all exchanged frowns before a brown haired boy from the back of the room asked, “So which is it? Was he born friendly or not?” James and Seb looked at each other before James spoke to the younger boys again, “Charlie only came into the friendly way of life when he started Rockstaff. There’s alot he doesn’t know. He is learning and he’s come a long way but… he makes mistakes sometimes. This was one of them.” Again the blues all looked at each other. Seb spoke next, “You say it was umm… Luke? Well, which one of you is Luke?” “He’s not here.” Charlie said. “Oh. Err okay. Guys? Can you tell us where Luke is please? Charlie would really like to apologise and explain what happened.” A brief silence followed this question until a black haired boy called out, “Huddle!” As one the blues rose from their seats and formed a huddle. They spoke to each other in hushed voices that Charlie, Seb and James couldn’t hear. Every now and then one or two of the boys would look up from the huddle to look at the greens making this request then duck their heads back down into the secret conversation. Eventually the huddle broke and all the blues turned to look at them, each of them with their arms crossed. Black haired boy spoke first, “Okay. We’ll tell you where Luke is.” “Thank you so mu-” Charlie began. “But we’re coming with you.” Red haired boy added. “Oh… err… why?” Charlie asked. “We just wanna make sure you won’t be mean to him again.” The black boy answered with other boys nodding while all of them looked very sternly at Charlie. Charlie opened his mouth to assure them he wouldn’t but was cut off by James, “That’s fair.” He placed his hand on Charlie’s shoulder and squeezed, “Lead the way.” Charlie understood, ‘Luke’s blue like them… so that goes double.’ The blues filed out of their common room, each of them regarding Charlie with suspicion. The three greens followed. Out in the corridor the sound of shuffling feet was all that could be heard. None of the boys spoke as they walked past the doors to the left unitl they began to gather around one. Seb and James stood with the blues and all of them looked at Charlie. He understood that he had to be the one to knock. He did. The black haired boy that Charlie had come to understand was named Mikey opened the door. His expression was sad… until he saw who knocked. He immediately became angry, “What the fuck do YOU want?!” “Err hi.” Charlie said, “Mikey right? Umm… Can I speak to Luke plea-” “No way!” Mikey stared daggers at the second year that had hurt his bunk buddy’s feelings. “Mikey.” Red haired boy spoke up, “He wants to say sorry.” “What the fuck Colin?!” Mikey shouted, “You saw what he did!” He turned his attention back to Charlie, “I’m not letting you anywhere near him!” Seb spoke next, “Mikey?” The angry young boy looked at Seb, “Hi. Umm I’m Seb. Charlie… ” He placed his hand on Charlie’s shoulder, “… is my bunk buddy-” “Yeah?” Mikey interrupted him before looking Charlie up and down, “Well I feel sorry for you.” “Listen, I know how you feel.” Seb continued, “If someone did to Charlie what he just… accidentally did to Luke then I’d be angry too-” “Accidentally?!” Mikey was incredulous, “How could he do that accidentally?!” “It’s a bit of a long story but there’s alot that Charlie doesn’t know.” Seb explained, “He really didn’t know he was insulting Luke when he refused his offer.” Mikey frowned and regarded Charlie with suspicion for a moment before saying, “Hmmm… Wait here.” He closed the door. The gathered boys waited in silence and a few moments later the door opened again. Mikey stepped out of the room and stood close to Charlie, looking right up into his face, “Okay. You can talk to him… but if you upset him again, you’ll regret it.” Charlie looked down at the younger boy’s face. He meant what he said. Mikey may have been a year younger than Charlie and smaller but the conviction in his eyes coupled with the murmurs of agreement with his words from the other blues made him nervous. He gulped, “O… okay.” With one last hard stare Mikey stepped out of the way. When Charlie didn’t immediately walk into the room Mikey said, “Well go on then!” Charlie stepped into the room. He saw Luke sitting on his bed, his knees pulled up to his chin with his arms around his legs. His face was tear stained and he sniffed as he looked up at Charlie with sad eyes. Seeing just how much he had upset the boy broke Charlie’s heart, “Oh man… umm… Hey… Hi Luke.” The boy said nothing, “My name’s Charlie and I really want to talk to you about what happened.” He moved to sit on the other bed- “Don’t sit on my bed!” Mikey snapped from the doorway. Charlie looked at him and stood up straight, “Oh. Err okay. Sorry.” “You’re not here to say that to me!” Mikey glared. “Oh. Right. Errr yeah.” He turned back to Luke, “I’m really sorry man. I didn’t understand what it meant when you offered to… thank me.” “How could you not?” Luke frowned, “I was touching your dick when I said it.” The boy didn’t understand, “Oh err… that’s not what I meant. I knew you were offering… like, a handjob or something but I didn’t know it would be rude to say no. I actually thought it would be rude to say yes. You know, like… umm… like I only helped you to get something out of it. I didn’t want you to think that so I said I was just happy to help.” Luke was clearly confused, “I… don’t understand.” “May I?” Seb asked Mikey who gave him izmit escort a nod, “Thanks.” Seb walked into the room and knelt down beside Luke’s bed, “Hey little dude. My name’s Seb and Charlie is my bunk buddy. I know it’s really confusing. You see, Charlie wasn’t friendly until he started Rockstaff last year so he’s still learning how we do things. This was something he didn’t know about.” Luke looked at Charlie for a short time and asked, “He wasn’t born friendly?” “Umm… technically he was but… it’s a long and complicated story… ” Seb said, then in response to Luke’s confused frown he knew he had to find a way to help him understand, “Okay… umm… Oh! Before you came here, were you home schooled?” Luke nodded and sat up crossing his legs, “Yeah.” “Right, like most of us.” Seb nodded, “But you know there are some friendly boys who actually go to school with non friendly kids before coming to Rockstaff right?” “Yeah… ” Luke wondered where Seb was going with this. “Well, when they go to school, they can’t have sex with the non friendly boys can they?” “No!” Luke was shocked Seb could even suggest such a thing, “Hell no!” “Why’s that?” Seb asked. “It’s dangerous to tell non friendly people about us!” Luke said emphatically. He was, and indeed all friendly children are, taught this from a very young age, “They wouldn’t understand!” “Exactly.” Seb said, “They wouldn’t understand. Do you understand non friendly people?” “Hmm… ” Luke thought for a moment, “Not really… Like, why don’t they have fun with each other? Why not have sex? Sex is great!” “You’re right. Sex is great.” Seb smiled, “But non friendly people see the world differently and Charlie was just like a non friendly boy up until just under a year ago. The same way you have trouble understanding non friendly people he had a hard time understanding us.” Luke looked at Charlie then back to Seb, “Really?” “Yes.” “But… ” Luke’s brow furrowed as he tried to work out this new information in his mind, “… but why? I mean… we’re normal.” Seb chuckled, “What’s normal to us is very different to what’s normal to them.” He looked at Charlie and smiled, “What was normal to Charlie when he first arrived was very different to what’s normal to you and me.” He turned back to Luke, “Please understand, he didn’t mean to be rude or hurt you. He honestly thought he was doing the right thing when he turned you down.” Luke thought for a while before looking at Charlie, “You… you really didn’t know?” Charlie knelt by the side of the bed next to Seb, “I swear I didn’t know and I am so sorry. I promise I NEVER meant to hurt your feelings.” Luke regarded Charlie quietly for a moment, “So… you don’t think I’m… weird looking?” “Of course not!” Charlie reached out and took Luke’s hand in his own, “Why would you think that?” Luke looked down, “Cos… cos of my birthmark.” He looked up at Charlie, “I thought that’s why you said no.” “Aww man… no. I don’t think your birthmark makes you look weird. In fact… ” Charlie smiled and reached out to stroke the birthmark on the boy’s cheek, “… I think it’s cute.” “Same.” Seb smiled at Luke. “See?” Mikey spoke up causing all of them to look at him leaning against the door frame, his arms crossed, “I told you it was cute.” He looked at Charlie, “He was really self concious about his birthmark so when you did what you did and made him feel bad about it… well, that’s why I was so angry.” Charlie understood, “Hey man I get it. He’s your bunk buddy.” He turned back to Luke, “So now that’s settled… ” He reached between the boy’s crossed legs and smiled as he placed his hand on the lad’s crotch, “… is there anything I can do to make it up to you?” Luke smiled and his cheeks flushed red as he looked down feeling bashful. It was nice having a green make him an offer like this, “Umm… okay. You wanna suck my dick?” Charlie beamed, “Sure. Get undressed.” Luke stood up and began to take off his clothes. In no time at all he was standing naked and hard in front of Charlie who admired his smoothe eleven year old frame, “Wow. You’re really very cute.” Luke giggled as he sat back down on the bed, each of his legs either side of Charlie, “Thanks.” The blues, having seen that Charlie was indeed being honest about wanting to apologise to Luke, left to return to their common room. Mikey and James walked into the room and Mikey closed the door behind them. Charlie gave Luke a smile before bringing his face down into his crotch. He licked up the shaft of the boy’s hard cock and his tongue danced across the sensitive tip causing him to shudder, “Ohhh… ” He sucked the cock into his mouth, “Hmmmm… ” Charlie played with the boy’s balls with his left hand while his right stroked the shaft as he sucked, “Ahhhh… ” Seb stood up and moved to stand next to Mikey and James while they watched Charlie work. Seb looked at Mikey with a smile for a while until Mikey noticed him looking, “What?” “Nothing.” Seb put his arm around the boy’s shoulders, “You’re a good bunk buddy.” Mikey smiled and blushed having recieved the compliment from an older boy, “Mmm… thanks.” Seb’s smiled widened, “Awww… you’re so cute when you blush. Can I kiss you?” Mikey was coy as he said, “Umm… okay.” Seb leaned down to bring his lips to that of the younger boy and they began to make out. James looked at Charlie sucking Luke’s dick then looked to his left to see Seb and Mikey kissing before announcing, “Okay! This is too damn hot. I need to cum.” He looked at Luke, “Hey Luke?” “Ye- ohhhhffffuck Charlie… damn! … Yeah?” Luke was breathing hard as Charlie orally pleasured him. “It’s your room, would you mind if I jerk off?” James asked rubbing his hard dick through the fabric of his shorts. “Nah go ahehhh!” Charlie sucked the young boys hairless balls into his mouth, “Hmmmm… go ahead.” “Thanks.” James pulled down his grey Rockstaff short shorts and green briefs to reveal his hard twelve year old cock and immediately began stroking. Seb broke the kiss and smiled as he looked into Mikey’s eyes, “You’re a really good kisser.” “Thanks.” Mikey smiled up at him before turning to watch James jerk off, “I’m pretty good at sucking dick too.” James got the hint, “Feel free.” His hand let go of his dick and he stood waiting. Mikey smiled and kneeled before James. He licked James’s cock and balls before sucking the dick into his mouth, “Hmmm… ahhh… good boy.” James praised his efforts. “Hey.” Luke addressed Seb, “Seb right?” “Yep.” “You wannaaahhhhhh… ” Charlie had resumed sucking his shaft at a much greater speed, “…hmmmm… you wanna cum on me?” Seb smiled, “Yeah. Yeah I do.” He slipped out of his clothes to become as naked as Luke was before climbing onto the bed, “Okay, lie back.” Seb told the younger boy who laid back on the bed as Seb began to stroke his own cock with his right hand as his left stroked the boy’s head, “You really are very cute you know?” Luke smiled up at him and replied breathlessly, “Thaaaahhhh… thanks… hmmm… ” Seb continued to masturbate over the boy while watching Charlie suck him. He glanced over at James who had taken hold of Mikey’s head and was now fully fucking the young boy’s mouth, “Hmmm! Ahhhh good… oh good boy! Ahhh fuck! Ahhh here it… yep! Here it comes! … Ahhhh! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh… ” With a few final thrusts James came in Mikey’s mouth. Mikey swallowed before letting the twitching member slip from his lips. He looked up at James and smiled, “How was that?” James was panting a little as he pulled up his underwear and shorts, “Phew! That was awesome. Thanks, I needed that.” Mikey stood up, “Thanks. I love sucking dick.” “I think we all do haha.” Seb said causing giggles around the room, “Hmmm… yeah Charlie… hmmm suck that cock.” Seb loved to watch Charlie engaged in sexual activity, it really turned him on. Charlie was giving Luke his absolute best which is probably why, “Ohhhh… ohhhh! …. ahhhh!” Luke began to climax, “Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhhhhhhh… ” He squealed with delight and felt electic surges of pleasure shoot through his body as his dick twitched. Charlie let the cock slip from his mouth and enjoyed the vision of Luke riding the sexual high of the dry boygasm he had given him. Seb clearly liked seeing this too as he also felt his climax hit him, “Ohhhfuck! Hmmm! Ahhh… ahhh Lu- … hmmm Luke! Open your mouth!” Luke managed to open his mouth just in time to catch the cum shooting from Seb’s dick as he came, “Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhhhyeah! Hmmm…. ” Seb was panting hard as Luke closed his mouth again and swallowed. He looked up at Seb and smiled with tiny spots of the boy’s cum on his lips and cheeks. After a few moments Seb recovered and leaned down to place a kiss on Luke’s forehead, “Good boy.” “That was… phew! That was fun haha.” Luke sat back up and looked at Charlie, “So you really never had fun like that before you started Rockstaff?” Charlie shook his head, “Nope.” “Wow… well, you’re a fast learner haha.” Luke smiled, “That was a great blowjob. I still don’t understand though, back before you came here, before you were friendly, why didn’t you just have some fun with boys at your other school?” “Seriously man the idea that I was ever gonna have sex with anyone at my age was crazy to me. That first night… ” He looked at Seb and smiled, “… it just… blew my mind.” Luke looked at Charlie curiously, “That is sooo weird… I just don’t get it.” He looked at his bunk buddy, “Mikey. You haven’t cum yet.” Mikey began undressing, “I will. I’m gonna jerk off. If you guys wouldn’t mind I’d like some privacy. Charlie smiled, “I could suck your di-” “No thanks.” Mikey cut him off. “Oh… err… okay.” Charlie was a little taken aback. “Mikey… ” Luke spoke up, “… he apologised. AND he sucked my dick. Trust me, it’s a really good blow.” “It looked like it.” Mikey said as he laid down naked in his bed, “But still, it’s a bit soon. Wouldn’t feel right.” “That’s fair.” Charlie understood that he had REALLY pissed off Mikey. It would take him time to forgive him, “We’ll go and let you get off.” Charlie smiled and stood up. Seb and James were dressed izmit kendi evi olan escort again and walked out of the room. As he was leaving Charlie turned back to Luke and smiled, “I’m really glad we could sort this out.” Luke smiled back. Charlie looked at Mikey who was now busy stroking his cock, “Later Mikey.” “Bye.” Mikey said flatly without opening his eyes. Charlie closed the door and left with Seb and James to return to their common room. They still needed to finish their game of chess. “You really should have said yes you know.” Luke said to his bunk buddy, “It was a great blowjob.” “Trying to cum here Luke.” Mikey responded as he continued masturbating, his eyes shut tight. Luke smiled. He and Mikey really hit it off the moment they met when they came for the tour of Rockstaff. He knew Mikey cared very deeply about him and he felt the same. He could always count on Mikey, “Sorry. You go ahead.” Even if he did have a nasty habit of holding a grudge against anyone that wronged him or, worse for the other person, wronged Luke. ******** “Those are my conditions Cedric.” Anthony said firmly. “Seriously Ant?! He’s one of them!” Baxter couldn’t believe how out of touch his oldest comrade in arms had become, “He is a prisoner of war and as such he will be treated like one!” “Then I’m not sending him.” Anthony wasn’t going to back down, “Like I said. He is no longer one of them, he is now one of us. He is a guest and when he gets to Steelrod that is how he will be treated or he isn’t coming.” “Anthony, I meant what I said.” Baxter felt the need to reiterate, “I WILL send a team to collect him.” “Then they will die and a state of war will exist between Rockstaff and Steelrod and you would be responsible for starting the first civil war the friendly have ever known.” Anthony let his words hang in the air for a moment to make sure Baxter understood the weight of them, “Cedric… please, don’t do this.” Baxter thought for a moment, “… … Look, as Principal of Steelrod I can’t just allow him to waltz around. What the hell would my people think?” “I’m not asking the Principal of Steelrod.” Anthony replied, “I’m asking my oldest and dearest friend.” There was a long silence on the phone, “… … … … Fine. He will be given guest status while he’s here and afforded the rights and privileges that go with it.” “Thank you Cedr-” “But ONE toe out of line!” Baxter interrupted Anthony, “ONE wrong move! If he so much as BREATHES in a way I find suspicious he’s in the brig! You make sure you tell him that!” “I will. Thanks again.” “Goodbye Anthony.” “Goodbye Cedric.” Baxter hung up the phone and looked at Bellview, “Unbelievable.” “Sir?” “He actually wants this guy to be allowed to wander around Steelrod like any other visitor.” Baxter explained. “Well, guest status would give him that right sir.” Bellview replied. “Yes it would.” Baxter stood up from his desk, “But that doesn’t mean I can’t have guards watching his every move while he’s here. Pick a few good men and let them know they’ll be babysitting a monster in a few months.” “Yessir.” Bellview walked away to select the men, “Thank you.” He said to the janitor who held the door open for him. “No problem.” Abel smiled and left the intel room. He approached his superior, “Mr. Bolton, I’m all done in the server room.” The head of the janitorial department of Steelrod academy smiled, “Abel please, you’ve worked here for months. Call me Sam.” ‘I’d rather call you dead!’ Abel smiled, “Okay Sam.” “Get on home and talk to your boy about his first day. I’m sure he’ll wanna tell you all about the fun he had with the other boys. Good work today” Sam walked away. ‘Cunt!’ “Thanks boss.” Abel left the conversation and walked home. Upon entering his house he called out, “Fall in!” Silence. “FALL IN!” Still silence. “Hmm… ” Abel realised that Joseph wasn’t there. He had given the boy strict orders to report back to the house by five o’clock, “Where the hell could he be?” He decided to retrieve his secret phone and send his latest report to Jenny Brown confirming he had installed the monitoring device in the server room. They now had access to the most intimate systems of Steelrod. He also mentioned what he had overheard about a survivor from the team they sent to Rockstaff being brought to Steelrod. He would keep an ear open and let them know the date as soon as he knew it hinself. ******** “Wow!” Joseph was in genuine awe, “These are amazing!” He flipped through the drawings in Carter’s sketchbook. Carter smiled. He knew a complimemt from Joseph was an honest one, “Thanks. I’ve been drawing for a long time. It helped to take my mind off living on the streets.” He continued drawing the oak tree a few meters away while he and Joseph sat in the shade of another. “Wish I had something like that when I was sleeping rough.” Joseph said absentmindedly gazing at a drawing of a man eating a burger and fries. Carter stopped drawing and looked at Joseph, “You lived on the streets? I thought you lived with your dad?” ‘FUCK!’ “Err… Yeah. Yeah I do… did… umm… ” Joseph thought quickly, “… When we… when we were found out we had to leave our home and… and then we were homeless for a while.” It took all of his energy to remain calm as Carter regarded him curiously. “Huh… okay.” Carter returned his attention to his drawing, “So how long were you out there?” ‘One year, three months, nine days’ “Oh not for long. A couple months. You?” Joseph’s heartbeat began to settle back down. “A little over two years.” “Why’d you leave home?” Joseph asked. Carter stooped drawing and looked at Joseph. This wasn’t the first time he had faced this question but it was the first time he felt he could be honest with the person who asked, “… … … Well… when I was about ten and a half-” “Oh shit!” Joseph’s eyes went wide, “What time is it?!” Carter was a little shocked by Joseph’s outburst, “Errr… umm about five thirty I guess-” “I gotta go!” Joseph stood up and grabbed his backpack before turning and sprinting away leaving a very confused Carter behind. Joseph ran as fast as he could almost slamming into the front door when he got to the house. He opened it, ran inside and slammed it shut before standing to attention. He waited in the silent hallway terrified of what was coming. Abel’s voice came down the stairs a few moments later, “You’re late.” He began descending the stairs, his boots making his steps heavy, “I told you, all those months ago, back when we started this… ” He walked across the hallway towards the trembling young boy, “… that we had to do this EXACTLY right. That means… ” He stopped in front of the lad and towered over him, “… when I tell you to be here at five o’clock… ” SLAP! He struck Joseph across the face and the boy fell to the floor, “YOU WILL MAKE DAMN SURE YOUR SCRAWNY ASS IS HERE AT FIVE O FUCKING CLOCK!” Joseph immediately began to cry while rubbing his cheek, “I… I’m sorry sir! I d d didn’t m m mean to-” “GET UP!” Abel shouted, “FALL IN!” Joseph scrambled to his feet and stood to attention in front of Abel, sniffing as his tears continued to stream. Abel looked hard into the boy’s eyes, “Why were you late?” “Sir! I was making a solid connection with one of my roommates. I lost track of time.” Joseph answered. “How can we use him for the mission?” Abel asked, hands on his hips. “Well, I umm… I’m gonna use him for cover. He isn’t like the others. He wasn’t born into this so he doesn’t… do the things they do.” Joseph explained, “I figured if I stick with him then… the others will leave me alone.” “So… you’re using him to maintain cover?” Abel stare was piercing. “Yessir… ” Joseph answered and waited. “Hmmm… ” Abel thought for a moment, “… Good work.” Joseph breathed a sigh of relief while Abel continued, “You say he wasn’t born into this?” “No sir.” Joseph had calmed down a little bit now, “They say he was umm… brought in. He’s really nice.” Abel picked up on that, “I do hope this is all for the mission!” His tone was accusatory, “You know he isn’t actually your friend right?!” “Oh! Err yessir! I know that sir!” Joseph stood as straight and still as he possibly could. “Hmmm… ” Abel looked over the boy carefully, “… … … Okay.” He placed his hand on Joseph’s shoulder and squeezed, “That’s good… because he’s worse than the rest of them.” “Worse sir?” Joseph asked. “Yes. Far worse.” Abel knelt down a little, “He actually chose to become one of these sick freaks… I can trust you can’t I? You won’t let me down?” “Of course!” Joseph cried emphatically. “So when the time comes… ” Abel brought his face close to Joseph’s, “… if I need you to hold a gun to his head… ” He stared directly into the boy’s eyes, “… and I tell you to pull the trigger… ” Joseph gulped, “… you’ll do it?” “… … … ” “Joseph?” Joseph’s tears stopped. He sniffed. “… … … Yes sir.” ******** “Ms. Brown?” Paldry entered the master bedroom of the abandoned manor house that Jenny had taken to using as her office. “What is it Paldry?” She didn’t bother to look up from her desk. “The information we’re recieving from the servers of Steelrod is better than we thought.” Paldry explained, “It looks like we’ll be able to attack alot sooner than we anticipated.” She raised her eyes to look at him, “How much sooner?” “Well, we now believe it will be a matter of months, not years.” “Good news.” Jenny smiled, “How goes the training? Will the men be ready?” “Well some of them have real potential but most of them… ” Paldry trailed off. “Paldry?” Jenny didn’t like to be kept waiting. “Well, most of them are undisciplined and difficult. They’ll only really be good for padding our numbers.” Paldry waited nervously for Jenny’s reaction. She surprised him by smiling, “So, we’re seperating the wheat from the chaff. Good. We’ll need canon fodder.” He was relieved, “Yes Ms. Brown. I’ll let you know if we recieve any more pertinent information.” He turned and left the room. Jenny smiled to herself, ‘Just a few more months you sick fucks. You’re all gonna die.’ AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hello all. Yeah… kinda mean of me to fake out with Carter’s backstory but let me assure you it is coming. As always questions, comments and criticisms are welcome. Please send them to I hope you are enjoying the story and that you all have lovely day. Edgar Friendly

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